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This is a blitz archetype from “Media Buzz,” October 7, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: On the Fizz Meter this Sunday, acrimony management. The columnist accuses the admiral of fueling acerbity to acerbate up his Republican base, but some advanced pundits are accusation (INAUDIBLE) action to blaze up their side, and the media agitation Republican accuse that today’s protesters are allotment of a mob.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: And you don’t accord ability to an angry, left-wing mob, and that’s what the Democrats accept become.

CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC: What they are active on is that they are the aftermost band of aegis adjoin you, the affronted mob, contrarily accepted as the majority of the country that disagrees with Republicans.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Wow! So the affronted left-wing mobs you anticipation you had been watching on television about-face out to be alone a hallucination. There are a agitation dream afflicted by those awful magicians over at Fox News!

KIRSTEN POWERS, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: So this abstraction that this was this crazy out of ascendancy mob that was alarming everybody I anticipate is aloof a storyline that works absolutely able-bodied for Republicans.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Afore we’ve aboveboard from the larboard a authentic dysfunction, authentic chaos, a activity that’s accommodating to do absolutely anything, alike abort an innocent man.


KURTZ: Is there a media bifold accepted aback it comes to the backroom of anger? Nikki Haley stuns the Bellway columnist band by abruptly resigning that leads to all kinds of babble about why she is abrogation the U.N. job and why now as the belief gone overboard.

The aboveboard annihilation of a Saudi columnist blaze media criticism of Admiral Trump for not acting added aggressively adjoin the kingdom, with some alike blaming the president’s rhetoric. How is that fair?

Melania Trump is a attenuate account apprenticed about animal beforehand and her alliance on ABC.


TOM LLAMAS, ABC NEWS: Do you anticipate men in the account that accept been accused of animal beforehand or animal aggravation accept been advised unfairly?

FIRST LADY MELANIA TRUMP: You charge to accept a absolutely adamantine affirmation that, you know, that if you’re accused of something, appearance the evidence.


KURTZ: Plus, is Kanye West agrarian and crazy Oval Office appointment causing some pundits to become unhinged? I’m Howard Kurtz and this is “Media Buzz.”

The above newspapers accept been abounding with belief about Admiral Trump application the barbarous Brett Kavanaugh acceptance to accomplish his bourgeois supporters angry, but their op-ed pages are admonition a rather altered message. Booty a look.

Charles Blow, New York Times: Liberals, this is war. David Leonhardt, New York Times: Get affronted and get involved. His lead, if you are not affronted yet, you should be. E.J. Dionne, Washington Post: We charge to breach affronted on Kavanaugh.

So, aren’t there two abandon on the use of acrimony and abhorrence in the midterms? Joining us now to assay the coverage: Mollie Hemingway, arch editor at The Federalist and a Fox Account contributor; Gillian Turner, a Fox Account contributor and above White House civic aegis official; and Richard Fowler, allocution radio host and additionally a Fox Account contributor.

Mollie, it’s been a above media theme, admiral whipping up his abject over Kavanaugh to get Republican voters turnout, while these advanced columnists are aboveboard — these are not dog whistles — aboveboard accomplishing the aforementioned activity on the left.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, THE FEDERALIST: Right, and we may ambition that bodies weren’t motivated to vote by anger, but acrimony is a actual — is a actual accepted way for bodies to adjudge who to vote for.

I anticipate what we saw with the Kavanaugh advantage was a lot of advantage of these bodies agreeable at senators aggravating to breach bottomward the walls of the Supreme Court, you know, Antifa protesters in assorted coasts, and that was all credible as a way that the media anticipation was acclimatized that bodies were absolutely agitated about Kavanaugh.

What it absolutely showed bodies was — what in their apperception was a lot of alarming mobs and that fabricated them actual concerned. They like to see aphorism of law order. They acquainted like aphorism of law had been baffled in the Kavanaugh altercation anyhow and so it absolutely accepted to them a lot of their fears.

So it is awe-inspiring that the media showed all of these things aback they anticipation it was array of allowance the anti-Kavanaugh case. And again aback it affronted out that bodies absolutely hated what they were saying, they said, oh, it’s crazy to anxiety these bodies mobs or it’s crazy to say that you charge to action adjoin that. Well, that doesn’t accomplish sense.

KURTZ: I’ll appear aback to the question. Let me ask you first, Gillian. The backroom of acrimony and abhorrence in campaigns basically been about consistently in the history of the country. But shouldn’t the columnist address and/or anxiety out both abandon appropriately if it’s blow on the larboard as able-bodied as the right?

GILLIAN TURNER, FOX NEWS: Yeah, of beforehand they should. That’s allotment of the responsibility. I would absolutely go one footfall added than Mollie on this and I would say that riling up bodies is absolutely the alone way to get Americans to vote, decidedly in midterms. And so for best of the allotment —

KURTZ: A lot of bodies breach home.

TURNER: Yeah. I mean, the assembly is horrendous, right? So this is the moment to, you know, get bodies angry. This is the moment — I anticipate this is the boilerplate media best of which is larboard aptitude accomplishing their allotment to get out the vote in the midterms. It’s about like they’ve got their own balloter action going.

KURTZ: Richard, what do you think, for example, of E.J. Dionne, an old aide of mine, berserk admired political columnist, adage this was a administrative coup, putting Kavanaugh on the aerial cloister and adage that we should backpack the Supreme Cloister aback the Democrats win, and Charles Blow adage it’s a way and the added ancillary is aggravating to bottle white macho power?

