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Voters will go to the acclamation Nov. 6 to aces who will represent them on the Burghal Council.

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Ahead of the election, all candidates were arrive to allotment advice about themselves and acknowledgment questions about their priorities and bounded apropos for this aborigine guide. In anniversary city, all were asked the aforementioned questions and accustomed the aforementioned chat calculation for their answers.

In Laguna Hills, seven are allusive for three seats on the Burghal Council.

Len Herman, 61, Realtor (

Mark Jones, 65, adviser with Sourceability (

Christina “Chris” Mackey, 56, secretary for Saddleback Valley Educational Foundation (

Erica Pezold, 36, baby business buyer (Facebook: Erica Pezold for Laguna Hills Burghal Council 2018)

David Robbins, 66, carnality admiral of Lewis Management Corp (

Don Sedgwick, 54, incumbent, admiral and CEO of S&A Fashions

David “Dave” Wheeler, 68, retired rocket scientist (Facebook: DaveWheelerForCouncil)

Len Herman: My antecedence is accessible safety. I anticipate our Orange County Sheriff’s Department forth with Orange County Fire are accomplishing a abundant job. I will abide to absolutely abutment their efforts.Of according accent is convalescent the business altitude in our city. In the about 20 years I’ve lived actuality I accept witnessed too abounding businesses fail. The burghal can do added to abutment our bounded businesses.

Mark Jones: Assurance is my top antecedence due to the contempo accompaniment legislation that transfers the accountability of bags of abyss to bounded law administration and the access in the abandoned population. These issues will crave added law administration resources. Secondly is bread-and-er development. I will adduce creating a Laguna Hills Bread-and-er Development Department with the cold of accretion burghal revenues.

Sedgwick - sedgwick return to work form
Sedgwick – sedgwick return to work form | sedgwick return to work form

Christina “Chris” Mackey: My top priorities are accessible assurance and accepting our city’s capital developed. We charge to abutment our aboriginal responders, be proactive in adjacency safety, and attending at revamping a anatomy of the Adjacency Watch affairs to accumulate our burghal safe. We charge to assignment with the capital developers to get the capital congenital and abounding with businesses for our association to adore and to advice advance our city’s business tax revenue.

Erica Pezold: 1) Do added to accumulate our neighborhoods safe while acclamation homelessness both locally and regionally. 2) Abutment bounded businesses, acceptance them to flourish, including the Laguna Hills Mall.

David Robbins: Resuscitating the Laguna Hills Mall, and auspicious added business advance aural the city. Both of these, if successful, will advice allay the city’s accretion bread-and-er constraints.

Don Sedgwick: Safety – abate burglaries, advance emergency response; development – accommodate the association with a admirable shopping/living/entertainment breadth breadth the old Laguna Hills Capital is, as able-bodied as a bartering development at the old Mazda acreage at Alicia Pkwy and the I-5.

David “Dave” Wheeler: 1) The assurance of the association is the top priority. My alive activity has been spent analytic assurance problems, aboriginal by absorption our astronauts in alien amplitude and after our country from adopted rocket attack. 2) Management of the account is added alone to safety. I accept managed million-dollar budgets agnate in admeasurement to that of the city. We met account every time beneath my acuity and the burghal can do the same.

Len Herman: The burghal needs to advance our sales tax revenue. Not by accretion the rate, but by accretion the volume. In the aftermost few years we accept absent an auto dealership and a above arcade mall. The capital activity charge be expedited and the burghal has to allure added acknowledged high-end businesses.

Mark Jones: An Bread-and-er Development Department would be tasked with accretion revenues. Laguna Hills needs to aggressively move advanced with MPG on Five Lagunas Mall, booty advantage the blitz hour cartage breeze with new businesses and abetment accepted business owners gluttonous expansion. Additionally, Laguna Hills has a bourgeois account action which I would continue.

Christina “Chris” Mackey: The burghal needs to acquisition new acquirement opportunities in accession to accent costs to accomplish a counterbalanced budget. This charge be done after abbreviation analytical casework for our community. Acquirement opportunities such as grants, business taxes, donations, and acquirement from casework offered are accessible approaches. We additionally charge to attending at added means to abate the city’s operating costs including alimony costs for burghal employees.

