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Member Forms – Burnett County | youth leader evaluation form

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Member Forms – Burnett County - youth leader evaluation form
Member Forms – Burnett County – youth leader evaluation form | youth leader evaluation form
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Teacher evaluation by FunnyFunk12 – issuu – youth leader evaluation form | youth leader evaluation form
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Member Forms – Burnett County - youth leader evaluation form
Member Forms – Burnett County – youth leader evaluation form | youth leader evaluation form
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The America Appraisal Affiliation Announces 2018 Accolade Winners

Recognition commemoration appointed for Friday, November 2 at Appraisal 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio

Washington, DC (10.24.2018) – The American Appraisal Affiliation (AEA) will admit eight individuals and one aggregation for their outstanding appraisal convenance and adherence to both furthering the absorption of the appraisal acreage and the association. The accolade winners will be accustomed at AEA’s anniversary accolade ogna to be captivated Friday, November 2, 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET, in affiliation with Appraisal 2018 Anniversary Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

Join us in congratulating the recipients of AEA’s 2018 awards:

Cindy Banyai, PhD, Appraisal and Architecture Advisor, Southwest Florida Affiliation Foundation

2018 AEA Advancement and Use Appraisal Award

Dr. Banyai has formed in the acreage of affiliation development back 2000. In 2012, she aing a start-up nonprofit as its aboriginal Executive Director to beforehand the organization’s basement and convenance to accommodate apartment and casework to abandoned families. In 2010, Dr. Banyai founded and served as the Arch Adviser of Banyai Appraisal and Consulting, LLC. She formed with abounding audience about the apple to bigger accept their capability and appulse and to beforehand practices and processes that accession up the articulation of those they ambition to serve, advantageous accurate absorption to cultural dash and accent barriers.

Dr. Banyai is currently the Appraisal and Architecture Advisor at the Southwest Florida Affiliation Foundation and teaches in the Administration of Political Science and Public Administration at Florida Gulf Coast University. She accustomed the Donald W. Littrell New Able Accolade in 2015 from the Affiliation Development Society for her assignment on bounded initiatives at the Southwest Florida Affiliation Foundation and for her charge to community-based advancement organizations such as BikeWalkLee. She is currently confined as the Admiral of the Affiliation Development Society and on the aggregation of the Collaborative, Participatory and Empowerment Topical Absorption Group organized by AEA.

“The accepting from this accolade energizes me to abide banging the boom of complete appraisal convenance in my affiliation and work. I am aggressive to accumulate speaking accuracy to ability and appropriation up the marginalized through participatory practice, data-use, and a architecture in systems change.”

Waapalaneexkweew Nicole Bowman (Mohican/Lunaape-Munsee), PhD, President, Bowman Performance Consulting, Researcher/Evaluator, LEAD & WEC Centers, University of WI-Madison

2018 AEA Robert Ingle Account Award

Dr. Nicole Bowman is the admiral and architect of the nationally award-winning Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC) in Shawano, Wisconsin, and a culturally acknowledging Analyzer at the University of WI-Madison’s Center for Apprenticeship Research. She is from the Mohican and Lunaape (Delaware) Tribal affiliation and is Lynx Clan.  Her spirit name is Waapalaneexkweew (wah-pah-lah-nay-wook; Flying Eagle Woman) Neeka ha (knee-kah-ha; she is) Newetkaski (Nah-wet-tah-kah-see; accompanied by) Newa (nay-wah; four)  Opalanwuuk (oh-pah-lun-knee-aye-wook; Eagles).  Waapalaneexkweew Neeka Ha Newetkaski Newa Opalanwuuk is her abounding name. She’s been a beholden citizen of northeastern Wisconsin (Packer/Cheesehead Country) for over four decades and blessed apron to David Farrell for about 25 years.

Dr. Bowman becoming her PhD in Educational Administration & Activity Analysis (ELPA) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) in 2015, area she was an Bookish Fellow and the aboriginal Indigenous woman to get her PhD from UW’s ELPA administration and alone the 11th American Indian to get a PhD from UW-Madison’s Academy of Apprenticeship in over 150 years.  Her argument is accustomed as the nation’s aboriginal multi-jurisdictional educational systems activity abstraction in the country to systemically appraise how Tribal and non-Tribal educational activity is developed and implemented. Through her assignment and networks at BPC and UW-Madison, she provides culturally acknowledging evaluation, research, and activity accountable amount ability area Tribal and non-Tribal governments and organizations collaborate.  As the admiral of BPC, Dr. Bowman has contributed over two decades of culturally acknowledging and multi-jurisdictional evaluation, research, training, and abstruse assistance.  BPC’s alive mission and adage is “working WITH bodies and not ON them.” This appearance has contributed to Dr. Bowman’s acceptability as a acknowledging and admired accountable amount able on multi-jurisdictional, apprenticeship policy, and Indigenous evaluation.  Dr. Bowman currently represents AEA on the All-embracing Assignment Group and on EvalIndigenous in the EvalPartners’ all-around activity to affix appraisal efforts about the apple and is an appraisal and activity account analyst for abundant civic and all-embracing publications.  She is additionally a beholden Analysis Affiliate of the Center for Culturally Acknowledging Appraisal and Assessment (CREA) at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign. 

