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For years, the abstraction of threshold-based exercise acuteness has been acclimated to appraise and coat cardiorespiratory fettle and health, for exercise prescription, and to quantify the outcomes of specific interventions (28). Yet, abundant physiological “thresholds” abide in the abstract (each with altered classification and alignment for determination), creating ambiguity apropos their physiological bases and relevance. To date, a accustomed archetypal for prescribing exercise is the “intensity domain” archetypal (outlined by Whipp et al. (38)), which partitions acuteness into ranges (or clusters) of adeptness outputs (PO) that arm-twist accustomed pulmonary O2 uptake (V˙O2p) acknowledgment characteristics (i.e., moderate, heavy, actual heavy, and astringent domains, although another classifications abide (17)). In this schema, the “threshold” amid abundant from actual abundant exercise (i.e., acceptable from unsustainable constant-power exercise) is analytical adeptness (CP) (32). However, added “thresholds” that accept additionally been advised to represent this important physiological “boundary” exist. Amid the best accustomed are acute lactate abiding accompaniment (MLSS), respiratory advantage point (RCP), and added recently, the deoxyhemoglobin breakpoint ([HHb]BP) (15,31). Anniversary of these paradigms uses altered methods of altitude and may be adopted on the base of consistencies with antecedent work, accessible instruments, and the assay population, lending to abashing apropos which one represents (or should represent) the “ceiling” of tolerable adeptness exercise and whether they are physiologically equivalent.

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Previous studies accept attempted to appraise the affiliation amid these indices of acuteness by comparing the PO associated with anniversary “threshold” (5,13,31). The affability of this access resides in the artlessness of accepting a PO associated with CP and MLSS while alienated the call of i) barometer gas barter during abiding constant-load exercise (at both CP and MLSS) and ii) allotment a V˙O2p amount during exercise breadth a V˙O2p apathetic basic is manifest. Application this design, the altitude of gas barter and ventilatory variables is alone adapted for assurance of RCP. However, it has advanced been accustomed that the PO associated with RCP can alter (whereas the V˙O2p associated with RCP does not) depending on the alternative of incremental exercise acceding (33). Furthermore, because the change in V˙O2p (L·min−1) for a assemblage change in PO (W) is 0.01 (i.e., 100 times smaller) and V˙O2p is additionally associated with an built-in altitude absurdity amid 2.5% and 5%, almost baby changes in metaic amount (i.e., V˙O2p) may be interpreted as ample changes in exercise acuteness (i.e., PO). In addition, Broxterman et al. (7) showed that the intrasubject airheadedness amid RCP and analytical acceleration (a agent of CP) was greatest back the ambit were bidding in acceleration compared with complete V˙O2p. Therefore, the abstruse approaches advanced acclimated to analyze CP, MLSS, and RCP may accept precluded the adeptness to ascertain their agreement.

Interestingly, it was afresh accustomed in a alternation of studies (using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)) that the V˙O2p at which deoxygenated claret ([HHb]) begins to “plateau” during incremental exercise (i.e., [HHb]BP) is acerb associated with both the V˙O2p at RCP (15,25) and at MLSS (3). Together, these studies advance the actuality of a articulation amid MLSS, RCP, and [HHb]BP, yet accord amid all three indices of exercise acuteness has not advanced been evaluated in a audible accession of subjects.

Each of the mentioned “thresholds” may be the aftereffect of agnate basal physiological and metaic processes absorption a accustomed akin of aerobic metaism aloft which there is a accelerating accident of homeostasis. For example, the physiological assuming of appliance hardly aloft CP includes accession of fatigue-inducing metaites (20), abrupt increases in intramuscular and arterial hydrogen ion absorption ([H ]) (9,29), and asymmetric increases in beef claret breeze and motor assemblage application (11). It could be argued that the physiological after-effects of appliance at CP accommodate the belief for MLSS (i.e., the accomplished metaic amount at which [La−] can accomplish a abiding accompaniment (4)), RCP (i.e., the accomplished metaic amount at which ventilatory advantage is able to advance an animated but abiding metaic acidosis (37)), and [HHb]BP (i.e., the metaic amount at which there is a abridgement in the O2 delivery-to-O2 appliance relation); however, afore the mechanisms basal these indices of exercise acuteness can be examined, it aboriginal charge be bent whether the acuteness at which anniversary occurs is agnate aural a audible accession of subjects. Therefore, this empiric abstraction was advised to assay the antecedent that the V˙O2p (rather than PO) associated with CP, RCP, MLSS, and [HHb]BP would be agnate and that anniversary may be acclimated to represent the aals amid the abundant and actual abundant exercise domains.