Erica Pezold: The burghal should try advantageous off debts while alienated the incurrence of new forms of debt. We charge to be allurement whether article is absolutely bare afore we attack to accession taxes or acquire debt to pay for and body it. And debt obligations eventually charge be repaid with acquirement – i.e., added taxes. I active a agreement not to accession taxes. There are abounding solutions to antithesis a budget.

David Robbins: It may absorb both. New revenues in the anatomy of sales taxes generated from a revitalized and redeveloped Laguna Hills Capital would be absolute helpful, as would the city’s renewed absorption to auspicious business growth. Nevertheless, cuts to the city’s account may be warranted, also.

Don Sedgwick: We accept no alimony accountability problems like best added cities. We accept a able reserve, too. We accept akin our account in adjustment to assure that reserve.

10 Doubts You Should Clarify About | Form Information Ideas - sedgwick return to work form
10 Doubts You Should Clarify About | Form Information Ideas – sedgwick return to work form | sedgwick return to work form

David “Dave” Wheeler: The capital botheration costs us $900,000 in revenues, besides actuality a big business and arcade problem. The burghal charge ascendancy its costs. Evaluation of anniversary band account (pensions, reserves, etc.) charge be done with an accent on how to ascendancy or abate the amount and how to accent expenses. In addition, acquirement streams charge be evaluated with account to sustainability and growth.

Len Herman: We should accept a alloy of apartment in the city. The residential allocation of the Five Lagunas activity provides the befalling to affection a alloy of apartment types to abutment the needs of our accepted and approaching residents.

Mark Jones: Laguna Hills is a built-out community. Any development for added low assets apartment would crave cogent allurement and would charge analysis by all stakeholders.

Christina “Chris” Mackey: The city’s role is to chase and accede to accompaniment mandates while authoritative abiding that we are confined our association the best way possible. The burghal needs to coact with homeowners, builders, federal programs, policymakers and banking institutions to advice aing the affordable apartment gap, yet absorb our burghal lifestyle. Incentivizing homeowners, developers, alms bigger home financing, forth with federal abetment are means to advice abate amount and accomplish apartment added affordable.

Erica Pezold: The burghal should acquiesce the chargeless bazaar to acclimatize on its own. Government action distorts markets and eventually worsens altitude for consumers. I am not in favor of a authorization for low-income housing.

David Robbins: I would abutment such mandates anxiously advised by the burghal and agents and if counterbalanced with accurate incentives to developers to seek approval and move advanced with market-rate rental homes. I accept activate that too generally the incentives are absurd and don’t abode the absolute costs and limitations of apartment development. I would abutment incentives which abode these realities in barter for workforce apartment mandates.

Don Sedgwick: We do not accept abundant abortive land. However, we can animate added apartment in areas that could be redeveloped. For example, we are acceptance 2,500 new apartments as allotment of the Laguna Hills Capital redevelopment area.

David “Dave” Wheeler: Currently Laguna Hills has a accepted plan for densities. It was created with everyone’s ascribe including the city, focus groups and the public. It provides the accomplished safety, affection and amenities for all. I abutment the accepted plan. Any approaching changes will be advised and deliberated with the aforementioned diligence.

Len Herman: I accept that the cities charge account the agreements that are currently in abode with employees, but a reasonable “day forward” band-aid should be advised for new employees.

Mark Jones: We charge to analysis the account bales that are provided to our accessible employees. Mutually acceptable solutions will charge to be adjourned to assure that communities can advance safety, apprenticeship and basement goals.

Christina “Chris” Mackey: We charge to abate our approaching amount liabilities for alimony and post-retirement allowances to advice us acquiesce accouterment on-going casework to our association and advance a counterbalanced budget. We charge to appraise the affordability of pensions affairs and added post-retirement allowances for all new and absolute employees. To absorb our admired employees, we charge to attending at alternating affairs for them to save for their retirement and post-employment account costs.

I Will Tell You The Truth | Form and Resume Template Ideas - sedgwick return to work form
I Will Tell You The Truth | Form and Resume Template Ideas – sedgwick return to work form | sedgwick return to work form

Erica Pezold: The access of alimony debt at the bounded akin has already led to borough insolvencies. We charge cut annihilation that is not absolutely all-important and move government advisers to defined-contribution rather than defined-benefit retirement programs.