RICHARD FOWLER, FOX NEWS: This media advantage is actual evocative to the media advantage we saw about “mobs” in 2010, breadth you saw during the bloom affliction boondocks halls, breadth you would see the media — they go to these bloom affliction boondocks halls and like, attending at them, attending at the conservatives, they are so angry, right, and array of stoking this bloom affliction boondocks anteroom and sometimes they were angry, sometimes they weren’t.

But as anon as the cameras appearance up, bodies tend to get a little bit angrier. I anticipate — and what we saw from history there is that it concluded up flipping the House in the adverse direction. So maybe Gillian is appropriate and maybe the —

TURNER: Maybe.

FOWLER: — maybe the media is arena a duke here. But either way, I anticipate we can all accede that our country has become added and added tribalistic. Meanwhile aback at home, I anticipate the American bodies are attractive for relatability, attractive for Representation.

KURTZ: So that’s why we’re audition words like accomplishment and white macho ability and all that. Now, so, I appear to anticipate that the protesters’ agreeable and aition of Kavanaugh board hearings, alike things like block Ted Cruz and added Republicans out of restaurants has aching the advanced cause. I accede with you on that. But the media really, absolutely don’t like Admiral Trump and his allies calling them a mob.

HEMINGWAY: Yeah, there was a lot of beforehand aback adjoin calling this group, this assertive beef accumulation a mob, but that’s basically what the analogue is. And I would point out that in —

KURTZ: I mean, alike if it’s bristles bodies or 10 bodies or 20 people?

HEMINGWAY: Well, a ample army of people, abnormally one that is chaotic and absorbed on causing agitation or violence.

KURTZ: You looked it up.

HEMINGWAY: I anticipate aback you are aggravating to breach bottomward the walls of the Supreme Court, breach bottomward the doors, that would authorize as that. Aback you’re redirecting traffic, demography over burghal of Portland at Antifa, that qualifies.

I would additionally point out that bodies do bethink that in 2010, absolutely ruly ample accumulation of bodies were declared mobs and it absolutely balked them. You never saw Tea Activity activity to people’s houses and places breadth they were bistro and accepting them kicked out of restaurants. This blazon of behavior does anxiety bodies and analytic so.

KURTZ: Now, look, anybody has the appropriate to protest, but you rarely see advanced commentators or Democrats for that amount calling out afterwards confusing access or access that maybe go too far which affectionate of — does that leave an aperture for the admiral and his allies to say, mob, and you should be abashed and all of that?

FOWLER: Here’s the thing. I anticipate the Aboriginal Amendment in our country which is — the Aboriginal Amendment which is absorbing that the pundits fabricated it the aboriginal one is that it allows bodies to beforehand the protest. And sometimes agitation is animal whether you like it or not. And in history, alike in the anamorphosis of protests, that fabricated our country so abundant as it move legislation forward.

What I disagree with Mollie is, in 2010, some of those protests are appealing ugly. I bethink actuality at a boondocks anteroom in Fairfax, Virginia breadth the Congressman James Moran accept to be escorted out by Fairfax County badge because they were abashed that he was activity to be harmed.

So, in either case, what we apprehend is that our backroom does get us angry. These issues get us angry. And we accept to accept absolute conversations.

Filing # 12 E-Filed 12/12/12 12:12:12 AM - florida supreme court approved family law form 12
Filing # 12 E-Filed 12/12/12 12:12:12 AM – florida supreme court approved family law form 12 | florida supreme court approved family law form 12.902 j

KURTZ: This is what we are talking about, is there a media bifold standard?

HEMINGWAY: Absolutely. It seems every time a accumulation of bourgeois get together, they are declared like agitated bourgeois mobs, and you get. Again you get these arresting bodies on the appropriate or on the left.

I would point additionally that in the aftermost brace of years, we had a ample calibration assassination beforehand adjoin Republican associates of Congress which abounding in the media act like it’s was not a big deal. I anticipate a lot of Americans are afraid about that blazon of abandon and annoying that blazon of violence.

KURTZ: Right. There was a CNN analyst who accustomed to conflate that beforehand on Steve Scalise and the others at that baseball d with the protests. I anticipate it is acutely in altered category.

But the affronted narrative, Gillian, got kicked up aback Admiral Trump alone this accomplished Monday, seems like three months ago, afterwards Brett Kavanaugh was affidavit in a commemoration at the White House, he apologized to his ancestors and again he declared the animal beforehand allegations fabrications that were allotment of the Democratic hoax.

That is actual altered in the way the admiral had talked about it while Christine Blasey Ford was affirm and while the Senate was still debating. I anticipate that threw a lot of media affliction as well.

TURNER: It did and it additionally anon contradicted the band that Republicans had crafted so anxiously over the proceeding anniversary which as far as I can acquaint seemed to be — we accept the victim in this case, Christine Blasey Ford — we accept she was ually assaulted but we don’t necessarily apperceive that it was by Brett Kavanaugh. That was like the gold accepted for Republicans activity into the final canicule of this.

And that does — the admiral activity out in the added administering and again adage basically she lied, that did absolutely attenuate that message. I anticipate the media was actual quick to aces up on that. Any altercation amid Admiral Trump and the blow of the Republicans on the Hill or wherever they are, it is article that instantly grabs everybody’s attention.

I accept to aloof say because I spent two canicule anchored with Kavanaugh protesters on both abandon of this on the Hill and at the Supreme Court, a lot of those bodies acquainted attenuate by that message. A lot of people, a lot of women who I batten to on both sides, conservatives who accurate Brett Kavanaugh and advanced women who, you know, were there to beef adjoin him —

KURTZ: Right.

TURNER: — absolutely acquainted that that band at its amount is article that set women aback —

KURTZ: Fabrications and hoax.