Twelve advantageous adolescent men (mean ± SD values: age, 25 ± 2 yr; anatomy mass, 86 ± 16 kg; height, 179 ± 7 cm) volunteered and gave a accounting a accord to participate in the study. All procedures were accustomed by the Department of Neurological and Movement Sciences’ ethical board for assay on animal subjects. Accommodation were nonsmokers who were chargeless of any musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and metaic altitude and who were not demography any medications that adeptness access cardiorespiratory or metaic responses to exercise.

All participants completed the afterward aeon ergometer tests aural a best of 3 wk: i) a basic acute access incremental (RI) exercise assay for acute V˙O2p and aiguille PO (POpeak) determination, ii) four to bristles all-embracing tests (time-to-exhaustion trials) and two to three 30-min constant-power trials at a anchored accent for the assurance of CP, PO at MLSS, and V˙O2p associated with CP and MLSS, and iii) an avenue RI assay from which the V˙O2p and PO associated with RCP and [HHb]BP were determined. All tests were conducted in an environmentally controlled class for a minimum of eight occasions, anniversary at a agnate time of the day, 2–3 h afterwards a connected meal (composed of 500 mL of baptize and 2–3 g·kg−1 anatomy accumulation of low glycemic base CHO). Participants were instructed to abjure from active concrete action in the 24 h above-mentioned anniversary assay and to abstain caffeine burning on the day of testing.

All exercise tests were preceded by 4 min of baseline 20-W cycling at a self-selected pedal accent (range, 70–100 rpm). The advisedly called accent of anniversary accountable was recorded during the basic RI test, and this accent was maintained during all consecutive tests application beheld acknowledgment and exact advance from the experimenters. Failure to advance the adumbrated accent to aural 5 rpm (for best than 5 s) during testing admitting able exact advance was advised as the archetype for exhaustion.

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Each actor performed two RI tests to alternative exhaustion, as follows: one afore beginning testing (preliminary test) and one at the end of beginning testing (exit test; to ensure that there was no training aftereffect of the beginning protocol). The RI tests consisted of 20-W cycling for 4 min followed by an access of 25 W·min−1 in PO (5 W every 12 s) for assurance of aiguille V˙O2p (V˙O2peak), gas barter beginning (GET), RCP, HRmax, and POpeak.

For the assurance of CP, anniversary actor performed four to bristles constant-power trials to the complete of intolerance, which were advised to accomplish a administration of time-to-exhaustion (t exhaustion) trials amid about 1 and 20 min in continuance (as recommended by Morton (24)). The aboriginal three constant-power trials were performed at 80%, 95%, and 115% of POpeak (as bent from the basic RI test) in a accidental order. Thereafter, a fourth and a fifth balloon were performed at a PO advised to accomplish an alike administration of burnout times aural the ambition ambit (i.e., about 1–20 min). From these trials, a PO–t burnout affiliation was acquired for anniversary subject.

On alternating appointments, participants performed two to three 30-min constant-power tests for assurance of the V˙O2p at CP and for the assurance of PO and V˙O2p at MLSS. The aboriginal assay was completed at CP. [La−] was abstinent at blow and at the fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th min during exercise. The acuteness of the alternating test(s) was abased on the change in [La−] amid the 10th and 30th min of the antecedent test, as follows: if [La−] added by >1.00 mM, the alternating assay was performed at a PO of CP −10 W; if [La−] added by <1.00 mM, the alternating assay was performed at a PO of CP 10 W. Thereafter, the PO was increased/reduced by 10 W until the accomplished PO accordant with a abiding [La−] (i.e., access of <1.00 mM amid the 10th and 30th min) was identified. An archetype of the complete exercise acceding (excluding the basic RI) can be credible in Figure 1 (see explanation for details).

All exercise tests were performed on an electromagnetically braked aeon ergometer (Sport Excalibur; Lode, Groningen, Netherlands). Breath-by-breath pulmonary gas barter and blast were continuously abstinent application a metaic barrow (Quark B2; COSMED, Rome, Italy) as advanced declared (12). The gas analyzers were calibrated afore anniversary acceding application a gas admixture of accustomed concentration, and the agent flowmeter was calibrated application a 3-L syringe (Hans Rudolph, Inc.). HR was calm application radiotelemetry (SP0180 Polar Transmitter; Polar Electro, Inc., Kempele, Finland) and affected over the continuance of anniversary breath.

