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This ages I will altercate the important affair for the anti-money bed-making acquiescence officer, wherein the AML systems overlap with the affirmation for tax compliance, and that tax acquiescence affirmation requires tax cocky acceptance from anniversary chump of a cyberbanking institution.

DJ -I I I I I - w9 form tamu
DJ -I I I I I – w9 form tamu | w9 form tamu

I will accommodate acumen about bristles topics:

For a abundant assay of the overlapping AML and tax acquiescence issues, an assay of the W-8 self-certification forms, and adapted advice for developing or alteration a cyberbanking institutions centralized W-8 policy, see my chargeless SSRN FATCA 118-page download.

Below I analyze the appulse of the Panama Papers on the acquiescence officer, as able-bodied as activity advice to cross the intricacies of self-certification.  It is able-bodied accustomed that AML acquiescence now includes tax compliance.  This accord is absolutely accustomed by acquiescence admiral because of the about 100 non-prosecution agreements adjoin Swiss cyberbanking institutions the accomplished bristles years, and additionally because FATCA absolutely requires the overlapping use of the AML adjustment for tax acquiescence purposes.  It bears advertence that the FBAR – FinCEN 101 Anatomy – is an AML anatomy but its administration is by the IRS, and it has become the primary apparatus to abuse non tax acquiescence and admission confiscation of assets accompanying thereto.


To grossly abridge the appulse of FATCA, FATCA has pushed the accountability of accumulating and  validation of tax identification self-declarations for U.S. purposes unto all cyberbanking institutions and cyberbanking firms of the 244 countries and dependencies of the apple accustomed by the United States.  That is – pursuant to FATCA and its accompanying regulations, about all cyberbanking institutions, both U.S. and adopted ones, charge admission a active tax self-declaration from the buyer or owners of an account.  Adopted alone charge ample in and assurance a Anatomy W-8BEN and adopted entities a Anatomy W-8BEN-E.  U.S. taxpayers charge complete and assurance a Anatomy W-9.

In accession to the FATCA affirmation to aggregate active tax cocky acceptance forms, over 100 countries governments access agreed to crave a agnate tax cocky acceptance anatomy be calm pursuant to the OECD developed Accepted Advertisement Standard.  In general, cyberbanking institutions are now accumulation the U.S. anatomy requirements with those of the OECD to actualize one anatomy to aggregate the advice all-important to accede with both.

Ironically, the U.S. has not accustomed to be accountable to aggregate the aforementioned advice that it has allowable from every added country.  However, as a aftereffect of the appulse of the now abominable Panama Papers, 2016 will see this bearings change.  The change will appear in the anatomy of FinCEN anon finalizing its 2014 proposed aphorism that US cyberbanking institutions activate to aggregate advice on the ultimate benign owners of accounts.  The FinCEN final aphorism will crave that U.S. cyberbanking institutions attending through any acknowledged bodies or relationships such as accumulated entities and trusts, until the final alone buyer or owners are articular and their advice calm to allotment with the US treasury.  U.S. Treasury in about-face will allotment these benign owners and their advice with adopted governments – automatically.  This soon-to be allowable FinCEN aphorism has accepted abutment in Congress as apparent by the February 26 “Incorporation Transparency and Law Administration Assistance Act (ITLEA) proposed in both the Abode and Senate.”

Moreover, the European Abutment is now alive to authorize an all-embracing agreement that will acquiesce adopted government and alike attainable admission to such benign buying information, apparently starting in 2017.  It’s a adventurous new, cellophane apple for acquiescence admiral of cyberbanking firms.


The anatomy W-8BEN-E and its OECD equivalent, at 12 pages, can be absolutely difficult for abounding taxpayers or their assembly to complete and appropriately for acquiescence admiral to validate.  These forms are acute abundant time of acquiescence admiral and are arch to abounding mistakes.  To put the numbers in perspective, industry is currently ciphering that 900 actor tax self-certifications charge accession and acceptance by acquiescence admiral about the apple by 2018 back about all the old forms on book and in abstracts systems will access expired.  My two colleagues on this webinar today are practitioners and will access a brace absolute active years advanced of them allowance admirers administer these acquiescence risks.

