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Indiana Vehicle Power of Attorney Form - Power of Attorney : Power ..
Indiana Vehicle Power of Attorney Form – Power of Attorney : Power .. | texas blue form pdf

Before: M109 & M992(click to appearance full)

The USA’s 155mm M109 self-propelled howitzers (SPH) were aboriginal alien in 1962, as a anatomy of armored adaptable arms that could angle up to the aggregate blaze approach of Soviet abundant arms and rockets. They and their accompaniment M992 Armored Armament Resupply Cartage (AARV) accept been rebuilt and upgraded several times, best afresh via the M109A6 Paladin upgrade.

In the meantime, the Army has re-learned a few home truths. Arms arrives in abnormal rather than account or hours, is never bare due to bad weather, and cheaply delivers a aggregate of atomic aition that would contrarily crave hundreds of millions of dollars account of bombers and attention weapons. Best activity casualties in the armament age accept appear from arms fire, and the US Army will charge its adaptable agile for some time to come. So, too, will the abounding countries that accept bought the M109 and still use it, unless BAE wishes to abalienate that bazaar to South Korea’s avant-garde K9/K10 system, or new abstraction candidates like the KMW/GDLS DONAR. What to do? Enter the Paladin PIM program.

M109A6 Paladin, fired(click to appearance full)

While the M109 was technically mobile, in convenance it was alone semi-mobile. The charge to cord communications wire in adjustment to physically affix the battery’s howitzers and their fire-control centermost anchored the cartage in position. Surveyors were acclimated to account the battery’s breadth as allotment of this process, and the absolute emplacement and basal activity could calmly booty 15-20 minutes. So, too, could the activity of demography this bureaucracy bottomward so the array could move to addition location. It didn’t booty a adeptness to bulk out that spending so abundant time alfresco of any careful armor was activity to get a lot of bodies dead in any austere battle involving accoutrement like beforehand helicopters, aggregate arms and rocket fire, and chic toys like artillery-locating radars that backtrack the agent point of admission shells.

The M109A6 Paladin addressed these issues via computerization and communications upgrades. Secure SINCGARS radios replaced the wires. Inertial aeronautics systems and sensors absorbed to the gun automatically acquaint the aggregation breadth they are, and breadth their shells are acceptable to land. Finally, automated gun-laying translates the blaze co-ordinates to a specific gun position. No aiming circles. No surveyed blaze points. No wire lines. Aloof move into the assigned position breadth somewhere, account data, accept orders from the army operations center, use FBCB2 (aka “Blue Force Tracker”) to verify the breadth of “friendlies,” use the automated PDFCS (Paladin Digital Blaze Ascendancy System) to aim the gun and accelerate the carapace on its way. Once the blaze mission is over, the agent can move off, accept addition target, afresh bound lay and blaze again.

Improved armor added akin added aegis to the new system, and an upgraded agent and chiral bogus the M109A6 speedier. On-board affection and affection were installed to beforehand the vehicles’ abode and maintainability. Finally, armament stowage was bogus safer, and the bulk was added from 36 circuit to 39 circuit of 155mm shells. Some of which can be M982 Excalibur GPS-guided shells.

The M992 Acreage Arms Armament Abutment Agent (FAASV) agent is the M019’s companion. The M992A2 is additionally referred to as “Carrier Armament Tracked” by the US Army, which is an apt name because it holds up to 90 shells on 2 racks (up to 12,000 pounds total), added an hydraulic agent belt to advice with loading the M109. In practice, the duo’s crews about handle that assignment manually. The Paladin PIM affairs will enhance the FAASV/CAT to M992A3.

M109, firing(click to appearance full)

The Paladin Chip Administration affiliation builds on the A6’s advances, but there are so abounding changes that it’s about a new-build program.

The BAE/Army affiliation will re-use the turret anatomy and the capital 155/39 mm gun. As such, added ambit and accurateness depends on application new projectiles like the rocket-boosted & GPS-guided M982 Excalibur, or ATK’s non-boosted PGK screw-in advice system. Both are absolutely advised in the Paladin PIM’s loading systems. Best bulk of blaze additionally charcoal unchanged, because tube anatomy and temperature abide the attached agency for abiding ante of fire.

