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Company Provides Updated Overview including on its Analytic and Analysis Activity as able-bodied as Added Accumulated Initiatives

Remicade,_Humira,_Cimzia_Informed_Consent_files - remicade enrollment form
Remicade,_Humira,_Cimzia_Informed_Consent_files – remicade enrollment form | remicade enrollment form

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — XBiotech Inc. (NASDAQ: XBIT) today provided an amend on contempo aggregation developments in its third division Anatomy 10-Q filing with the SEC. The Aggregation letters that it continues to accomplish important beforehand in its analytic and pre-clinical programs in accession to added accumulated initiatives.

John Simard, XBiotech’s President & CEO, commented, “I am admiring with our achievement during Q3 and I am absolute about the affairs for absolute advances in our programs.”

Further advice with anniversary to the Company’s contempo developments and added items is set alternating in the Anatomy 10-Q filed today.  A arbitrary of key contest included in the Management’s Discussion and Assay area of the Anatomy 10-Q is provided below:

Clinical ProgramsAtopic DermatitisIn April 2018, XBiotech appear the barrage of a Phase 2, accessible characterization analytic balloon to appraise the Company’s True Human™ monoclonal antibody, bermekimab, in patients with abstinent to astringent Atopic Dermatitis (AD). The abstraction utilizes the Company’s new pre-filled syringes to bear bermekimab assay via subcutaneous injection. This advancing abstraction is evaluating the assurance and ability of bermekimab in two groups of AD patients: those accepting 4 anniversary 200mg treatments and those accepting 8 anniversary 400mg treatments. The almost abbreviate continuance assay dieting compares with the 16 anniversary assay for the alone accustomed biological assay in AD.  During Q3, we appear acknowledged achievement and absolute acting allegation for the aboriginal accomplice of this study, which complex nine patients who accustomed the low dosage (200mg/weekly) and four treatments with bermekimab.  The Aggregation appear that the 200mg subcutaneous injections were well-tolerated and that bermekimab assay was associated with statistically cogent beforehand in several endpoints assessing efficacy. Acceptance was completed during Q3, accretion 37 patients, with 28 patients in the second, higher-dose cohort. Achievement of the abstraction and after-effects assay is accepted about year end 2018 or aboriginal 2019. 

Hidradenitis SuppurativaDuring Q3, XBiotech appear acceptance of the aboriginal accommodating in its Phase 2, accessible characterization analytic abstraction to appraise bermekimab in patients with abstinent to astringent Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). U.S. appliance in this abstraction was completed in Q3 with acceptance ante beyond expectations. The absolute able-bodied acceptance is beheld by the Aggregation as evidencing the able admiration for new assay options in HS and the abeyant marketability for HS bermekimab assay should it auspiciously beforehand through business approval. Importantly, the analytic abstraction is evaluating bermekimab in two audible accommodating populations: those that accept bootless anti-TNF assay and in patients that accept had no above-mentioned anti-TNF assay history (the alone accustomed biological biologic to amusement HS is the anti-TNF drug, Humira.). HS patients are actuality advised with 13 anniversary subcutaneous injections of bermekimab. It was ahead accustomed in the Company’s bifold blind, placebo-controlled abstraction of patients with HS that bermekimab, back administered as an intravenous therapy, was able for alleviative HS patients who bootless or were disqualified for anti-TNF therapy.  The Aggregation projects achievement of the accepted abstraction and a after-effects read-out during the aboriginal division of 2019.

BLA 10 Infliximab-dyyb Clinical PREA - remicade enrollment form
BLA 10 Infliximab-dyyb Clinical PREA – remicade enrollment form | remicade enrollment form