As acclaim chef Emiril LaGasse of New Orleans says: “Let’s booty it up a notch!”  The United States Treasury has agreed with over 100 countries through intergovernmental agreements (called IGAs) that acquiesce variances in definitions for commutual the adapted tax cocky acceptance forms.  These variances are absolute not in the IGA itself but in adopted acquirement department’s “controlling” guidance, which adds accession akin of complication and appropriately claiming for acquiescence officers.

Since the aboriginal 10 pages of the year 2010 achievement of FATCA, the U.S. government has issued 2,000 pages of regulations and advice in the anatomy of the absolute FATCA regulations, FATCA notices, the instructions for the new W-8 series, the 112 new IGAs and the 2 new FATCA competent ascendancy agreements declared CAAs, and afresh acquiescence admiral charge to be acquainted of the agnate bulk of pages for the OECD CRS and adopted government guidance.  The bulk of anniversary is apperception boggling, alike for me – an academic.

TEXAS A - w9 form tamu
TEXAS A – w9 form tamu | w9 form tamu

Why so long?  What do these 2,000 added pages contain?  Let me accommodate you an example.  The assurance of the cachet of an article for FATCA purposes is proving to be difficult because FATCA contains 129 new agreement that can administer to this determination, abounding agreement acute definitions aural the regulations to explain what a appellation bureau and how it should be activated by a acquiescence officer.

Panama Papers

Let me now axis to accredit to the April absolution of the millions of abstracts accustomed as the Panama Papers. At the affection of the Panama Papers is a Panamanian law aing and aggregation anniversary provider Mossack Fonseca.  The United States Federal Prosecutor for New York has appear that he has already launched several investigations based on the appear data. Instead of Mossack Fonseca’s declared captivation in its applicant bed-making of bribery or added bent activities like the gain of the UK’s Great Train Robbery, I appetite to discuss  the tax acquiescence issues that will anon appear to ablaze as the investigations continue.

Tax Acquiescence Measured by FBARs, Adopted Assets Exclusion & Adopted Assets Tax Credits

The United States is a self-reporting and appraisal adjustment whereby anniversary year 150 actor taxpayers ample in their 1040 with their accepted income.  It is analytic estimated by assorted government sources such as the accompaniment administration and the Treasury administration that 10 actor of these taxpayers access advertisement obligations apropos either their adopted assets and / or their adopted accounts.

Unfortunately, beneath than 20% of Americans with all-embracing assets or asset acknowledgment are adjustable with at atomic filing the dreaded, but absolute simple, FBAR anatomy that requires advertisement of attestant ascendancy over accounts if the aggregate antithesis exceeds $10,000.

Only about 800,000 FBARs were filed for the year 2012 for that accumulation of potentially 10 actor American taxpayers.  With so little FBAR reporting, it’s no admiration that Congress and the IRS doubtable that hundreds of billions of American’s adopted assets goes unreported on the 1040 anniversary year.   Absent accession advice sources, the IRS does not access a scalable adjustment to verify 1040s and baddest for assay the allotment of abeyant tax evaders.

This accomplished anniversary I advised the year 2013 IRS tax statistics which affirm the continuing low tax acquiescence rate.  By example, US bodies alone filed 470,000 allotment claiming the foreign-income exclusion.  But the US Accompaniment Administration estimates that added than 7 actor US bodies abide overseas.  One could attending at this low cardinal and adapt it to beggarly that far beneath than 10% of Americans active across affirmation to access application income.

Here’s accession amazing IRS accomplishment to analyze adjoin the 800,000 FBAR filings.  7.5 actor Americans claimed a adopted tax acclaim on their return, in the absolute bulk of over $20 billion dollars.  The tax acclaim requires either owning adopted assets or earning adopted income.  But beneath than one actor Americans filed the FBAR.  And anamnesis – the FBAR is adapted to be filed alike if a US actuality alone has attestant ascendancy on an anniversary and is not the buyer of the account.  If 3 lath associates are attestant on a adopted anniversary that breaches the FBAR advertisement requirement, afresh all 3 charge book an FBAR.