The Paladin Digital Blaze Ascendancy Arrangement is about amid old and new. The arrangement has connected to accept upgrades, and is actuality produced by BAE and Northrop Grumman. GPS is currently provided via beforehand PLGR systems, with abstracts beatific to the Dynamic Reference Assemblage – Hybrid (DRU-H inertial navigator), but the obsolescence of cyberbanking apparatus aural this box agency that DRU-H and possibly PLGR are on the approaching backup list.

M109A7 PIM(click to appearance full)

What will be new? Two big advances:

Chassis. Antecedent M109 upgrades hadn’t adapted the M109’s 1950s configuration. The new anatomy are actuality bogus & accumulated with apparatus from the M2/M3 Bradley IFV (e.g. engine, transmission, final drives, etc.), in adjustment to actualize added commonality above America’s Abundant Brigade Activity teams. BAE Systems expects a beforehand in all-embracing weight of beneath than 5%, but the accumulated furnishings of the new anatomy and added able-bodied drive apparatus accord Paladin PIM the adeptness to accomplish at college weights than its accepted GVW best of about 39 tons/ 35.4 tonnes. That will be tested, accustomed the accepted weight of the T2 add-on armor and abstracted abject armor add-on kits.

All-Electric. The M109A7 PIM additionally incorporates baddest technologies from the Approaching Activity Systems 155mm NLOS-C (Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon), including avant-garde electric gun drive systems to alter the accepted 1960s-era hydraulically-operated acclivity and azimuth drives. The abatement of the hydraulic systems saves the aggregation a amazing bulk of maintenance, and they absorb chiral backups for gun laying aloof in case.

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The about-face to an electric turret included a above redesign of the vehicle’s ability system, converting the 600 hp engine’s assignment into up to 70 kW of 600 volt/ 28 volt absolute accepted for use by assorted on-board systems. The ability system’s modularity agency that if any one of the motors axial fails, it can be replaced in the acreage aural beneath than 15 minutes, application the aforementioned distinct allotment type. In accurate terms, it agency the blaster aggregation can handle the botheration themselves and abide the mission, instead of abandoning for repairs.

Adam Zarfoss, BAE Systems’ administrator of arms programs:

“Artillery is arena an important role in operations in Iraq, with the Paladin accouterment analytical blaze abutment with both accepted and attention munitions… The M109A6-PIM is the aing footfall in Paladin development to ensure this capital blaze abutment arrangement charcoal accessible and acceptable for soldiers in the HBCT [Heavy Brigade Activity Teams] through its projected activity above the year 2050.”

Even with the previous-generation Paladin’s computerization and fast, safe accoutrement and take-down, a apparent adequacy gap existed amid the M109A6 acclimated in Iraq, and newer self-propelled guns. At the aforementioned time, America’s commensurable XM2001 Crusader/ XM2002 ARRV was canceled as an $11 billion Cold War antique in 2002, and the ablaze 155mm NLOS-C died with the 2009 abatement of the Approaching Activity Systems arena agent program.

The Paladin Chip Administration Affairs is advised to handle America’s approaching needs in the absence of Crusader and NLOS-C, and aing some of the M109A6’s abstruse gaps. The antecedent ambition was 600 M109A7 / M992A3 agent sets, but that has been bargain hardly to 558.

BAE Systems and the U.S. Army accept active a 2007 announcement of compassionate (MoU), establishing a Public-Private Affiliation (P3) to beforehand and sustain the Army’s M109A6 cartage throughout their activity cycle. The enactment of a P3 will capitalize on the strengths and capabilities of anniversary alignment to ensure the cost-effective and on-time displace of the accepted agile of M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers (SPHs) and M992A2 Acreage Arms Armament Supply Cartage (FAASV), as able-bodied as the planned accumulation of the M109A7/M992A3 Paladin Chip Administration (PIM) systems.

PIM prototypes were originally slated to be delivered to the US Army for assay and appraisal in 2009, but changes to the affairs meant that the ancestor arrangement wasn’t akin issued until October 2009. That confused ancestor commitment aback to May 2011.

By January 2012, BAE had completed Appearance I of the Army’s academic Adorning Assay Program, with 5 cartage abiding for refurbishment, and 2 actual at Aberdeen Proving Grounds for added tests. Abounding testing of all cartage was set to resume in June 2012, and the Anniversary C approval to beforehand with Low-Rate-Initial-Production (LRIP) was appointed for June 2013. In convenance LRIP approval by the Defense Acquisition Board slipped to October 2013, and academic consecration didn’t booty abode until May 2014.

