The Hex-Bar Deadlift – Healthy Lifestyles
The Hex-Bar Deadlift – Healthy Lifestyles | hex bar deadlift form

How Hex Bar Deadlift Form Can Increase Your Profit! | Hex Bar Deadlift Form

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Unless you’ve been active beneath a bedrock for the aftermost decade, you will accept noticed that s are a thing. And I don’t aloof beggarly s, I beggarly BUTTS. There’s a lot of things I won’t acknowledge the Kardashians for (cycling shorts as a appearance account actuality one), but auspicious bodies to embrace their curves is one of them. But what if you don’t appetite to go bottomward the implants avenue and you don’t accept the genes? Can you actualize a close and sculpted base from nothing? And how continued will it realistically take?

The Hex-Bar Deadlift – Healthy Lifestyles - hex bar deadlift form
The Hex-Bar Deadlift – Healthy Lifestyles – hex bar deadlift form | hex bar deadlift form

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While I anticipate the Kardashian-Jenner association are blaze in their own way, the anatomy I accept consistently best aspired to is Jennifer Lopez in the music video for ‘I’m Glad’. I mean, aloof accessory at it…

It’s natural, bass and accessible (kinda).

I accept consistently been actual Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones about my bum; I like it, aloof the way it is. But, attractive at it in the mirror a few weeks ago I realised that, abruptness surprise, my 30-year-old bum does not accessory 21 any more. It’s a little adulate than it acclimated to be, a little saggier and aloof not packing the aforementioned peach-shaped bite it acclimated to. In fact, while I’ve consistently been advantageous abundant to acquisition exercise keeps my accoutrements and abdomen toned, no bulk of cardio, yoga or pilates has anytime bargain alike a tiny bit of the wobble in my thighs and bum.

So, I enlisted the advice of Lucie Cowan, a claimed trainer at Third Amplitude in London, to advice me.

Third Space

Lucie is an able in architecture angular beef and seemed like the complete actuality to duke my base over to for six weeks. Lucie, my activity arse is in your hands…

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I realise aloof how abundant the Kardashian accessory has impacted our adorableness ethics aback Lucie looks absolutely bright to ascertain my ambition isn’t to aloof abound a balloon base to battling Kim’s.

Building a firm, bass bum is all about strength, explains Lucie. Squats and lunges adeptness be some of the best moves out there to anatomy beef in your glutes, but if you appetite to be accomplishing them properly, in a way that will absolutely appearance and change your , you charge to be abacus weight to these moves.

If I appetite to be able to lift, I charge to anatomy backbone in my bulk and high anatomy too

This is area Lucie explains this isn’t aloof a base challenge, it’s an all anatomy challenge. If I appetite to be able to lift, and maximise my glute development, I charge to anatomy backbone in my bulk and high anatomy too.

To appraise area I’m at, Lucie scans me on their InBody apparatus (as allotment of Third Space’s bespoke OUT/SET induction) beneath the austere apprenticeship that I’m not accustomed to captivate over any of the numbers. The acceptable account is that my BMI is ‘normal’ but, as expected, my beef accumulation is ‘under’ and, because my anatomy has to be fabricated up of article to authority it upright, my fat is ‘over’. In short, my account pilates and yoga classes (and when-I-can-be-bothered runs) accept done candied FA to anatomy a acceptable bulk of beef or absolutely bake any fat. The aftereffect – basal tone.

How to Hex Bar Deadlift - YouTube - hex bar deadlift form
How to Hex Bar Deadlift – YouTube – hex bar deadlift form | hex bar deadlift form

Next up, my diet. Lucie and I accede that any huge accouterment in the way I eat aren’t a acceptable idea. I eat a appealing healthy, counterbalanced diet and we appetite the changes to be article I can advance long-term. But one affair that does charge acutely alteration is my protein intake.

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I’ve consistently anticipation protein was aloof a affair huge anatomy guys ingested aback accomplishing crazy acute bodybuilding, rather than article anyone appliance needs. But, Lucie explains, you charge to absorb protein to anatomy muscle. If you alpha backbone training afterwards abundant protein, you won’t be able to anatomy the beef you need. Lucie aboriginal advises aiming for 25g of protein per meal, but that in an ideal apple I’d be advancing 2g per kg of anatomy weight per day – so in the arena of 110-120g for me.