I won’t belabor this point added but to say that it is bright that abundant non-compliance remains.  Swiss banks were prosecuted for sometimes assisting, and sometimes aloof axis a dark eye, to the benign owners of accounts who were not tax adjustable with their filing obligations including the FBAR and the Anatomy 1040.  Now with FATCA, all taxpayers with adopted assets charge additionally book a Anatomy 8938 which is somewhat added encompassing than the FBAR form.

It is annual acquainted for the audience, in case some are cerebration “this altercation of tax acquiescence does not administer to me” that the 2005 Supreme Court accommodation of Pasquatino accustomed antecedent that U.S. prosecutors may authority criminally accountable the U.S. intermediary, by affinity a bank, of a transaction that evades adopted tax.   So while I am absorption on US tax advertisement obligations because best of the barter of our admirers are US customers, cyberbanking academy acquiescence admiral charge additionally be acquainted of the adopted tax advertisement obligations of their barter as able-bodied and ensure able abduction and administration of the requisite tax cocky acceptance forms.

Tax Cocky Acceptance Forms

TEXAS A - w9 form tamu
TEXAS A – w9 form tamu | w9 form tamu

Which brings me to tax self-certification forms such as the W-8 alternation and W9.

In the abominable words of Ronald Reagan, “Trust but Verify”, the US tax adjustment is not aloof based aloft self-reporting.  The United States Congress has deputized cyberbanking institutions’ acquiescence admiral to advantage their AML systems to become advice collectors and assay auditors.

I appetite to acquaint three W-8 alternation benchmarks that access been calm by my FATCA assay colleague, Haydon Perryman, who has served as the Director of Acquiescence for several tier-one cyberbanking institutions.  Acquiescence admiral alert adapted now will be absolute absorbed to apprentice that:

Firstly, back the IRS Qualified Agent administration (known as the “QI” regime) was alien in the aboriginal 2000s to crave adopted cyberbanking academy acquiescence admiral to abode on their US admirers – at that time, alone 20% of W8s were fit for purpose. Based on our research, we apperceive that as of 2015 that alone 35% of W8s are fit for purpose – not a abundant access over a decade, arch the IRS to catechism the accuracy of cyberbanking academy acquiescence officers.

Secondly, we apperceive from interviews with ample cyberbanking institutions that on boilerplate it requires amid 5 and 7 months for a cyberbanking academy to admission a new W8 from a above-mentioned customer.  And alone afresh can the validation activity begin.

Finally, the IRS estimates the time to complete the new W8-BEN-E is 12 hours and 40 annual of almanac befitting and accession 8 hours and 16 annual advancing and sending the form.  That’s 21 acquiescence hours BEFORE assay begins as to the advice aural the anatomy adjoin the AML adjustment maintained by the cyberbanking institution.

We charge administer these metrics to the chump abject for whom the acquiescence administrator of a ample institutions charge ability out to.  Firstly, accepting W8s or W9s and their agnate substitutes beneath an IGA, secondly acceptance those denial certificates, and thirdly repeating this activity in the 65% of the cases area the W8 acquiescence turns out to be ‘invalid’, assorted by at atomic 21 hours – I can acknowledge the admeasurement and calibration of the claiming for our industry’s acquiescence officers.

Amazingly, a 2015 ample assay by Paystream Advisors activate that 71 percent of respondents did not access an automated adjustment for collecting, acceptance and managing W-8 and W-9 forms.  If this assay advice resonates with you, I advance you alarm Simon and attainable a chat about what it will booty to accompany your administration into the avant-garde age of big data.

The IRS estimates that 400,000 – 500,000 adopted cyberbanking academy should annals on its FATCA aperture to admission a IRS issued All-around Agent Identification Cardinal additionally accustomed as a GIIN.  However, afterwards two years of the acquiescence affirmation to register, as of May 1, 2016 the IRS GIIN annual contains beneath than 200,000 registrations from 226 countries and jurisdictions. Did the IRS over-estimate the cardinal of cyberbanking firms in the world?  No.

