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ARRL Headquarters Will Be Bankrupt on November 26-27: ARRL Headquarters will be bankrupt for the Thanksgiving ceremony on Thursday and Friday, November 26-27. The ARRL Letter will not be arise on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26, and there will be no copy of ARRL Audio Annual on Friday, November 27. In addition, there will be no W1AW bulletins or cipher convenance on those days. We ambition all our associates a safe and agreeable holiday!

REQUEST FOR ORDER (Sample Packet) - PDF - fl 105 form california
REQUEST FOR ORDER (Sample Packet) – PDF – fl 105 form california | fl 105 form california

Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes Senate Committee, Gains Cosponsors

The Abecedarian Radio Parity Act S. 1685 took an capital footfall advanced on November 18, aback the US Senate Board on Commerce, Science, and Transportation voted to address the bill agreeably and afterwards amendment. It was one of a half-dozen bills that were accustomed by the board in a abrupt markup session. S. 1685 was accustomed on a articulation vote, with two Senators — Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) — asked to be recorded as voting “no.”

“Our assignment is not accomplished on the Senate ancillary of Capitol Hill, although this is a huge footfall forward,” said ARRL Admiral Kay Craigie, N3KN. She apprenticed ARRL associates to abide to write, alarm and e-mail their Senators about S. 1685 to body up its abutment for the future, saying, “We apperceive that members’ acknowledgment to the alarm for a communications bang aftermost ceremony fabricated all the aberration for some Senators on the committee.”

S. 1685 best up addition Senate cosponsor on November 18, aback Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS), who sits on the Commerce Committee, alive aboard the bill. “ARRL associates in Kansas should acquaintance his appointment to say thanks,” Admiral Craigie said. “Having an added cosponsor who’s on the Board is abnormally adequate news.”

On duke to beam the Board mark-up affair were ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco, N2YBB; ARRL CEO David Sumner, K1ZZ, and ARRL Accepted Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD.

President Craigie encouraged ARRL associates in Florida and Hawaii to accumulate contacting Senators Schatz and Nelson, advancement them to change their minds about the legislation. “Don’t be acrid or angry,” she advised. “Keep it absolute and courteous, and don’t accord up.”

(L-R) ARRL Accepted Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD; Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, and ARRL CEO David Sumner, K1ZZ, were on duke to beam the Senate board markup affair on November 18.

On November 5, US Senator Al Franken (D-MN) alive on as the added cosponsor of S. 1685. That legislation and its US House twin, H.R. 1301, alarm on the FCC to extend the bound federal pre-emption of PRB-1 to awning clandestine land-use restrictions such as accomplishment covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs).

H.R. 1301 has 114 cosponsors as of November 18. Admiral Craigie said ARRL associates should abide to appetite their Representatives to cosponsor H.R. 1301 and to acknowledge those who already accept alive on.

The Abecedarian Radio Parity Act of 2015 folio on the ARRL website has added advice on how you can become involved. Read more.

World Radiocommunication Appointment Approves All-around 60 Beat Allocation!

The Plenary Affair of the 2015 Apple Radiocommunication Appointment (WRC-15) in Geneva has accustomed an allocation of 5351.5-5366.5 kHz to the Abecedarian Annual on a accessory basis, with a adeptness absolute of 15 W able isotropic broadcast adeptness (EIRP). The November 18 accommodation on Calendar Annual 1.4 was adopted on two back-to-back readings. Some Region 2 countries — but not the US — will be adequate up to 25 W EIRP. With this action, and admitting altitude that are added akin than had been hoped at the alpha of the Conference, the Abecedarian Annual has acquired its aboriginal new all-around HF allocation aback 1979. While the Final Acts of the appointment are accepted to booty aftereffect on January 1, 2017, the new bandage will not become accessible to amateurs until their civic telecommunications administering apology its rules and licensing conditions. Those administrations that already admittance amateurs to accomplish in the 5 MHz ambit beneath assertive altitude and on a not-to-interfere basis, including the FCC, will be because whether, how, and aback to adapt those arrange in ablaze of the all-embracing allocation.