During all testing, beef oxygenation and deoxygenation ([HHb]) were evaluated application a quantitative NIRS arrangement (Oxiplex TSTM; ISS, Champaign, IL). Afterwards shaving, cleaning, and dehydration of the bark area, the NIRS delving was longitudinally positioned on the abdomen of the vastus lateralis beef about 15 cm aloft the patella and absorbed to the bark with a bi-adhesive tape. The delving was anchored with adaptable bandages about the thigh. The accoutrement was calibrated on anniversary testing day afterwards a countdown of at atomic 30 min as per architect recommendations. Abstracts were stored online at an accomplishment abundance of 25 Hz but were bargain to 1-s bins for all consecutive analyses aural the present study.

During all constant-load tests, claret lactate ([La−] (mM)) was adjourned at called intervals application an electroenzymatic acclimation (Biosen C-line; EKF Diagnostics, Barleben, Germany) on arterialized capillary claret samples (20 μL) taken from the acrimonious earlobe. The analyzer was calibrated with a 12-mM accustomed afore and at approved intervals during analyses.

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Breath-by-breath V˙O2p abstracts were edited individually, as follows: abnormal abstracts that lay 3 SD from the bounded beggarly (22) were removed, and trials were linearly amid on a second-by-second basis, time-aligned such that time “zero” represented the access of exercise (i.e., access of constant-load or RI exercise), and averaged into 5- and 30-s time bins.

Both the GET and RCP were apart bent by three addled able reviewers. The boilerplate of the three ethics was acclimated for assay as connected as all estimates were aural 200 mL·min−1. In instances breadth one of the reviewers’ estimates was not aural 200 mL·min−1, an boilerplate of the two in aing acceding was used. GET was bent by beheld assay as the V˙O2p at which CO2 accomplishment (V˙CO2p) began to access out of admeasurement in affiliation to V˙O2p, with a analytical acceleration in the minute blast (V˙E)-to-V˙O2p affiliation and end-tidal PO2 admitting the ventilatory agnate of V˙CO2p (V˙E/V˙CO2p) and end-tidal PCO2 is abiding (2). RCP was bent as the point breadth end-tidal PCO2 began to abatement afterwards a aeon of isocapnic buffering (37). This point was accustomed by analytical V˙E/V˙CO2p advised adjoin V˙O2p and by anecdotic the additional breakpoint in the V˙E-to- V˙O2p relation.

V˙O2peak was authentic as the accomplished 20-s V˙O2p computed from a rolling average, and POpeak was authentic as the PO accomplished at the abortion of the RI test. The accomplishment of V˙O2max was added accustomed by analytical the V˙O2p responses during several of the time-to-exhaustion trials.

The [HHb]BP was articular by applicable the alone ethics of [HHb] agnate to the incremental allocation of the exercise as a action of time. A piecewise “double-linear” archetypal was acclimated to characterize the access in [HHb] as follows (36):

where f is the double-linear function, x is time and y is [HHb], BP is the time alike agnate to the interception of the two corruption curve (i.e., the [HHb]BP), i 1 and i 2 are the intercepts of the aboriginal and additional beeline function, respectively, and s 1 and s 2 are the slopes. Archetypal constant estimates for anniversary alone were bent by beeline least-square corruption analysis. Thereafter, to actuate the V˙O2p and HR at which the [HHb]BP occurred, V˙O2p and HR abstracts from the RI assay were left-shifted by the alone MRT (for details, see Fontana et al. (15)); V˙O2p and HR at [HHb]BP were affected as 10-s averages.

CP was bent by applicable a three-parameter abstract archetypal (24) to anniversary subject’s PO–t burnout affiliation application nonlinear atomic squares corruption analysis, as follows:

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US Army: StudentGuide(WLC) | Non Commissioned Officer | Leadership – da form 3349 shaving profile | da form 3349 shaving profile

where t is time to burnout (s), W′ is the anaerobic assignment accommodation in joules, CP is the analytical adeptness in watts, and Pmax is the acute “instantaneous” power. A abounding atomic squares action was acclimated so that weights (w i) of anniversary abstracts point were proportional to the aboveboard of y i (i.e., about t i 2) for the ith abstracts point to annual for the access in about-face accompanying accretion exercise times to exhaustion. The “goodness of fit” for the abstract archetypal was bent by accretion the 95% aplomb breach for CP. To advance the aplomb in the CP constant estimate, archetypal aggregation was established, with the Pmax constant aboriginal accustomed to vary. Subsequently, the archetypal was accepted afresh with a anchored amount for this parameter.

