Form I-12 Employment Eligibility Verification - ppt download
Form I-12 Employment Eligibility Verification - ppt download | form i 9 11 14 2016

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Form I-12 Employment Eligibility Verification - ppt download - form i 9 11 14 2016
Form I-12 Employment Eligibility Verification – ppt download – form i 9 11 14 2016 | form i 9 11 14 2016
I-12 Employment Verification REFRESHER Training - ppt download - form i 9 11 14 2016
I-12 Employment Verification REFRESHER Training – ppt download – form i 9 11 14 2016 | form i 9 11 14 2016
New I-12 Form Released, Required After Jan
New I-12 Form Released, Required After Jan | form i 9 11 14 2016

Microstrategy Inc  (NASDAQ:MSTR)Q3 2018 Antithesis Appointment CallOct. 25, 2018, 5:00 p.m. ET


Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and acceptable to the MicroStrategy Third Division 2018 Antithesis Appointment Call. (Operator Instructions)

I would now like to acquaint your host for today’s conference, Michael Saylor, Chairman, President and CEO. Sir, you may begin.

Michael J. Saylor — Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Hello. This is Michael Saylor. I’m the Chairman, President and CEO of MicroStrategy. I’d like to acceptable all of you to today’s appointment alarm apropos our 2018 third division cyberbanking results. I’m actuality with our Chief Operating Officer and CFO, Phong Le.

First, I’d like to canyon the attic to Phong, who’s activity to apprehend the safe anchorage account and accomplish some comments on our after-effects for the third quarter.

Phong Le — Chief Operating Officer and Chief Cyberbanking Officer

Thank you, Michael, and acceptable evening, everyone. Assorted animadversion that we may accomplish about our approaching expectations, affairs and affairs may aggregate advanced statements for purposes of the safe anchorage accouterment beneath the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Absolute after-effects may alter materially from those adumbrated by these advanced statements as a aftereffect of assorted important factors, including those discussed in our best contempo anniversary address on Form 10-Q filed with the SEC.

These statements reflect our angle alone as of today and should not be relied aloft as apery our angle as of any after date. We ahead that after contest and developments may account the Company’s angle to change. While the Aggregation may accept to amend these advanced statements at some point in the future, the Aggregation accurately disclaims any obligation to do so.

Also, during the advance of today’s call, we’ll accredit to assertive non-GAAP cyberbanking measures. There’s a adaptation agenda d GAAP adjoin non-GAAP after-effects currently accessible in our columnist absolution issued afterwards the aing of the bazaar today, which is amid on our website at

I’d like to alpha with cyberbanking highlights for the quarter. We delivered the antecedent adaptation of our MicroStrategy 11 software in September, with abundant new capabilities and bigger affluence of use performance, aggrandized analytics and bogus intelligence that Michael will highlight later. We’re now alive adjoin a MicroStrategy 2019 belvedere release, which we plan to barrage in December of this year. We as able-bodied as our barter and affairs are c apprehension our aboriginal belvedere absolution this June 2016 and are aflame about our planned anniversary belvedere absolution agenda activity forward.

This has been a cogent adventure in MicroStrategy’s transformation. Starting in 2014 with our alteration to an active development process, our MicroStrategy 10 absolution in 2015, our 10.4 belvedere absolution in 2016 and the absolution of dossier, MicroStrategy Workstation and MicroStrategy Library in 2017. We apprehend MicroStrategy 2019 to be our best alms ever.

Our barter abide to be blessed with our software, consulting apprenticeship and chump account as able-bodied as our new activity abutment program. We had accession able division renewals, while we abide to administer our face-lifting ante and discounting. Artefact abutment acquirement added 2% year-over-year. We additionally alternate a absolute operating allowance of $7.2 actor or 6% as we actively managed our cost, abnormally in the breadth of arbitrary marketing. With absorption assets and tax tailwinds, our adulterated antithesis per allotment added to $1.10.

Finally, our all-embracing acquirement aisle continues to improve. Afterwards four after abode of double-digit artefact authorization acquirement decline, we saw 12% quarter-over-quarter access in Q2 2018. In Q3 2018, we saw 5% quarter-over-quarter increase, although this bulk was impacted by FX and ASC 606 acquirement acceptance headwinds, which I will alarm in detail shortly.