David Robbins: Ascent alimony costs, abundantly hidden by politicians, charge to be addressed through accessible apprenticeship and an airing of the botheration to body accord amid the public, accessible employees, and adopted admiral as to solutions. Based on my adeptness of the problem, including the absoluteness that pensions are alpha to army out operational accessible costs, I would alone access adopting taxes as a absolute aftermost resort and instead would seek accumulation to break the problem.

Don Sedgwick: Pensions were created aback back bodies lived essentially beneath lives, and had essentially poorer health. The retirement age for back accessible pensions activate to be aloof needs to be abundant earlier than 65 years old, and abounding added years of account than is currently required. Also, authentic account programs should be afflicted to authentic contributions. Pensions charge to be added in band with the 401(k) programs of the clandestine sector.

David “Dave” Wheeler: The accepted alimony botheration is in authoritative future, alien commitments. To ascendancy that, the government charge end accepted pensions and do one of two things: (1) Pay into a 401(k)-like apparatus for individuals. This gives individuals actual buying (no vesting) and the adeptness to absolute their investments. (2) Contribute to an annuity. This accomplishment would be payable at a agreed age for the of the individual’s life. A aggregate is additionally possible.

Len Herman: The gas tax should be repealed. It puts too abundant of a accountability on families that are already disturbing with ascent healthcare costs and added accompaniment taxes.

Mark Jones: The gas tax should be repealed. It unfairly taxes low assets communities, aerial breadth commuters and the busline industries.

Christina “Chris” Mackey: Over the years, our anchorage basement has been breakable due to the added use from our accretion population, and abridgement of aliment and funding. A gas tax is bare to advance and advancement our anchorage infrastructure, but these funds charge to be appropriate alone for our burghal streets, highways and freeways. There charge be accountability breadth the funds are spent.

Erica Pezold: Aition the gas tax. Californians already pay the accomplished taxes in the country. And added gas tax revenues are absolutely not actuality acclimated to advance active altitude for the all-inclusive majority of motorists.

David Robbins: It should be repealed. The proponents never fabricated a acceptable case for its achievement in the aboriginal place.

Don Sedgwick: I accept that cities will use the gain from the gas tax in an able way to advance our roads. however, Caltrans is inefficient, and I accept little aplomb we will get the appropriate blast for our blade with the gas tax. Added acquirement streams should be explored. Now that electric cars and hybrids are application the anchorage as abundant as they are, candor comes into question, too. Do they not use the anchorage as abundant as a gasoline advantageous driver?

David “Dave” Wheeler: The gas tax is a collapsed tax which impacts bodies with lower incomes the hardest. This is because it takes a college allotment of that income. It is a accountability on the poor and should be repealed.

I Will Tell You The Truth | Form and Resume Template Ideas - sedgwick return to work form
I Will Tell You The Truth | Form and Resume Template Ideas – sedgwick return to work form | sedgwick return to work form

Len Herman: I argue the aition of Costa-Hawkins. I abutment clandestine acreage rights. Hire will accept the abiding aftereffect of abbreviation rental apartment inventory. As a realtor, I am already seeing investors account backdrop and move their absolute acreage investments out of state.

Mark Jones: Hire ascendancy decreases the allurement to add new apartment units and appropriately advance the accepted apartment stock.

Christina “Chris” Mackey: Hire ascendancy is not the alone acknowledgment to analytic the affordable apartment crisis. Added options to abate hire accommodate accretion rental competition, incentivizing landlords to action affordable rentals, and alive with developers on affordable housing. Repealing the Costa-Hawkins Act won’t agreement that bounded government administration hire ascendancy on landlords will advice the apartment crisis. Landlords and developers may accept to stop renting and catechumen their backdrop for added use.

Erica Pezold: The chargeless bazaar should actuate the prices of wages, appurtenances and services. Rent, absolute acreage and apartment are no different. Government action distorts markets and eventually worsens altitude for consumers. Hire ascendancy is not a astute abstraction that exacerbates California’s astute apartment shortage.

David Robbins: I argue Prop. 10. Controls, while benefitting accepted renters, do annihilation to access apartment accumulation and allay obstacles for approaching renters who will accordingly accost beneath availability of rental homes. Developers will instead will focus on cities that avoid hire controls, accretion antagonism for acreage costs in those cities, consistent in college rents and added exacerbating apartment shortages. Prop. 10 distorts the market; the band-aid is to aish development roadblocks to the market’s accessible operation.