HEMINGWAY: I anticipate it is account canonizing that there was never any affirmation supplied to abutment any of the allegations. The allegations included the affirmation that Brett Kavanaugh was the agitator of a abstruse assemblage abduction agglomeration aback he was in aerial school. I anticipate it is OK to anxiety these types of things fabrications or hoax —

KURTZ: Right. That was the so declared third accuser (INAUDIBLE). I didn’t anticipate that should accept been publicized at all because there is beneath than aught evidence.

HEMINGWAY: But in actuality there was never any affirmation to abutment any of the claims. There was never any acceptance evidence.

KURTZ: So you don’t accept a botheration with — admitting the media criticism with the admiral adage that Christine Blasey Ford alternate in a hoax?

HEMINGWAY: Well, I don’t apperceive if he was adage that was about Christine Blasey Ford.

KURTZ: He wasn’t accurately adage but there are implications.

HEMINGWAY: I anticipate that there should accept been a lot added media advantage of aloof how absolutely these allegations came out, how they never had any support, how the Democratic Activity played about with them, how they were apprehend into the almanac including that assemblage abduction allegation which Dianne Feinstein began hearings with.

This is article awe-inspiring and I anticipate that it would be bigger to accept added advantage of how awe-inspiring it was, what was activity on, and how these allegations were aerated up rather than parsing his language.

FOWLER: I anticipate the media got this one right. Any time the admiral array of abstracted himself from this party, I anticipate it is important that the media covers it and assay it. Actuality is why. The admiral is the arch of the Republican Pary. He leads this activity —

KURTZ: Yeah.

FOWLER: — abnormally 24 canicule afterwards this midterm. Aback he separates himself from what’s blow on Capitol Hill, that is contemporary because how can associates of Congress who are on the election active —

KURTZ: So you anticipate the media criticism of words like hoax and artifact was justified?

FOWLER: Absolutely because on Capitol Hill, they are adage article absolutely altered as Gillian aloof said, and so you accept the supporters, you accept associates of Congress in the election adage she is credible, she is aboveboard but we don’t necessarily anticipate that was Brett Kavanaugh, and the admiral saying, oh, she fabricated it all up. That agency the activity and him are on the line.

KURTZ: Let me move on to article that drew a lot of media criticism and that was with Blow Michael adverse Florida that night admiral captivated a assemblage here. Some of the pundits demography shots at photos.


JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: Here, we accept the admiral captivation a full- on pep assemblage while Americans are adversity and dying in Northwest Florida.

JOHN AVLON, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: Look, aloof from a authentic akin of optics, he chose to booty a balmy abject ablution while the bodies of Florida were accepting airtight in the face with 150-hour winds.



KURTZ: The eyes weren’t great, but did it deserve this akin of media condemnation?

HEMINGWAY: I don’t know. I anticipate it’s absorbing aback a admiral doesn’t breach at home aback a above activity is happening. Admiral Obama got a lot of criticism for accomplishing a fundraiser aback the Benghazi alarm beforehand was happening. I’d be affectionate of analytical to see if everybody about-face abandon on whether this was an archetype of —

KURTZ: This had been Obama captivation a assemblage during a above hurricane, conservatives at Fox and abroad would accept gone.

FOWLER: Absolutely. I anticipate it’s actual important to bethink — I mean, this was millions of bodies afterwards ability in assorted states. I anticipate that the job of the administrator in arch to — I would like to see him at a command center. I would like to see him with FEMA aggravating to assignment with the governors. Instead, he was at a assemblage talking to his supporters.

KURTZ: In fairness, he did activate his animadversion to assemblage by talking about the blow in Florida, but it abiding became a big issue. Aback we appear back, the admiral who congenital a political career advancing the president, now talking to reporters a lot, about every day. And later, his wife in a above arrangement account and fielding some acute questions about their marriage.


KURTZ: It’s no blow as the midterm beforehand ramps up, Admiral Trump has confused strategy, talking to journalists at breadth aloof about every day alignment from photo ops and Oval Office sessions to a sit bottomward with New York annual to appearances on Fox Account and “60 Minutes.”


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice over): What’s your acknowledgment to Hillary Clinton adage aftermost night’s swearing in, that Judge Kavanaugh was added a political accident than it was a civic event?

TRUMP: I assumption that’s why she lost. She doesn’t get it. She never did.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are on air, Mr. President, so let’s get to it.

TRUMP: I like that, good. Would you clashing actuality on air with your admirable —

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, acknowledge you, I acknowledge that.

PACKET*t12 - florida supreme court approved family law form 12
PACKET*t12 – florida supreme court approved family law form 12 | florida supreme court approved family law form 12.902 j

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (voice over): Accept you advised Jared Kushner, your son-in-law?

TRUMP: He’s actual talented, but no, I haven’t.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, the rumor is the day afterwards the midterms, you’re activity to blaze him, you’re activity to blaze the apostle general.

TRUMP: Well, I absolutely get alternating able-bodied with Rod.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We accumulate audition that the White House is in chaos.

TRUMP: It’s so false. It’s afflicted news.


KURTZ: Mollie, demography so abounding questions, there are a lot of media criticisms that the admiral doesn’t accept abundant academic columnist conferences.

HEMINGWAY: Well, it is funny he didn’t do a lot of these interviews with above media for a actual continued time and now he is accomplishing them, and I anticipate it’s actual absorbing about what it says about how he’s feel about his presidency.

Partly this is about accepting out to vote in November, but I anticipate it is additionally speaking to what he understands as a actual — a aeon of backbone for him. The abridgement is advancing along. The Russia hoax I anticipate best bodies — or the Russia situation, best bodies anticipate of it as a hoax or article that isn’t absolutely absolute —


KURTZ: — appropriate now because of the beforehand season, the Mueller probe.

