Sample irs letter on penalty abatement copy infringement notice ...
Sample irs letter on penalty abatement copy infringement notice ... | how to respond to form 4564

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A Continuation of our Quest to Body a Break-Even D4 Soccer Club in the Hudson Valley, NY

Sample irs letter on penalty abatement copy infringement notice ..
Sample irs letter on penalty abatement copy infringement notice .. | how to respond to form 4564

Before we start, let me analyze absolute quick:

I’ve heard this at atomic 100 times aback the Stockade FC adventure started in backward 2015. I achieve abiding to actual association every time: “I didn’t buy a club. We congenital one. From scratch.”

Long adventure short: In summer 2015 we got the abstraction to body a semi-pro soccer aggregation in the Hudson Valley (two hours arctic of NYC). We clearly appear our aggregation would be aing the NPSL (D4, US Soccer Pyramid) in November 2015 and we kicked off our countdown assay in May 2016. Our 2017 assay started two weeks ago (May 6, 2017).

A few hours afore our first-ever bout (May 5, 2016), I appear a acclamation of sorts — a breakdown of why we absitively to body a club from scratch, and what we hoped to achieve by accomplishing so in bristles years time. At the end of this aboriginal season, I wrote a added column admonition all the banking of the club and aloof about every allotment of abstracts the club generated. Both blog posts brought a ton of absorption to our club and the adventure abaft it. I’ve heard our admission declared as “startup soccer” and I’ve heard our accuracy alleged “open-source soccer”. I absolutely dig both of these agreement and I appetite to abide cogent our adventure and beforehand and eyes through agnate blog posts. My plan is to try to accumulate this accent of two-posts-a-year activity strong — one pre-season bureaucracy and one post-season wrap-up. My appetite is to achieve the abstraction of starting/owning a lower-level soccer club in your hometown no different, riskier or crazier than, say, owning a bounded retail abundance or coffee & muffin shop.

So with that, let’s bang off our club’s aboriginal column of 2017. I burst this column into four capital parts:

Okay, ready? Let’s go!

Yes, I know, I wrote a cool continued blog column about this aloof a few months ago. The botheration with that exhausted was that I wrote it in October (when there was still 3 months larboard in the year… including the holidays). So here’s a accessory at the adapted algebraic below. (For what it’s worth, I absitively to address this as a new column instead of alteration my aboriginal column because I appetite all these writings to be a almanac of how our cerebration about our club and our accounting methods / strategies afflicted over time.)

We were 18% abroad from breaking even. This is the cardinal I acquire my eye to exhausted in 2017.

These numbers aloft are burst bottomward in added detail below. For alike added accommodation on anniversary / any of these items, see the aboriginal 2016 Banking Recap.

In hindsight, I’m not a big fan of the accounting anatomy we acclimated for 2016 (especially bond “game-day expenses” with “merchandise expenses” – it was unrealistic that we’d advertise *every allotment of merchandise* our aboriginal season). Starting with this 2017 season, I’m activity to try to breach things out as “Operating Costs” and “Merchandise Costs”.

The appetite is to get Operating Costs (aka: how abundant it costs to accumulate a aggregation and comedy a abounding season) as aing to break-even as possible. Commodity Costs should be absolutely account by Commodity Revenue, and balance Commodity Acquirement should afresh be acclimated to pay off any debt incurred larboard by Operating Costs. If you’re lucky, there’s money larboard over to beforehand in adolescence programs. amphitheater improvements, or alike accepting players.

That was a aing paragraph. If it didn’t achieve faculty on aboriginal read, amuse apprehend it again. I’m starting to anticipate those aftermost three sentences are the abstruse booze for how to achieve this work.

With a abbreviate assay (10 weeks) comes a continued offseason. Afterwards the epitomize I acquaint in October, we spent a lot of time cerebration about what we capital to do to beforehand the acquaintance in 2017 for both players and fans. Here’s a few high-level addendum about what we’re activity to about-face up this assay (with some account acumen as we already acquire one home d beneath our belt).

How To Respond To An IRS Notice? Very Carefully - how to respond to form 4564
How To Respond To An IRS Notice? Very Carefully – how to respond to form 4564 | how to respond to form 4564

FAN SURVEY: One of the aboriginal things we did to basic for 2017 was to actualize a assay (via Google Forms) and bang it out to our email account (~1500 people). We had about ~175 bodies acknowledgment some 20 questions about what they admired and didn’t like about 2016 and allotment some account for how we could beforehand in 2017. A lot of the changes you’ll apprehend about beneath came anon from acknowledgment that admirers gave us aback commutual this survey.

PLAYER/STAFF SURVEY: We did the aforementioned with our players and apprenticeship agents too. We asked association to amount aggregate (gear quality, post-game meals, away-game transport, training facilities, locker rooms, schedule, etc.) This was additionally actual accessible and anon resulted in changes for 2017. Both surveys additionally accord us a criterion for barometer ourselves from one assay to the aing (“is the affection of the club convalescent year over year” style).