The All-embracing Abecedarian Radio Union (IARU) aggregation is accomplishing what it can to admission the calendar for WRC-19. The calendar could board acclamation abecedarian spectrum requirements in the 50-54 MHz bandage in Region 1, which could advance to at atomic fractional harmonization of the 6 beat bandage worldwide. A proposed calendar annual to adjust the 160 beat allocation in Region 1 with the blow of the apple is no best beneath alive consideration.

The WRC-19 calendar will additionally adequate affectation spectrum aegis challenges, including accessible appliance of the 420-450 MHz bandage to board a new allocation to the amplitude operations annual for satellites in non-geostationary apogee that are declared as “small satellites” or “satellites with abbreviate continuance missions.” One or added bands aloft 10 GHz may be up for appliance for 5G smartphone use. The bound of these abeyant arresting items, however, are still beneath altercation by the appointment and will not be acclimatized until its final week.

The IARU aggregation continues to adviser several added WRC-15 items that arise to be headed against adequate conclusions. WRC-15 continues through the signing of the Final Acts on November 27.

FCC Not Processing Authorization and Assay Affair Files Again

The FCC Universal Licensing Arrangement (ULS) cyberbanking accumulation filing (EBF) arrangement was alive for a abrupt window of time bygone afterwards actuality bottomward aback Friday November 13. Some files were candy through the arrangement Wednesday, but the FCC is accepting a botheration processing all VEC authorization and assay affair files today. ARRL VEC Manager Maria Somma, AB1FM, said her appointment afresh had to active the FCC IT staff, which are said to be attractive into the affair but did not appraisal how connected the arrangement would be down. Somma said it was the third time the EBF arrangement has gone bottomward aback backward September, aback the FCC said a action had chock-full active on an FCC server.

The FCC doesn’t accept a connected appellation fix in abode yet and it appears the aforementioned affair is accident afresh with added frequency. The abecedarian affiliation should apprehend delays in assay authorization processing until the FCC can get this resolved. The FCC affliction for the connected aggravation this is causing the community. “We address the assay sessions to FCC as anon as possible, which is usually 24 to 48 hours from the day accustomed in our office,” Somma said. “We accomplish every accomplishment to action ceremony affair bound and calmly while afterward FCC rules. Unless there is missing applicant advice or paperwork, we commonly aim to accelerate the affair to the FCC aural a few days, because best of the VEC agents understands what it feels like to delay for your alarm assurance to be issued.” Somma bidding the achievement that applicants and VEs will be compassionate and accommodating while the FCC resolves the problem.

ARRL Reiterates Alarm for FCC to Accomplish Actual Licensee Abstracts Available

At the appeal of the FCC, the ARRL on November 13 filed added comments advancement the Commission to abide to accomplish accessible via the Universal Licensing Arrangement (ULS) actual Abecedarian Radio authorization advice not associated with a accepted licensee or a awaiting application. The League filed its antecedent comments in the proceeding, WT Docket 15-81, aftermost June. In its beforehand comments, the ARRL argued that actual authorization abstracts not associated with a accepted authorization is a primary bureau for advance examiner coordinators (VECs) to analysis the authority of assay acclaim on the base of a authorization already captivated by the candidate. ARRL Accepted Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, who filed the added comments on November 13, said the Commission now capital to apperceive how abounding applicants were demography advantage of lifetime assay credit, which went into aftereffect in the summer of 2014.

ARRL told the FCC that its VEC currently transmits an boilerplate of bristles applications with asleep authorization credits ceremony week, and has handled some 300 such applications aback July 2014. The W5YI VEC told ARRL that it relies heavily on actual authorization advice too. ARRL argued that the cardinal could grow, as chat of the broadcast befalling for assay aspect acclaim continues to spread.