HEMINGWAY: Right. And additionally this dejected tsunami that anybody was expecting, above Democratic accretion in the Senate and the House is a abundant added complicated story. I anticipate best bodies anticipate that Republicans will accumulate the Senate and now it is accepting added alike about what is activity to appear in the House as well. So, he feels able and he is activity out on air to say it.

KURTZ: Well, White House assembly acquaint me that this is not some action adapted up by admiral and it’s all him, the admiral wants to be out there, he thinks he is his best agent and absolutely the midterms are a factor, and he acutely enjoys for all his criticism angry with reporters.

You know, maybe — there is so abundant Trump in our lives. We lose afterimage of the actuality that this is actual abnormal for president, abounding questions in so abounding forums. Does it contrast, Gillian, with his added aggressive access of declining New York Times, backbiting media, afflicted account and all that?

TURNER: It absolutely adverse aback he is demography interviews with outlets like CBS, ABC, you know, these are not his admired account networks. These are allotment of the association that he feels are array of conspiring adjoin him. So that is notable. But I will say as a reporter, it’s admirable aback he does this.

I spent Friday advertisement alive from the White House. It has this admirable trickle-down effect. Aback the admiral gets communicative and articulate and opens up to reporters, everybody abroad does too at the White House.

So you get arch bottomward to inferior admiral added accommodating to affectionate of grab your ear and acquaint you, you know, dank account nugget. You get Larry Kudlow accommodating to army ad-lib for 20 account on the North Lawn of the White House.

I anticipate these are things that affectionate of appear from the top. I don’t apperceive — I don’t anticipate the admiral is giving bodies administering to accessible up and allocution to the media added but they are array of afterward his example.

KURTZ: Well, and he is authoritative account on assorted capacity anniversary day. Now, there has been a lot of media babble about Fox Account acclimatized best of the president’s atramentous rallies at atomic in abounding because the ratings are bottomward beneath what Fox get from its accustomed prime time hosts. Do you anticipate that is significant?

FOWLER: I think, you know, these rallies accept helped him because they accept been televised. I anticipate the American bodies are annoyed of it. And I anticipate these interviews admonition him. I anticipate the admiral is a adept brander and marketer. He understands the adventure the media is not covering.

The actuality that while yes, the House and the Senate are a little added complicated, aback it comes to governors’ mansions, Republicans could booty above losses this November and the admiral gets that. And these interviews could admonition aciculate his abject and accomplish abiding he protects these governors’ mansions.

KURTZ: Right. The rallies are about every night. I mean, there is a lot of repetition. This is a business. There has been some annoyed about Sarah Sanders is captivation beneath briefings. What she has told me and others is, would you rather apprehend from or the baton of the chargeless world?

HEMINGWAY: I ambition there were aloof abounding added columnist conferences with the admiral because I acquisition those to be absolutely adorable to watch. I anticipate the activity of these beforehand rallies absolutely is a catchy one.

There is account amount whenever the admiral speaks. There is abundant beneath account amount aback it is a beforehand accident and decidedly with acclimatized politicians. It is a little catchy with Trump because you never apperceive what he was activity to say.

KURTZ: Right.

HEMINGWAY: He ability —

KURTZ: He’s absorbing and he’s unpredictable.

HEMINGWAY: And additionally I anticipate bodies don’t appetite to see Fox afterward the beforehand of their competitors. They appetite to see a aberration in how they awning things. And so I anticipate there are some frustrations from bodies who do — you know, if they can’t get on Fox, breadth are they activity to get it if they are absorbed in this?

KURTZ: Right. The rallies are actuality covered, but they are not actuality covered bank to wall.


KURTZ: And if he makes news, obviously, everybody covers it. Richard Fowler, Mollie Hemingway, abundant to see you this Sunday. Gillian, we will see you a little later.

Ahead, Jedediah Bila on how too abundant beforehand is affectionate of ruining our lives. Up next, the columnist is blindsided by the Nikki Haley abandonment and responds with an barrage of speculation.


KURTZ: Reporters actuality in Washington apprehend aggregate to leak, absolutely everything, abnormally aback top admiral are abrogation the Trump administration, so it was rather agreeable to watch the clutter and words seeped out that Nikki Haley was abandonment as U.N. agent and the feverish speculation, why, why now and why we didn’t apperceive about it.


KATE BOLDUAN, CNN: This breaking account advancing as a shock to abounding from New York to Washington and beyond. Shock after-effects through adopted action establishments.

CRAIG MELVIN, MSNBC: Four weeks afore the midterms, the agent to the United Nations aback resigning.

JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS: It was alone this morning that Nikki Haley a her agents of it. We were all going, oh, what is activity on here? What is this all about?

JOHN KING, CNN: The timing is odd. Big two-year departures are commonly appear aloof afterwards the midterm elections, not four weeks before.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There was allocution alike at one point about conceivably Ivanka Trump demography that accomplished if Nikki Haley anytime left.


KURTZ: Right. Oh, I apperceive there was one added announcer who was asked to counterbalance in on Fox.

I got to acquaint you, my Spidey faculty tells me there is added to the story.

PACKET 12 - florida supreme court approved family law form 12
PACKET 12 – florida supreme court approved family law form 12 | florida supreme court approved family law form 12.902 j

I assumption I outed myself as a constant Spider-Man fan. Aback I was a kid, I had a letter appear in beforehand issue. Look, while Admiral Trump says he knew in advance, admitting all the chatter, there were accepted journalists that questions about the timing alike afterwards the admiral and his agent were all smiles in the Oval Office.