V˙O2p, HR, and ventilatory responses from the constant-power tests were averaged into 30-s time bins so that responses aloft time could be examined. One-sample Z-tests were acclimated to analyze the time point at which the change in V˙O2p amid 1-min intervals (starting at 6 min) and the aftermost minute of exercise (i.e., the 30th min) was no best altered from “zero” (i.e., the time at which V˙O2p accomplished a “steady state”). Thereafter, the V˙O2p and HR agnate to CP and MLSS for anniversary accountable were affected as a 1-min beggarly at the time point back abiding accompaniment was reached. All abstracts editing, processing, and clay were performed application OriginLab adaptation 8.5 (OriginLab, Northampton, MA).

Data are presented as agency ± SD throughout. One-way repeated-measures ANOVA was acclimated to actuate statistical acceptation for the abased variables. Tukey column hoc analyses were acclimated back cogent differences were begin for the capital furnishings of the abased variables. Bland–Altman plots were acclimated to appraise the banned of acceding amid the V˙O2p at CP, MLSS, RCP, and [HHb]BP, and one-sample Z-tests were acclimated to actuate whether the boilerplate aberration amid ethics (i.e., the bias) was decidedly altered from zero. Two-tailed pairwise t-tests were acclimated to analyze differences amid the ethics acquired from the basic and avenue RI tests. All statistical analyses were performed application SigmaPlot adaptation 11.0, (Systat Software Inc., San Jose, CA). Statistical acceptation was accustomed at an alpha akin beneath than 0.05.

No differences were empiric for any of the variables amid the basic and avenue RI test; therefore, a accessible training aftereffect accompanying to the testing acceding was excluded.

The V˙O2peak accomplished in the avenue RI assay (4.13 ± 0.52 L·min−1) was not altered (P > 0.05) from the aiguille V˙O2p articular during the beeline time-to-exhaustion trials (4.00 ± 0.60 L·min−1), acknowledging that V˙O2peak accomplished during the RI assay was adumbrative of V˙O2max. The accession beggarly ethics for V˙O2max, POpeak, HRmax, and GET from the RI assay were 4.13 ± 0.52 L·min−1 (49.3 ± 8.7 mL·kg−1·min−1), 366 ± 48 W, 186 ± 12 bpm (96% ± 6% of age-predicted value), and 2.54 ± 0.36 L·min−1, respectively. The V˙O2p, PO, and HR ethics associated with RCP and [HHb]BP are appear in Table 1.

The ambit of about PO acclimated in the time-to-exhaustion trials was about 60%–115% POpeak, consistent in t burnout alignment from about 1–24 min. The accession beggarly ethics of the CP and W′ ambit acquired from the three-parameter abstract archetypal were 226 ± 45 W and 31.1 ± 10.9 kJ, respectively. The 95% aplomb breach for CP was 15 ± 6 W. During constant-power trials at CP, all accommodation displayed a delayed steady-state V˙O2p, which occurred at a best of about 13 min afterwards exercise access (difference amid 13th (and thereafter, i.e., 14th, 15th, etc.) and 30th min was not altered from “zero” (P > 0.05)). Three of the twelve accommodation annoyed the belief for MLSS (i.e., [La−]b access of <1.00 mM amid the 10th and 30th min) during the constant-intensity trials performed at the estimated CP; MLSS occurred at a PO 10 W aloft CP in two subjects, 10 W beneath CP in bristles accommodation (for example, see accountable in Fig. 1), 20 W aloft CP in one subject, and 20 W beneath CP in one subject, consistent in a beggarly aberration amid the PO at CP and MLSS according to 2 ± 12 W. At the PO agnate to MLSS, a plateau in V˙O2p was empiric in all accommodation by the 13th min of exercise. The accession beggarly amount of [La−]b at MLSS was 6.34 ± 1.41 mM.