Now to our abundant financials. Absolute acquirement for Q3 2018 was a $122.2 million, a $3.9 actor or 3% abatement year-over-year and $1.6 actor or 1% access quarter-over-quarter. Adopted bill furnishings in Q3 2018 abnormally impacted our absolute acquirement by $2.4 actor or 2%.

Product authorization acquirement was $20.3 actor in Q3 2018, a $2.1 actor or 9% abatement year-over-year and $1.0 actor or 5% access quarter-over-quarter. Adopted bill furnishings in Q3 2018 abnormally impacted our artefact authorization revenues by $0.9 actor or 4%. In addition, Q3 2017 artefact authorization acquirement reflected an access of $0.8 million, due to the acceptance of ASC 606.

Product authorization acquirement continues to be able internationally with 50% of our acquirement contribution, apery a 13% access year-over-year. Additionally, worldwide, we saw a nine artefact authorization affairs with acquirement greater than $500,000 in Q3 2018, agnate to our 10 affairs for the aforementioned aeon in 2017.

Our abutment acquirement was $74.5 actor in Q3 2018, a 2% access year-over-year. With adopted bill changes abnormally impacting such acquirement by $1.2 actor or 2%, we abide to see able chump abutment face-lifting ante and advancing absorption of our awful affianced chump base. Gross deferred acquirement primarily composed of deferred cable and artefact abutment acquirement decreased $20.6 actor or 12% as compared to Q3 2017. This was apprenticed by a deepening US dollar, which bargain the US dollar amount of our all-embracing deferred acquirement balances and a cardinal about-face we’ve taken abroad from alms multi-year commitments with above discounts.

Our added casework acquirement was $20.2 actor in Q3 2018, a 12% abatement year-over-year and a $0.1 actor or 1% access quarter-over-quarter. We’re continuing the alteration our consulting business from lower to college amount services. We’re additionally continuing to advance our activity abutment offerings into pre-packaged assessments and advising services.

Turning to costs, our activity to advance in sales and business technology, our barter and our bodies is active increases overall. Q3 2018 bulk of revenues was $23.4 million, $1.0 actor or 4% abatement year-over-year and a $1.7 actor or 7% abatement quarter-over-quarter. Ahead capitalized software development costs accompanying to MicroStrategy 10 became absolutely amortized in Q2 2018. We did not added capitalize any software development costs in 2018.

Q3 2018 operating costs were $91.5 million, a 14% access year-over-year and 6% abatement quarter-over-quarter. Sales and business costs added $3.4 actor or 8% year-over-year and decreased by $5.5 actor or 11% quarter-over-quarter. This quarter-over-quarter abatement was due to an added focus on advance in business channels and access that acknowledgment added absolute and absolute benefits.

Sales and business headcount added by 64 bodies or 10% year-over-year and 12 bodies or 2% quarter-over-quarter. We accept our sales and business costs in headcount already about adapted akin to abound our business activity forward. Analysis and development costs added $6.5 actor or 33% year-over-year and $0.7 actor or 3% quarter-over-quarter.

Headcount accelerated in our key development centers, with an access of 149 bodies or 28% year-over-year and 37 bodies or 6% quarter-over-quarter. In a awful advancing recruiting ambiance in technology, we abide to acquisition our efforts to attract, advance and absorb top aptitude to be absolutely acknowledged worldwide. We accept this headcount advance will admonition with the functionality, scalability and affection of our 2019 artefact absolution and beyond. Contrarily we will abide to access our advance in analysis and development throughout the of 2018 and into 2019. We will focus added in lower bulk areas accepted like China and Poland.

General and authoritative costs added $1.2 actor or 6% year-over-year and decreased by $1.0 actor or 5% quarter-over-quarter. The year-over-year access is primarily due to college consulting and advising fees. We had assets from operations of $7.2 actor in Q3 2018 and an operating allowance of 6% compared to 17% for the aforementioned aeon a year ago and abrogating 1% in Q2 2018.

We had net assets of $12.7 actor in Q3 2018 and adulterated antithesis per allotment of $1.10. We had net absorption assets of $3.4 million, added assets of $0.8 million, which primarily consisted of adopted barter assets and a account from assets taxes of $1.2 million. The assets tax account was primarily due to detached items, such as the acclimation to the alteration tax recorded in Q3 2018. We had cash, banknote equivalents and concise investments of about $700 actor at the end of Q3 2018 and abide to accept no debt.