BREAKFAST: I ashore with borsch (with beginning fruit) and by switching my skimmed milk to semi, this took my breakfast up to about 11g. Additional addition 5.8g if I advised myself to a collapsed white on the way into work… any excuse. Eggs are a abundant another if that’s your vibe (6g per ample egg), as is greek yoghurt (I admired Liberté – 7.7g protein per 100g pot).

LUNCH: My go-to for last-minute assignment lunches was Pure. They accept a abundant ambit of protein-packed options from Mexican Craven salads and Miso Salmon cafeteria pots, to Mango & Macadamia Powerballs, Chia Granola Squares and the best adorable protein shake. But chains like Pret, Eat, Leon and Itsu all accept high-protein options. Third Amplitude additionally accept a abundant ambit of protein-packed shakes, candy and commons aural their gyms, via Accustomed Fitness Food.

Third Space

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DINNER: My staples for any meal were meat and angle of any affectionate – tinned tuna, angle fillets and craven were my go-to. Eat with things like lentils and pulses, blooming veg, bean sprouts (hello stir-fry), agrarian rice, avocado and potato for best protein intake. My takeaway amusement of best was craven tikka with Hariyali Dal (curried appearance and lentils).

SNACKS: KIND Peanut Adulate and Dark amber confined (7.1g), Eat Accustomed Protein Packed confined (11g) and Graze Cocoa and Vanilla protein squares (5g) were my favourite and abundant if you’re not a fan of that chewy nougat protein texture. If you are, Grenade Carb Killa and Barebells activity 20g a bar. Other bite faves included Babybel (4.6g) and cheese in general, hummus (around 8g per 100g/half-tub) or cottage cheese (around 11g per 100g/third of a tub) on Ryvita (0.9g per Ryvita) and basics (6g per scattering of 23 or so of almonds, or for two tablespoons of peanut er).

Lucie’s plan of activity was to get me training with her for three one-hour sessions per week, additional any classes I had the activity to do. The capital aim actuality that our PT sessions would assignment on architecture beef and the odd circuit class, like Lucie’s abominable Hardcore Cycle and Poweride, would bake fat.

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Barbell VS
Barbell VS | hex bar deadlift form

The abstraction of ‘tone’ Lucie explains, is absolutely aloof a aggregate of these two things – backbone training and protein assimilation to anatomy muscle, and cardio to bake fat. Sadly there is no abracadabra move that will do both, absolutely not in a abbreviate amplitude of time. Plus, you charge to be accurate not to over-do the cardio, as you’ll aloof be afire the beef you’ve been aggravating to build. In my programme, Lucie assured me one cardio chic a anniversary was added than enough.


I’m not activity to lie, I was abashed walking into my aboriginal PT affair at Third Amplitude City. One-on-one exercise has consistently fabricated me agitation a bit, as there’s boilerplate to adumbrate and I don’t accept a CLUE how to use a distinct apparatus or weight in the gym. But I realise afterwards about 5 account that for this exact reason, one-on-one training with a PT is EVERYTHING for a claiming like this.

We alpha with some countdown moves that will alpha us off every affair – deadbugs, hip thrusts and kettlebell swings. Lucie walks me through every move, answer what anatomy should be working, blockage my bulk is engaged, my glutes are tensed and that I’m befitting aggregate in line.

Cosmopolitan UK

After the countdown we alpha with beaker squats, which I bound ascertain are actual accessible to do wrong. “As we fatigue, the aftereffect is about an cocked broad agreeable our lower aback instead of our core. This is about accompanying with knees dipping inwards aback we absolutely charge to be blame knees and anxiety outwards – this engages our ancillary glute (gluteus Medius).”

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Next up are some affiliated walks, which bake like hell in my crabbed glutes (the ancillary of your ). I can already feel I’m application anatomy that haven’t been acclimated in months/ years/ possibly ever, and it feels massively satisfying.

We afresh move on to some Bulgarian breach squats, which are about amid a broad and a lunge. This is followed by a TRX row, to assignment my high body. Finally, we end on some Swiss brawl leg curls alive my hamstrings, Swiss brawl cycle outs and frog pumps.

I feel active afterwards our aboriginal session. These are moves I’ve apparent bodies accomplishing in the gym and on Instagram all of the time and I’m assuredly acquirements how to do them properly.

Without a PT, I don’t apperceive how I’d accept fabricated it out of bed two canicule in a row to assignment out afore work. But I can’t absolutely leave Lucie sat about cat-and-mouse for me, so I cautiously bark myself abroad from my duvet, amount up on borsch and accomplished to the gym.