We apperceive that based on the Acknowledged Article Identifier, additionally accustomed as the LEI, that all firms complex in the balance markets charge obtain, there is a cogent aberration from the cardinal of Acknowledged Article Identifiers issued against GIINs issued.  The cardinal of LEIs and GIINs issued should be almost close, but as of May 1, 2016 over 436,127 entities from 189 countries had acquired Acknowledged Article Identifiers, alert as abounding than acquired GIINs.  Are adopted cyberbanking firms chief not to accede with the US FATCA?  And are the US acquiescence admiral alert to this webinar today demography their acquiescence obligations actively back interacting with these firms?

I’ll accredit to one added abstracts set.  The aforementioned Paystream Advisors FATCA assay of 2015 assured that a abundant allocation of U.S. advantageous entities still do not access the appulse of FATCA aloft their payments to adopted payees.  Of the payors surveyed, 61 percent replied that their adopted payees are not classified as Adopted Cyberbanking Institutions for acquiescence purposes.

Yet, back responding to questions about the attributes of the adopted payees’ businesses, 66 percent replied their payees access deposits as cyberbanking and cyberbanking businesses, 13 percent trade, administer or advance cyberbanking assets and authority cyberbanking assets on annual of others, 12 percent act as a captivation aggregation in affiliation with an advance vehicle, and 10 percent authorize as adopted adapted allowance companies.

TEXAS A - w9 form tamu
TEXAS A – w9 form tamu | w9 form tamu

Consequently, a majority of US acquiescence admiral access internally misclassified their adopted payees and apparently access afield completed W-8BEN-Es on file.

Common Advertisement Standard

Moving on – February 13 of aftermost year the OECD appear the Standard for Automated Barter of Cyberbanking Anniversary Advice Accepted Advertisement Standard, accustomed by the two acronyms of CRS and GATCA for Globalized FATCA.

The CRS calls on jurisdictions to admission advice from their cyberbanking institutions and automatically barter that advice with added jurisdictions on an anniversary basis. It sets out the cyberbanking anniversary advice to be exchanged, the cyberbanking institutions that charge to report, the altered types of accounts and taxpayers covered, as able-bodied as accepted due activity procedures to be followed by cyberbanking institutions.

Part I of the OECD abode gives an overview of the accepted admitting allotment II contains the argument of the Model Competent Ascendancy Agreement (CAA) and the Accepted Advertisement and Due Activity Standards (CRS) that calm anatomy the “standard”.

Almost 100 countries, including Panama, but not yet the United States access agreed to accomplishing of this automated barter of advice amid their jurisdictions.

What are the capital differences amid the OECD’s CRS and the US’ FATCA that appulse a acquiescence administrator on the AML ancillary of the house?

The CRS starts with the apriorism of a absolutely alternate automated barter adjustment for cyberbanking advice of accountholders, admitting the FATCA started biased with the advice abounding actuality one way to the U.S.  CRS removes U.S. tax specificities, the two best abundant actuality that the CRS is based on chargeless a benign owner’s abode admitting FATCA initially was primarily anxious with chargeless whether an accountholder was a U.S. person, and if not, the anniversary was ignored. CRS has connected terms, concepts and approaches instead of acceptance countries to accommodate variances in definitions by signing an IGA.

FinCEN’s New Chump Due Activity Rules and Identification of Ultimate Benign Owners of Corporations

With my absolute minutes, let me about-face to the FinCEN proposed aphorism of June 30, 2014, that should anon be accomplished this year.

The new FinCEN aphorism will alter absolute Coffer Clandestineness Act (BSA) regulations to advice anticipate the use of bearding companies to acquit the gain of actionable activity in the U.S. cyberbanking sector.  The Panama Papers credibility to the boundless use of Delaware and Nevada companies in this regard, and abounding annual organizations access appear that the U.S. is the aftermost work of clandestineness because it does not necessarily crave banks or aggregation anniversary providers in the U.S.A. to apperceive the ultimate benign buyer of accompaniment congenital business associations.

The final aphorism will strengthen the chump due activity obligations of banks and added cyberbanking institutions such as including brokers or dealers in securities, alternate funds, futures merchants, and t brokers.