SCHEDULE: Aftermost year we played 16 abecedarian in 10 weeks which was aloof too much. We had a scattering of weeks with back-to-back abecedarian (and a amplitude breadth we played 3 matches in 10 days). Appear the end of the season, it was demography best for our guys to balance and bodies started accepting hurt. This year, with the accession of a few new teams in our Northeast region, we all absitively to breach our appointment (“Atlantic”) into two conferences: “Atlantic White” and “Atlantic Blue” (we’re in “Atlantic White” btw). With this change, we went from 16 matches in 10 weeks to 12 matches in 10 weeks. This will be abundant easier on the guys… although activity from 8 home abecedarian to 6 home abecedarian will best acceptable abnormally affect admission and commodity revenue.

And btw, you should appear assay out one of our matches! You can acquisition our 2017 agenda here. And for association in NYC, don’t absence our bout in Downtown Brooklyn (vs. the. Brooklyn Italians) on Sat June 17!

GAME TIMES: Aftermost year we appointed all of our home abecedarian for a 2pm start. This was advised so that our home matches would articulation up the weekend farmer’s bazaar in flush Kingston. The botheration with this plan was that at 2pm the sun was HOT — beating bottomward on the admirers and the players (turf temperature beat 100 degrees for some games). I took agenda aftermost year at what time the sun started to set abaft the stands (a little afterwards 4pm) which guided our accommodation to about-face our 2017 alpha times to 5pm. Our absorbed is now to beforehand admirers from the amphitheater into flush Kingston’s confined and restaurants afterwards the bout (vs. aftermost year’s admission of affairs them from the Farmer’s Bazaar into the stadium). If the acclimate cooperates and the rain holds off, I anticipate this will beforehand to all-embracing bigger appearance numbers (951 was our appearance almanac aftermost year, with 755 actuality the boilerplate aloft 8 matches). We additionally anticipate the afterwards alpha time will achieve it easier on parents whose kids comedy in weekend adolescence soccer programs. By the way, one of my big goals for our 2017 assay is to host a home bout with 1000 admirers in the stands.

TRYOUTS: Our arrangement this year was agnate to that from aftermost year — 5 tryouts total, 3 of which were closed/invite-only, and 2 that were accessible to anyone who registered in beforehand (and accessible to admirers to watch). We captivated these open-tryouts to (a) acquisition any aptitude that we didn’t advance and accordingly didn’t allure to a closed-tryout and (b) to acquire a pre-season accident for admirers that would admonition get bodies aflame about the accessible season, admonition advertise assay tickets, etc.

Everything formed able-bodied this year, with the barring of the *freezing algid weather* we accomplished during our open-tryouts. The acclimate dead all of our “pre-season awareness” goals (very few admirers capital to sit in 20 amount acclimate to watch a tryout) and so aing year we’ll apparently move our open-tryouts to the latest accessible weekend to aerate our allowance adjoin the weather.

A few added quick addendum on tryouts: We took beneath players from the open-tryouts this year because our aloof agents (Dan Hoffay and Nick Hoffay) did such a absurd job accepting the accomplished affection players into our “invite only” tryouts. Our bankrupt tryouts were additionally added awash as we had bigger admission to academy players this year seeing that our affairs was accustomed and had a acceptability for actuality able-bodied run (aka: coaches capital to accelerate their top players to us this year vs. coaches actuality agnostic about a cast new affairs with no clue almanac in 2016).

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT — NPSL COMBINE: One of the abundant things the NPSL action players in the off-season is the adeptness to participate in the “NPSL Abecedarian Showcase” (think: All Star Bold abounding by D1/D2/D3 scouts). Teams acquire the adeptness to appoint players and we were advantageous abundant to acquire two of our top players get an invite: Matel Anasta (Mid/Def) and Matt Koziol (Mid). The alliance covered the amount of the accident (housing, food, gear) and anniversary aggregation picks up the biking costs for accepting players out there (flights). It was a huge account to accelerate two of our guys to the amalgamate aloof afterwards our aboriginal season. They represented our aggregation and the alliance able-bodied and I achievement we get to do this afresh aing year It’s additionally been a abundant “reputation builder” for us to be able to say “if you comedy able-bodied for Stockade FC, we’ll accord you affairs to get apparent by scouts on a civic stage”. That said….

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT — GOING PRO: At the end of aftermost season, Stockade FC midfielder Dylan Williams active a able arrangement with Launceston Burghal FC in Australia (Launceston Burghal FC plays in the NPL Tasmania alliance which is in the 2nd assay of the Australian soccer pyramid). Dylan was an abundantly accomplished abecedarian afore he came to Stockade FC, but it still gives me a abundant faculty of pride to apperceive that one of our guys was able to use our club as a dispatch bean to achieve that jump from abecedarian to pro. (And btw, he’s crushing it over in Australia).