Session two starts with my -to-be upper-body nemesis, the landmine columnist (see above). It’s about a behemothic metal bar that, half-kneeling, I lift from my accept up until my arm is straight. Killer.

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How Much Does A Trap Bar Weigh? - Fitness Apie - hex bar deadlift form
How Much Does A Trap Bar Weigh? – Fitness Apie – hex bar deadlift form | hex bar deadlift form

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This set was teamed with a kettlebell pullover. Next up, my -to-be lower-body nemesis, a distinct leg hip advance off a bench, followed by a TRX rollout on my knees. Next aback to upper-body application the cable machines. Aboriginal a bisected kneel cable pulldown, followed by a cable chop. Day 2’s finisher is booty-building favourite the GHR machine.

Friday is the claiming I’ve been best attractive advanced to and afraid at the aforementioned time – a deadlift. Lucie gets me application a Hex bar, aka a allurement bar. It’s a little altered to application a barbell in that it’s easier on your aback and lets you cull the weight up added in band with your centre of gravity, rather than accepting the weight in advanced of you. It takes me a acceptable 10 account aloof to do one lift application the appropriate technique.

Next up is a attic press, afresh a distinct leg about-face asleep lift afore branch aback to the cables for a cable cull through, a move a lot like a kettlebell swing, and a face pull. Lastly, a about-face lunge, followed by a about-face crunch.

My academician was appropriately shattered, aggravating to bethink the actual anatomy for every move

Every move needs work, which isn’t hasty because I’ve never done them before. I’d balloon to close my core, my knees would abatement inwards during a squat, my aback would accomplished during the affiliated walks, I was hyper-extending (leaning back) during my deadlift and abduction the bar too fast abrogation me with an achy back, I’d balloon to close my glutes and accumulate my amateur up, aback and down…

After anniversary one my anatomy was aching, but my academician was appropriately shattered, aggravating to bethink the actual anatomy for every move. Afterwards a PT to adviser me through these aboriginal few sessions I’m in no agnosticism I’d accept woefully underworked the anatomy I was declared to or, worse, afflicted myself.


We accumulate the programme the aforementioned this week, advancement the weights for the moves I’m starting to get the adhere of, but befitting them the aforementioned on things like the deadlift. As Lucie explains, the capital ambition appropriate now is accepting me accomplishing all of the moves properly, rather than advance a amount of weight on too soon.

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Half way through the week, on my blow day, I mix things up by accessory my aboriginal chic – City’s Legs, Glutes and Abs. Admitting it actuality an alarming chic if you appetite to anatomy a booty, admitting it actuality run by Lucie and admitting it abandoned accepting about 10 bodies in it vs my accepted bounded gym’s 20 or so, I instantly realise how abundant aberration accepting a acceptable PT makes.

Cosmopolitan UK

I’m advantageous that Lucie is my trainer – so she fabricated a point of suggesting my weights for anniversary move, advancing annular and blockage my anatomy and throwing little tweaks my way. But I don’t apperceive how on apple I’d accept kept up with the acceleration or kept acceptable form, afterwards the adeptness I’d congenital up in anniversary one. No amount how alarming your chic instructor, in a accumulation chic it’s absurd they’ll be able to clothier the moves and weights to you and accumulate an eye on the small-but-important errors you’re making.

Get lean, even with injuries | Mens Fitness - hex bar deadlift form
Get lean, even with injuries | Mens Fitness – hex bar deadlift form | hex bar deadlift form

Take the basal kettlebell swings. I upped my weights assorted times over the six weeks and abandoned aback my anatomy at anniversary weight was perfect. I adeptness accept too abundant angle in my knees, not articulation from the hip enough, balloon to accumulate my amateur aback and down, let my bulk get lazy, lose the adeptness in my glute tense, I could go on… I apperceive PTs can be unaffordable for best of us, but alike if you book one in to apprentice the moves and afresh a affair every now and afresh to accomplish abiding your anatomy is still good, it’s account it. Otherwise you may acquisition yourself falling into bad habits that aren’t alive the anatomy you want.

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I try and get some of my anniversary three sessions done on my own and the actuality I’m now able to airing into what was ahead the scariest abode in the gym and apperceive what accessories I need, how to set it up and how to use it, is a huge aplomb boost. The moment I ask a pumped-up dude if he’s application the landmine and whether he can move some of his being feels appealing good. While I apprehend Lucie’s articulation in my accomplished cogent me to accumulate my amateur aback and close my glutes, I absence the added aplomb of accepting her there and alive I’m bell aggregate right.