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The V˙O2p, PO, and HR ethics associated with CP, RCP, MLSS, and [HHb]BP are displayed in Table 1. There were no cogent differences amid the V˙O2p and HR ethics associated with anniversary of the indices of beginning acuteness (P > 0.05). However, the PO at RCP and [HHb]BP was greater than the PO at MLSS and CP (P < 0.05).

Figure 2 shows Bland–Altman plots depicting the acceding amid alone V˙O2p (L·min−1) ethics at CP and MLSS (top panel), amid CP and both RCP and [HHb]BP (left panels), and amid MLSS and both RCP and [HHb]BP (right panels). The beggarly aberration (bias) amid CP and MLSS, RCP, and [HHb]BP was not altered from “zero” (P > 0.05), with attenuated 95% banned of acceding (range, ±0.55 to ±0.63 L·min−1). The beggarly bent amid MLSS and RCP was additionally not altered from “zero” (P > 0.05); however, the bent amid MLSS and [HHb]BP (0.13 L·min−1) was greater than aught (P < 0.05).

Figure 3 displays a arbitrary of the accession beggarly V˙O2p acknowledgment during constant-power trials at MLSS and CP and called variables from which RCP and [HHb]BP were determined, advised as a action of % V˙O2max.

The present abstraction activated the antecedent that the CP, MLSS, RCP, and [HHb]BP action at the aforementioned metaic amount (i.e., V˙O2p). The capital award was that the V˙O2p ethics associated with CP, MLSS, RCP, and [HHb]BP were not different, suggesting that anniversary anatomic base of exercise acuteness could accommodate a acclimation of anecdotic the aals amid abundant and actual abundant exercise domains. This is the aboriginal abstraction to anon authenticate a commonality amid these “thresholds” in a audible accession of subjects, substantiating the angle of a “critical metaic rate” (1,35) as the accomplished metaic amount at which exercise is able-bodied acceptable for connected durations. After-effects authenticate that there is a affiliation amid the metaic/physiological responses and the V˙O2p ethics associated with anniversary of these thresholds, suggesting that they may allotment a accustomed basal mechanistic link.

To our knowledge, alone one added abstraction has attempted to anon analyze CP, MLSS, and RCP (13), and it did so on the base of PO. Dekerle et al. (13) appear that CP and RCP occurred at a greater PO compared with that of MLSS, complete that these “intensities” are audible indices of aerobic function. However, it has been credible that in abounding cases, PO can be afar from metaic amount (i.e., V˙O2p), which may affect the admiration of these data. For example, depending on the amount of access during RI exercise, the PO at RCP will alter admitting occurring at the aforementioned V˙O2p (33). In addition, Barker et al. (1) accustomed that altered combinations of pedaling cadences crop altered PO at CP but do not change the V˙O2p associated with CP. In the present study, back PO is acclimated for allegory amid “thresholds,” the cessation would be that RCP, but not CP, occurs at a greater acuteness than MLSS.

However, back CP, MLSS, and RCP are declared in agreement of V˙O2p (rather than PO), it is credible that “metaic rate” is ancillary amid indexes. Abounding studies accept consistently appear accession beggarly ethics amid about 75% and 80% V˙O2max for MLSS (3,13,31) and for [HHb]BP or RCP or both (3,13,15,25,36), alongside suggesting a accessible accompaniment amid indices. On the contrary, the ambit of ethics for CP in the abstract is broader (approximately 75%–85% V˙O2max) and its accord with MLSS is equivocal. For example, studies accept appear both a connected access in [La−]b (13,18,19,23,26,31,35) and an animated but abiding [La−]b during abiding exercise at CP (1,29,30). Interestingly, those studies not celebratory a abiding accompaniment in [La−]b during constant-power exercise at CP additionally appear a beggarly CP according to about 85% V˙O2max admitting those that did appear a beggarly CP of about 79% V˙O2max (which is agnate to that of the present study, 80% V˙O2max). Accustomed that there are several abstruse approaches that can be acclimated to appraisal CP and that these approaches can access CP admiration (e.g., algebraic archetypal (8,16), continuance of predictive trials (6), etc.), it is not hasty that accurateness issues could blemish this index’s adeptness to ascertain a actual attenuated akin of beef metaic activation aloft which “physiological abiding state” cannot be achieved. The present abstraction cannot discriminate whether the agnate V˙O2p associated to CP, MLSS, RCP, and [HHb]BP are mechanistically or accordingly linked; yet accustomed the aerial amount of airheadedness and the abstruse challenges associated with admiration of anniversary of these indices of beginning intensity, the affirmation of a able-bodied affiliation of V˙O2p amid all four intensity-based “thresholds” suggests that they may be accompanying and may credible as a aftereffect of agnate basal mechanisms.

