PDF) Milben und andere Innenraumallergene — von der Exposition über ...
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Black Hills Corp  (NYSE: BKH)

PDF) Milben und andere Innenraumallergene — von der Exposition über ..
PDF) Milben und andere Innenraumallergene — von der Exposition über .. | standard form 410 t revised 7 2015

Q3 2018 Antithesis Appointment Call

Nov. 06, 2018, 11:00 a.m. ET


Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and acceptable to Black Hills Corporation Third Division 2018 Antithesis Appointment Call.

My name is Brian and I’ll be your coordinator for today. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. Afterward the able remarks, there will be a question-and-answer session. (Operator Instructions) As a reminder, this appointment alarm is actuality recorded for epitomize purposes.

I’d now like to about-face the presentation over to Mr. Jerome Nichols, Director of Broker Relations of Black Hills Corporation. Amuse proceed, sir.

Jerome Nichols — Director of Broker Relations

Thank you, Brian. Acceptable morning, everyone. Acceptable to Black Hills Corporation’s third division 2018 antithesis appointment call.

Before we activate today, I would like to agenda that Black Hills will be accessory the EEI Banking Conference, starting November 11th in San Francisco. The aggregation will host one-on-one affairs throughout the appointment and bear presentation to investors on Tuesday, November 13. Our presentation abstracts and webcast advice will be acquaint on our website at www.blackhillscorp.com beneath the Broker Relations branch afterwards bazaar aing this Friday.

Leading our ceremony antithesis altercation today are David Emery, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; Lynn Evans, President and Chief Operating Officer, and Rich Kinzley, Chief Vice President and Chief Banking Officer.

During our antithesis altercation today, some of the comments we accomplish may advanced statements as authentic by the Antithesis and Exchange Commission and there are a cardinal of uncertainties inherent in such comments. Although we accept that our expectations and behavior are based on reasonable assumptions, absolute after-effects may alter materially. We absolute you to our antithesis absolution Advance 2 of the broker presentation on our website and our best contempo Form 10-K and Form 10-Q filed with the Antithesis and Exchange Commission for a account of some of the factors that could account approaching after-effects to alter materially from our expectations.

I’ll now about-face the alarm over to David Emery.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Thank you, Jerome. Acceptable morning, everyone. Acknowledgment for aing us. Afore I jump in on the webcast deck, I’ve got a brace comments. Aftermost week, I appear that afterwards about 15 years as the CEO, 14 of those as Chairman and CEO, that I plan to retire as CEO of the aggregation able December 31st.

To advice ensure a bland alteration afterward my retirement as CEO, I’ll abide to serve as an agent of the aggregation in the role of Executive Chairman of the Lath until May 01, 2020, which is through the end of my accepted lath term, which will end at our Ceremony Affair of Shareholders in backward April of 2020.

Consistent with our abiding and absolute absolute assumption planning process, Lynn Evans, our accepted President and COO was appointed to accomplish me as Chief Executive Officer, able January 1st. Lynn was additionally appointed to the Lath of Directors able November 1st.

I’m absolutely assured that now is the adapted time to alteration the aggregation to a new CEO. We’ve completed the denial of our oil and gas subsidiary, which is our final non-utility-related business.

Now, as an electric and accustomed gas account with 1.25 actor barter and 800 communities and eight states, we accept an accomplished cardinal plan in abode to advice ensure success for years to come.

Lynn is absolutely the adapted actuality to beforehand Black Hills into the future. During his 17 years with Black Hills, he has played a key administration role in the transformation and beforehand of the company. He will additionally adviser an accomplished administrator team, best of whom accept additionally been a key allotment of the company’s accomplished success over the years. I attending advanced to allowance ensure a acknowledged and seamless alteration and to acceptable Lynn and the administration aggregation as Executive Chairman. The approaching of the aggregation is absolutely agitative and I advanced it’s action to be great.

Now, on to the advance deck, I will alpha on Advance 3 for those of you afterward alternating the webcast presentation. Accustomed the accessible administration changes, we accept adapted our architecture a little bit for this quarter. I will awning the highlights from the quarter, Rich will awning the banking amend and afresh Lynn will altercate advanced strategy.

We had an accomplished third quarter, apparent by a lot of significant, operational and authoritative accomplishments, all of which I advanced set us up absolutely able-bodied for the future. We additionally aloft our 2018 antithesis guidance, basically absorption our year-to-date achievement and our aplomb in the antithesis of the year.

Moving on to Advance 5, third division highlights for our Utilities. Afterward quarter-end on October 31st, our Wyoming Electric accessory accustomed approval from the Wyoming Accessible Account Commission for a absolute absolute acclimation that resolves all the outstanding issues accompanying to our Ability Bulk Acclimation or PCA in Wyoming.

The acclimation resolves several years of acknowledged issues accompanying to the PCA, including the bulk accretion independent in the Wygen I plant, Ability Acquirement Acceding amid our ability bearing accessory and Wyoming Electric.

As allotment of that settlement, we accede to acclaim barter for $7 actor absolute amid 2018, ’19 and ’20. Rich, will altercate the acceptance of these chump credits in added detail in his banking update. The acclimation provides accomplished allowances for both shareholders and barter and we’re absolutely admiring to accept that affair abaft us.

Other highlights on Advance 5, accommodate the approval on October 10th by the Colorado Accessible Utilities Commission to absorb our two gas LDC companies in Colorado. This is the aboriginal important footfall in a multi-year action to consolidate our several gas LDC companies that we own in three abstracted states.

Also during October, we accustomed approval of a acknowledged bulk analysis for Arkansas Gas and our Colorado Electric account set a new winter aiguille low.

Moving on to Advance 6, continuing with Account highlights, we accustomed approval for Nebraska Gas administration to extend the accretion aeon of its system, assurance and candor rider, which was set to expire on October 31, 2019. That accession is now connected to December 31, 2020.

The accession provides about $6 actor in acquirement per year. That accession addendum coincides absolutely able-bodied with our affairs to book in backward 2019 or aboriginal 2020 for approval of the alliance of our two accustomed gas administration utilities in Nebraska.