“The accolade is allusive to me because commonly speaking, in the Indigenous community, there is no greater account and accepting than actuality ‘in service’ to addition abroad and for causes ‘greater than your own’.  Also, I’ll be the aboriginal traditional/Native American actuality to win an AEA award. So on account of Indigenous people, communities, and Tribal or Aboriginal Nations I’m acutely accustomed and ashamed to be the first. However, my accepting of the account accolade is on account of our Indigenous communities about the apple who assurance me to alive according to acceptable article and empower me to be able to accept admission to communities and projects so I can do my best to do acceptable work/walk a Red Road.  I aloof appetite to be a ‘good Auntie’ as I advice empower others. It is through connected hope, prayers, and adamantine assignment that this is aloof the alpha of abounding approaching Indigenous awardees accustomed by AEA.”

Krista Collins, Ph.D., Director, Appraisal & Insights, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

2018 AEA Marcia Guttentag Promising New Analyzer Award

Dr. Krista Collins is the Director of Appraisal & Insights for Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) area she is amenable for developing and managing centralized appraisal projects and advising cardinal initiatives to optimize BGCA’s adolescence development portfolio. She guides the development and accomplishing of BGCA’s altitude strategy, and supports charge of BGCA training programs advised to access abstracts literacy, data-driven accommodation authoritative and aerial affection agents practices amid all levels of Adolescence Development practitioners.  Previously, she formed as an alien evaluator, partnering with academy districts and non-profit organizations to defended and appraise federally adjourned programs (e.g. Race to the Top, Investing in Innovation) that beforehand outcomes for underserved adolescence and their communities.  She currently serves on the California Afterschool Network Continuous Affection Improvement Workgroup and Adolescence Development Directors of Analysis and Appraisal Collaborative to drive affiliation and alignment beyond the acreage of adolescence development to accept best practices that drive absolute outcomes.  She holds a doctorate from Claremont Alum University in Activated Adorning Psychology, and has been an alive accidental affiliate of American Appraisal Association, including administration roles aural the PreK-12 Educational Appraisal Topical Absorption Group and the Atlanta-area Appraisal Association, back 2007.

“I am absolutely captivated to accept the 2018 Marcia Guttentag Promising New Analyzer Award. I am so beholden that every day I accept the advantage to assignment alongside adolescence development professionals who amount the ability that abstracts and appraisal can accompany to unlocking transformative opportunities for adolescence and communities. The able development, community, and accord that I accept accustomed over the years from AEA has had a amazing appulse on my convenance and affection for evaluation.  I am absolutely accustomed to accept this accolade and accompany an absorbing account of evaluators who abide to accompany about absolute change through their work.”

J. Bradley Cousins, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Adroitness of Apprenticeship and Chief Researcher, Centre for Analysis on Educational and Affiliation Casework

2018 AEA Analysis on Appraisal Award

Dr. Cousins is Professor Emeritus of Appraisal at the Adroitness of Apprenticeship at the University of Ottawa.  Dr. Cousins’ capital interests in affairs appraisal accommodate participatory and collaborative approaches, use, and accommodation building. He accustomed his PhD in educational altitude and appraisal from the University of Toronto in 1988. Throughout his career he has accustomed several awards for his assignment in appraisal including the ‘Contribution to Appraisal in Canada’ accolade (CES, 1999), the Paul F. Lazarsfeld accolade for approach in evaluation, AEA, 2008, and the American Educational Analysis Affiliation (AERA) Analysis on Appraisal ‘Distinguished Scholar Award’, 2011. He has appear abounding accessories and books on appraisal and was Editor of the Canadian Account of Affairs Appraisal from 2002 to 2010. Throughout his career he has had ample acquaintance with appraisal training and accommodation architecture and collaborative approaches to evaluation.

“Since the alpha of my career I accept self-identified as an empiricist, relying on analysis to advice arch the gap amid appraisal approach and practice. I can anticipate of no greater account than to accept the AEA Analysis on Appraisal award.”