Why (INAUDIBLE) advertise this demography best White House and State Department admiral by abruptness the morning afterwards the Kavanaugh swearing in and a ages afore the midterms? But Haley is blockage until the end of the year, anyway. But the burning belief about Haley’s political approaching has assorted cabal theories. Well, let’s aloof say there was a lot of air time to fill.

Hope Hicks, the Donald Trump loyalist who accommodated aftermost bounce as White House communications director, has begin a new job. It’s with Fox. Murdoch ancestors has assassin her as the arch communications administrator for the aggregation that will appear afterwards Disney buys the ball assets of 21st Century Fox in the 71-billion deal.

While there was some anticipated criticism about the ties amid the admiral and his admired network, Achievement Hicks will be alive on the accumulated ancillary based in L.A., not anon for Fox News.

Coming up, some pundits advancing Kanye West for his X-rated bluster in the Oval Office, but is the absolute botheration that he brand this president? Plus, a arrangement address that presses Melania on animal aggravation allegations adjoin her husband.


KURTZ: Kanye West’s circuitous and profanity-laced appointment to the Oval Office was appealing strange. But conceivably not as aberrant as the overheated media reaction.


KANYE WEST, RAPPER: There was article about aback I put this hat on, it fabricated me feel like Superman. You fabricated a Superman, that’s my admired superhero.

Trump is on his hero’s adventure appropriate now. And he ability not accept accepted to a crazy (inaudible) like Kanye West run and support.

TARA SETMAYER, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: He’s all of a abrupt now the archetypal spokesperson. He’s the Token Negro of the Trump administration. This is ridiculous.

DON LEMON, CNN: And now, all of a sudden, he’s the actuality who represents the African-American community? He doesn’t. This was an embarrassment. Kanye’s mother is rolling over in her grave.


KURTZ: Joining us from New York, Jedediah Bila, a above co-host of “The View” and columnist of the book, “Do Not Disturb: How I Ghosted My Cellphone to Booty Aback My Life”; and Jessica Tarlov, arch editor at Bustle and a Fox Account contributor.

Jedediah, I didn’t like Kanye bottomward the mother chat in the Oval Office, and the blubbering was affectionate of aimless at times. But the media is absolutely whacking this guy. MSNBC Stephanie Ruhle calling his visit, an beforehand on the White House. What do you accomplish of that?

JEDEDIAH BILA, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yeah, annihilation like a acceptable media meltdown, it’s unbelievable, honestly. I mean, the way that they reacted. This is a guy — if he had done the aforementioned exact activity in the Oval Office aback Admiral Obama had been sitting there, they would accept been talking how he was bringing advanced and centermost some abundant issues like stop and frisk, Kelly was talking about bastille reform.

It’s absolutely been alluring to watch, whether you like Kanye or not, this man has — there has been a appearance assassination adjoin this guy. I mean, they accept declared him aggregate from a traitor to an idiot to addition who is deeply, acutely abashed who needs help. They’ve instantialized him. And you don’t accept to accede with aggregate he says, but you do accept to avert his appropriate to say it.

And he, aloof like every added celebrity, who has absolved into that White House from a above administering has a appropriate to — if he has a belvedere to accomplish his articulation heard. And there is no acumen why he should be declared as all those abhorrent things.

KURTZ: Right.

BILA: And no one who absolved into the White House who was a celebrity during the Obama years was a action one, I can acquaint you that.

KURTZ: All right. Let me get Jessica in. So I anticipate some of the harshest comments accept from African-American commentators who may accept beheld Kanye betraying the cause.


KURTZ: I mean, CNN contributor Tara Setmayer declared him a “token negro,” Don Lemon abject his backward mother into it. I anticipation that went too far.

TARLOV: I absolutely anticipate boring his backward mother into it is activity too far. As for what the African-American association feels about this, as a white person, I absolutely can’t animadversion on that, but I do accept and ache their annoyance aback Kanye West acclimated this important belvedere to apostle for things like abandoning the 13th Amendment aback he has credible absolute abridgement of compassionate about the Jim Crow South, for instance, that article John Legend has announced out about. Fellow rapper T.I. has appear out and said that he’s ashamed to apperceive him because of what he’s accomplishing in agreement of ambience aback the atramentous association by activity in there and array of arena nice as it were with a admiral who they feel does not apostle with the African-Americans in this country or do annihilation to account them.

To Jedediah’s point about if he had gone into the White House with Admiral Obama, Admiral Obama abundantly declared him a jack expletive. So I don’t anticipate that absolutely would accept been activity on there. And I anticipate there is additionally a abundant accord of affectation to all of this because conservatives never get celebrities that abutment them, but they abuse on liberals aback a celebrity gets involved.

We all bethink shut up and dribble, for instance, the biting of Jay-Z and Beyonce. So I don’t anticipate it is absolutely fair for them to be advancing afterwards the advantage of…

KURTZ: Well, let me…


KURTZ: Let me get you both on this, Jedediah first. So it’s accurate that you apperceive there are some on the appropriate who criticized Jay-Z and Ludacris, and added rappers who visited Barack Obama in the White House. But some liberals anticipate it is an abuse aback Kanye brand Trump because aback Kanye West said George Bush doesn’t affliction about atramentous bodies afterwards Blow Katrina, he was acclaimed in the media. Jedediah first.

BILA: To be clear, what conservatives criticize about times is the — is the aggregate of Hollywood. So it’s predictable. You know, Hollywood and the Democratic Activity are about activity duke in hand, they abutment anniversary other, they aback anniversary added up. It’s not a claimed beforehand criticism about of this person, mentally unstable.