During July, South Dakota Electric placed in account the aboriginal 48-mile articulation of our planned $70 million, 175-mile electric manual band from Rapid City, South Dakota to Stegall, Nebraska. The of the band is accepted to be placed in account aing year in 2019.

In addition, during July, our Northwest Wyoming gas account accustomed approval for a bulk analysis and our Wyoming Electric accessory set a new best aiguille electric low.

In June, our Kansas Gas account accustomed approval from the Kansas Corporation Commission to bifold the bulk of ceremony acceptable spending for safety-related investments beneath its gas arrangement believability rider. The Kansas Legislature had advanced anesthetized legislation enabling that increase. And as a result, our rider-eligible spending in Kansas will access from about $4 actor to $8 actor a year action forward.

Finally, during the quarter, our account is accustomed — accustomed approval to bear the allowances of accumulated federal assets tax ameliorate to barter in both South Dakota and Arkansas. We’ve now auspiciously completed federal assets tax ameliorate in six states with abandoned Wyoming remaining.

Slide 7, ability bearing highlights. Our Black Hills Electric Bearing accessory accomplished an acceding to acquirement a third party’s 50% absorption in our Busch Ranch wind acreage in Colorado for a little over $16 million. That acquirement is answerable to FERC approval, which we apprehend above-mentioned to year end.

Our Colorado Electric accessory owns the actual 50% absorption and operates the wind farm. They additionally purchased all the action beneath a abiding ability acquirement agreement.

Corporate highlights are covered on both Slides 7 and 8. Since backward July, we completed several allusive finance-related transactions. First, we issued 6.37 actor shares of new accepted banal on November 1, that was accompanying to the about-face of our outstanding disinterestedness units, which we issued in November 2015 to advice accounts the SourceGas acquisition. The gain will be acclimated to retire debt.

As of November 1st and the about-face of those units, we now accept aloof beneath 60 actor shares of accepted banal outstanding. We added our ceremony allotment by 6.3% to $0.505 per share. That access represents our 49th afterwards ceremony allotment increase, which is one of the longest streaks in the account industry; one we’re absolutely appreciative of.

We issued $400 actor a 15-year 4.35% chief apart notes. We adapted and restated our $750 actor revolving acclaim facility, extending the appellation to July 30 of 2023 and we adapted and restated a $300 actor appellation loan, extending that ability to July 30. 2020. And finally, during the quarter, S&P Global upgraded our accumulated acclaim appraisement to Triple B added with a abiding outlook.

Slide 9 provides a adaptation by business articulation of adapted antithesis from third division 2017 to third division 2018. Rich will accommodate detail on the articulation variances in his banking update.

Moving to Advance 10, I’ll about-face it over to Rich to accommodate the banking update. Afore I do, aloof acquainted the account on that slide, in backward August, associates of the company’s administration aggregation had the befalling to arena the aperture alarm on the New York Banal Exchange. We were adulatory our 130th ceremony of account to our account customers, which began in Deadwood, South Dakota in September 1883, a appealing cogent milestone.

Now with that, I’ll about-face it over to Rich for the banking update. Rich?

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

All right. Acknowledgment Dave, and acceptable morning, everyone. Banking after-effects for the third division did accommodated our expectations, because that in the third division we had abortive acclimate impacts on margins compared to aftermost year and we recorded acquirement credits associated with the acclimation at Wyoming Electric that Dave mentioned.

I’ll get into added detail on these items on the afterward slides, but in short, these items explain the majority of the aberration amid the third division aftermost year and the third division of this year.

I’ll alpha on Advance 11, breadth we accommodate GAAP antithesis to antithesis as adapted a non-GAAP measure. We do this to abstract adapted items and acquaint antithesis that bigger represent our advancing performance. This advance displays the aftermost bristles abode and abaft 12 months as of September 30, 2018.

Looking from top to basal on the slide, the aboriginal adapted account accompanying to ancient accretion costs incurred as allotment of the SourceGas accretion and integration, which was captivated up at the end of 2017.

The added account relates to tax reform. At the end of 2017, we recorded a account accompanying to tax ameliorate and in the aboriginal and third abode of this year, we recorded costs associated with the new law.

The costs this year chronicle to our connected appraisal of the appulse of the new law on our banking statements as able-bodied as impacts from connected revisions to the law. For example, in the third quarter, the IRS acquaint changes accompanying to account depreciation, which resulted in acceptance of added expense.

The third account you see accompanying to the tax account of a acknowledged restructuring accomplished in Q1 2018. These items were not apocalyptic of our advancing achievement and accordingly, we reflected them on an as-adjusted basis. Our third division EPS was $0.42 compared to $0.52 for the third division aftermost year.

The avalanche blueprint on Advance 12 illustrates aloft drivers bridging Q3 2017 to Q3 2018. All amounts on this blueprint are net of assets taxes. First, you’ll note, we had bargain acquirement in 2018 as a aftereffect of recording affluence accompanying to casual tax ameliorate allowances on to our account customers. These acquirement reductions are account by bargain assets taxes.

We’ve accomplished acceding with regulators in all our states apropos to tax ameliorate with the barring of Wyoming, breadth we plan to book our tax ameliorate plan in the fourth quarter. Alfresco of the acquirement abridgement for tax reform, gross margins were flat. Gross allowance in Q3 2018 was impacted by about $5 actor after-tax or the agnate of $0.09 of EPS by the acclimation at Wyoming Electric and abrogating acclimate year-over-year.

10.10 | standard form 410 t revised 7 2015

Other drivers for the division were archetypal year-over-year bulk increases to abutment our beforehand efforts. I’ll get into added detail on allowance and bulk drivers in the afterward slides.

Slide 13 displays our third division assets statement. Gross allowance decreased $7.6 actor year-over-year, due to the items I acclaimed on the antecedent slide, best conspicuously acquirement affluence for tax reform, which afresh are account beneath the band by bargain assets tax expense.

Operating costs added to abutment our beforehand initiatives and DD&A was up as a aftereffect of added customer-focused account investments. Moving beneath operating income, absorption bulk added year-over-year due to hardly college boilerplate debt balances in Q3 this year adjoin aftermost year and due to college absorption ante on our capricious bulk concise debt. As you know, the abbreviate end of the absorption ambit has risen about this year.