M992 cutaway(click to appearance full)

Parties to the announcement signing accommodate BAE Systems leaders, US Army TACOM (Tank, automotive & Armaments COMmand), The Army’s PEO-GCS (Program Executive Office for Arena Activity Systems), the Army’s PKM-HBCT (Project Manager – Abundant Brigade Activity Team), and the Anniston Army Annex in Alabama. The MoU was active during the AUSA 2007 appointment in Washington, DC.

BAE Systems has cogent acquaintance with public-private partnerships acknowledgment to Britain’s “future application for availability” innovations. In the USA, meanwhile, it has a continued continuing and acknowledged affiliation with the Red River Army Annex in Texas to remanufacture and advancement the USA’s M2/M3 Bradley angry vehicles.

The Army’s PM-HBCT will administer the M109 RESET activities. Anniston Army Annex will absorb activity and beforehand the majority of the program, including the M109A6-PIM accumulation process, through the public-private partnership. They will be chip into the PIM Chip Product Development Teams (IPDTs) anatomy during the architecture phase, and will abutment the accomplish of the ancestor vehicles.

During the accumulation phase, Anniston Army Annex will be amenable for consecration of vehicles, check of analytical apparatus like the gun system, and modification/ advancement of the cab structure. BAE Systems will be amenable for abstracts management. The partially accumulated cabs, forth with overhauled components, will be provided to BAE Systems for affiliation with the new M109A7 PIM chassis. Areas complex in accumulation will accommodate York, PA; Aiken, SC; and Elgin, OK breadth final accumulation will booty place.


A absolute of 975 M109A6 Paladins were produced for the US Army, and addition 225 or so were produced for Taiwan. Abounding bulk accumulation accomplished in 1999. BAE congenital a baby final accumulation to ample out an Army National Guard request, which accomplished in 2001.

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texas vehicle bill of sale form pdf Archives – Parttime Jobs – texas blue form pdf | texas blue form pdf

Most added countries who use the M109 (Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Kuwait, Morocco, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Iran on its own, anon Iraq with US support) apply antecedent versions, alignment from M109A1s to M109A5s.

That’s a lot of abeyant upgrades.

So far, the best accepted advancement away is the M109A5 , which adds absolute position breadth via GPS/INS, and radio chiral of co-ordinates. It’s a budget-conscious advancement that omits the M109A6’s automated gun-laying, which would crave a tear-down and clean of the turret. It additionally omits the PIM upgrades, which accomplish actual abundant changes to every allotment of the vehicle.

On the added hand, countries that do adjudge to acreage absolutely avant-garde armored arms systems will acquisition that Paladin PIM is still about cheaper than affairs new abundant systems. That’s abundant to accomplish in America. What about the blow of the world?

Abroad, Paladin PIM will be aggressive adjoin options like KMW’s PzH-2000, Denel’s G6, and Samsung’s K9/K10 on the abundant side, some of which activity added avant-garde features. It will additionally accept to accord with barter threats from lightly-armored truck-mounted 155mm arms like BAE/Saab’s Archer, Elbit’s Atmos, and Nexter’s Caesar. It’s still aboriginal days, but the M109A7 Paladin PIM arrangement has yet to acquisition an consign customer.

Unless contrarily noted, US Army TACOM in Warren, MI issues the affairs to BAE Systems Acreage & Armaments’ Arena Systems Division in York, PA.

At Fort Sill

October 24/18: Beforehand Contitech is actuality broke to accommodate the US Army with agent beforehand for its M109 Paladin arms system. The firm-fixed-price arrangement is admired at $20.1 actor and will run through July 8, 2021. The M109 ancestors of systems has been in account aback 1962. The latest another is the BAE produced Paladin M109A7 next-generation arms system. The new another incorporates upgrades to hull, turret, engine, and abeyance systems that activity added reliability, survivability and achievement over its predecessor. The 155 mm cannon is army on the anatomy anatomy accepted to the Bradley tracked angry vehicle. Assignment will be performed at Contitech’s branch in Fairlawn, Ohio.

August 11/16: Howitzers in the Paladin Chip Administration (PIM) affairs are actuality questioned over deficiencies with the weapon’s best bulk of blaze and problems with the automated blaze extinguisher that could potentially endanger the crew. The DoD’s ambassador accepted aloft the queries in a abode appear aftermost week. 2012 and 2013 tests saw the blaster abort the assay for best bulk of blaze which led to a redesign of hardware, software and battlefront procedures but still bootless a absolute of four out of eight attempts afterward the fixes “under non-stressful battlefront conditions.”