Stewart I. Donaldson, Executive Director, Claremont Appraisal Center (CEC), Professor of Psychology, Academy of Amusing Science, Activity & Evaluation, and Professor, Academy of Affiliation & All-around Health, Claremont Alum University

2018 AEA Alva And Gunnar Myrdal Appraisal Convenance Award

Stewart I. Donaldson has conducted abundant accurate and advantageous evaluations, and appear abounding bookish contributions that beforehand appraisal convenance constant with AEA’s Guiding Principles.  He has provided adorning evaluation, determinative evaluation, accumulative evaluation, and appraisal accommodation architecture casework to added than 150 altered organizations and has been Arch Investigator on abundant appraisal grants and affairs at the Claremont Appraisal Center. He is a above appraisal convenance anticipation baton as able-bodied as acclaimed practitioner. His different and avant-garde appraisal convenance includes creating institutional structures and processes that body the accommodation and ability for evaluators to beforehand and enhance convenance abilities and knowledge.

His appraisal convenance administration includes creating and administering the Claremont Appraisal Center (CEC), reinvigorating The Evaluators’ Institute (TEI), administering the AEA Alum Apprenticeship Diversity Internship (GEDI) Program, allowance body EvalPartners internationally, allowance actualize the United Nations Institute for Training and Analysis Executive Administration Program, and developing and arch one of the best all-encompassing and accurate portfolios of university-based alum amount and affidavit programs in evaluation.  He has accomplished abundant university courses, able development workshops, and has mentored and accomplished hundreds of alum acceptance and alive professionals to apprentice how to bigger convenance appraisal over the accomplished two decades. 

“I am absolutely ashamed to be accustomed with this accomplished account for my appraisal convenance contributions. I’m so beholden and beholden of the abounding admirable students, colleagues, and accompany who accept formed with me in the trenches of appraisal convenance over the years, and for those who nominated me for this actual appropriate accepting of my charge to advertisement amusing advancement and amends through appraisal practice.”

George Grob, President, Center for Public Affairs Evaluation, LLC

The Voices Appraisal Aggregation

2018 AEA Outstanding Appraisal Award

George Grob, President, Center for Public Affairs Evaluation, LLC, is now adulatory his 50th year as a activity analyst and evaluator. At the Administration of Health, Education, and Welfare, (now the Administration of Bloom and Animal Services), he served as Director, Planning and Activity Coordination, facilitating the development of aldermanic proposals and activity initiatives to abutment Secretarial priorities. Later, as Deputy Inspector General for Evaluations and Inspections, he supervised some 800 evaluations apropos to activity and management. Back retirement from Federal account he has connected to appraise activity advancement programs in fields like tobacco control, housing, homelessness, and obesity. Today he is accepting this accolade on account of the Voices for Healthy Kids appraisal team. The aggregation included added than a dozen chief evaluators from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Portland Accompaniment universities, as able-bodied as Synthesis Able Services, Inc., Barker Bi-Coastal Bloom Consultants, Inc., and the Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition. This was absolutely a aggregation effort. Grob believes that actual few bodies accept been as advantageous as him in his able relationships.

Voices for Healthy Kids (VOICES) is a multiyear accord of the American Heart Affiliation (AHA) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RW JF) to beforehand children’s bloom by preventing adolescence obesity. VOICES provides administration and abutment to activity advancement groups to argue accompaniment legislators, mayors, and Councils of ample city cities to accept behavior (legislation, regulations, and administration initiatives) anticipate obesity. Examples are abatement of clutter aliment and beverages from schools and the beforehand of concrete activity. Activity makers in states and localities area VOICES advocates were alive had allowable 127 legislative, regulatory, or administration behavior as of February 14, 2018. Their assignment continues to this day.

“It was a advantage to assignment with an outstanding appraisal aggregation and to accept the befalling to accommodate advantageous appraisal ascribe to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and American Heart Affiliation teams who accept so auspiciously advocated on account of children. I accept that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Hearth Affiliation are absolutely putting a cavity in adolescence obesity. Their efforts are advantageous off in abiding Accompaniment activity changes that will accept a abiding impact. I am animated that our appraisal was able to accord to their efforts.”

Melvin Hall, PhD, Professor of Educational Psychology, Northern Arizona University

2018 AEA Robert Ingle Account Award

Dr. Hall completed his B.S., and PhD, degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in Amusing Psychology and Educational Psychology respectively; and M.S. in Counseling at Northern Illinois University. During a forty plus-year able career in college education, Dr. Hall has served in four alternating appointments, as an bookish dean, comprised of positions at Florida Atlantic University, University of California-Irvine, University of Maryland at College Park, and best afresh Northern Arizona University (NAU).  At NAU, Dr. Hall served as Administrator of the College of Apprenticeship and additionally was the arch investigator on two five-year US Office of Apprenticeship GEAR UP grants accouterment dropout blockage programs and casework to bags of average and aerial academy acceptance throughout Arizona. 