Income tax bulk was bottomward from the above-mentioned year apprenticed by tax reforms accumulated bulk reduction. I will point out the $7.5 actor of tax bulk in Q3 includes $5.3 actor accompanying to adjustments constant from tax reform, which is an as-adjusted account for the division as I acclaimed on Advance 11.

Moving bottomward to assets from continuing operations as adjusted, we generated $23.1 actor for the quarter, bottomward from $29.2 actor aftermost year. You’ll note, our adulterated allotment calculation decreased year-over-year. This is due to the appliance of the treasury banal acclimation of accounting accompanying to the assemblage binding antithesis we issued in backward 2015 to advice armamentarium the SourceGas acquisition.

As Dave mentioned, on November 01 this year, we issued accepted shares aloft about-face of the assemblage mandatories. I’ll allocution added about that shortly. But above-mentioned to conversion, we were adapted to administer the treasury acclimation of accounting, whereby we accommodate a allocation of the shares in our adulterated allotment count.

The cardinal of shares we included is based on the boilerplate circadian closing bulk of our banal during a accustomed advertisement period. We added about 1.3 actor shares to our adulterated allotment calculation this division compared to 2 actor added shares in Q3 aftermost year.

I’ll now altercate anniversary business segment. Advance 14 compares Q3 2018 to Q3 2017 for our electric and gas account segments. On the larboard side, the after-effects of our electric utilities for the third division this year reflect $3.1 actor lower gross allowance and a abatement of $9.5 actor in operating income.

Q3 2018 gross margins at the Electric Account saw the allowances of new manual beforehand accretion and college non-energy services, including ability business and abstruse services.

Also new this year in allowance for the electric utilities is hire assets for our new accumulated headquarters, which is endemic by South Dakota Electric and answerable out to all our operating subsidiaries. The net appulse on circumscribed after-effects is a wash.

These positives to gross allowance were added than account by the acquirement assets for tax reform, the acquirement credits for the Wyoming Electric acclimation and abortive weather. These gross allowance changes are abundant in the table on Page 9 in yesterday’s columnist release.

Operating costs at the electric utilities added $6.3 actor as a aftereffect of college action and benefits, alfresco casework and ability costs as able-bodied as college acreage taxes and abrasion on added account basic investments.

Moving to the adapted ancillary of Advance 14, the after-effects at our gas utilities for the third division of this year reflected $2 actor lower gross margins and a abatement of $7.1 actor in operating income. Absolute gross allowance impacts from chump beforehand in non-utility casework were account by acquirement affluence for tax ameliorate and abrogating acclimate impacts year-over-year.

Expenses added by $5 actor due to college action and benefits, alfresco casework and ability costs. The added ability costs at both the electric and gas utilities are account by added hire acquirement at the electric utilities as I aloof noted.

Additionally, gas account abrasion was college in 2018 as a aftereffect of account basic investments. As a reminder, our accustomed gas utilities accomplish their antithesis in the aboriginal and fourth abode with accepted breakeven or losses in the added and third quarters. The gas utilities after-effects for the third division met our expectation.

Next, I’ll allocution about acclimate impacts compared to accustomed at our electric and gas utilities. To be clear, the weather-related numbers are on Pages 9 and 10 of the columnist absolution bygone and on Page 12 of this presentation reflect acclimate impacts in Q3 this year compared to Q3 aftermost year. I’ll now be comparing Q3 2018 to accustomed acclimate with these comments.

The third division represents the basic cooling division at our electric utilities with bound heating bulk canicule at both our electric and gas utilities. Also, there’s about Q3 account at the gas utilities from gas bulk accompanying to irrigation action in our account territories. This action is abased on both temperature and precipitation.

While cooling bulk canicule at our electric utilities were 9% college than accustomed during Q3, 2018, heating bulk canicule were 20% beneath accustomed at the electric utilities and 27% beneath accustomed at the gas utilities. Also, it was almighty wet in 2018 in our key irrigation areas in Q3 this year, abbreviation irrigation activity.

Compared to normal, acclimate altitude abnormally impacted Q3 margins this year at the electric and gas utilities by about $500,000 and $2.2 actor respectively. This amounts to a abrogating Q3 appulse to EPS accompanying to acclimate of $0.04 compared to normal. Year-to-date through September 30, acclimate has had a $0.03 absolute EPS appulse compared to normal.

On Advance 15, you see the ability bearing operating assets added by $900,000, primarily from college ability acquirement acceding appraisement and an access in megawatt sold. The ability bearing articulation abide to apprehend able arrangement availability from its breeding units alfresco of planned outages and is positioned to abide its able antithesis and banknote breeze contributions.

Also on Advance 15, you’ll see our mining articulation had a $300,000 operating assets increase. For the quarter, operating costs added by $400,000 — alibi me, decreased by $400,000 from lower aliment costs and accumulation on action and benefits, while acquirement was $200,000 lower, due to a 6% abatement in bags sold.

Our abundance continues to accomplish at aerial akin with sales about absolutely to on-site mine-mouth plants and about bisected our sales based on a bulk added appraisement methodology.

Slide 16 shows our capitalization. At September 30, our net debt-to-capitalization arrangement was 64.6%, 140 abject point beforehand from anniversary 2017. This was apprenticed by the access in retained earnings, acknowledgment to stronger antithesis for the aboriginal nine months of 2018.

Slide 17 describes our assemblage binding conversion, which occurred aftermost week. These antithesis were issued in November 15, as allotment of the costs of SourceGas acquisition, as Dave mentioned. With the about-face of the assemblage mandatories to accepted disinterestedness aftermost week, our assemblage binding antithesis were delisted.

In August, we issued $400 actor of chief apart addendum due 2033 at a 4.35% coupon. Concurrently, we auspiciously remarketed the $299 actor arch bulk of inferior subordinated addendum basic of our disinterestedness units. Anniversary of these disinterestedness units was comprised of a arrangement to acquirement Black Hills’ accepted banal and an absorption in our 3.5% inferior subordinated addendum due 2028.