California Family Law Forms - 10 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel ..
California Family Law Forms – 10 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel .. | fl 105 form california

“The Commission, accepting answerable VECs to validate claims of above licensee cachet and the abstracts associated therewith cannot adequately booty abroad a key adeptness for considerately evaluating the authority of applicants’ claims and documentation,” the League said in its added comments. “To do so decreases essentially the adeptness of VECs to advance the historically aerial amount of candor of the Abecedarian Radio licensing process. Aback the Commission acutely has no ambition of d any of the accountability of the validation action — and is ill able to do so in any case — the angle is both arbitrary and illogical.”

ARRL said that researching asleep authorization acclaim is aloof one of several instances in which VECs ability allegation to admission actual authorization data. Added possibilities, the League said, could board application actual abstracts to validate a candidate’s identification, and to analysis assay acclaim for pre-1987 Technician licenses.

The League assured by afresh allurement the FCC to abide to accomplish accessible actual authorization abstracts at atomic to VECs, if not the accepted public.

VY1AAA Hopes for Bigger Altitude in Buzz Sweepstakes

If you absent alive one of the two stations handing out the super-rare Northern Territories multiplier in the CW weekend of the 2015 ARRL November Sweepstakes, you may accept bigger luck during the buzz event, November 21-23. VY1AAA logged 335 contacts in 73 ARRL/RAC sections during the CW event. Hal Offutt, W1NN, and J Allen, VY1JA, operated VY1AAA from VY1JA, a Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Offutt operated accidentally from aural the US, while Allen operated locally. VY1AAA spent 18 hours aggressive asperous altitude during the CW weekend in the multioperator, high-power category, logging the lion’s allotment of its contacts on 20 meters.

“Knowing how accepted and bare the NT mult is, I hoped to put at atomic 1000 contacts in the log and adore some fun pileups all weekend,” Offutt said in a column on “I was not counting on commodity alleged a chaplet accumulation casting (CME).” The CME threw the accepted monkey bend into the affairs of abounding operators in the US and Canada, although a lot of added stations appear favorable conditions.

“Friday night J beatific some pictures of the aurora that was arresting from his QTH in Whitehorse, and it began to bore in that I ability not accept those pileups I had been acquisitive for,” Offutt said. He appear missing the NH, RI, SFL, PR, QC, ONE, GTA, MB, AB, and NL multipliers.

Hal Offutt, W1NN, has operated VY1AAA from the US and Japan.

VY1AAA is the alarm assurance of the Yukon CanAm Challenge Club (YCACC), accustomed by Allen and Gerry Hull, W1VE. Its primary purpose is to abutment Allen in authoritative the Yukon Territory multiplier accessible in above contests. Hull will captain VY1AAA for the SSB event, blind out a bandage edges and afterward the MUF during the day. At his gray line, he’ll about-face to 40 meters, and will be on 40 aboriginal in the morning for the US East Bank too.

John Boudreau, VE8EV, in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, was planning an absolute accomplishment this year, but yielded to poor altitude and to the VY1AAA operation, and alone spent an hour on the air. “When altitude best up a bit Sunday afternoon, I ran for an hour aloof to prove I could do it,” he said in a 3830 post. “I’m assured abundant bigger conditions…for SS Phone. See you then!”

At the added end of Canada, Gus Samuelson, VO1MP, in the also-rare NL multiplier, said, “Conditions [were] about as poor as I accept anytime heard for Sweeps.” He absent NNY, ID, NE, WY, NT, and PAC. Roughly one-half of his contacts were on 15 meters.

The buzz weekend of the 2015 ARRL November Sweepstakes gets beneath way at 2100 UTC on Saturday, November 21, and runs through 0259 UTC on Monday, November 23. The 2015 ARRL November Sweepstakes operating adviser is accessible on the ARRL website.

National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) Map Now Available

In cooperation with ARRL, CQmaps has alien a 2016 Civic Parks on the Air (NPOTA) map. The full-color map includes all NPOTA units aural the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan, and American Samoa. All sites are acutely labeled and board the esplanade name forth with the ARRL esplanade designator.

Each 24 × 36 inch map is offered in either a laminated ample cardboard or DuPont Tyvek.

The NPOTA laminated map is able-bodied ill-fitted for application a dry-erase brand to analysis off your advance in block the parks. The map is alone with your Abecedarian Radio alarm sign. The amount is $25, including US shipping. Add $10 for all-embracing orders.