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT — OFF-SEASON / RESERVE TEAM: A lot of the guys from the 2016 band capital to abide arena calm in the off-season, so we put calm an Off-Season Band (“Oranje 1777”) and entered it into a bounded Hudson Valley alliance alleged the EDSL. (I best up the tab — about $2500 for the alliance fees, adjudicator fees, and kits). Accepting the off-season / assets aggregation has been good, but it’s both time arresting and demanding for the player-managers active the aggregation (like best bounded leagues, it’s been claiming to get a acceptable aggregation of guys to appearance up every week). Special shoutout to Nick von Egypt for accomplishing a absurd job active and managing the team. And while I’d like to abide with our off-season team, we’re 50/50 on whether we’ll accumulate it activity afterwards the 2017 assay due to the allocation and recruiting efforts required.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT — YOUTH ORGANIZATION: We acquire a abiding plan to body a free-to-play adolescence soccer alignment (and acreage a Stockade FC aggregation in 2025 abounding of kids who played for us aback they were 10 years old!). I capital to accumulation this beneath “Player Development”, but I’m absolutely activity to allocution about it in added detail below.

SEASON TICKETS: Assay Tickets formed abundant for us aftermost year — they gave us (a) affirmed admission acquirement for every match, (b) an befalling to affix admirers with bounded businesses (“show your Assay Admission for 10% off!” map in Bold Day program), and (c) they admonition affluence bottleneck at the admission window and gate. Aftermost year we awash one blazon of assay admission for $40 each. This season, alike with 6 home abecedarian instead of 8 games, we absitively to accumulate the amount the aforementioned (mostly for consistency… and the affiance that assay tickets will additionally assignment for playoff matches, god-willing). The big change this year (and a advancement that came from our fan survey!) is that we now action ADULT and YOUTH assay tickets (12 and under). Developed assay tickets are atramentous ($40) and Adolescence assay tickets are white ($25). I am actual admiring with how abounding assay tickets we sold.

Form 12 - Tax Attorney Gives Answer  - how to respond to form 4564
Form 12 – Tax Attorney Gives Answer – how to respond to form 4564 | how to respond to form 4564

Sidenote, but abundant adventure account sharing: Appropriate afore Christmas, my associate Don Steele emailed me cogent me he capital to buy 4 assay tickets that he didn’t appetite for himself -– instead he capital me to accord them to bounded non-profit organizations or families in need. Abundant idea! And continued adventure short, we concluded up accepting in blow with three abundant bounded association organizations — YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County, Boys & Girls Clubs of Ulster County, and The Hodge Center of Kingston — and alms anniversary of them 25 “youth” assay tickets and 2 “adult” assay tickets. So my associate Don’s “4 admission generosity” absolutely angry into *75 adolescence tickets and 6 developed tickets* which are now actuality acclimated to accompany kids to the amphitheater and acquaint them to the sport. Nice assignment Don! And acknowledgment for the nudge! (ps: aloof to clarify, these “giveaway” tickets were *not* counted as “sold” and accordingly are not included in the “season admission sold” abstracts listed above).

SPONSORS / KITS: Aftermost year we spent about $20,000 on kits (jerseys & shorts & warmups for both players and fans). To accumulate costs bottomward for 2017 (and to advantage the balance commodity account we were larboard with afterwards 2016) we absitively to accumulate the jerseys the same. Allotment of the acumen this formed out was because our amazing sponsors (Trailways NY, Dragon Season, Radio Woodstock) all capital to re-up as sponsors for 2017. Acknowledge you!

The one big change we fabricated was that we alone the Foursquare-sponsored “Training Kit” for 2017. They awash able-bodied online, but the third-kit with a adapted sponsor was ambagious and acquainted a little disconnected. For 2018, we’re already dabbling with the abstraction of bringing a Training Kit sponsor back, but we’ll apparently do article breadth we amalgamate the Alive Advocacy and the Training Kit Advocacy to achieve it feel a little added affiliated to the club and the experience. (btw, Foursquare is still a amusement banderole sponsor and is “powering” the map of flush Kingston you’ll acquisition in the d day programs)

To adverse the acquirement absent from not accepting a Training Kit sponsor, we awash added amusement banners this year (four new sponsors @ $1500/ad = $6000 total). We are additionally experimenting with “activation tents” this assay ($1500/match), both as a value-add to absolute sponsors and as a way to try to accompany new sponsors in. Stay acquainted for added on that.

MERCHANDISE: Aftermost year we spent about $50,000 on merchandise, and fabricated about $55,000 affairs it — you’d apprehend these numbers to be a lot higher, but we acquire a lot of balance account larboard over from 2016 (approx $12k retail value). That’s puts us at about a ~35% attenuated allowance on swag which is acquire for our aboriginal season, but there’s affluence of allowance for advance (I’ve heard of some teams accepting margins aloft 50%). For 2017, I charge to do a bigger job tracking margins per account (and per order, because orders alter w/ quantities ordered) so we can advisedly optimize.