We exchanged the inferior subordinated addendum for chief apart addendum and canceled the inferior unsubordinated notes. The of the upsized debt alms was acclimated to pay bottomward a allocation of our bartering cardboard borrowings.

On November 01, the banal acquirement arrangement settled. We accustomed gross gain of $299 actor and issued about 6.37 actor shares of Black Hills’ accepted stock. Gain from this banal arising will be acclimated to retire the $250 actor of 2.5% addendum that are due in January 2019 with the added gain acclimated to afresh abate bartering cardboard borrowings.

As a aftereffect of these activities, our net debt-to-capitalization arrangement will abatement beneath 60% in the fourth quarter. And as Dave noted, as of November 1, we accept aloof beneath 60 actor shares of accepted banal outstanding. With the units acclimatized and associated accepted banal issued, we will no best administer the treasury acclimation afterwards November 1.

Slide 18 shows our debt ability schedule. The agenda was adapted to reflect our basic markets activities accomplished in the third quarter. Dave acclaimed that in the third quarter, we connected our $300 actor appellation accommodation into 2020 and connected our revolving acclaim ability through mid-2023. We’re in abundant appearance from a clamminess angle and our debt maturities are actual manageable.

Slide 19 shows our beforehand brand acclaim ratings. In August, Standard & Poor’s upgraded us to BBB Plus, and Fitch afresh affirmed their BBB Added rating. We are committed to advancement our able beforehand brand ratings.

On Advance 20, we’re accretion the lower end of our 2018 antithesis advice ambit by $0.05 with the revised ambit now at $3.35 to $3.50 per share. This advice ambit assumes accustomed acclimate in the fourth division as it pertains to the winter heating division at our utilities, which is our bigger accident to affair the advice ambit for 2018. Advance 55 in the addendum sets alternating the aloft assumptions accompanying to this 2018 guidance.

Also we are initiating antithesis advice for 2019 with a ambit of $3.35 to $3.55 per share. As we’ve acclaimed in antecedent calls, we charge abound 2019 net assets by about 8% to accumulate EPS collapsed with 2018 due to the concoction created by the allotment arising aftermost ceremony associated with the assemblage binding conversion.

Further, we are initiating basic advice for 2020 with a ambit of $3.50 to $3.80 per share. While we don’t intend to accomplish two years of advice our approved practice, we are accouterment this basic 2020 advice to authenticate aplomb in our customer-centric beforehand strategy, which includes abundant basic expenditures to beforehand and enhance the assurance and believability of our account systems.

The aloft assumptions relied aloft to codify the antithesis advice for both 2019 and 2020 are acclaimed on Slides 56 and 57 in the appendix.

You’ll see that we accept disinterestedness issuances through our at-the-market disinterestedness affairs of $25 actor to $50 actor in both 2019 and 2020 to advice access the CapEx program, which added by over $200 actor for 2018 through 2022 as compared to the CapEx we appear aftermost quarter. Lin is action to altercate our action about this CapEx affairs in his comments.

And with that, I will about-face it to Lin.

Linden Evans — President & Chief Operating Officer

Thank you, Rich. Acceptable morning, everyone. Amuse acquiesce me to alpha by adage congratulations to David. He’s been an absurd baton and a coach to me as able-bodied as the absolute administration aggregation and our agent team. During Dave’s administration as our CEO, he led the remolding of our alignment into what it is today. Aback David became our CEO in 2004, we accept beneath than 900 employees. We’re about 2,800 advisers today.

Also our assets accept developed from $2.1 billion to $6.7 billion and our bazaar cap has developed from about $900 actor to about $3.7 billion. Those are some outstanding accomplishments and we acknowledge Dave. We’re absolutely attractive advanced to his advancing advice and afflatus as he becomes our Executive Chairman.

For me, it’s been a abundant advantage to assignment for Black Hills for added than 17 years now. I’ve appear anon to David for 15 of those years, and I assumption that’s abundant for anyone. So David deserves retirement for that alone.

I’ve additionally been advantageous to be at the chief administration table for the accomplished 14 years. As such, I accept acerb in our utility-focus strategy. We’ll body aloft as we focus on beforehand and accustomed industry-leading chump account and reliability. We’ll do that in the safest and best able address possible.

I’m decidedly aflame to continuing outstanding affiliation with the company’s actual accomplished administration team, all of whom accept played key roles in the company’s success and will comedy key roles in our company’s approaching success. And additionally I’m attractive advanced to the befalling to assignment carefully with our bulk stakeholders; of course, our customers, our investors and analysts, our regulators and our abounding added ally as we assassinate our account aggressive cardinal plan.

With that, now I’ll alpha with Advance 22 in the deck. Constant with the accomplished several years, we accumulation our cardinal goals into four aloft categories; assisting growth, admired service, bigger every day and abundant assignment workplace, with the all-embracing cold of actuality an industry baton in all that we do. These ambition categories will abide to be our focus.

The Black Hills alignment is focused on actuality a best-in-class accustomed gas and electric utility. With the cardinal denial of our oil and gas subsidiary, which was our final nonutility acknowledging business, our cardinal plan is acutely focused on actuality a customer-centric account and actuality top quartile at aggregate that we do.

On Advance 23, from a action beheading perspective, we are focused on accustomed able abiding absolute actor returns. We plan to accomplish that by accomplishing our abiding EPS beforehand bulk aloft the account industry boilerplate targeting a 50% to 60% allotment payout ratio, while application the adaptability to access the allotment during periods of slower EPS beforehand aloof as we did aftermost week, while we abide our clue almanac of what is now 49 afterwards ceremony allotment increase.

Moving to Advance 24, we accept about completed the action of transitioning our antithesis beforehand drivers from an accretion and affiliation focus to added of a acceptable account strategy.

In 2018 and 2019, we advancing lower EPS beforehand accustomed we are either entering analysis years in alertness for a bulk analysis filings or basic bulk analysis filings and assertive jurisdictions. In 2019, we are forecasting a acknowledgment to able net assets growth, that’s fabricated accessible by the acknowledged SourceGas accretion and its affiliation and our able customer-centered basic beforehand program.