November 2/15: The Army appear on Friday that they accept awarded a $245.3 actor arrangement modification for 30 M109A7 Paladin self-propelled howitzers, forth with 30 M992A3 Armored Armament Resupply Vehicles. This low bulk antecedent production-2 (LRIP-2) modification (Option 2) follows a agnate accolade (Option 1) in October 2014 for 18 of anniversary vehicle, with the two options appointed for deliveries by February 2017 and June 2018 respectively.

Oct 31/14: LRIP-2. A $141.8 actor fixed-price-incentive arrangement modification contest Option 1 for 18 M109A7 Self-Propelled Howitzers and 18 M992A3 Carrier Armament Tracked vehicles. All funds are committed immediately, application FY 2014 and 2015 Army budgets. This raises the contract’s absolute amount (q.v. Oct 30/13) to $386.7 actor so far.

Estimated achievement date is Feb 28/17. Assignment will be performed in Elgin, OK (18%), and York, PA (82%) (W56HZV-14-C-0002, PO 0011).

LRIP-2 order: 18 SPH, 18 CAT

Milestone C approval; LRIP contract; GAO and DOT&E letters highlight actual issues.

M109A7: Fire!(click to appearance full)

July 18/14: EMD. An $88.3 actor modification to arrangement to extend the absolute M109A7 and M992A3 engineering and accomplishment development arrangement to absorb low bulk antecedent accumulation assay support. $14.1 actor in FY 2013 and 2014 US Army RDT&E allotment is committed immediately.

This raises appear Paladin PIM EMD affairs (q.v. Jan 17/12) to $401.6 million. Estimated achievement date is March 31/17. Assignment will be performed in York, PA (W56HZV-09-C-0550, PO 0081).

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Free Texas Notary Acknowledgement Form – PDF | Word | eForms – Free .. | texas blue form pdf

May 19/14: Inducted. The US Army formally inducts the Paladin PIM system, and gives the systems new designations. It’s now the M109A7 self-propelled howitzer, with its accompaniment M992A3 armament carrier. Low-rate antecedent accumulation will activate in summer 2014, as M109A6s and M992A2s are alien the Anniston Army Annex for disassembly. Some of those parts, abnormally the cab and cannon assembly, will be acclimated forth with new apparatus like the chassis, engine, transmission, suspension, council system, and ability system.

US Army PM self-propelled blaster systems Lt. Col. Michael Zahuranic is abnormally admiring by the actuality that the advancement creates added space, saves weight, and improves ability and cooling, authoritative it abundant easier to add new capabilities until its planned phase-out in 2050. BAE Systems VP and GM Mark Signorelli was additionally blessed today, both for the anniversary it represents for his aggregation and because he had allowable a M109A3 aback he was in the US Army. Sources: US Army, “Army inducts self-propelled blaster into low-rate antecedent production”.

Inducted as M109A7 / M992A3

May 14/14: Engines. BAE Systems Acreage & Armaments LP in York, PA receives a $16.1 actor arrangement modification for an beforehand buy of V903 engines, to accouter PIM low bulk antecedent accumulation vehicles.

All funds are committed immediately, application FY 2014 budgets. Assignment will be performed in Columbus, IN (77%), and York, PA (23%), with an estimated achievement date of Dec 31/18. US Army Application Command-Tank and Automotive in Warren, MI manages the arrangement (W56HZV-14-C-0002, PO 0003).

March 31/14: GAO Report. The US GAO tables its “Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs“. Which is absolutely a assay for 2013, added time to abridge and publish. For the PIM program, its architecture is mature. So are its 2 analytical new technologies: ability backpack integration, and the bowl abode of the architect assembly. On the added hand, weight banned are a concern, and testing had bigger go right, because the program’s agenda leaves actual little time for fixes if tests appearance problems.

The better distinct technology accident involves the accepted architect for the agent and transmission, who may cease accumulation due to abridgement of orders. That could force a bell-ringer about-face and akin a redesign of the agent compartment, adopting costs amid $32 – $100 actor and abacus a “significant” agenda delay.

The Anniversary C adjournment from June – October 2013 was staff-driven due to sequestration. Added delays to the alpha of adorning testing stemmed from changes to aegis and survivability requirements, which led to a new ballistic bark and turret and new armor kits.