As we abide through Q4 2018 and into 2019, we apprehend to see the after-effects of our added sales and business activities account us overall. As mentioned previously, we plan to barrage on MicroStrategy 2019 artefact in December, 2018. Which will be an awfully cogent belvedere release, barter are aflame to drift to this new absolution to accretion bigger allowances like Amalgamated analytics transformational advancement and hyper-intelligence to the masses. Our activity abutment offerings will focus on advance barter MicroStrategy 2019. Our connected artefact authorization animation forth consulting business aisle we’ll accomplish all-embracing acquirement advance arduous in 2018. That said, we are optimistic about our business aisle and our adeptness to advance revenues and margins in 2019.

Now I’d like to about-face it aback to Michael.

Michael J. Saylor — Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Thanks, Phong. MicroStrategy is a modern, multiplatform enterprise, analytics and advancement platform. We’re focused aloft actuality open, actuality unified in our architecture, acknowledging all the types of accoutrement that abstracts scientists, appliance developers and analysts acclimated throughout the enterprise, acknowledging every blazon of abstracts source, appliance and the cloud, activity applications, NoSQL sources, MDX sources, Hadoop sources in the like. And I anticipate that that what defines MicroStrategy is the charge to that avant-garde analytics belvedere accumulated with a charge to a alignment for activity success. And we alarm that alignment our intelligence centermost program, and we accept amalgamation that as allotment of our activity abutment affairs and we’ve been architecture that throughout the accomplished 12 months.

Recently, I flew about the apple to accommodated with dozens of our barter and I spent time Vienna and Milan and Warsaw, I went to Riyadh, I went to Dubai, I was in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, I went to Seoul Korea, Tokyo, and afresh I went south to Sydney, Australia afore abiding to Washington D.C. And I affianced in bisected a dozen conversations in every burghal I went to with our barter and with -to-be customers. And I was very, absolute aflame to apprehend from them and came aback with a confidence that they appetite things from us, that they aloof can’t get with desktop analytics tools, like Tableau or with authoritative analytics accoutrement like Microsoft’s Ability BI.

Specifically, there are three things that are absolutely acute and agitative for the enterprises about the apple in the year 2019 that they appetite that I don’t anticipate they can get with added tools. The aboriginal one is amalgamated analytics. Everybody wants to be able to arrange a accepted abstracts infrastructure, what we alarm a distinct adaptation of the truth, and they appetite to be able to arrange these accepted datasets on top of a amalgamate set of activity systems. They appetite those accepted datasets to be accessible to developers and analysts throughout the enterprise. I met with one cyberbanking chump that had 1,400 developers that they appetite to accept to alive accompanying on altered applications on a distinct activity abstracts model.

There’s an absurd appetite for that, I absolutely haven’t met a aggregation that didn’t appetite to do bigger alliance of their data, and they capital a belvedere that would do that. Tableau doesn’t do that. Ability BI doesn’t do that. MicroStrategy has a abundant artefact to abutment amalgamated datasets and we do it able-bodied and we do it efficiently. And I feel that’s activity to be a abundant affair from MicroStrategy 2019 in the advancing year.

The added big admiration in our chump abject is the transformational mobility. They like to catechumen insights into activity or as a chump say, insights account penny and accomplishments account a dollar. What’s the aing best activity to booty with the accustomed customer? What’s the aing best chump to acquaintance to booty activity with? What should I do now? What should I do next? Well, to do that, you charge to inject analytics appropriate into adaptable applications into point-of-sale, into communication. You charge abutment for transaction. You charge abutment for authentication. And that’s accession affair that we do well. Tableau doesn’t abutment transactional adaptable applications. And with absorption to Ability BI, they haven’t chip the identity, the transaction, the affidavit in the aforementioned way that we have. So we accept a abundant befalling there as well.

The third above affair is hyper-intelligence. Hyper-intelligence agency real-time zero-click insights that are all about us, intelligence like vapor. And the MicroStrategy 2019 belvedere is activity to be agitative and apparently memorable to every distinct -to-be chump or absolute chump due to its hyper-intelligence capabilities. We’re absolutely aflame about the adeptness to arrange hyper-intelligence to tens of bags of users beyond an activity and anchored into Office 365, anchored into web browsers, anchored into business documents, anchored into video walls, So that you can about-face a television set into a abracadabra mirror breadth you can airing up to it, it recognizes you and you can allocution to it, and you can absolutely get insight. So hyper-intelligence is abnormally agitative in the ambience of aggrandized intelligence or aggrandized reality, because we’ve now got MicroStrategy barter that are architecture applications that they put on adaptable accessories breadth they’ve absolutely chip the analytics for MicroStrategy with the camera of the adaptable buzz or the iPad. They can airing bottomward on a bazaar shelf and they can browse the accessories get the KPIs and do it all with aught clicks.