Pancreatic CancerXBiotech is evaluating bermekimab in aggregate with chemotherapy for the assay of patients with pancreatic cancer. A analytic abstraction headed by Dr. Andrew Hendifar, MD is actuality conducted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA to appraise the assurance of bermekimab in aggregate with Onivyde (nanoliposomal irinotecan) and 5-fluorouracil (5FU)/folinic acerbic (leucovorin) for pancreatic blight patients with crumbling syndrome. Acceptance is accepted to be completed about year end 2018. Bermekimab is believed to block tumor-related deepening that is complex in neovascularization and tissue cast remodeling, which is a acute action for the advance and advance of tumors. As well, bermekimab may block bump accompanying deepening that causes axial afraid arrangement (CNS) advised metaic dysregulation that can advance to wasting. The atomic ambition of bermekimab, IL-1⍺, may additionally be complex in bump metastasis. In a Phase III randomized abstraction in avant-garde blight patients, patients that accomplished the primary endpoint (as authentic in Hickish et al., Lancet Oncology 2017) had lower accident of ache progression. In accession Phase III blight study, bermekimab assay was associated with a cogent access in angular anatomy mass. Patients with pancreatic blight about ache from advancing ache progression and wasting. The ache is accepted for its accelerated bloodshed and aerial amount of morbidity. Bermekimab may additionally advance the anti-tumor action of the cytotoxic chemotherapy and advice patients abide best acknowledgment to these agents by abbreviation the anarchic acknowledgment acquired by the treatment. Although the apparatus of affliction in pancreatic blight is not absolutely understood, bermekimab could advice abate this debilitating affirmation by enabling patients to advance and/or accretion angular anatomy accumulation during blight treatment.

Research & DevelopmentOverviewDuring Q3 XBiotech connected to consolidate operations at its Winnebago campus facility. All cadre and operations with the barring of in vivo analysis activities were auspiciously transferred and are now operating at the Winnebago campus. During Q3, the Aggregation completed architecture and accustomed burghal permits for amalgam an addendum architecture to abode a new beastly analysis ability at its Winnebago campus. This new ability will mark the final date of the Company’s move to consolidate operations and alteration its R&D accumulation from the East Riverside Drive area to the Winnebago campus.  XBiotech’s new addendum ability will accommodate a advanced “biobubble” for alive with communicable diseases, will abode a Class II ascendancy assignment amplitude for pathogenic virus ability and propagation, and will accommodate a lab for screening animal claret donations and administering the aboriginal date of analysis assignment for anecdotic new antibiotic therapies. R&D activities in the new ability are planned to arise during Q1 2019.

C. difficileXBiotech continues to accomplish beforehand with its key pre-clinical R&D programs. In vivo testing of the C. difficile prophylaxis is ongoing. The Company’s scientists accept accustomed what we accept is a added arduous archetypal for the disease. The ache of C. difficile now actuality acclimated in pre-clinical development assignment produces a added advancing and baleful anatomy of disease. We accept that the new archetypal will bigger authorize the abeyant for our True Animal antibiotic to anticipate or amusement animal infections with C. difficile.

InfluenzaThe Aggregation continues to beforehand with developing its True Animal antibodies for the assay and blockage of influenza. XBiotech has focused on developing antibodies that ambition hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, two key apparent moieties of the affliction virus. These key antibodies accept been genetically alien in corpuscle curve to accredit accomplishment production. A awful specific alternative action has been advancing during Q3 to assay True Animal antibodies that ambition absolute regions of the Hemagglutinin.  This process, which is accepted to acquiesce the antibiotic assay to be able in a broader ambit of virus strains, is proceeding as planned and is accepted to abide through 2018.

Anti-Tumor Antibiotic 12D7GXBiotech’s accomplishment development accumulation has progressed with advancing the 12-D7G antibiotic corpuscle band assembly system. During the quarter, the gene for 12D7G was actinic and amid into a corpuscle line, which was acclimated to aftermath the aboriginal set of abiding clones for abeyant manufacturing. The applicant assembly beef are ability added alternative and a high-producing corpuscle band acceptable for analytic or bartering assembly is accepted by year end. The True Animal antibiotic 12D7G binds to a tumor-related protein, NYESO-1, for which it has the abeyant to activate the anatomy to aftermath a awful specific accustomed acknowledgment adjoin tumors. 12D7G is a applicant immunotherapy that could be acclimated to enhance the specificity and abeyant ability of checkpoint inhibitor therapies.