Last year we additionally kept account appealing simple — t-shirts, jerseys, caps, scarves, stickers. This year, we added a lot added items: baptize bottles ($20), lanyards ($8), pins ($5), mini assurance ($15), training acme (which at $30/each will be a abundant a cheaper advantage to the $60 “Training Kits” of aftermost year).

Oh, and the highlight of our off-season commodity story? Alejandro Bedoya rolling into US Men’s Civic Aggregation affected cutting a Stockade FC cap! Acknowledgment for the support, Ale!

SQUARE REGISTER: Maybe the bigger operational change for us this assay is that we started application Square (the iPad Point of Auction system — Disclaimer: I am an investor/shareholder in Square) and we committed to accepting all of our banknote and acclaim agenda affairs run through it this season. That agency that everywhere we acquire acquittal at the amphitheater (merch table and admission booth) we use Square to clue banknote and acclaim affairs as able-bodied as clue commodity account and admission sales. This already is a HUGE d changer — esp aback it comes bottomward to tracking, say, “What % of tickets awash were ‘youth’ tickets?”, or “How abounding Women’s Medium t-shirts did we sell?” Accept it or not, we tracked all of this *by hand* aftermost year (pen and paper). The acumen we didn’t use Square in 2016 is because our Budgetary Advocacy accomplice (aka: the accomplice that allows us to run accomplish as a 501(c)(3) afterwards accepting our own committed 501(c)(3) status) appropriate that we use their absolute PayPalHere bureaucracy (and so we tracked acclaim on iPad/PayPal and banknote by hand). For 2017, they thankfully achieve an barring and absitively to let us us Square. (thank you!)

Quick admonition to any added teams account this: If you are application Square or PayPal or whatever, run both your banknote *and* acclaim affairs thru it. Alike if you don’t acquire the adorned iPad affiliated banknote drawer, aloof use the arrangement to amusement both banknote acclaim affairs as equal.

For as abundant as I am admiring Square, the one affair that still drives me basics is that I can’t calmly administer assorted inventories. So for example, my dining allowance is ample of boxes of t-shirts and hats (that’s our “local warehouse”) and every home d I booty 5 Tupperware containers abounding of swag from my abode to the d (that’s our “game day merch store”). Square allows me to accumulate account of both what’s in my dining allowance and what’s in my car, but it *does not* acquiesce me to calmly move an account from one account to addition (“I took 2 Men’s Ample from the dining allowance and confused them to the Tupperware in my car”). Anyway, nitpicky… Square is 100x bigger than what we were accomplishing aftermost year, admitting it’s not absolute yet.

STREAMING: Our accompany at Moonfarmer in Kingston (digital studio/creative shop) did an amazing job accepting our alive efforts off the arena aftermost year. They wrote an amazing blog column about the “hows and whys” aftermost year, and I’m abiding they’ll do addition amend at the end of this season. (thank you, Kale Kaposhilin & Dan Stone!).

The big account for this assay is that we are activity to beck all our matches (both home and away) admitting Facebook Alive (instead of YouTube, which we acclimated aftermost season). We approved this already for our aboriginal home bout and the numbers were *much* bigger:

To be honest, I’m not abiding which of these Facebook numbers to absolutely pay absorption to. And the numbers do feel aggrandized to me — most acceptable because of auto-play in the Facebook Newsfeed — but it’s adamantine to abjure how able Facebook’s behemothic admirers can be in agreement of announcement our matches. Our plan is to stick w/ Facebook this absolute assay and see how aerial we can get these numbers.

June 12,201212 MEMORANDUM FOR COMMISSIONER, LARGE BUSINESS AND .. | how to respond to form 4564

Here’s a accessory at our Facebook beck from our May 6th home opener vs. Hartford Burghal FC:

Another nice abruptness for 2017 — Smithfield Hall in NYC (one of the best soccer confined in the city!) has absitively to be our official Supporters Bar, d the streams of both our home & abroad matches on the TVs placed all throughout the bar (they’re application a Roku active the Facebook app to do so). For our aboriginal home bout the assembly was, well, small… but hey let’s try it afresh and see how we do! Acknowledgment to Craig Wood for ambience this up and hit up the NYC Supporters Accumulation if you appetite to accompany them to watch a bout in NYC.

CONCESSIONS: Aback we didn’t breach alike aftermost year (even with abundant appearance & commodity numbers), I started talking to added teams about what added acquirement sources they await on. Turns out, a lot of the teams that are seeing success acquire admission to either concessions acquirement (% cut of what’s sold) or parking acquirement (% cut of parking fees). At our amphitheater (Dietz Amphitheater in Kingston) we acquire admission to neither. The amphitheater is 50% endemic by the burghal and 50% endemic by the school, all parking is first-come-first-serve, and the concessions bar at the amphitheater is subcontracted out to a third-party and adequate by an exclusivity clause.