AO-85 Commissioned and Angry Over to AMSAT-NA Operations

Fox-1A (AO-85) has been formally commissioned and angry over to AMSAT Operations, which is now amenable for the scheduling and modes. Fox-1A is AMSAT-NA’s aboriginal CubeSat.

Many new techniques are incorporated, and acquaint will be learned, as with any new ‘product,'” said AMSAT Vice President-Engineering Jerry Buxton, N0JY. “We will absorb changes from what we apprentice in ceremony launch, to the admeasurement possible, in consecutive Fox-1 CubeSats. To our members, we appetite to say that the Fox Aggregation is actual appreciative and admiring that our aboriginal CubeSat is actual acknowledged and hopefully will be for some time.”

The Fox-1 Project is a alternation of CubeSats. A absolute of bristles will be congenital and flown. Launches already accept been appointed for three more, and a new NASA CubeSat Barrage Initiative angle will be submitted for the fifth launch.

The Fox Aggregation acclaimed that an credible abridgement of receiver acuteness and adversity in axis or captivation on the captive with the 67 Hz CTCSS accent are apparently the best notable observations about AO-85.

FL-10: UCCJEA Form (Part 10) - YouTube - fl 105 form california
FL-10: UCCJEA Form (Part 10) – YouTube – fl 105 form california | fl 105 form california

“We accept bent a apparent annual for the acuteness issue, and while that can’t be anchored on AO-85, we are demography accomplish to anticipate agnate issues on the blow of the Fox-1 CubeSats,” Buxton assured. The November/December copy of AMSAT Account will board abounding capacity on these abstruse issues. Read more. — Acknowledgment to AMSAT Annual Account via Jerry Buxton, N0JY

New UK/EI DX Challenge to Barrage in December

A new challenge to advance action amid stations in the UK and in Ireland (UK/EI) and the blow of the apple debuts with an SSB accident in December 5-6 and a CW accident January 23-24. Both get beneath way at 1200 on Saturday and end 24 hours later. The United Kingdom and Ireland Challenge Club (UKEICC) is allotment the new contest.

“All UK and EI contesters, including those with bashful stations and antennas, will acquaintance the fun of actuality a multiplier in a common contest,” the advertisement said. While the closing ambition is to accept UK/EI stations assignment the blow of the world, all entrants may assignment all added entrants for credibility and multipliers.

“For the aboriginal year or two we accept to booty into annual that UK/EI accord may booty time to body up and that there are connected periods aback DX stations cannot assignment UK/EI stations, because there is no propagation,” the advertisement acicular out. “Accordingly, we are initially acceptance DX-to-DX contacts, which will accomplish the challenge added absorbing for DX stations.” Abounding advice is on the UK/EI DX Challenge web page. Read more.

Support ARRL as You Boutique this Ceremony Season!

As you browse for abundant deals online this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we allure you to boutique at AmazonSmile, allotment the ARRL as your alms of choice. With every condoning acquirement you accomplish through AmazonSmile, Amazon will accomplish a addition to ARRL. Aback you boutique at AmazonSmile, you will be allowance the League to extend its ability in accessible service, advocacy, education, technology, and membership. Bookmark the articulation and abutment ARRL every time you shop. ARRL wishes you a admirable Thanksgiving ceremony and hopes you’ll bethink us aback you boutique on Amazon this season.

AmazonSmile allows shoppers to adore the aforementioned advanced alternative of products, low prices, and acceptable arcade appearance as on Aback barter boutique on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will accord 0.5 percent of the amount of acceptable purchases to the accommodating organizations called by customers. As a 501(c)(3) organization, ARRL — the civic affiliation for Abecedarian Radio® is a registered alms of AmazonSmile.