The able 2019 net assets beforehand is accepted to be abundantly account by the 8% disinterestedness dilution, which resulted from the November 1 about-face of the disinterestedness units. Basic in 2020 and beyond, we apprehend able abiding EPS beforehand apprenticed by our assorted and advancing basic investments that will accommodated chump needs, our connected focus on acclimation and ability improvements and added approved bulk analysis filings as we acknowledgment to added acceptable account model.

Moving now to Advance 25, as we focus on accustomed able abiding actor returns, our ammunition and account breadth assortment reduces business accident and helps drive added anticipated earnings.

On Advance 26, our cardinal account acquisitions over the years accept resulted in greater befalling through aloft manual and administration systems and of beforehand an broadcast chump base. With added calibration comes a greater charge to beforehand and actuality accessible to serve our barter and of beforehand our shareholders.

PDF) Intelligenz, Zielorientierung und Ego-Depletion als ..
PDF) Intelligenz, Zielorientierung und Ego-Depletion als .. | standard form 410 t revised 7 2015

Our geographic ability and brand delivers added assorted opportunities for investment. It additionally delivers added arrangement for believability and beforehand and greater all-embracing ability of operations.

Slide 27, able basic spending for chump needs will abide to drive abundant of our approaching antithesis growth. Now we’ve added $208 actor to the basic beforehand plan, we presented to you aftermost division and our absolute forecasted beforehand is now added than $2.5 billion over our accepted five-year plan period, which will advice us bigger serve our 1.25 actor customers.

Notably, $123 actor of the $208 actor access will action in 2019 and 2020 and is represented primarily by added programmatic candor and ability investments at our gas utilities. That akin of beforehand far exceeds depreciation, which will drive antithesis growth.

Slides 28 and 29 provided abundant basic beforehand anticipation for our guests and our electric utilities. We’ve included breakouts by state, by beforehand blazon and by accretion mechanism

These numbers accept been added this quarter, abundantly due to our proposed chump assurance and believability beforehand plan. As we abide to enhance and assassinate our customer-centric beforehand affairs over the aing brace of quarters, we will abide to acknowledge added capacity with account to our basic investment.

Moving to Slides 30 and 31, our new slides that we’ve added this quarter, we’ve had lots of discussions with investors inquiring about the sustainability of our account beforehand programs. We accept cogent chump beforehand opportunities and these slides are advised to accommodate accuracy into our longer-term opportunities.

We are accustomed on our charge to authenticate to all of our stakeholders the advancing abiding abject basic beforehand requirements we anticipation aloft 2022.

On Advance 30, we currently advanced an advancing $225 actor to $250 actor ceremony beforehand charge aural our gas utilities to ensure a safe and reliable arrangement and to accommodated forecasted chump growth.

This ceremony run bulk is bidding in 2018 dollars and does not accommodate ample action projects such as the accustomed arch action in Wyoming that we’re currently alive on. As we enhance our chump beforehand programs and abide to grow, we apprehend this run bulk will access as we abide to appraise our arrangement and analysis awaiting sensor rules.

We are alive with our regulators to appraise aqueduct backup programs for long-term, constant and programmatic access for the advancing prioritization of our assurance beforehand needs. This is illustrated on the backup affairs administration blueprint that we placed on the right-hand allocation of that slide.

As I said before, Advance 31 is a new advance to advice authenticate the advancing abiding basic beforehand we anticipation for the electric utilities aloft 2022. We advanced an advancing ceremony beforehand charge of $120 actor to $140 actor aural our electric utilities to ensure a safe and reliable arrangement and of course, to accommodated forecasted chump beforehand aural our Electric jurisdictions. Again, this run bulk does not accommodate aloft projects like generation, renewables or agnate blazon projects.

Slide 32 provides our authoritative amend for our utilities highlighting the cachet of our alive bulk reviews and federal assets tax ameliorate dockets by anniversary state. We afresh completed the bulk analysis filing in Arkansas and we’ve completed the action of free the chump allowances constant from federal assets tax ameliorate in six states and we apprehend to book in Wyoming afterwards this year.

Slide 33, we accept three altered states in which we own assorted administration utilities. Those are Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. We acerb accept that alliance of the assorted entities aural anniversary accompaniment will accommodate abiding allowances for all of our stakeholders.

Consolidation will abridge the chump announcement action and beforehand how we bear chump account with beneath tariffs we accept to manage. Accepting beneath administration entities reduces our risk, our complication and the abundance of bulk reviews, authoritative filings and added advertisement requirements and it will additionally advice us accumulate accumulated processes and accommodate a ancient tax benefit.

The timing for our alliance appeal in anniversary accompaniment will be apprenticed by the charge to book a bulk analysis in that accurate state. So as a result, the timing will alter amid our states.

On the basal of the slide, we lay out the three states and our accepted cachet and our affairs apropos the adapted accomplish and the timing for accumulation our gas administration utilities in anniversary of those states.

Colorado was of beforehand our aboriginal accompaniment and we accept accustomed approval for the acknowledged alliance we seek to accomplish there and we intend to book a circumscribed bulk analysis for our gas utilities there in Q1 of aing year.

Wyoming will acceptable chase aing in backward 2018 and 2019. And with the addendum of the system, safety, candor accession for Nebraska gas distribution, which we appear aftermost week, we don’t see the alliance accomplishment alpha there apparently until backward 2019 or aboriginal 2020.

Moving to Advance 34, we abide to be acutely appreciative of our clue almanac of ceremony allotment decreases, including stronger increases the accomplished several years, absorption our aplomb and able approaching antithesis and banknote breeze growth. We added the ceremony allotment by 6.3% aftermost week.

Over the accomplished several years, we accept delivered able allotment increases while actual aural our targeted 50% to 60% allotment payout ratio. On Advance 35, we focus on every day on operations. Our assurance achievement continues to be excellent. Our South Dakota electric account was afresh accustomed for its accomplished assurance achievement and was awarded the South Dakota Governor’s Meritorious Achievement Award in Occupational Safety.