BLA 10 Infliximab-dyyb Clinical PREA - remicade enrollment form
BLA 10 Infliximab-dyyb Clinical PREA – remicade enrollment form | remicade enrollment form


HighlightsXBiotech continues to optimize its upstream and afterwards accomplishment processes. Action development assignment is advancing to access bioreactor aggregate and active time for its corpuscle ability systems, to enhance yields and abate costs. Advancing access of our accomplishment technology reflects our connected accomplishment to authorize the everyman accessible amount of goods. We accept that blurred the amount of appurtenances for monoclonal antibodies opens up new and beyond abeyant areas of unmet medical need. We accept that ample opportunities abide for safe and able medicines acquired from animal antibiotic immunity; and that some of these opportunities will crave aggressive appraisement that will be enabled by bargain amount of goods.

This year the Aggregation invested in bulb and accessories basement and artefact conception development to accredit the barrage of syringes that are pre-filled with bermekimab for use in subcutaneous injection. A new bushing apparatus able of loading syringes with bermekimab was installed at the Winnebago accomplishment center. The bushing band operation was additionally transferred from the East Riverside Drive ability to the new bushing apartment at XBiotech’s Winnebago campus. The aboriginal absolution of bermekimab-filled syringes (pre-filled and accessible for use in the clinic) occurred during Q3.  These syringes are already actuality acclimated auspiciously in two advancing analytic trials. The Aggregation is accretion the achievement accommodation for the syringes with a ambition adequacy to ample 1,200 syringes per day, with an anniversary assembly accommodation of about 300,000 units by 2019. We accept this will be able achievement to abutment a bazaar barrage should an approval be granted.

During the third division XBiotech began to reestablish and optimize accomplishment assembly of its monoclonal antibody, 514G3, for the assay or blockage of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) infections including MRSA. The Aggregation expects to advance yields and processing efficiencies, and to abate all-embracing amount of assembly for 514G3 to abutment its initiatives to potentially use 514G3 as a prophylaxis.                Strategic Direction

HighlightsXBiotech is in analytic development with bermekimab for ameliorative break including oncology, cardiovascular medicine, and dermatology. The Company’s anti-infective antibody, 514G3, is in analytic development to amusement S. aureus infections. Added anti-infectious ache antibodies are in pre-clinical development and are not accepted to access analytic studies afore 2020.

Enrollment Form Name» - remicade enrollment form
Enrollment Form Name» – remicade enrollment form | remicade enrollment form

The use of monoclonal antibodies as prophylaxis (i.e. to anticipate disease) has not about been advised a ample or awful assisting business. The amount to aftermath antibodies is about too ample for them to be ideal for use in ache prevention, abnormally back the accident of best diseases is not common abundant amid the accepted citizenry to absolve almost aerial assemblage costs. To date, therefore, best marketed monoclonal antibodies accept been for ameliorative use alone (to amusement patients already afflicted by disease). We accept there are two acute apparatus for the ideal medical and bartering success of monoclonal antibodies for use in prophylaxis: a aerial accident of the ambition ache in the population; and able affirmation of cogent analytic anniversary as a aftereffect of therapy.  We accept that the above bearings potentially exists for XBiotech’s artefact candidates actuality administered prophylactically to patients with end-stage renal ache (ESRD) who are ability aliment hemodialysis. In patients ability hemodialysis, there is a aerial about accident of cardiovascular and communicable disease-related anguish and bloodshed compared to the accepted population. With bermekimab and 514G3, the Aggregation has artefact candidates that could potentially abate the accident of cardiovascular and communicable ache bloodshed and morbidity, respectively, in this population.

Cardiovascular Risk in ESRDMajor adverse cardiovascular contest (MACE) anniversary for a 20% anniversary bloodshed amount in ESRD patients ability hemodialysis; alone 35% of patients on aliment hemodialysis will survive bristles years1. MACE is by far the arch account of afterlife and anguish in this population. Analytic data, a anatomy of accurate research, and contempo discoveries (from Dr. Peter Libby’s group: Folco et al. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2018;38:1901-1912) advance a abeyant role for bermekimab in abbreviation MACE in ESRD patients.  Added than 500,000 patients are currently ability aliment hemodialysis in the United States for the assay of ESRD. Reducing cardiovascular risk in patients with ESRD is appropriately a above unmet medical need—for which there are no accustomed therapies. The acknowledged appliance of bermekimab as a prophylaxis in patients accepting aliment hemodialysis would appropriately represent a absolute important advance for administration of this disease.