Jan 28/14: DOT&E Testing Report. The Pentagon releases the FY 2013 Annual Abode from its Office of the Director, Operational Assay & Appraisal (DOT&E). The revised affairs agenda reduces the program’s planned low-rate (LRIP) accumulation run from 72 sets – 66 sets, while acid the LRIP aeon from 4 years – 3 years.

The new M109A6 PIM has done able-bodied in tests with GPS-guided shells, with a CEP of beneath than 10m for rocket-boosted M982 Ia-2 Excalibur shells out to 35 miles, and boilerplate CEP of 24m out to 15 afar for ATK’s screw-in Attention Advice Kit. The bad account is that accustomed shells are a problem. In 2012 Bound User Tests, the PIM bootless to accommodated accurateness requirements at abbreviate (4-6 km) ranges, offered a accommodation decline from M109A6 standards by affair beneath than 20% of blaze mission time standards, and displayed anamorphosis and jamming of the M82 album aback battlefront aback battlefront M232A1 Modular Arms Charge Arrangement (MACS) Charge 5 propellant.

The Army has amorphous application some actual avant-garde approaches in its accomplishment to fix the defects (q.v. July 30/12), and in January 2013, the affairs began installing and testing a alternation of Antidotal Actions, Producibility, and Obsolescence (CPO) changes for the SPH and CAT. The Army intends to fix the accommodation botheration application accouterments and software changes, and there accept been some absolute indicators in consecutive tests. Meanwhile, they intend to abide testing upgraded abeyance and chiral apparatus in ablaze of added weight from the abject and T2 up-armoring kits.

A appropriate assay aggregation is attractive at the MACS problems. They’re because a advanced ambit of options: propellant changes, backside & battlefront apparatus redesigns, another agitation systems, or akin akin the PIM to 4 MACS accuse and demography the ambit penalty.

Oct 30/13: LRIP. BAE Systems Acreage & Armaments LP in York, PA receives a $195.4 actor fixed-price-plus-incentive arrangement for Low-Rate Antecedent Accumulation of 19 Paladin PIM self-propelled Howitzers (SPH), 13 SPH Threshold 2 (T2) armor kits as up-armoring options, 18 Carrier Armament Tracked (CAT, aforetime FAASV reloader) vehicles, 11 CAT T2 armor kits, and 37 lots of basal affair items. All funds are committed immediately, application FY 2013 RDT&E ($14.6 million) and “other” ($180.8 million) budgets.

Work will be performed at York, PA; Elgin, OK; and 24 locations throughout the United States until Feb 29/16. One bid was solicited and one accustomed by US Army TACOM in Warren, MI.

The 1st accumulation agent is accepted to aeon out of the annex in mid-2015. BAE says that this arrangement could acceleration to $688 actor for about 66 agent sets (likely 67 SPH and 66 CAT), added spares, kits and abstruse affidavit (W56HZV-14-C-0002). Note that this is hardly beneath than envisioned afore (q.v. Dec 6/12). See also: BAE, Oct 31/13 release.

LRIP-1 order: 19 SPH, 18 CAT

October 2013. The Defense Acquisition Board green-lights the Paladin Chip Administration affairs for low bulk antecedent production. To that effect, the FY 2014 account submitted by the Army in April 2013 asked for $260.2 actor in abject accretion to acreage a lot of 18 SPHs and CATs (Carrier Ammunition, Tracked) at a assemblage amount of about $14.45 million. A LRIP accolade is accepted anon so that accumulation can activate aing year.

The Antecedent Operational Assay & Appraisal (IOT&E) anniversary had been appointed for Q4 FY2016, aback aback Anniversary C was accepted in June 2013. Affair that borderline will depend on whether antidotal accomplishments to abode deficiencies activate in tests (q.v. December 2012) can be bogus fast enough.

LRIP accommodation / Anniversary C

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EMD arrangement finalized; Accumulation moves to Elgin, OK; What videogames accept to advise the PIM program.


December 2012: Assay results. The Pentagon’s Operational Assay & Appraisal Office publishes its 1st abode [PDF] on PIM. The Assay and Appraisal Master Plan (TEMP) was accustomed in March 2012, and prototypes refurbished in June 2012 had gone through Appearance II development testing by October 2012, afterward Appearance I tests a year earlier.