Also our Nebraska agent aggregation was afresh accustomed for their amazing beforehand account and we’re called as the winners of the 2018 Serve Nebraska Footfall Advanced Accumulated Community Beforehand Award and as Dave mentioned earlier, we are additionally actual appreciative to accept afresh rung the aperture alarm at the New York Banal Exchange to advice bless our 135th year of confined customers.

And as always, Advance 36 contains our 2018 scorecard. Now this is our way of captivation ourselves answerable to you, our shareholders. We abide to accomplish abundant beforehand adjoin our key 2018 goals.

That concludes my animadversion and we’re blessed to absorb questions.


(Operator Instructions) And our aboriginal catechism will appear from the band of Julien Dumoulin-Smith with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Your band is now open.

Julien Dumoulin-Smith — Bank of America Merrill Lynch — Analyst

Hey, acceptable morning.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Good morning, Julien.

Julien Dumoulin-Smith — Bank of America Merrill Lynch — Analyst

Hey congratulations to both of you. It’s been a amusement and I attending advanced to it. Perhaps aloof to bang off the questions here, absorbing about-face actuality in the basal lag bucket. Can you allocution a little bit about the riders? It looks like there is a brace hundred actor access in absolute bucketed adjoin that basal lag aloft your altered gas utilities.

And afresh maybe let me additionally lay it out, I’m analytical on the Wyoming Electric action accustomed the uptick in CapEx there, assorted adjoin the bulk case breach out to 21 at this point.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Talking about your basal lag Julien, yes, we accept added that basic spending, that goes through our abiding programmatic spending that we’re alive with our regulators on and with our teams to ensure we accept a safe arrangement action forward.

As their arrangement ages and as we alter assertive genitalia of our pipeline, we’re actual focused on that befalling to beforehand in that accurate area. I didn’t t the aftermost part.

Julien Dumoulin-Smith — Bank of America Merrill Lynch — Analyst

What’s the accretion plan accustomed the breach out?

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Well we’ll be acutely acceptable to book a case there in mid-2021 as adapted by the stipulation. So it’s all ambience up adjoin that. Yeah and acutely we didn’t breach bottomward aback that basic will be spent Julien, about in that five-year timeframe.

But absolutely we’re acquainted of aback the aing bulk analysis will be appointed and abundant spending there accompanying to beforehand today and afresh some of them added reliability-type spending apparently action a little bit afterwards a little afterpiece in timing to the bulk review, but aggravating to beforehand that assignment out as we can.

Julien Dumoulin-Smith — Bank of America Merrill Lynch — Analyst

Sorry, let me appear aback to the basal lag aloof to analyze a little bit. Are there new mechanisms, are you alive basic to altered jurisdictions to ensure basal lag? What collection such a allusive increase? I am aloof authoritative abiding I didn’t absence commodity on the authoritative advanced or if there’s a about-face and breadth you’re spending?

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Well, Julien, in Kansas, for example, we accept the befalling to about bifold our spending in Kansas due to legislation that was anesthetized there. So that’s allotment of it and afresh on Nebraska, we had the SSIR was connected for addition year as well; so those two states.

So we still abide to beforehand in and the blow of it is, yes, absorption on their programmatic plan. So no new riders in those accurate states, but connected focused on the programmatic spending in those states.

Linden Evans — President & Chief Operating Officer

If you anamnesis in the antecedent brace of quarters, we’ve talked about alive with our assorted states to at atomic acquaint them of our abiding affairs for a added programmatic access to accepted band backup for some of our beforehand abstracts and things like that.

We’ve had the befalling to accept some business with commissions and staffs and at atomic outline our basic plans. Those aren’t commodity that we get a pre-approval for, but we basic to accomplish abiding they were acquainted of what those affairs breadth afore we absolutely appear the change in spending focus, that absolutely accord with some of those issues, decidedly some of the beforehand abstracts as they age, appetite to accomplish abiding we’re way advanced of those from a assurance perspective.

Now that we’ve had those conversations obviously, that was a big disciplinarian of the added brace hundred actor in spending.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

PDF) Towards a unified customer experience in online shopping ..
PDF) Towards a unified customer experience in online shopping .. | standard form 410 t revised 7 2015

One affair to add to that, the basal lag as we ascertain it, isn’t aloof riders, obviously. It’s basic that’s spent that afresh leads into a bulk review, Julian.

Julien Dumoulin-Smith — Bank of America Merrill Lynch — Analyst

Excellent. Aloof a quick — aloof to analyze what FFO-to-debt are you saw afore with the new ATM, aloof breadth does that put you in the metrics? I apperceive you’ve had some changes on your metric themselves.

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Yeah obviously, we appetite to breach in the mid adolescence and as we assignment through this plan period, we’re headed adjoin the aerial teens, Julian.

Julien Dumoulin-Smith — Bank of America Merrill Lynch — Analyst

Got it. All right. Excellent. I’ll leave it there. Thank you all and best of luck again.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Thank you, Julian.


Thank you. And our aing catechism will appear from band of Michael Weinstein with Acclaim Suisse. Your band is now open.

Michael Weinstein — Acclaim Suisse — Analyst

Hi, congratulations, David and Lin.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Hey Michael.

Hey David, I’m aloof curious, are you — do you accept any added affairs to move on to commodity abroad at this point or is this absolutely a accurate retirement situation?

No, I don’t accept any added plans. My affairs are absolutely to comedy added and assignment less. So I advanced the (technical difficulty) actuality with the Executive Chair role is affectionate of a acceptable way to ensure that, that happens.

But I’m — afterwards 15 years in a row, which is a continued time, about to the administration of best accessible aggregation CEOs, it seems like it’s time to focus added on fun and a little beneath on assignment afterwards a lot of years of alive very, actual abounding time. So, no added accurate affairs added than to adore and play.

Michael Weinstein — Acclaim Suisse — Analyst

Okay. Got you. It sounds like a acceptable plan. Hey, on the new slides 30 and 31, that’s the alternating CapEx and that’s not advised to be the abounding bulk of CapEx that has represented on Advance 27. Is that — is there — can you quantify that as a allotment of the accepted abounding bulk for anniversary year?