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Recently, the point at which the amount of access in [HHb] is bargain during RI exercise (i.e., [HHb]BP) has been associated with both RCP (15,25) and MLSS (3). The after-effects of the present abstraction affirm that the V˙O2p at [HHb]BP is not altered from that of RCP. Although the bent was decidedly altered from “zero” compared with the MLSS, it should be acclaimed that the complete amount of the bent was actual baby (130 mL·min−1) and about agnate to the minimum apparent change (in our class amid 100 and 170 mL·min−1 at a V˙O2p of 2.1–3.5 L·min−1) accepted of breath-by-breath V˙O2p altitude for steady-state exercise (21)). In addition, this is the aboriginal abstraction to accessory CP with the [HHb]BP. These abstracts advance that there is a articulation amid the [HHb]BP and the metaic aals demarcating abundant from actual abundant exercise. The accompaniment may be accompanying to an arterial acidosis accepted at this metaic intensity, as both interstitial lactate absorption and reductions in pH accept been advised to accord to reductions in vascular accent (10,27). The added arterial [H ], which is associated (in part) by an added [La−]b, could accord to an access in bounded microvascular vasodilation, causing an access in beef perfusion and O2 availability, abbreviation the claim for bounded O2 abstraction (although no appreciable access in absolute claret at this acuteness partially contraindicates this mechanism). Alternatively, the “plateau” empiric in [HHb] may reflect an access in the application of Type II glycolytic fibers (relative to Type I oxidative fibers) (14), and indeed, a accelerating application of higher-order motor units replacing those that bead out because of fatigue during RI exercise has been proposed in bodies (34) and accustomed in rats appliance aloft against those appliance beneath analytical acceleration (11). An added amount of glycolytic adenosin triphosphate (ATP) resynthesis in Type I oxidative fibers and consistent abridgement in the amount of oxidative ATP resynthesis could additionally abate the amount of access in O2 appliance about to the amount of O2 delivery. Additional studies are all-important afore a mechanistic articulation amid [HHb]BP and CP, RCP, and MLSS can be elucidated.

Identification of exercise acuteness domains has important implications/applications for assay interventions; however, identification of these indices of aerobic action aural an alone is bulky because abundant exercise tests are commonly adapted for authentic identification of the heavy–very abundant domains. To abstain this issue, abounding studies accept arbitrarily called “delta 50” (Δ50 or 50% of the aberration in V˙O2p amid GET and V˙O2max) to represent “heavy-intensity” exercise. Interestingly, in the present study, Δ50 corresponded to a V˙O2p of 3.33 ± 0.42 L·min−1 (81% ± 10% V˙O2max), which was not altered from any of the “thresholds” examined. These allegation advance that aural a accustomed sample of individuals, alternative of an acuteness agnate to Δ50 would acceptable arm-twist V˙O2p responses from both the abundant and actual abundant acuteness domains, and therefore, depending on the goals of a -to-be study, after-effects could be afflicted by alone differences in metaic and gas barter responses.

The accepted abstraction has accustomed that the concepts of CP, MLSS, RCP, and [HHb]BP may be unified by free the V˙O2p (rather than the PO) associated with anniversary anatomic base of exercise intensity, substantiating the actuality of a “metaic boundary” administration abundant from actual abundant exercise domains. These abstracts advance that the CP, MLSS, RCP, and [HHb]BP constructs may be physiologically agnate and, accouterment optimal architecture and adapted determination, anniversary could apparently represent the accomplished V˙O2p at which [La]b (and V˙O2p) can be counterbalanced and appropriately the “boundary” of acceptable against unsustainable constant-power exercise. This is of admired applied accent because the adequation of anniversary base may accommodate exercise physiologists, sports scientists, and clinicians with several options for free the banned of tolerable adeptness exercise depending aloft the assay population, the accessible resources, and the adapted acuteness ambition for exercise prescription.

Support was provided to Daniel A. Keir in the anatomy of an International Mobility (CooperInt) admission from the University of Verona and a postgraduate doctoral scholarship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Assay Council of Canada.

The authors acknowledge no conflicts of interest.

The after-effects of the present abstraction do not aggregate endorsement by the American College of Sports Medicine.

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