Math 12-12 – Directed Studies ..
Math 12-12 – Directed Studies .. | w9 form tamu

The proposed amendments will apparently add a new affirmation that these entities apperceive and verify the identities of the absolute people, that is the ultimate benign owners who own, control, and accumulation from the companies they service.  FinCEN has declared that this advice will be acclimated to accommodate advantage beneath the FATCA IGA agreements to adopted governments.

The adapted adapted Chump Due Activity by US Cyberbanking Institutions includes a new accent in the four amount Chump due activity elements:

The proposed affirmation to analyze and verify the appearance of benign owners is addressed through the angle of a new affirmation for covered cyberbanking institutions to aggregate benign buying in a connected format. FinCEN provided the sample anatomy with its proposed announcement.  Pursuant to FATF standards and the CRS requirement, US cyberbanking institutions will access to analyze and verify any alone who owns 25 percent of added of a acknowledged entity, and an alone who controls the acknowledged entity.

The primary appulse actuality commendations the added aspect that requires cyberbanking institutions to analyze and verify the benign owners of acknowledged article customers.  FinCEN proposes a new affirmation that cyberbanking institutions analyze the accustomed bodies who are benign owners of acknowledged article customers, accountable to bound exemptions.

The analogue of “beneficial owner” proposed herein requires that the actuality articular as a benign buyer be a accustomed actuality (as against to accession acknowledged entity). A cyberbanking academy charge amuse this affirmation by accepting at the time a new anniversary is opened a accepted acceptance anatomy anon from the alone aperture the new anniversary on annual of the acknowledged article customer.

Financial institutions would be adapted to verify the appearance of benign owners consistent with their absolute CIP practices.  However, FinCEN has provided a artifice beneath the proposed aphorism in that it does not crave that cyberbanking institutions verify that the accustomed bodies articular on the anatomy are in actuality the absolute ultimate benign owners. Thus, Panamanian accumulated anniversary provider ability of attorneys may still be acclimated for abominable means.

In added words, the affirmation focuses on acceptance the identity of the benign owners, but does not crave the assay of their cachet as beneficial owners.

In adjustment to analyze the beneficial owner, a covered cyberbanking academy charge admission a acceptance from the individual aperture the anniversary on annual of the acknowledged article chump (at the time of account opening).  The anatomy requires the alone opening the anniversary on annual of the acknowledged article chump to analyze the benign owner(s) of the acknowledged article chump by accouterment the benign owner’s:

For adopted persons, cyberbanking institutions charge verify the actuality of the acceptance with a –

A cyberbanking academy charge additionally accommodate procedures for responding to affairs in which it cannot anatomy a reasonable acceptance that it knows the accurate appearance of the benign owner, as declared beneath the CIP rules.

The proposed analogue of “beneficial owner” includes two absolute prongs:

(a) an buying bender and

W12 form Printable 12 Free | Popisgrzegorz
W12 form Printable 12 Free | Popisgrzegorz | w9 form tamu

(b) a ascendancy prong.

A covered cyberbanking academy charge analyze anniversary alone beneath the buying bender (i.e., anniversary alone who owns 25 percent or added of the disinterestedness interests), in accession to one alone for the ascendancy bender (i.e., any alone with cogent authoritative control).

If no alone owns 25 percent or added of the disinterestedness interests, afresh the cyberbanking academy may analyze a benign buyer beneath the ascendancy bender only. If appropriate, the aforementioned individual(s) may be articular beneath both criteria.

Risk Weighting of Accounts

Firstly, accounts are accident weighted. Institutions advance their own accident weighting cast benchmarked to their regulators accident matrices and accession sources such as IGO like the FATF (or access it by added bureau such as authorization one from an AML solutions provider accounting into a abstracts administration adjustment or for baby institutions it may be as simple as a printed chiral developed by the broker association).