Willis Island VK9WA DXpedition Action Smoothly

The eight-member all-embracing aggregation now activating VK9WA from Willis Island November 14-23 belletrist the DXpedition is action calmly for the best part. VK9WA has generated abundant pileups over the accomplished ceremony and had logged some 24,000 contacts as of November 18. The 160 beat accepting antenna has been repaired, and the aggregation said that its new abundance on that bandage will be 1827 kHz. The aggregation is operating from the 4-acre Middle Cay, some 280 afar off the eastern bank of Australia. Operation is on all bands, 160-10 meters, SSB, CW, and RTTY. The aggregation has amorphous active RTTY on 10.142 MHz.

“Our primary focus will be accouterment new contacts with this awful demanded, rarely activated commodity with an accent on difficult paths — primarily US East Coast, Europe, and Africa,” the DXpedition website states.

The DXpedition aggregation will be on the island until November 22 and affairs to breach bottomward all but two stations the afternoon above-mentioned to leaving. Two stations will run brief afore departure. VK9WA has been accession via connected aisle to the US on 17 and 20 and via abbreviate aisle on 15, 12, and 10. They are application verticals added one two-element Yagi. Signals into South America and southern Africa “have not been good,” the aggregation appear this week.

Willis Island, which has not had a cogent activation aback 2008, is cardinal #32 on the ClubLog Best Capital DXCC list. The acclimate there, breadth it is spring, is appear to be “extremely hot.” ClubLog statistics appearance adequately alike acquaintance percentages for Asia, Europe, and North America.

A admonition to those acquisitive to assignment VK9WA (or any added above DXpedition): Do not alarm the DX base on its frequency; you allegation accomplish split. Pay absorption to the operator’s instructions.

Oregon SM Pledges Connected Cooperation with Appointment of Emergency Management Afterwards Rift

ARRL Oregon Section Manager Everett Curry, W6ABM, has told the Section’s Abecedarian Radio Emergency Annual Emergency Coordinators that Oregon ARES/RACES will abide to assignment with the Oregon Appointment of Emergency Management (OOEM). Curry’s account comes about a ceremony afterwards the OOEM burst its alive accord with Oregon Section Emergency Coordinator Vince Van Der Hyde, K7VV. Van Der Hyde charcoal as SEC.

“Nothing that OOEM has done alters your allegation to your served bureau — in best cases your canton — and the commitments of Oregon ARES/RACES to assignment with you in affair the commitments fabricated to your county,” Curry told the ECs. “I will assignment with OOEM for the present.”

State Communications administrator and Oregon RACES Administrator Terry Pietras, W7JOC, wrote Van Der Hyde on November 9, allegorical him that OOEM had absitively to bisect the accord amid Van Der Hyde and the OEM Abecedarian Radio (ARES) Unit. Pietras cited Van Der Hyde’s accommodation not to participate in a November 12 OOEM assignment to analysis RACES emergency communications capabilities and operations.

In a November 16 collective OOEM/ARRL Oregon Section statement, the OOEM fatigued that its accord with Oregon ARES/RACES continues. “We…are committed to assignment with and advance this accord to enhance emergency communications capabilities throughout Oregon,” said the statement, alive by Curry and OOEM Manager, Operations and Preparedness Section Matthew T. Marheine.

Curry was appointed to accommodated with Marheine this week. “It is my apprehension that we will accomplish the alternate and admiring alive accord that we desire,” he said. He said he hopes to accredit an Emergency Coordinator for the OOEM Abecedarian Radio Unit soon.

Ham Radio Accessory Dealer, Publisher Idiom Press Changing Hands

Filing California Divorce Forms: Form 10 of 10 the FL-10 - YouTube - fl 105 form california
Filing California Divorce Forms: Form 10 of 10 the FL-10 – YouTube – fl 105 form california | fl 105 form california

Idiom Press of Merlin, Oregon, has appear the auction of its assets to Ham Supply of Elizabeth, Colorado. Owned by Wayne Ordakowski, N0UN, Ham Supply is a new business formed to accomplish and administer the accessories ahead offered by Idiom Press, as able-bodied as added new Abecedarian Radio products.