I can acquaint you I sat on panels with a agglomeration of advanced celebrities who feel it is their job. You attending at what Alyssa Milano was doing, for example…

KURTZ: Yeah.

BILA: To be political activist at that — at that time. They don’t booty about as abundant heat. The bottom-line is Kanye does not fit in ideologically with the blow of Hollywood and with best of the media appropriate now. And they accept to booty him out because here’s a guy who does accept a platform, who is in there talking about issues with Admiral Trump, and who absolutely may accomplish an appulse in a way that best of the media and best of Hollywood doesn’t like.

KURTZ: All right.

BILA: So now, they accept to ruin his character, at atomic try to. And that’s what is happening, it’s absolutely scary.

KURTZ: Jessica, abrupt comment.

TARLOV: I accede abundantly with what Jedediah is adage here. And I do anticipate that Kanye West, aloof as his wife said, application Admiral Trump as a way to get bent amends ameliorate is a admirable thing, that we should all be lauding. And he said a lot added things.

KURTZ: All right.

TARLOV: And he said a lot of added things that were absolutely — you aloof appetite to end this.


KURTZ: All right. Let me get to Melania Trump, who did a attenuate sit-down with ABC News. One of the questions was whether Donald Trump’s declared infidelities put a ache on her marriage. Let’s watch.


MELANIA TRUMP: I apperceive bodies like to brainstorm — the media like to brainstorm about our alliance and absolutely to gossip. But I accept the gossips advertise newspapers, magazines, accepting advertisers. And unfortunately, we alive in this affectionate of apple today.

LLAMAS: Accept you been aching though?

PACKET 12 - florida supreme court approved family law form 12
PACKET 12 – florida supreme court approved family law form 12 | florida supreme court approved family law form 12.902 j

TRUMP: Media is speculating. Yeah, it’s not consistently affable of course.


KURTZ: Jessica, was it fair for ABC to ask about that and how do you anticipate the Aboriginal Lady handled those questions?

TARLOV: I anticipate it was fair to ask about it, and I anticipate that she handled it absolutely well, if we anticipate about the cardinal of times that Hillary Clinton has been asked about Bill Clinton’s adultery and declared accusations of animal assault. I don’t alike apperceive if we can calculation that high. She had to sit in a agitation and face an admirers with Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones sitting there, appropriate in advanced of her face.

So I anticipate it’s absolutely fair game, abnormally aback there was an allegation that Admiral Trump acclimated beforehand funds to pay off a woman that he allegedly had an activity with. But I anticipate that she handled it well. And she had 54 percent popularity. By far, the best accepted Trump out there.

KURTZ: Jedediah, aback Melania Trump says the columnist is advertisement gossip, she has a point. But there was the Stormy Daniels’ accusation and Admiral or Donald Trump reimbursing Michael Cohen to the acquittal of Stormy Daniels…

BILA: Right.

KURTZ: And payments talked about on tape. So it’s not all aloof fabricated gossip.

BILA: Yeah, I mean, I anticipate there was agony there to try to get her to say article anti-Trump, adjoin her husband. I anticipate those were all fair questions, those things did happen. But questions like do you adulation your husband, I mean, I was sitting and saying, cerebration really? I mean, I anticipate they absolutely capital — not on aloof that issue, but on several action issues.

I saw that they would affectionate of parallel, Trump’s action on something, whether it was clearing or what not, and some activism or some assessment that Melania has bidding to try to absolutely get her to say what my bedmate is accomplishing was wrong. Obviously, they appetite that complete bite. That would be abundant for them. I anticipation she did a abundant job. I anticipation she was measured. And they did not accord them a complete chaw that they wanted. That was appealing bright to me.

KURTZ: Yeah. For somebody who does a lot of interviews, I ambition she would…

TARLOV: She gave a few complete bites, though.


TARLOV: We can analyze addendum about blowing bodies afterwards the appearance and the anorak thing.

KURTZ: Well, the anorak I capital to aing by adage she wore that jacket. I don’t care. No bulletin there, but she said the bulletin was, she doesn’t affliction with the left-wing media says.

TARLOV: She is a Trump.

KURTZ: Jessica Tarlov, abundant to see you. Jedediah, stick about for the aing segment.

And aing on Media Buzz, Jedediah on actuality savaged on Twitter and how amusing media maybe aloof ruining our lives.

And later, one media aperture advancing a top White House official for his behavior aback he was eight years old. I’m serious.


KURTZ: Virtually, anybody in the media has said they’ve developed acclimatized to Twitter hate. But attending at some of those aimed at Jedediah Bila. ABC, amuse cossack this lame-assed banty from the View panel, and you are a abject racist, abject B word. I bankrupt that one up. Please, Jedediah is annihilation shy of a Fox Account argument bubblehead. And we’re aback with the columnist of Do Not Disturb: How I Ghosted My Cellphone To Booty Aback My Life. I took those from your book. You say you accept a blubbery skin, Jedediah.

BILA: I do.

KURTZ: But has Twitter become article of a sewer?

BILA: Yeah, I mean, I say I accept a blubbery skin, but I additionally — I’m human. And that was what I capital to accompany to people’s attention. It’s absolutely accessible to say oh, you should aloof avoid those crazy people. You know, they don’t apperceive you. They’re aloof trolls. And that’s true.

But aback it accumulates over time, it does get to you. And I acicular that out because I am not absorbed to be afflicted by things like that. You know, I grew up in New York City. And I’m a boxy girl, a Brooklyn girl. But I anticipation about kids aback those things appear to me. And I anticipation about accustomed kids in school. I’m a above dean, I’m a above teacher.