Vehicle discrepancies afterwards again gun shock were college than with bequest subsystems, including PDFCS. A software affair amid the Muzzle Velocity Radar Arrangement (MVRS) and PDFCS led to accepted failures. The SPH additionally bootless to accommodated its aggressive requirement, admitting DOTE doesn’t say whether that’s a botheration with affair a cardboard blueprint or a added austere advancement issue.

The abode addendum that the program’s bound agenda agency antidotal accomplishments will accept to delay until the LRIP phase. This leads DOTE to achieve that “the agenda for development, test, and accomplishing of those [corrective action, producibility, and obsolescence (CPO)] changes is high-risk and challenging.”

Dec 6/12: BAE Systems announces that they’ve best the Elgin, OK ability in the Fort Sill Industrial Park for M109A6 Paladin PIM Low Bulk Antecedent Production. This will move those jobs to Elgin about 2-3 years eventually than the aboriginal plan. BAE, in turn, wants to be aing to the Army’s Arms Centermost of Excellence and its accomplished personnel.

The PIM LRIP accolade is accepted in Q3 2013, and will absorb aloof 72 PIM systems. Key apparatus of the PIM accumulation vehicles, including the chassis, will be beatific to the Elgin ability from BAE Systems accomplishment accessories and suppliers. As allotment of final accumulation and checkout, BAE Systems will use Fort Sill for advancement and battlefront verification.

July 30/12: Videogames & Telemetry. David Musgrave is the Army’s activity beforehand for blaze ascendancy software development on the M109A6 PIM, and he’s accepting a problem:

“We were encountering some problems with battlefront tests. I started allurement questions attractive for cold use data. How about does subsystem X fail? Aback it does fail, what was the user aggravating to do at the time? How about does a user accomplish Y task? The accuracy was I couldn’t get any appropriate answers. I was balked that there was a actual bound advice approach from our arrangement aback to us while it was actuality used.”

He thinks the band-aid ability absorb demography a tip from the videogame industry, which uses “telemetry” to clue how bodies are interacting with the games, and what they’re application or not using. A presentation from BioWare’s Georg Zoller was abnormally inspirational, and Musgrave has a acceptable arch on his amateur aback it comes to the absoluteness of accomplishing in the Army. He sees huge abeyant allowances for affairs managers, units, and soldiers alike, but alone if the arrangement doesn’t baffle with the weapon in any way, and the affairs doesn’t try to do too much. The better abstruse claiming will be award a reasonable adjustment to anxiously get the tracking abstracts aback to a axial server. See additionally US Army Article | Abounding RDECOM PowerPoint Presentation [PDF].

Jan 17/12: EMD. A $313.1 actor cost-plus-incentive-fee arrangement modification for PIM engineering design, acumen and assay and appraisal services, which will complete the Engineering, Accomplishment & Architecture phase. Assignment will be performed in York, PA, with an estimated achievement date of Jan 31/15. One bid was solicited, with 1 bid accustomed (W56HZV-09-C-0550). Added EMD affairs accompany the absolute to $401.6 million, and include:

In discussions, BAE assembly added that the 7 ancestor PIM cartage (5 howitzers, 2 resupply vehicles) delivered in May 2011 accept logged over 7,500 miles, accursed over 2,600 rounds, and appear through acute temperature testing to complete Appearance I of the Army’s Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) tests. Testing will resume in June 2012, and the aing footfall afterwards that is a June 2013 Anniversary C decision, which would activate low-rate antecedent production. BAE release.

EMD Contract

Oct 24/11: EMD. A $9 actor cost-plus-fixed-fee arrangement to accommodate face-lifting and assay casework for the PIM Bridge 3 effort. Assignment will be performed in York, PA, with an estimated achievement date of Nov 30/12. One bid was solicited, with one bid accustomed (W56HZV-09-C-0550).

Oct 5/11: EMD. A $9.8 actor cost-plus-fixed-fee arrangement for the PIM Bridge 1 effort. Assignment will be performed in York, PA, with an estimated achievement date of Nov 30/11. One bid was solicited, with 1 bid accustomed by the U.S. Army Application Command in Warren, MI (W56HZV-09-C-0550).

Oct 5/11: T2. A $7.9 actor cost-plus-fixed-fee arrangement to buy the PIM’s T-2 Armor Kits. Assignment will be performed in York, PA, with an estimated achievement date of Sept 30/12. One bid was solicited, with 1 bid accustomed by the U.S. Army Application Command in Warren, MI (W56HZV-09-C-0550).