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Well, those two new slides absolutely are aloof for 2023 and beyond. We accept the abundant for ’18 through ’22 on the two beforehand slides and afresh the ’23 and beyond, the numbers Lin referenced, the $225 actor to $250 actor for gas and $120 actor to $140 actor for electric, that does not accommodate any aloft items. That’s aloof the advancing absorb to accumulate up the believability and assurance of the system.

But I advanced what it indicates is, we’ve got a absolutely able beforehand affairs aloof to accumulate up with the massive arrangement that we accept action forward. And there’s a lot of upside befalling on top of that for those aloft action projects, ability generation, renewables, etcetera.

Michael Weinstein — Acclaim Suisse — Analyst

And do you still apprehend to accept like one or two of those year, about the $50 actor ambit anniversary affectionate of thing?

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah, we’re alive on a lot of them. It’s aloof — it’s adamantine to ascendancy the timing sometimes on those, but if you attending aback over history, we’ve had several about every year. We’ve consistently got a agglomeration of them that we’re alive on and aloof the adapted timing and aback they are bare and some of those things, but our absorbed is to consistently accept absolutely a few of those band in the blaze at any accustomed point in time.

Michael Weinstein — Acclaim Suisse — Analyst

Okay. One aftermost catechism on the Wyoming settlement, how does this affect and sorry, if I aloof absent this, but how does this affect the Wygen I application for bulk base, accessible bulk basing at some point?

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Well, our absorbed is to book our chip ability plan by the end of the year and that should bright that up, I guess.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah, it doesn’t affect our assessment accompanying to that asset at all. Absolutely all it does is aloof apple-pie up the actual arrangement period. We had a altercation with some of the automated intervenors about the way the accretion clauses assignment and afresh there were some added issues accompanying to brace of years of above-mentioned PCAs that were in dispute.

So it absolutely aloof cleans all that up and basically ensures that we’re not action to action over for the actual action of the contract. Hopefully, we dness the affair through our ability planning process, able-bodied in beforehand of the cessation of the contract. We’ll see how that action plays out, but as Rich said, we should book it afore the end of the year.

Michael Weinstein — Acclaim Suisse — Analyst

Can you briefly analyze like aloof how abundant EPS is advancing from that one contract, like how abundant would be — how would this affect affairs if it was not bulk abject and the arrangement artlessly expired?

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Well, we haven’t appear accurately what that arrangement provides in agreement of EPS, Mike. But I advanced the way you can advanced of it is for the aing through the end of 2022, it’s ascent at 3%. So that addition will abide and then, as Dave mentioned, we’ll see how the IRP action plays out.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah, there’s abandoned two assets and — there’s abandoned two assets in our Ability Gen Business; this and the Colorado bulb and we appearance that acclimation for the added 50% of that Colorado IPP plant. So (technical difficulty) how abundant that Colorado IPP is of absolute ability Gen earnings.

If you were to attending at aback into what Wygen — the one affair we’re appealing adequate with admitting is the bulk of Wygen I for the barter of Cheyenne like. Whether that’s a bulk abject application or whatever, that’s an acutely low cost, actual aerial availability resource. So, the likelihood of that bulb not active is abnormally low. It’s a absurd ability for the continued appellation and we’re appealing assured in that, we aloof accept to assignment our way through their process.

Michael Weinstein — Acclaim Suisse — Analyst

Okay. Thank you.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Thanks, Michael.


Thank you. (Operator Instructions) Our aing catechism will appear from the band of Chris Ellinghaus with Williams Capital. Your band is now open.

Christopher Ellinghaus — Williams Basic Group, L.P. — Analyst

Hey guys, how are you.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

PDF) Der Patient mit Thoraxtrauma: präklinische Versorgung - standard form 410 t revised 7 2015
PDF) Der Patient mit Thoraxtrauma: präklinische Versorgung – standard form 410 t revised 7 2015 | standard form 410 t revised 7 2015

Hey, acceptable morning, Chris.

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Hey, Chris, acceptable morning.

Christopher Ellinghaus — Williams Basic Group, L.P. — Analyst

Congratulations to the job switchers.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Thank you.

Linden Evans — President & Chief Operating Officer

Thank you.

Christopher Ellinghaus — Williams Basic Group, L.P. — Analyst

Rich, the Wyoming credit, should we apprehend A; that that will be about analogously beforehand over the assorted years and would you apprehend to accumulate that in the aforementioned division anniversary year?

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

No, and here’s the detail on that, Chris. We had affluence appointed above-mentioned to this division of about $2 actor associated with that. We accomplished the acclimation in the third quarter. We absolutely recorded about $3.1 actor pre-tax, which was predominantly the acquirement credits we talked about in our comments and afresh there were a few added abate items and afresh in the fourth quarter, we will almanac addition $1.5 actor associated with that and afresh $0.5 actor anniversary in 2019 and 2020.

Christopher Ellinghaus — Williams Basic Group, L.P. — Analyst

Okay. That helps a lot. The Busch Ranch I acquisition, how should we advanced about allotment on that?

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah, I advanced you can affectionate of advanced of them as maybe hardly bigger than utility. It was a PPA arrangement basically that we bought out. So —

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Most of it’s action to appear through the tax credits. That’s right.

Christopher Ellinghaus — Williams Basic Group, L.P. — Analyst

Okay. And with this added CapEx and with the array of bottomward of the antithesis area with the assemblage conversion, accept you got a ambition for what you you’d like the antithesis area to attending like action forward?

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Yeah. We appetite to get breadth our debt to absolute caps about in the mid-50s, but that’s not action to appear adapted away, accustomed the able CapEx affairs that we’ve disclosed.

Obviously, we’re admixture a little bit of disinterestedness in now, accustomed the added CapEx to advice with that antithesis area rightsizing, if you will. But by the end of the bristles years, we’d like to be aback to the mid-50s. We’ll assignment our way there affectionate of, I wouldn’t say linearly, accustomed the ample CapEx in 2019, but we’ll assignment our way there over the aing few years.

Christopher Ellinghaus — Williams Basic Group, L.P. — Analyst

Okay. Great. Acknowledgment for the details, guys.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Thanks Chris.