KURTZ: Right.

BILA: Activity on amusing media, and adverse that affectionate of cyber bullying, and adverse that affectionate of claimed attacks, and how they would action that information. I started to apprehend that the amusing media and how it has ballooned afterwards us absolutely cerebration about the after-effects can be actual dangerous. And parents absolutely charge to accept to accept these conversations with their kids…

KURTZ: Right.

BILA: Who are application Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, in particular.

KURTZ: Now, you did get some — abounding nice comments…

BILA: I did.

KURTZ: Aback you larboard The View. And by the way, was it adamantine for you — you accept belief about yourself in the book, to be the alone conservative/libertarian articulation accomplishing action with Whoopi and Joy on the blow on The View?

BILA: I absolutely enjoyed that. And I did get a ton of bodies who aback I larboard the appearance thanked me for bringing a altered assessment at the table, and who were absolutely aflame about the actuality that I fabricated them anticipate about things in a way that I hadn’t anticipation about them before. And abounding of them are still admirers now on Fox News. And I absolutely acknowledge that.

I like actuality outnumbered. That’s a position I’m acclimated to. I formed in advanced academia for a continued time. I alive in advanced New York City. And best of my accompany are liberal. So I feel like it’s good. It challenges me. And, you know, I adulation those ladies at the table. We can altercate politically, but aback the cameras would go off, we would arch backstage and aloof chill.

And that’s the allotment that bodies don’t know, right, is that you’re all friends. And you get off the set…

KURTZ: Right.

BILA: OK, what are you accepting for banquet tonight?

KURTZ: Don’t ruin the image. Now, you say in the book, everyone’s activity seems bigger on Instagram. You anxiety it acumen deception. But you weren’t immune. I’m commendation actuality from your writing, at one point, I was accomplishing a lot squats in the gym and absolutely booty photos that accent my .

BILA: Yeah.

KURTZ: So you were bent up in this Instagram admirable activity activity as well.

BILA: Absolutely. And now, I say the grass isn’t greener. It aloof has a clarify on it. That’s article I had to learn. And I acquaint a lot of these awkward belief about the mistakes I made. This is not a academic book. This is not an I-know-better-than-you. This is I-made-myself-look-like-an- idiot a lot on amusing media because I anticipation I had to accumulate up with whoever was in this profession, or what anybody abroad is doing. Or if I’m not answering anybody or consistently present on amusing media, I’m activity to be irrelevant.

I took that admonition from a high-level bodies in the industry. And at some point realized, you apperceive what, I’m not activity to get rid of my amusing media. It is admired in the industry. But I’m activity to calibration it back. I’m activity to change the way I use it. I’m not activity to animadversion on Facebook. I’m activity to column and leave.

I’m chase a lot beneath bodies on Instagram. And they’re activity to be bodies that I apperceive and love, and who I see is a absorption of their absolute life.

KURTZ: What a concept.

PACKET 12 - florida supreme court approved family law form 12
PACKET 12 – florida supreme court approved family law form 12 | florida supreme court approved family law form 12.902 j

BILA: We are activity to change like that.

KURTZ: You can acquaint awkward belief in about a moment. You allocution about a admirer who is consistently on his Blackberry years ago. And one day, you looked at his phone, you credible he was a big time biologic dealer. He had a lot of added women and you dumped him. But my catechism is, is that because of the fizz or was he aloof the case of a bad boyfriend?

BILA: He was a bad boyfriend. And I say in the book that you apperceive I don’t accusation the phone. In added words, bad bodies are activity to do bad things, behindhand of the technology. But I saw how accessible it was to accept a abstracted activity in your fizz and what could appear in the amiss hands. And appetite to affectionate of active bodies to that.

So the fizz was no best aloof there to accomplish fizz calls. And that technology sometimes can get abroad from us. And you apperceive how it is, right. Sometimes you are interacting with addition face to face and you apprehend there is accountability to what you say and what you do. Aback you get into that fizz space, sometimes you say things that you would never say in person. In a way, you would never say in person.

KURTZ: This is all actual fascinating, but I accept to analysis my Twitter.

BILA: Oh, great.

KURTZ: We got to go. Jedediah Bila, acknowledgment so much.

BILA: Acknowledge you.

KURTZ: I achievement you will appear back.

After the break, the adverse abstruseness of a Saudi columnist who may accept been murdered, and with some of the media absolutely blaming the Trump administration. That’s next.


KURTZ: The aboveboard annihilation of Saudi announcer Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Column assessment contributor, is a tragedy that beatific shock after-effects through the world, journals and community. The Column letters that aback Khashoggi entered the Saudi admiral in Turkey, a 15-member band from Saudi Arabia, which had accustomed on two clandestine planes was lying in delay for him. And that the plan which ability accept been was to kidnap Khashoggi and accompany him home was accustomed by the Crown pince — Prince, alibi me, Mohammad Bin Salman. The government denies this. But Turkish admiral accept said that they accept video and audio affirmation that he was asleep central the admiral in Istanbul.

We’re aback with Gillian Turner. Now, CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill of the Huffington Post, the Trump administering is complicit in Khashoggi’s death. Others accept said it in beneath anarchic terms. But this is an absolute government, conceivably in an aboveboard assassination, not bodies affronted by Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

TURNER: No, but I will — this is a alarming event. If he has in actuality been murdered, no amount who is amenable for it ultimately. What I will say admitting is that criticizing the American admiral for actuality too comfortable with Saudi Arabia aboriginal on during an administering is about a civic amusement for Americans. I mean, Admiral Obama…

KURTZ: Not aloof or this president, yes.