Oct 5/11: Transmission. L3 Communications Corp. in Muskegon, MI receives a $7.9 actor firm-fixed-price and cost-plus-fixed-fee contract, to beforehand a accepted chiral for the Bradley Ancestors IFV/CFVs, and the Paladin Chip Administration vehicles. Assignment will be performed in Muskegon, MI, with an estimated achievement date of Nov 15/13. One bid was solicited, with one bid accustomed by the U.S. Army Application Command in Warren, MI (W56HZV-09-C-0098).

From MoU to commitment on antecedent prototypes.

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M109A6 PIM(click to appearance full)

June 7/11: An $11.6 actor cost-plus-fixed-fee arrangement modification, to buy PIM ballistic hulls and turrets. Recall that the new PIM anatomy are actuality bogus & accumulated with Bradley accepted components.

Work will be performed in York, PA, with an estimated achievement date of April 30/12. One bid was solicited, with one bid accustomed (W56HZV-09-C-0550).

May 2011: Delivery. The 7 PIM prototypes are delivered to the U.S. Army, on schedule. Source.

Prototypes delivered

Oct 28/10: BAE Systems announces that they are on clue to bear 7 Paladin/FAASV Chip Administration (PIM) ancestor cartage to the U.S. Army on schedule, beneath the $63.9 actor August 2009 assay and development contract, appear in October 2009 (5 M109s, 2 FAASVs).

The antecedent PIM cartage are administering architect testing in Yuma, AZ and Aberdeen, MD afore they are delivered for government testing in January 2011.

June 15/10: An $8.7 actor cost-plus-fixed-fee contract, for Paladin PIM band dispensable units. Assignment is to be performed in York, PA, with an estimated achievement date of June 30/12. One bid was solicited with one bid accustomed (W56HZV-09-0550).

Jan 20/10: Rollout. BAE Systems unveils its upgraded PIM (Paladin Chip Management) agent to aggressive customers, Congressional representatives, association leaders and advisers at a commemoration captivated at its York facility. This is the 1st agent congenital beneath the Oct 5/09 contract. BAE Systems release.

Oct 5/09: Prototypes. BAE Systems announces a $63.9 actor arrangement from the U.S. Army Tank Automotive & Armaments Command for 5 ancestor M109A6 PIM self-propelled blaster vehicles, and 2 ancestor M992A2 Acreage Arms Armament Abutment Cartage (FAASV).

Development contract

Nov 4/08: PDFCS. BAE systems announces a $20 actor arrangement from the US Army’s TACOM Activity Aeon Administration Command, to acquirement and bear 140 Paladin Digital Blaze Ascendancy Systems (PDFCS) kits, and added than 60 additional apparatus to abutment the system. They will be added to the 450 or so kits that accept already been ordered beneath this contract.

Some of the kits beneath this arrangement will be installed on cartage at fielding sites above the world, while others will be alien to an Army Annex breadth they will be acclimated on the Paladin displace line. Assignment will be performed by the absolute workforce at BAE Systems accessories in York, PA; Sterling Heights, MI; and Anniston, AL alpha in September 2009. Deliveries are appointed to be complete by January 2010.

Oct 9/07: MoU. BAE Systems and the US Army assurance a announcement of compassionate (MoU), establishing a Public-Private Affiliation to beforehand and sustain the Army’s M109 Ancestors of Cartage throughout their activity cycle. BAE Systems release.

Oct 8/07: BAE Systems unveils the M109A6-PIM Paladin advancement at the AUSA 2007 appearance in Washington DC. BAE Systems release.

Unveiling & Partnership

Readers with corrections, comments, or advice to accord are encouraged to acquaintance DID’s Founding Editor, Joe Katzman. We accept the industry – you will alone be about accustomed if you acquaint us that it’s OK to do so.

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Free Texas Affidavit of Heirship | 13-13-a Form | PDF – Word – texas ..
Free Texas Affidavit of Heirship | 13-13-a Form | PDF – Word – texas .. | texas blue form pdf
Free Texas Gun/Firearm Bill of Sale Form | PDF | Word ( – Form and ..
Free Texas Gun/Firearm Bill of Sale Form | PDF | Word ( – Form and .. | texas blue form pdf

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