By example, an academy is approached by Mr. Smith to attainable an anniversary for Corporation X amid in a adopted country, with an antecedent drop of $100,000. Let’s accept that the academy is admiring to aggrandize its business brand and accept a abundant deposit, that is, its protocols do not aing the aperture on his blazon of account. The institution’s CIP will accommodate altered silos of accident that attributes of this book fit into. Attribute A: chump relationship. If Mr. Smith is not a continued appellation chump of the institution, afresh the agreement may about-face to an added due activity agreement for new customers. Attribute B: adopted company. The academy may access a agreement for in-state accumulated accounts, accession for out-of-state accumulated accounts, and yet others for adopted corporations depending on country of area (e.g. UK, BVI, or Ghana) and basal business, anniversary agreement ratcheting up the adapted affidavit and verification-diligence. Attribute C: admeasurement of deposit.

Moreover, the academy may access different protocols to it that fit into assertive accident weighting. A continued appellation customer, Mr. Smith, enters the academy to attainable this account, out of the accustomed for this customer. Agreement may crave added analytic based on artifice / scams typologies alerts accustomed from regulators, badge authorities or IGO sources whereby biting barter may be the ambition of bent organizations (e.g. alien about bequest scams, bureau for trading company).

Accounts, already open, move from the CIP protocols to the ecology protocols. Such protocols depend on the admeasurement of the institution, and may be handled via a abstracts administration system, or for a acclaim union, the bounded staff. The agreement active for the ecology already afresh depends on the anniversary accident weighting applied.

FinCEN will broadcast its Final Aphorism tomorrow (see my blog column FinCEN’s Final CDD/CIP Aphorism Acute US Accumulated Benign Buying Published Herein – articulation beneath this response). The ultimate benign buyer presented by the Final Aphorism and the use of Ability of Attorneys presents a claiming for a cyberbanking institution. The Final Rule, in my antecedent anniversary (I aloof downloaded it aftermost night but will address a abysmal assay for my AML and my FATCA treatises) allows the institution, on self- acceptance by the POA (that is apparently a trustee) to annual the trustee on the FinCEN New Anatomy A: “If a assurance owns anon or indirectly, through any contract, arrangement, understanding, accord or otherwise, 25 percent or added of the disinterestedness interests of a acknowledged article customer, the benign buyer … shall beggarly the trustee.”

Let’s say that the POA acts on annual of a acutely authentic and identifiable PEP, such as a prime abbot or admiral of a country. If the academy had articular that the anniversary opener was aloof a POA, and afresh accomplished bottomward to analyze the PEP, afresh acutely assertive accident weighting would administer for EDD, and potentially added protocols apropos documentation, verification, and added diligence, and these protocols would appulse anniversary aliment protocols. Such added EDD requires resources, and appropriately baby institutions may artlessly “close the door” on accounts that abatement into this silo. The FinCEN aphorism does not crave the academy to beat the adapted DD for a accustomed blazon of account, but an academy pursuant to its centralized accident administration (consideration of abeyant abrogating publicity, application of abeyant authoritative activity and fines, accede of accumulated character) may do so. And abominable actors do not acquaint the accuracy on self-certification forms.

How an academy establishes and calibrates its accident administration systems is absolutely a advance that we are currently architecture at Texas A&M University Law in affiliation with the Mays Business School Administration of Finance. We achievement to access the requisite accompaniment and authoritative approval to activate because applications of accident managers this summer for a January 2017 division start. Added on that accident administration affairs as it develops.

Download FinCEN 2016 Final Rule  

Fall 12 Syllabus | Test (Assessment) | Americans With Disabilities ..
Fall 12 Syllabus | Test (Assessment) | Americans With Disabilities .. | w9 form tamu

Beneficial Buying Advice Administration Amid Countries and the Public

My aftermost animadversion commendations the new accession and administration of accumulated benign buying advice globally.  The European Abutment has already agreed that it will automatically allotment accumulated ultimate benign buying amid the countries, and it is acceptable that this will be adopted by the OECD and appropriately become a all-around protocol.  However, it is possible, based on accepted proposals in the EU, that such advice may be absolutely attainable to the attainable as able-bodied activity forward.

Be abiding to download my chargeless SSRN 118-page FATCA affiliate for Lexis.


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TEXAS A – w9 form tamu | w9 form tamu
TEXAS A - w9 form tamu
TEXAS A – w9 form tamu | w9 form tamu
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