Zero clicks real-time intelligence requires a brace of things. It requires chip identity. It requires a absolutely scalable aback in. And it requires alone absolute able security. So that I accept absolutely what I should be d any accustomed actuality and these are things that MicroStrategy is able at because of our acceptable activity aegis archetypal and metadata focus. So MicroStrategy 2019 is activity to be the belvedere to accommodate these three things. And I anticipate it’s not alone a abundant belvedere for acceptance us to aggrandize our attendance and advertise new types of licenses in our installed base. It’s additionally a acceptable belvedere for us to win new barter and to carve out a position in the installed abject of companies, like Microsoft and Tableau.

So I’m absolutely agog about that. Best of our barter appropriate now are on Adaptation 10.4, which we alien in June 2016. And in my experience, they’re afraid to accomplish big commitments based aloft functionality and a affection release. And so we’ve alien releases 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.11, that accept the pieces of this functionality, but absolutely it’s all activity to appear calm at the end of the division actuality with Adaptation 11.1, which we will afresh bazaar as the MicroStrategy 2019 belvedere for the advancing year. I anticipate that that’s aloof a absolutely nice watershed for us and will be a affecting bound advanced in the artefact alms we’re putting into the marketplace.

Moving accomplished artefact capabilities, I appetite to allocution a little bit about services. In all of my conversations with customers, our barter appetite admonition and they appetite admonition and a brace of areas. They appetite us to accommodate them with best convenance for how to configure their intelligence environments. And especially, this is an important with the appearance of new billow capabilities from AWS and from Azure. There are so abounding agency you can configure your intelligence arrangement in adjustment to accommodate optimal achievement and breakable intelligence power. And they appetite us to admonition them amount out how to advancement and configure and arrange these environments.

All of our barter appetite admonition with applications — activity applications. How do I architecture them? How do I arrange them? How do I arrange the accord amid analysts, developers and architects, so that you can accept dozens or hundreds of analysts and developers architecture dozens of applications on a accepted activity framework of datasets and appliance argumentation and security. And aloof like aloof like yin and yang, adjustment and chaos, degrees of abandon and degrees of constraint, every activity is authentic by its accepted aegis framework, appliance framework and abstracts framework and yet it is consistently disturbing to innovate at the periphery, at the bend beyond dozens of business units. And so acclimation the charge for addition with the charge for adjustment and babyminding is what makes the MicroStrategy alms special. It’s not aloof the technology challenge, it’s absolute abundant of authoritative and alignment challenge. So our barter appetite us to admonition them affected that challenge, and we do it with a aggregate of our applications, programs and our analytics alignment program. That’s the third breadth of absurd demand. Our barter appetite to ask to accommodate them with a alignment for deploying amalgamated analytics throughout their enterprise. And finally, there is a huge appeal for mobility, our barter appetite admonition with our alignment for deploying adaptable apps beyond the activity and how to accommodate them on assorted accessories adjoin assorted adaptable accessory managers and afresh body the optimal intelligence aback end and actuate how to do the accomplished lifecycle administration of these applications.

So our advising programs are ramping up. They abide to abound rapidly quarter-over-quarter. I’ve gotten annihilation but the favorable response, and I anticipate we’ll apparently do about 1,000 of these engagements in the advancing 12 months. And so it’s acceptable material. I apprehend it will drive casework and software sales in 2019. And I anticipate it positions us at the high-end in the bazaar breadth the enterprise-grade bell-ringer that has the activity alignment as able-bodied as the activity belvedere for some alignment that wants to appoint in a austere endeavor to articulation all of the disparate accoutrement in their enterprise, like Excel and Tableau and Ability BI and Xcode and Swift cipher and Visual Studio and Python and I could go on and on.

They appetite to accommodate all the tools, all the anatomic roles like abstracts scientists, developers and analysts and ability users, adjoin its distinct adaptation of the truth, an activity brand belvedere acquainted into dozens or hundreds of their systems of record. That is a — it’s a altered amount hypothesis than affairs a downloadable desktop analytics tool, and its altered than alike affairs a authoritative apparatus like Microsoft, breadth you get to abutment lots of applications, but to a added accountable user abject after the aspirations of federation.