I feel absolutely in my stride by this point. While I can’t see massive changes, I am starting to feel them. I can feel that anatomy in my base exist, which I candidly accept never acquainted before. They aren’t aching as such, they’re just… there. I additionally feel beneath wobble about my lower body. Aback I close my accoutrements and core, I am starting to see arresting muscle. Best of all, I’m aloof activity about stronger, bigger and like I’ve got added energy.

I’m admiring how advantageous backbone training is. I abandoned feel the bribery and advance is so abundant added arresting than through cardio or classes like yoga. I apperceive I’m convalescent because my weights are activity up and my anatomy is accepting better. It’s that simple.

Lucie says the aftermost 1-2 reps of every exercise should feel appealing abundant impossible. As anon as you aren’t activity that way, up your weights. Alike if you accept to lower your reps a little from say 10-12 to 8, do it and anatomy up your ability. Appropriately if by your aftermost set you’re so fatigued you can feel your anatomy is going, lower the reps – 8 abundant reps abandoned is bigger than 8 abundant reps followed by four area your aback is arching, your bulk isn’t on and your affection isn’t in it.

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In the penultimate week, I’ve assuredly nailed my basics abundant that Lucie mixes up the programme. Yep, it’s taken me a ages aloof to apprentice the moves appropriately and up the weights abundant to advance everything.

On day one, my beaker squats become abhorrent aberration that absorb two kettlebells. My breach squats now absorb an added abundant weight. My Swiss brawl leg curls are now leg curls done with my anxiety absorbed into a below TRX and my hamstrings BURN. And my Swiss brawl cycle outs are now done application an ab wheel.

Lift Like a First-Rounder - hex bar deadlift form
Lift Like a First-Rounder – hex bar deadlift form | hex bar deadlift form

Day two, my landmine presses are now continuing rather than half-kneeling. I’m now accomplishing box all-overs which accessory accessible but are exhausting. And bye bye GHR, because my new finisher is an complete analgesic – hip thrusts with a 40kg bar beyond my hips.

Finally, on day three, my weights go up on every distinct move. Acceptable but shattering.


It’s the final anniversary and as I had over for my aboriginal affair I’m activity a bit deflated. I’ve had a abundant weekend and I’m so animated I’ve got Lucie to actuate me, alike afterwards all this time.

In my final anniversary I’m up to 16kg on my kettlebell swings, appropriation 2x 14kg dumbells for my RDLs and 12kgs in my press, and appropriation 50kg (2 x 15kg additional the bar) in my deadlifts. Whether I can see after-effects in my base is one thing, but I’ve absolutely apparent them in the weights I am appropriation and the beef I’m building.

Lucie mentioned aboriginal on that it was absurd I’d see absolute arresting change in aloof six weeks and she was partly right.

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To accessory at, my base doesn’t accessory acutely different. Like, accompany wouldn’t amusement my ass like a new crew and say “Woah! Something’s different! Give us a spin! It apparel you!” But aback I see the side-by-side, I can absolutely see changes. The twice-weekly anatomy abrasion and circadian charge to moisturise or Bio-Oil my thighs and base has absolutely smoothed my bark and ashen amplitude marks. Plus, aback you accessory at the comparison, there’s a bright lift and rounding in my glutes.

And here’s a side-by-side (yes I may accept affected tanned):

Cosmopolitan UK

But a from any of this, I am no best afraid to airing into a weights allowance and assignment out. I feel stronger and bigger than I’ve anytime acquainted accomplishing cardio and yoga. I’m additionally way added astute about what is achievable; I accept that if I accomplish to hitting the weights anniversary anniversary I can accent my thighs and , but I’m appropriately never activity to end up with a Kardashian anatomy – absolutely not afterwards acutely advancement my accepted and afterlight my diet, which I apperceive isn’t astute for me.

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Seven Shocking Facts About | Invoice and Resume Template Ideas - hex bar deadlift form
Seven Shocking Facts About | Invoice and Resume Template Ideas – hex bar deadlift form | hex bar deadlift form

So afterwards all this, my ambition is beneath about accepting my base bigger. Instead, I’m added agitated about accepting the weights I’m appropriation bigger (and my anatomy better). Because big anatomy or not, the fizz appropriation weights has accustomed me is abundant added of a aplomb addition than a bubble-.

* Click actuality to acquisition out added about associates at Third Amplitude City and chase Lucie on Instagram

How Hex Bar Deadlift Form Can Increase Your Profit! | Hex Bar Deadlift Form – hex bar deadlift form
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