Ham Supply will account warranties for absolute Idiom Press products, and already assembly is resumed, Ham Supply will account all absolute orders placed with Idiom Press afterwards reconfirming them with the customer. Ordakowski has said he intends to accept the new business in abounding operation by the aboriginal ceremony of January 2016, although some ahead placed orders may address earlier.

Idiom Press arise The Complete DXer by Bob Locher, W9KNI, who started the business afore axis it over to his son Rob, W7GH, who is abiding to the computer programming field.

Past Pacific Division Director Bradley W. “Brad” Wyatt, K6WR, SK

Past ARRL Pacific Division Director Brad Wyatt, K6WR, of Los Gatos, California, died on November 10 afterwards an illness. He was 86. An ARRL

Past Pacific Division Director Brad Wyatt, K6WR.

Life Member, Wyatt served as the Pacific Division Director from 1994 until 2000, aback he absitively not to run for addition term. He ahead served as Vice Director of the Pacific Division from 1992 until 1994.

Wyatt retired from IBM in 1984. He accustomed bachelor’s and master’s (MBA) degrees from Stanford University. Wyatt was a accomplished admiral of the Los Gatos Kiwanis Club.

In November 2001, Wyatt’s article, “Remote Controlled HF Operation over the Internet,” appeared in QST. A year later, Wyatt and co-authors Stan Schretter, W4MQ, and Keith Lamonica, W7DXX, won the QST Awning Plaque Award for their accord on the article, “A Ham Radio Accessible Utility HF Station.”

In Brief…

Special Accident W1Q will Mark QST Centennial: Special Accident base W1Q will be on the air December 1-15 to bless QST’s 100th anniversary. The aboriginal affair of QST was arise in December 1915. ARRL COO Harold Kramer, WJ1B, and advance operators will be on the air. This is not an official ARRL operation, and Kramer will handle all details, QSL cards, and LoTW entries. He will column added advice on his WJ1B page. — Acknowledgment to Harold Kramer, WJ1B

Astronaut Kjell Lindgren, KO5MOS, Tweets Ceremony Greetings to ARISS: Astronaut Kjell Lindgren, KO5MOS, has tweeted greetings to the Abecedarian Radio on the All-embracing Amplitude Base (ARISS) affairs on the 15th ceremony of the aboriginal Abecedarian Radio contacts amid the ISS and Earth. “First QSOs conducted from the ISS ham radio base 15 years this weekend. Happy Ceremony ARISS! 73!” Lindgren tweeted on November 15. ARISS All-embracing Chair Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, acclaimed the advantageous break on November 13, in a column to the AMSAT-BB. “15 years ago today the ARISS aggregation inaugurated the ham base on ISS with the aboriginal set of QSOs with the crew,” Bauer recounted. “These contacts were conducted on this date in Moscow, Russia; Greenbelt, Maryland, and Houston, Texas. Lou McFadin, W5DID, and I were on the mic at the Greenbelt, Maryland location.” That break apparent the aboriginal use of the NA1SS alarm assurance from space. Lindgren, who accustomed at the ISS in July, will acknowledgment to Earth in backward December. During his assignment tour, he has alternate in several ARISS academy contacts.

Fall 2015 Affair of Radio Waves is Now Available: The abatement 2015 copy of Radio Waves is now accessible via the ARRL website. This affair includes such accessories as “Using Sensors to Explore Terraforming,” “STEM Academy and Academy ARC Builds Repeater,” and “Community College’s DIY Spirit Shines for ARISS Contact.” Arise annual by ARRL Apprenticeship Services, the abatement 2015 copy additionally looks at how ham radio can advice Boy Scouts to acquire the Radio arete badge; news, ideas, and abutment for instructors; ham radio apprenticeship for bodies with disabilities, and the change of a licensing class. Accepted and aback issues of Radio Waves are accessible on the ARRL website. Radio Waves is accessible chargeless as a PDF.








The K7RA Solar Update

FL 10 Form Instructions California Divorce - YouTube - fl 105 form california
FL 10 Form Instructions California Divorce – YouTube – fl 105 form california | fl 105 form california

Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports:

Solar action beneath afresh this week, with boilerplate circadian sunspot numbers for the November 12-18 advertisement ceremony at 43.3, bottomward from 72.3 during the antecedent seven days. Boilerplate circadian solar alteration was 105.5, bottomward from 109.4.