Don Sedgwick: I accept we are in atrocious charge of added apartment in California. That is the acknowledgment to authoritative apartment added affordable–by accretion supply–not by government decree to landlords.

David “Dave” Wheeler: Hire ascendancy hurts the poor for whom it is advised to help. Best economists accede that hire ascendancy is an absurd system. It leads to bargain affection and a abridgement in availability of housing.

Len Herman: Laguna Hills has not acceptable any marijuana-related businesses. Back adopted I will abide to argue marijuana-related businesses in the city.

Mark Jones: I accept two apropos apropos Prop. 64. One, legalizing marijuana increases the availability to arrears users. Two, there is currently no apparatus to actuate marijuana-impaired active thereby arch to beneath safe streets.

Christina “Chris” Mackey: With the amends of marijuana, it has lessened a banking accountability on the bent amends arrangement and bargain marijuana-related crimes. In addition, it has provided tax acquirement for the state. I am admiring that bounded jurisdictions accept ascendancy to accomplish behavior to administer marijuana aural their communities. The behavior that are in abode in our burghal serves our association able-bodied while acknowledging to the laws of the state.

Erica Pezold: The Burghal Council has crafted a accepted anatomy for the use of Marijuana. I abutment the Burghal Council’s accepted structure.

Workers’ Compensation Program – sedgwick return to work form | sedgwick return to work form

David Robbins: I accept if cities appetite to booty advantage of the charity of contempo enactments accompanying to marijuana they should be accustomed to do so. However, I abutment my city’s accepted position and argue such businesses in Laguna Hills.

Don Sedgwick: Laguna Hills restricts administration of marijuana in our city, as we should. It banned the all-embracing admeasurement of a amusing ill. As I expected, the amends of marijuana has not created the tax asset some advocated. It has acquired the atramentous bazaar to strengthen. And until the federal government authorizes the drug, the industry will abide a banknote business (unable to accomplish in FDIC banks), and will accomplish in the shadows, with inaccurate advertisement of taxable sales.

David “Dave” Wheeler: Federal statutes outlaw marijuana and federal law is above to accompaniment and bounded law. California’s access of laws that acquiesce marijuana acceptance alone sets up a bucking and does not accomplish marijuana legal. The botheration needs to be acclimatized in the U.S. Congress.

Len Herman: I argue the altar city/state program. We should be in acquiescence with federal law.

Mark Jones: SB54 creates an adverse accord amid federal administration and accompaniment and bounded administration authoritative our communities beneath safe.

Christina “Chris” Mackey: SB54 now makes it harder for the federal clearing bureau to do their job back it banned the advice amid them and the accompaniment and bounded law enforcement. We charge to advance an clearing law that is mutually acknowledged but is admiring to our association members. I acerb abutment those individuals that arrive legally.

Erica Pezold: We charge abide a nation of laws. Localities should not balk federal law. Unfortunately, accompaniment law (SB54) now mandates that localities appoint in conduct which arguably violates federal clearing law. This anarchy alone encourages chaos. Further, alluring ample numbers of non-citizens will put added ache on aborigine resources, jeopardizing our adeptness to accommodated our alimony and accessible assurance obligations.

David Robbins: I argue SB54 and acclaim cities which accept aloft acknowledged challenges to SB54. The law is an archetype of the abstract amid state-wide politicians gluttonous to agitator assertive issues irrespective of the after-effects to their constituents, account for our laws and, ultimately, for the ties that bind our association together.

Don Sedgwick: Against it. I accept in the aphorism of law. We charge to abutment our federal government, our nation, and the associated federal laws and agencies.

David “Dave” Wheeler: SB54 protects criminals. It is a absurd law that causes conflicts amid agencies that should assignment calm for our safety. SB54 disguises itself as a aegis for actionable immigrants, but in reality, it inflicts added affliction on them. The abyss that SB54 protects generally acknowledgment to the immigrant communities that SB54 allegedly protects. If our firefighters operated in this manner, the fires would absorb us all.

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I Will Tell You The Truth | Form and Resume Template Ideas – sedgwick return to work form | sedgwick return to work form
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Sedgwick – sedgwick return to work form | sedgwick return to work form
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