I spent some time in the off-season aggravating to get the exclusivity article adapted for the 2017 afterwards luck (aka: authoritative buzz calls and accessory affairs at Burghal Hall). However, in the aftermost few weeks our bounded adjacency brewery, Keegan Ales, was able to defended a aliment and beer admittance ($40) that allows them to accomplish aloof off of amphitheater acreage (about 50 yards abroad from the admission booth). We approved this out for our home opener — Keegan Ales teamed up with bounded sandwich boutique Joe Beez, set up a covering aloof off the amphitheater acreage and awash beers, candy and sandwiches. I didn’t acquire abundant time to assay it out in actuality (so abundant to do during the home opener!) but it looks like they had a acceptable crowd, bodies admired it, and the association at Keegan Ales acquire committed to accomplishing it afresh at our aing home match. (There’s a bit of altercation about this in boondocks which you can apprehend about in the bounded paper. I’ll accumulate y’all acquaint on how it works out.)

Tommy Keegan (owner of the brewery) volunteered to allotment 15% of the gain the pre-game covering generates aback to the club — ”Stockade brings the crowd, we accompany the sandwiches”. While I don’t anticipate this will be a huge acquirement disciplinarian this season, it helps us assay whether admirers acknowledge addition concessions options at the stadium, whether added vendors can admonition drive added attendance, and maybe best importantly, whether admirers would behave with admission to beer so aing to the amphitheater (spoiler alert: they did). It’s additionally account acquainted that the aliment & alcohol covering opened about 2 hours afore the game, bankrupt bottomward about 10 mins afore kickoff, remained bankrupt for the aboriginal half, reopened for halftime, bankrupt afresh for the added half, and afresh re-opened afterwards the game.

Semi-related to concessions: Aftermost year we were affairs cases of bottled baptize every d (6 to 8 cases/24-packs per match). It acquainted so careless that we fabricated it one of our 2017 goals to not buy any bottled water. We’re now application those orange 5-gallon jugs (x6 = 2x locker rooms, 2x sidelines, 1 for refs, 1 for fans… hey, chargeless water!) and it’s alive abundant with abundant beneath decay (and cheaper too).

FIELDS — We’re application the aforementioned amphitheater (Dietz Amphitheater in Kingston, NY) and aforementioned convenance fields (Our Lady of Lourdes Aerial Academy in LaGrange, NY) that we acclimated aftermost year. Aftermost year, fields were our distinct greatest amount ($16,250). This year, fields will be our distinct greatest expense. The abiding comedy actuality has to be that we acquisition our own convenance adeptness that can acclimated by our aboriginal team, our assets team, and our adolescence academy teams (more advice on that below). If anyone has any ideas, leads, or suggestions on how to do this in the mid-Hudson Valley area, amuse adeptness out.

VOLUNTEERS / STAFF — Our advance aggregation is aback in force for 2017. It’s adamantine to alike bethink the alpha of aftermost assay aback we were all bridge our fingers that our volunteers would appearance up, abnormally compared to this year breadth our alignment runs like a well-oiled machine. The bigger aberration so far in 2017 has been accepting a advance arrangement already in abode during the off-season, which fabricated (a) strategizing about goals and enhancements for 2017 abundant easier (we acquire a “Stockade FC” Slack allowance organized into ~15 channels we all use to accumulate in touch) and (b) accepting bodies in abode agency we can agent responsibilities months advanced of time, which is a huge advantage. And btw, it’s consistently important for me to accent that our absolute club is volunteer-driven — setup, tickets, merchandise, streaming, announcing, emcees, stats, DJs, d day programs, amusing media, etc. A huge acknowledge you to all our volunteers because, afterwards you, none of this would be possible.

YOUTH ORG: One of the things our absolute advance agents is amorous about is accepting the hundreds of kids who appear to our matches anniversary afterwards anniversary accursed up about soccer, accursed up about the abstraction of starting to play, and accursed up about the abstraction of continuing to comedy (and maybe alike giving up football or baseball and authoritative soccer their primary sport). Based off the assay abstracts from aftermost year, I anticipate we’re off to a acceptable start:

As allotment of this mission, we’re starting to dream a little bigger about alms a free-to-play adolescence academy — where gain from commodity and admission acquirement anniversary assay will be set a to either (a) run our own chargeless adolescence academy or (b) action scholarships to bounded pay-to-play adolescence academies. We are still alive out the details, but the plan is to circuit up our aboriginal adaptation of this aing year (summer 2018). To bang off our fundraising, we acquire two “special edition” Stockade FC t-shirts — one in Japanese and one in Arabic. All of the gain from these shirts will go anon to allotment this adolescence academy (estimated amount for year one = $7500 for 60 kids X 20 weeks in 2018 = we’ll charge to advertise 350 tshirts at $30 over aing 18 months). These shirts are now for auction online ($30 each) and additionally will be for auction at our home abecedarian this season:

Backstory abaft the translated Stockade FC crests: Soccer is the bigger action in the world, and one of our continued appellation goals with the academy is to use the action as a apparatus to betrayal kids to all-around geography, all-around economics, and all-around politics. (Imagine a academy class that uses the countries & teams in PlayStation’s FIFA17 as backdrop to explain and animate all-around alertness aloft a advanced array of subjects. BTW, this apriorism was about aggressive by a coffee I had with freestyler Frankie Flo and this cheep & this thread, btw). We fabricated a baby accumulation of Japanese t-shirts in 2016 afterwards addition in Japan bought a Stockade tee from our online abundance (“we’re huge in Japan!”). We chose Arabic for 2017 based the accepted political altitude and the actuality that Kingston is the blazon of burghal that embodies that spirit of “wherever you’re from, you’re acceptable here”.

WOMEN’S TEAM — Nothing to advertise yet, but architecture a Stockade FC women’s aggregation in the Hudson Valley continues to be one of the requests we apprehend best generally from our fans. We charge to get our club to break-even on the operational amount ancillary afore we can booty on addition claiming (figuring out the “fields” affair aloft will be a big allotment of the puzzle), but aback the time is right, we’ll best acceptable accessory to the WPSL (the D2 of women’s soccer, aloof beneath the D1 NWSL)

While my epitomize of aftermost year’s financials focused on the absolute season, I ample it may be accessible to allotment a deep-dive on a distinct game. But afore we do that, let’s accessory at 2017’s pre-season costs first. Amuse bethink these numbers are actual abundant incomplete — we apperceive from aftermost year that all sorts of aftermost minute purchases will pop up during the season:

The IRS Audit Process: Initial Meeting to Form 12 Letter to the 12 ..
The IRS Audit Process: Initial Meeting to Form 12 Letter to the 12 .. | how to respond to form 4564

Okay now that we’ve laid that out, let’s additionally accessory at the numbers from a distinct home d (our May 6, 2017 home opener vs. Hartford Burghal FC).

By the end of the season, I’d like to be able to appearance a worksheet like the one beneath for every one of our home matches. My appetite would be to appearance “each home d costs us $X to aftermath and generates $Y revenues for the club”. This acumen would afresh acquiesce us to archetypal how abounding home abecedarian we’d charge to comedy in a assay for our club to artlessly breach even. From there, we can alpha to anticipate about how abounding added home abecedarian we’d charge in a distinct assay to be able to awning the amount of added investments in the club (player development, amphitheater improvements, etc). There’s been some conversations at the alliance akin about a best assay (and which teams would opt-in to participate), and accepting this abstracts will admonition us achieve a accommodation about whether we should try to host added matches, and if so, what is the optimal cardinal of matches to host.

Anyway, let’s booty a look:

So there’s the breakdown of the raw numbers. If we booty our estimated Operational Costs from 2017 so far ($34,004) and bisect it by 6 home matches, that agency our Operational Costs per d are $5,667/match:

… so that’s how it looks with 489 admirers in the stands (aka: “not breach even”). I’m aflame to run these numbers afresh aback we acquire 700 or 800 admirers aback in the stands (and aback it’s not raining! ☔️). Again, the Square iPad is what gives me the adeptness to run these numbers actual calmly and bound afterwards anniversary bout (vs. aftermost year aback I had to ask our budgetary sponsor accomplice to accomplish custom letters out of PayPal)

I don’t acquire a ton of acumen / assay to allotment on this aloof yet — ask me afresh at the end of the season. I’m administration now because I anticipate these numbers may be accessible for added teams to criterion themselves on. I additionally anticipate this worksheet arrangement is article added teams may acquisition accessible in accepted (and I’d animate added NPSL teams to use this or article similar. Hey, it’ll be fun to analyze at the end of the season!)

The added two questions I get all the time from folks: “why are you putting so abundant accomplishment into this baby boondocks club?” and “what do you achievement comes from all this?” Abundant questions!

I wrote a lot about this in my aboriginal manifesto, and I’ll try not to echo the aforementioned arguments, but I absolutely accept in the abstraction that anyone should be able to alpha a club from blemish in a baby bazaar like Kingston, NY, beforehand in the club and the association and the basement and the players, and if that club is successful, they should be able to action their way to the top of the US Soccer Pyramid.

As we know, the pyramid is currently closed, acceptation teams don’t move from D2 to D1 unless they pay the D1 “cover charge” of ~$100M. Teams don’t move from D3 to D2 unless they pay the D2 “cover charge” of ~$10M. This is burst for a agglomeration of reasons, but instead of talking about how burst it is, let’s allocution about how to body a bigger system.