Geomagnetic A indices were down, which is about a adequate affair for HF propagation. The boilerplate circadian all-embracing A basis slipped from 25 to 11 and boilerplate circadian mid-latitude A basis from 19 to 9. All four of these boilerplate A indexes actuality accomplished integers is an odd occurrence.

Predicted solar alteration is 108, 106, 104, and 105 on November 19-22, 103 on November 23-24, again 100, 105, and 110 on November 25-27, 115 on November 28-29, 120 on November 30 and December 1, 115 on December 2, 110 on December 3-4, and 105 on December 5-14. Alteration ethics again bead to a low of 95 on December 17-18, again acceleration aback to 120 on December 27-28.

Predicted all-embracing A basis is 18 and 10 on November 19-20, 8 on November 21-22, 5 on November 23-25, 8 and 5 on November 26-27, 8 on November 28-29, 25 in November 30 and December 1, again 15, 8, 5, 12, 20, and 25 on December 2-7.

Sunspot numbers for November 12 through 18 were 29, 50, 48, 63, 44, 33, and 36, with a beggarly of 43.3. 10.7 cm alteration was 103.5, 102.9, 106.3, 105.8, 105.6, 107.1, and 107.6, with a beggarly of 105.5. Estimated all-embracing A indices were 5, 14, 10, 9, 14, 8, and 17, with a beggarly of 11. Estimated mid-latitude A indices were 4, 12, 10, 7, 9, 7, and 14, with a beggarly of 9.

Please accelerate your belletrist and observations to [email protected]

Just Ahead in Radiosport

November 20 — YO All-embracing PSK31 Contest

November 21-22 — 1.8 All Austrian 160 Beat Challenge (CW)

November 21-22 — ARRL November Sweepstakes (SSB)

November 21-22 — NA Collegiate ARC Championship (SSB)

November 25 — SKCC Sprint CW

November 25 — UKEICC 80 Beat Challenge (CW)

November 26 — RSGB 80 Beat Club Sprint (CW)

November 28-29 — ARRL EME Challenge (CW, phone, digital)

November 28-29 — CQ Apple Advanced DX Challenge (CW)

See the ARRL Challenge Calendar for added information.

Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions and Events

December 11-12 — West Central Florida Section Convention, Plant City, Florida

January 9 — TECHFEST, Lawrenceville, Georgia

FL-10 Form Instructions California Divorce - YouTube - fl 105 form california
FL-10 Form Instructions California Divorce – YouTube – fl 105 form california | fl 105 form california

January 10 — New York City-Long Island Section Convention, Bethpage, New York

January 15-16 — Southern Florida Section Convention, Fort Myers, Florida

January 15-16 — North Texas Section Convention, Forest Hill, Texas

January 17-23 — Quartzfest, Quartzsite, Arizona

January 29-30 — Mississippi State Convention, Jackson, Mississippi

January 29-31 — Puerto Rico State Convention, Hatillo, Puerto Rico

February 6 — South Carolina State Convention, N. Charleston, South Carolina

February 12-14 — ARRL Civic Convention, Orlando, Florida

February 19-20 — Southwestern Division Convention, Yuma, Arizona

February 27 WCF Section Abstruse Conference, Tampa, Florida

February 27 New Mexico TechFest, Albuquerque, New Mexico

February 27 Vermont State Convention, S. Burlington, Vermont

Find conventions and hamfests in your area.

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FL-10 – Declaration Form Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction .. | fl 105 form california
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FL-100: UCCJEA Form (Part 10) – YouTube – fl 105 form california | fl 105 form california
How to fill out California Divorce Form FL-10 (10) - YouTube - fl 105 form california
How to fill out California Divorce Form FL-10 (10) – YouTube – fl 105 form california | fl 105 form california
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California Divorce Form FL-10 – Cristin Lowe Law – fl 105 form california | fl 105 form california

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