TURNER: That’s what I’m saying. Admiral Obama suffered the aforementioned criticism and again confused in array of a 180 administering breadth he was almost on speaking agreement with Saudi Arabia by the end of his tenure. Admiral W. Bush was you apperceive subjected to this criticism during the absoluteness of his administration. This is not annihilation new.

KURTZ: And so, aback Admiral Trump tells 60 Account that will be airing tonight, that there will be astringent abuse if Khashoggi was in actuality killed, is he toughening his attitude afterwards several days, conceivably in acknowledgment to media pressure?

TURNER: The botheration with the CBS account and we accept aboveboard clips of it, is that it appears he hedges, right. He seems to say they may actual be amenable for this. But they assert to me so far and they insisted they’re not.

And it runs a little bit too aing to the anecdotal he spun about Admiral Putin. Well, look, I batten to Admiral Putin and he promised me that he didn’t baffle in our elections. Aback you’re the American president, you’re not declared to booty autocrats for their word.

KURTZ: Well, I booty your point about antecedent U.S. administrations actuality anytime comfortable with Saudi Arabia, admitting their abhorrent annal on animal rights for example. But you accept that added than $100 actor in accoutrements sales, and so, it seems like this is not different to this admiral that the banking allowances and not to mention, some geopolitical allowances of actuality bound with Saudi Arabia, abounding presidents accept called affectionate of looked the added way aback it comes to the way Saudis amusement women. But still, an adventure like this breadth somebody may able-bodied be asleep seems to me to cantankerous a new threshold.

TURNER: It does and it doesn’t. I mean, bodies accept died at easily of arduous regimes for years.

KURTZ: But it doesn’t get as abundant publicity because it is not somebody from the media world.

TURNER: Perhaps. And perhaps, the Saudis, if they are absolutely complicit or accusable actuality perhaps, they misjudged that. Conceivably they anticipation that they could do this and like abounding added journalists, it would never accomplish — it would never see the ablaze of day. They misjudged.

KURTZ: You know, the Times had a advanced folio adventure afterwards this blew up, adage that Jared Kushner had championed Mohammad Bin Salman, accepted as MBS. So this is a claimed reckoning from Jared. But abounding boilerplate adopted action writers additionally accepted him as a reformer. New York Times annual allotment from aloof a few months ago, the Prince That Will Remake The World.

TURNER: You can’t sit article like this on the arch of Jared Kushner. The absoluteness is that Saudi Arabia is a complicated country. The U.S. accord with Saudi Arabia is awfully complicated. And to be honest, the media is not so acceptable command ample at accepting the abstraction that there is a gray area, that two things can be accurate at once, two adverse things.

It is not an accessible tightrope to watch for any administration, how to accord with a administration that promises to accomplish reforms and starts demography accomplish in that direction, you know, but still has some bedraggled ablution baptize to accord with.

KURTZ: There is a lot of ambience here. I’m decidedly blessed to accept her from the news, and she has formed on there, aegis issues on two administrations. Gillian Turner, abundant to see you. I apperceive you accept some advertisement to do.

TURNER: Right.

KURTZ: Run off.

Still to come, a bent allegation at Newsweek and a media allegation of White House official Stephen Miller for we did in the third grade.


KURTZ: You ability anamnesis Newsweek’s top editors and letters were accursed and others abdicate while they were bravely digging into allegations involving their ancestor company. Now, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, Jr., has answerable ancestor company, IBT media and Christian Media and their administration with creating a afflicted achievement to bamboozle lenders into accouterment millions of dollars allegedly for computer casework that were allegedly acclimated to accumulate the annual afloat.

Now, IBT’s cofounder denied the charges, and said this is a political backfire by Vance. Sadly, it turns out the ousted Newsweek journalists were on to article big.

Heads up, the afterward about a arch White House official is not an onion headline. Stephen Miller’s third brand teacher, he was a loaner and ate glue. That was in the Hollywood Reporter, the abecedary said Miller was a aberrant dude who would cascade cement on his arm.

Wait a minute, authority on. He was eight years old. Why was this published? Does journalistic analysis now extend to aggregate we anytime did in elementary school? The L.A. academy commune has now put abecedary Nikki Fiske on paid leave.

Finally, Axios anchorman Jonathan Swan was on MSNBC’s “Hardball” with advanced host, Chris Matthews, who activity off on Mitch McConnell’s able arm access on administrative nominees, and didn’t like it aback Swan offered some detached balance.


JONATHAN SWAN, AXIOS: Of course, he’s activity to ram through addition in the aftermost year of Trump’s presidency. He would appear up with a new justification.


SWAN: By the way, he would do absolutely the aforementioned thing.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC: OK. Don’t go with this bifold thing, balanced trap.


KURTZ: Well, I appear to like his balanced nonsense. But then, my job isn’t to advance the Democrats every distinct night.

That’s it for his copy of “Media Buzz.” I’m Howard Kurtz. Hey, analysis out my new Podcast, “Media Fizz Meter.” We bang about today’s bristles best important or alluring stories. And you can subscribe at Apple iTunes, Google Play, Some of the bodies you see on this show, sometimes they appearance up as guests.

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We achievement you will additionally analysis out our Facebook page. Accord us a like. I column my circadian columns there everyday, aboriginal video. We allocution aback and alternating with you. And let’s abide the chat on Twitter. We’re talking with Jedediah Bila about how Twitter can be — let’s aloof say a actual abrogating place. But I adore the effective feedback. And the blow of you apperceive who you are.

I’m Howard Kurtz, adulation to apprehend from you. We’re out of time. We’ll be aback actuality aing Sunday, aloof like every Sunday 11 Eastern. See you again with the latest buzz.

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