I anticipate you can achieve a able altercation that afterwards a arrangement of advance and relegation, there is no charge for any “Divisions” besides D1. I mean, what do you get for advantageous $10M to get into D2? Are you accepting a attempt at D1? No. Are you accepting a cut of some huge advertisement deal? No. Are you accepting the authority of actuality bigger than D3? Maybe? But do admirers alike apperceive the difference?

The aforementioned was accurate of D3 vs. D4 (before D3 got a canyon to move up to D2… affliction for how ambagious this all is!) A year ago, if you were allotment amid spending $2M to access a club in D3 alliance vs. $15,000 to access a club in a D4 league, what account do you get from allotment D3? Are you accepting a attempt at D2? No. Are you accepting a cut of some huge advertisement deal? No. Are you accepting the authority of actuality bigger than D4? Maybe? But do admirers alike apperceive the difference?

My point is that afterwards movement amid divisions, there’s no point in divisions. (Note: the leagues in these accommodation – and the teams in those leagues – comedy an basic role in the US soccer ecosystem. It’s the allotment breadth “my assay is bigger than your division” that is broken.) So for the blow of this post, let’s balloon about the teams and leagues that abide in these locked-up divisions. And instead let’s accessory at our league, the NPSL (D4), as a archetypal for how an alternating arrangement could emerge.

The NPSL is a civic alliance with 96 teams advance aloft 4 regions (Northeast, Midwest, West and South) and 14 conferences. The alliance works because it’s hyper-regional, which accumulate biking costs low for teams. The alliance works because it has a abbreviate season, which keeps costs low, and gives teams the adaptability to use either academy players, abecedarian players, or pro players. The alliance works because it has a bashful start-up fee (~$15,000) and a bashful annual alliance fee (~$5250). The NPSL gives association leaders, entrepreneurs, etc. a adventitious to body a assisting (and accordingly sustainable) lower-level soccer club — one that could conceivably accomplish always if run properly. This is what we are aggravating to body with Stockade FC and our accessible and cellophane admission to botheration analytic the club in public. I appetite to be able to appearance what a assisting and acceptable soccer club looks like in a tiny bazaar (Kingston = 19,000 people) and I appetite to appearance bodies how they can body one from blemish (ahem, audacious that we absolutely amount out how to do it).

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But why alike bother to appearance bodies how to body D4 clubs from scratch, abnormally aback so abounding association say, “but who cares about D4?” Those bodies are partially right. Abounding bodies don’t apperceive about our league. Best don’t apperceive annihilation about the ~100 teams that achieve up league. There’s no advance to D3. There’s no advertisement deal. There’s no alive rights. There’s no advocacy acquirement to be aggregate by the teams. BUT… what would acquire to appear for our alliance and our teams to get those things? What would the alliance acquire to accessory like to command a advertisement accord or alive acquirement that would beforehand to beyond audiences and beyond advocacy dollars? How do we accomplish acquirement that could afresh be aggregate aback with the teams in the anatomy of award-winning money or biking subsidies? Well, aboriginal we’re activity to charge an audience…

Okay then, but how big an audience? It’s catchy to admeasurement the accepted admeasurement of the NPSL’s “total audience” or “total reach” now — not all teams clue attendance, not all teams address appearance if they do clue it, not all teams are alive their matches. But what if we could break for all that?

I’m alone application the NPSL as an archetype actuality as it’s the alliance I apperceive best, but feel chargeless to bandy in whatever lower-level alliance you follow. Now let’s brainstorm that we all accede that a D4 league’s admirers is “relevant” aback its admirers is, say, 1/4 the admeasurement of MLS’ admirers in the USA today. Acquire then. So let’s body that. But that’s crazy, right? Or is it?

Let’s do the math:

These numbers are big and daunting. But a D4 alliance with 100 teams has article the MLS does not — a ample geographic brand that is currently operating aloft 100 bounded markets in the US. A lot of these markets are abate markets with abate teams; abate teams that acquire a greater adventitious at actuality acceptable and profitable. What if we took advantage of this altered affection of this D4 alliance and absurd a alliance not with 100 teams, but with 500 teams (!!!):

Is 500 teams crazy? Appropriate now, yes. But could a alliance abound into article of this size? Can a distinct alliance alike abutment this abounding teams? Are there alike this abounding markets in the USA breadth you could cull at atomic 1000 admirers into a amphitheater and addition 5000 to watch online? In a country with 320,000,000 people… why not?

And if we spent some time putting calm a absolute bristles or ten-year plan for how to get from 100 teams to 500 teams, and accumulated it with an “instruction manual” or sorts to admonition teams body an admirers of 1000 admirers per d with addition 5000 admirers watching online. Brainstorm the alliance as not aloof development alliance for players, but was additionally a development alliance for buying groups.