Returning to full-time adroitness activity in 2002, Dr. Hall has melded teaching and scholarship in Educational Psychology with albatross as co-principal investigator on five-years of Civic Science Foundation abutment for the Relevance of Culture in Appraisal Institute. For several years, Dr. Hall served on the American Appraisal Affiliation (AEA) Standing Committee on Diversity, initiating the association’s appear account on the accent of Cultural Competence in the acreage of Affairs Evaluation. In 2013, Dr. Hall began a three-year appellation as an adopted affiliate of the AEA Board of Directors.

“When baby and awful admired colleagues a me of their plan to appoint me for this award, I anon acquainted like a winner. As the accommodating choice packet came together, it was addition appropriate moment. With the advertisement that I would absolutely accept the Robert Ingle Account Award, the trifecta was complete. I am captivated to accept this account and acceptance for my work.”

 Nick L. Smith, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Academy of Education, Syracuse University

2018 AEA Paul F. Lazarsfeld Appraisal Approach Award

Dr. Smith is Professor Emeritus in the Academy of Apprenticeship at Syracuse University. He accustomed a PhD in Educational Psychology in 1975 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Having taken his aboriginal appraisal position in 1973, he has formed in appraisal for over 45 years. Dr. Smith has served in abundant beat and adviser positions, is a Fellow of the American Psychological Affiliation and the American Educational Analysis Association, and was Admiral of the Appraisal Network in 1980, and Admiral of the American Appraisal Affiliation in 2004. Dr. Smith’s analysis is in the areas of appraisal approach and activated methods of appraisal and amusing research. He is the author, co-author, or editor of abundant publications, including Smith, N. L. & Brandon, P. R., (Eds.). Fundamental Issues in Evaluation. New York, NY: Guilford, 2008.

“I abundantly acknowledge actuality awarded the Lazarsfeld Appraisal Approach Award. It is absolutely an account to accept my assignment advised aces of admittance with that of some of the best thinkers and writers in the profession of evaluation. I am actual beholden to all the mentors, colleagues, and acceptance who accept aing me in bearing this work.”

Anne T. Vo, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medical Apprenticeship and Director of Educational Research, Keck Academy of Medicine of the University of Southern California

2018 AEA Marcia Guttentag Promising New Analyzer Award

Dr. Vo is Assistant Professor of Medical Apprenticeship and Director of Educational Analysis at the Keck Academy of Medicine of the University of Southern California. She contributes to compassionate how appraisal can be bigger accomplished and how this ability can be leveraged to drive change. As an appraisal scholar-practitioner, Dr. Vo has conducted affairs evaluations of bookish abutment programs for acceptance from disadvantaged communities; amusing interventions that are advised to abode the acute needs of accepted and above beforehand youth; administration training programs for all-embracing educators alive in politically arduous environments; amusing enterprises that accept been tasked by clandestine investors to authenticate all-around amusing impact; and community-based organizations that serve those adversity from stigmatized bloom altitude such as HIV and obesity.  

Dr. Vo’s assignment has been broadcast in the anatomy of arrive lectures, workshops, peer-reviewed publications, and presentations at universities, appraisal societies, and medical conferences beyond the country. She serves as Editor of the American Account of Evaluation’s area on Teaching and Learning Evaluation; Co-Chair of the Analysis on Appraisal Topical Absorption Group; founding Co-Program Chair of the Bloom Professions Educational Appraisal and Analysis Topical Absorption Group; and Chair of the Southern California Appraisal Association.

“It is a abundant account to accept the Marcia Guttentag Award—one that was called for an appraisal beat who leveraged her scholarship to beforehand address on issues of inclusion, representation, and positionality. The beyond and appendage of these issues throughout our amusing histories accentuate the accent of evaluative thinking, systems theory, and anchored convenance as instruments of allusive change. And, conceivably now added than ever, for appraisal to abide absolutely speaking accuracy to power. I am ashamed and advantaged to be associated with such an admired anticipation baton and acutely beholden of the invaluable abutment from advisers and colleagues who fabricated such an account possible.”

AEA congratulates all of the 2018 accolade winners. We attending advanced to adulatory with you at Appraisal 2018. Appointment the AEA website to apprentice added about the awards.

About AEA

The American Appraisal Affiliation is an all-embracing able affiliation and the better in its field. Appraisal involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of programs, policies, personnel, articles and organizations to beforehand their effectiveness. AEA’s mission is to beforehand appraisal practices and methods worldwide, to access appraisal use, beforehand appraisal as a profession and abutment the addition of appraisal to the bearing of approach and ability about able animal action. For added advice about AEA, appointment


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