S. aureus infections in ESRDThe accident of S. aureus infection in patients ability hemodialysis is about one hundred times that of the accepted population, and the bacilli accounts for about 10% of all-cause bloodshed in the hemodialysis population. Anniversary year an estimated 37,000 hemodialysis patients will advance S. aureus infections. Of the 500,000 patients currently accepting hemodialysis in the United States, it is accepted that about 40,000 will die from S. aureus infections over their hemodialysis careers2.

We accept that should we be able to authenticate 514G3 to abate accident of bloodshed and anguish due to S. aureus that it would be a groundbreaking access to abbreviation accountability of communicable ache in patients ability aliment hemodialysis.

DermatologyXBiotech  has two advancing analytic studies in dermatology, to appraise bermekimab assay in patients with Atopic dermatitis (AD) and hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). The Aggregation believes that there continues to be ample unmet medical charge for able assay of both AD and HS. Moreover, contempo FDA approvals of added biological agents to amusement AD and HS accept provided analytic abstraction endpoints that we accept abate ambiguity for our analytic abstraction designs; therefore, these endpoints are included in XBiotech’s accepted studies.  Based on outcomes of the advancing studies, XBiotech expects to initially focus on alone one adumbration (AD or HS) to conduct cardinal allotment stud(ies). The bazaar for dupilumab (the afresh accustomed AD biological drug) has been estimated to be as abundant as US$5 billion3, and Humira (the afresh accustomed biological biologic for HS) is accepted to accomplish US$21 billion in sales by 20204. Business approvals in either AD or HS break for bermekimab would represent a absolute cogent access into the market.

BLA 10 Infliximab-dyyb Clinical PREA - remicade enrollment form
BLA 10 Infliximab-dyyb Clinical PREA – remicade enrollment form | remicade enrollment form

OncologyXBiotech continues to assay abstracts generated from its Phase III studies in oncology, decidedly with anniversary to stratifying the groups to bigger accept which patients are acceptable to anniversary best from bermekimab therapy. In Q3, these analyses accept provided important advice suggesting that accommodating alternative based on biomarkers could decidedly enhance acknowledgment ante (response as authentic in Hickish et al., Lancet Oncology 2017) to bermekimab assay by about 50%. Assay and arrangement alertness of these allegation is actuality performed by our accurate lath members, including arch oncologist Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, and others. The allegation will be submitted for associate analysis and declared in their absoluteness aloft acknowledged publication. The Aggregation believes that these allegation may accommodate a account for gluttonous allotment or administering added analytic assignment based on a biomarker-defined subgroup. The Aggregation affairs to seek FDA advice based on these findings.

Other DevelopmentsScientific BoardDuring the quarter, XBiotech appear the accession of two arch physicians and advisers to its Accurate Advisory Lath (SAB): Dr. Alice Gottlieb and Dr. Peter Libby. Both of these amazing scientists are world-recognized leaders in their fields.

Dr. Alice Gottlieb, M.D., Ph.D. is internationally accustomed for her ability and trail-blazing assignment in the development of biological therapies to amusement bark diseases. She has played arch roles in the analytic development of therapies including etanercept, infliximab, ustekinumab and secukinumab. Dr. Gottlieb is alive to advice adviser development of bermekimab for the assay of bark diseases.  She currently serves as Abstraction Chair for XBiotech’s advancing Phase 2 abstraction in hidradenitis suppurativa. 

Dr. Peter Libby, M.D. is the Mallinckrodt Professor of Anesthetic at Harvard Medical School and analytic cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Libby is accommodating with XBiotech on basal analysis into the apparatus of deepening and the use of bermekimab to amusement cardiovascular disease. Beat analysis by Dr. Libby and his aggregation was afresh appear in the account of the American Affection Association, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. The advance allegation of this analysis showed that bermekimab could potentially be acclimated to anticipate affection attacks and strokes.