With that abounding teams and with that abundant ambition, you could apparently set up “tiers” that abide alone aural D4. (think: “Pyramid aural a pyramid” — all teams alive aural D4 breadth the “expansion” fees are attainable and breadth the USSF guidelines for minimum net-worth, bazaar sizes and amphitheater accommodation don’t apply.) With assorted tiers aural a distinct division, you could “promote” a aggregation from one bank to the aing afterwards charging a “cover charge”. You could accredit from one bank to the aing afterwards accident the “cover charge”. Some tiers could acquire best seasons. Some tiers may acquire added able players than abecedarian players. Some tiers could acquire academy annual alliance fees. Some tiers would crave teams to biking best distances. Some tiers could be acceptable to acquire a bigger cut of advocacy and alive revenue. The point is that a distinct “division” with assorted tiers enables the adeptness for teams to seamlessly move aural it (something that currently seems about absurd to accredit with the absolute D3/D2/D1 system).

Let’s go aback to alive acquirement for a minute and let’s booty a accessory at what a alliance of this admeasurement may be able to command. Let’s use the best contempo MLS advertisement accord as a foundation:

And based off these numbers, let’s accessory at how a 500-team D4 alliance could compare:

Now there’s a lot of assumptions here — most conspicuously I’m brainstorm that this D4 alliance may never cut a advertisement TV accord and instead becomes one of the aboriginal leagues to go all-in on alive as the primary antecedent of administration (aka: this league’s alive action would accessory beneath like ESPN and added like Twitch TV). And, of course, I’m d that the streams are of aerial abundant affection that bodies adulation to watch online.)

I’m additionally authoritative an acceptance that “quality of play” is not the primary disciplinarian of fan abutment or admirers size. No one is activity to achieve the altercation that today’s D4 teams consistently acquire a attempt at assault MLS teams. (If this was the case, you’d see added D4 teams activity added in the US Accessible Cup year afterwards year — although we did see a D4 over D2 win this week!). That said, there are absolutely admirers in the USA that affliction abundant added about their bounded MLS aggregation in the US than a Premiere Alliance aggregation in the UK that is arena at a abundant academy level. Those admirers affliction added about their MLS aggregation because their MLS aggregation is their bounded team. Proximity matters — and with with 22 teams in MLS, that blazon of cerebration applies to those 22 bounded markets. But why can’t that aforementioned argumentation administer to a D4 alliance with 500 teams? You could altercate that bodies are acceptable to affliction as abundant (if not more!) about their bounded D4 club than some MLS aggregation that is 100–200 afar away, alike if the akin of comedy is lower. We’re absolutely seeing this in Kingston with both accidental and die-hard fans.

Assumptions aside, if this alliance could accomplish abundant revenue, and if the cut of aggregate acquirement or award-winning money was big enough, maybe you’d get teams that currently abide in added genitalia of the pyramid to absolutely achieve the jump *down* to D4 — where it’s cheaper (choose a bank that allows your club to be profitable), breadth it’s added absorbing (with teams actuality answer and relegated up and bottomward these tiers every bout matters), and breadth there’s a beyond and continuously growing admirers fueled by the affection for both action and association on a abundant added bounded akin than what a 22-team MLS league, an 8-team NASL league, or a 30-team USL alliance can offer.

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Audit Letter 12A – Answer – how to respond to form 4564 | how to respond to form 4564

Sidenote: I acquire annihilation adjoin MLS. I acknowledge all the alliance has done for the sport. I adore activity to both NYCFC and RBNY matches. But I do anticipate that the absolute US Soccer pyramid is burst and I accept it’s advised in such a way that it armament every added alliance (NASL and USL) to “play the aforementioned game” as MLS. By that I mean: all three leagues are all aggravating to do the aforementioned thing — 20–30 teams, better markets possible, grab whatever advertisement TV accord you can get. It’s an accessible action and it’s currently alive able-bodied for MLS. I accept that if we (the fans!) appetite to see change in the US Soccer Pyramid, afresh we (the buying groups!) acquire to “play a adapted game” than MLS — small markets instead of big markets, a 500 aggregation alliance instead of a 20–30 aggregation leagues, alive over broadcast, arete based advance through accessible tiers, banking rewards for success, banking rewards incentivizing advance in bounded soccer). In sum, we shouldn’t focus our activity on the abstraction of absolutely aition MLS, but rather on creating a apple breadth it’s accessible that a analytical accumulation of soccer admirers in the USA affliction added about a D4 alliance than MLS.

So, yes, this is a little crazy. For any of this to work, we’re activity to charge added clubs, added players, added fans. To the association architecture clubs, we charge to be alive added carefully together, administration what we learn, and recruiting others to do the same. And so this is breadth I get aback to assignment architecture our club, Stockade FC and accomplishing as abundant as we can to allotment aggregate we’re acquirements forth the way in the achievement of allowance others get started too. Afterwards all, these 400 added clubs aren’t gonna body themselves.

Thanks for reading! I acknowledge any comments below, or hit me up on Twitter @dens

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