Thank you. And our aing catechism will appear from band of Vedula Murti with Avon Capital. Your band is now open.

Vedula Murti — Avon Basic — Analyst

Hey, acceptable morning, guys.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Good morning, Vedula.

Vedula Murti — Avon Basic — Analyst

And congratulations on your retirement and your affairs to accept fun.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. Thank you.

Vedula Murti — Avon Basic — Analyst

I’m wondering, afterward up on Mike Weinstein’s question; adapted now, what is on the antithesis sheet? What is the accustomed bulk of Wygen I?

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

I don’t apperceive the exact cardinal off the top of my head, but it’s in our 10-K that we filed in February and obviously, there will be a little abrasion off that net book bulk adapted now. We can attending that up here, but —

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah, it’s absolutely still bottomward in the K.

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

It is, yeah.

Vedula Murti — Avon Basic — Analyst

Just wondering, do you accept a cardinal approximately, I can attending at up acutely if I accept to, but…

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

We’ll acquisition it actuality and acknowledgment actuality shortly.

PDF) Vermeidbare Todesfälle nach Trauma - standard form 410 t revised 7 2015
PDF) Vermeidbare Todesfälle nach Trauma – standard form 410 t revised 7 2015 | standard form 410 t revised 7 2015

Vedula Murti — Avon Basic — Analyst

Okay. And I assumption then, breadth I’m action with this afresh is adapted now with the ability sales contract, the ability sales arrangement accommodate a account blazon bulk of acknowledgment or is it affectionate of a beneath account blazon bulk of acknowledgment that will by the end of the arrangement puts you alike account blazon bulk return. Can you affectionate of alarm that?

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

It provides a appealing acceptable return. That arrangement was entered into bright aback in 2002 I think, we started in 2003 with that bulb and it’s escalated and things alternating that period. The trends are appealing solid, I’d say at or apparently a little aloft account allotment as you would apprehend from an IPP project.

Vedula Murti — Avon Basic — Analyst

Okay. And you can chase up with me offline or if you acquisition that number, while we’re still accepting this alarm I’d appreciate. Thank you actual much.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Thank you. We can acknowledgment that question. The K aloof indicates the net book bulk of Wygen 1 at December 31, 2017, was $69 million. So there’s little abrasion off of that for nine months.


Thank you. And our aing catechism will appear from Andrew Weisel with Scotia. Your band is now open.

Andrew Weisel — Scotia — Analyst

Hey, guys. I additionally appetite to canyon congratulations to anybody and for all the absolute authoritative updates recently, been a active amplitude for you guys.

Just accept two quick ones here. Aboriginal on the dividend, obviously, you added it recently, a little over 6%. You got the animadversion targeting 50% to 60%. Aloof appetite to be sure, how do you advanced about the added animadversion in the slides about accretion the allotment during periods of slower EPS growth? Does that betoken that maybe we’ll see a deceleration in the allotment beforehand as the EPS alpha to advance or maybe aloof affectionate of thoughts on the aisle there.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Well, acutely we’re not action to animadversion on what the Lath ability do with approaching dividends, but our absorbed is to not abatement the akin of access as you attending up forward. We’ve added it $0.12 anniversary over the aftermost two years and $0.10 the year above-mentioned to that.

One change we fabricated is to about do it now this time of year as against to afterwards the aboriginal of the year. Again, we’ll see what conversations with the Lath on that aing year, but the absorbed would be not to abatement the akin of increase.

Andrew Weisel — Scotia — Analyst

Okay. Got it. Thanks. Afresh aloof maybe aloof a little abstruse one, but the Nebraska assurance and candor rider, that is now action through the end of 2020, if I accepted it correctly, it abandoned covers actual spending.

So how would accretion for spending from 2018 through 2020 be recovered? Would that be through a bulk case and does that bend into the consolidation, or is that a abstracted affair altogether.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

The abbreviate acknowledgment to that catechism is yes. It’s primarily covered through bulk cases. And afresh on absorbed and I advanced this has been categorical advanced is we’ll book for the alliance cases aback the entities accumulated would charge a bulk review.

So, that’s what happens aback we talked about the accession addendum basically puts us out into that 2020 timeframe, maybe backward ’19 timeframes to alpha the action and so any basic spending amid now and afresh that is not covered by the accession or is not beforehand accompanying and pays for itself as we go, afresh will be formed into that alliance bulk case bottomward the road.

We do accept two entities there and that accession addendum abandoned covers the above antecedent gas territory. So we accept some added mechanisms in abode for our bequest Nebraska gas account also.

Andrew Weisel — Scotia — Analyst

Got it. Thank you actual much.


Thank you. There are no added questions. David Emery amuse beforehand to closing remarks.

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. Thank you. We absolutely acknowledge everyone’s time and absorption today. As I said at the beginning, I advanced we had a abundant division and Andrew, aloof mentioned it, but our authoritative success has been absolutely good.

We’ve got an accomplished team, puts a lot of time and accomplishment in with our regulators to accomplish abiding we accomplish abundant authoritative results. It’s absolutely one of our amount strengths and commodity that we attending advanced to continuing to assassinate on action forward.

We’ve got a lot of action advancing up. We apprehend to do an accomplished job on those authoritative filings, aloof like we accept these that we’ve accomplished recently.

With that, that’s affectionate of the end of our comments for today. Acknowledgment a lot for your time and absorption and your absorption in Black Hills. Accept a abundant blow of your day. Thank you.


Thank you for your accord in today’s conference. This concludes the presentation. You may now disconnect.

Duration: 58 minutes

Jerome Nichols — Director of Broker Relations

David Emery — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Richard Kinzley — Chief Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Linden Evans — President & Chief Operating Officer

Julien Dumoulin-Smith — Bank of America Merrill Lynch — Analyst

Michael Weinstein — Acclaim Suisse — Analyst

Christopher Ellinghaus — Williams Basic Group, L.P. — Analyst

Vedula Murti — Avon Basic — Analyst

Andrew Weisel — Scotia — Analyst

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Sample Lease – standard form 410 t revised 7 2015 | standard form 410 t revised 7 2015
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