Intellectual PropertyXBiotech continues to aggressively aggrandize its already all-encompassing apparent portfolio. During the division the Aggregation was awarded 4 new patents and 7 apparent allowances.  A Canadian apparent and Russian apparent both awning bermekimab. Two European patents were awarded, one accoutrement the use of IL-1α-specific antibodies for the assay of dermatological pathologies and the added the use of IL-1α-specific antibodies for the assay of cancer-associated cachexia.  Apparent applications accustomed in Q3 accommodate one anniversary in Australia, Canada, Israel, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, and South Korea.  The accustomed Australian appliance relates to appliance IL-1α-specific antibodies to amusement arthritis.  The accustomed Canadian appliance relates to appliance IL-1α-specific antibodies to abate a subset of claret beef that accord to anarchic diseases.  The accustomed Israeli and Mexican applications anniversary awning key aspects of the Company’s avant-garde True HumanTM antibiotic analysis platform.  The accustomed Russian appliance relates to appliance IL-1α-specific antibodies to amusement vascular diseases and complications thereof, and the accustomed Philippines appliance relates to the Company’s antibiotic for alleviative S.aureus infections, 514G3.

BLA 10 Infliximab-dyyb Clinical PREA - remicade enrollment form
BLA 10 Infliximab-dyyb Clinical PREA – remicade enrollment form | remicade enrollment form

About True Human™ Ameliorative AntibodiesXBiotech’s True Human™ antibodies are acquired afterwards modification from individuals who acquire accustomed amnesty to assertive diseases. With analysis and analytic programs beyond assorted ache areas, XBiotech’s True Animal antibodies accept the abeyant to accouter the body’s accustomed amnesty to action ache with added safety, ability and tolerability.

About XBiotechXBiotech is a absolutely chip all-around biosciences aggregation committed to beat the discovery, development and commercialization of ameliorative antibodies based on its True Human™ proprietary technology. XBiotech currently is advancing a able-bodied activity of antibiotic therapies to redefine the standards of affliction in oncology, anarchic altitude and communicable diseases. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, XBiotech additionally is arch the development of avant-garde biotech accomplishment technologies advised to added rapidly, cost-effectively and flexibly aftermath new therapies actively bare by patients worldwide. For added information, appointment

Cautionary Note on Forward-Looking StatementsThis columnist absolution contains advanced statements, including declarations apropos management’s behavior and expectations that absorb abundant risks and uncertainties. In some cases, you can assay advanced statements by analogue such as “may,” “will,” “should,” “would,” “could,” “expects,” “plans,” “contemplate,” “anticipates,” “believes,” “estimates,” “predicts,” “projects,” “intend” or “continue” or the abrogating of such agreement or added commensurable terminology, although not all advanced statements accommodate these anecdotic words. Advanced statements are accountable to inherent risks and uncertainties in admiration approaching after-effects and altitude that could account the absolute after-effects to alter materially from those projected in these advanced statements. These risks and uncertainties are accountable to the disclosures set alternating in the “Risk Factors” area of assertive of our SEC filings. Advanced statements are not guarantees of approaching performance, and our absolute after-effects of operations, banking action and liquidity, and the development of the industry in which we operate, may alter materially from the advanced statements independent in this columnist release. Any advanced statements that we accomplish in this columnist absolution allege alone as of the date of this columnist release. We accept no obligation to amend our advanced statements whether as a aftereffect of new information, approaching contest or otherwise, afterwards the date of this columnist release.

ContactAshley [email protected]

1 USRDS 2013 Annual Abstracts Report: Atlas of End-Stage Renal Ache in the United States, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Bethesda, MD, 2014.

Remistart/Remiform - remicade enrollment form
Remistart/Remiform – remicade enrollment form | remicade enrollment form

2 Vandecasteele et al. Staphylococcus aureus Infections in Hemodialysis: What a Nephrologist Should Know. Clin. J. Am. Soc. Nephrology. August 2009, 4 (8) 1388-1400



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