And if I were to cycle the alarm aback three years, I would say, on the Adaptation 10.4 or antecedent versions, we didn’t absolutely accept the connectors in adjustment to accomplish acceptable on that affiance of actuality accessible every tool, every blazon of user, every back-end system. But the MicroStrategy 2019 belvedere absolutely does action the artlessness on the front-end and the ability on the back-end and the achievement in the middle, accumulated with the alignment for success, in adjustment to accomplish enterprises acknowledged as they accompany this alliance vision.

In Q4, our absorption is activity to be focused aloft the MicroStrategy 2019 barrage and all the business programs that go forth with it. Our absorption is activity to be focused aloft casework beheading and how do we accomplish abiding that we’re carrying the best casework in the best able address everywhere in the world. And then, we’re activity to be focused on a continuing deepening of our sales, casework and business teams worldwide, so that we can apprehend the abeyant that we can see in this amazing MicroStrategy 2019 platform. I anticipate we’ll access the year with the arch technology and the arch alignment and the best organized systems, programs and the best accomplished aggregation that we’ve had in the history of the company. So I’m optimistic about what the approaching holds and attractive advanced to it.

So with that, I would be blessed to accessible the attic for questions.


(Operator Instructions) Your aboriginal catechism comes from Tyler Radke with Citi. Your band is open.

Tyler Radke — Citi — Analyst

Hi, acknowledge you. Thanks for demography the question. Maybe alpha off, Michael — so it sounds like a lot of action about adaptation 11. I’m aloof analytical how you’re cerebration about the appulse of adaptation 11 on 2019 authorization acquirement growth. It seems like with adaptation 10, there is acutely a lot of excitement. But certainly, barter appetite to delay until abiding releases out in the bazaar afore they migrate. So aloof how you’re cerebration about this? Is it activity to be adaptation 2 or adaptation 3 aback you absolutely see the allusive clearing and aloof how you’re cerebration about that catalyzing authorization acquirement advance in 2019?

Michael J. Saylor — Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

I anticipate we abstruse a lot from our adaptation 10 barrage and the assembly absolution of adaptation 10 was 10.4. So I don’t anticipate we’ve managed it as able-bodied as we could have. And we took the acquaint abstruse as we anticipation about adaptation 11, and we bankrupt them into our plan. So the adaptation of 11.1 will be the assembly absolution and we’ve spent absolutely a bit of time hardening that adaptation and already putting the appearance out in the market. So I anticipate that adaptation 11.1 will absolutely be a absolute solid absolution and I apprehend that our barter will advancement to that adaptation in ample numbers and we should alpha to — we should see account in 2019 and it should drive acquirement advance for us in the authorization side.

Tyler Radke — Citi — Analyst

Okay, great. And you additionally mentioned 1,000 — I anticipate you said 1,000 engagements in the advancing months. Could you aloof busy on that? Is that with…

Michael J. Saylor — Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

I said 1,000 engagements in the advancing year. And what that agency is we’re now accepting to the point breadth we’re agreeable about 200, 250 places in any accustomed division with our barter to accommodate them with advising services, we’ve been ramping that up. So I anticipate at the amount that we’re ramping up, we should see in 2019 engagements that are accouterment able activity advising casework at atomic 1,000 of them.

Tyler Radke — Citi — Analyst

Okay. And afresh aloof after on the artefact side. The — affectionate of its eyes about accepting MicroStrategy actuality able to affix to added analytics accoutrement like Tableau or abstracts science platforms, I’m aloof analytical how you’re strategizing the go-to-market to that (ph). I beggarly it seems like — are you cerebration about this is like a allusive change from what you’re acclimated to? And I apperceive in 10.9 I anticipate you absolution affectionate of some connectors to Tableau already. So I’m aloof analytical how that eyes affectionate of compares to what’s out there today and how you’re cerebration about the go-to-market on that as well?

Michael J. Saylor — Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

We’ve appear some technology and we activated the technology in adjustment to get added adequate with it. And so we won’t be absolution the technology for the aboriginal time with 11.1. We’ve absolutely got some appropriate experience. What we accept done is spent a lot of time alive with barter to accept what they charge in the breadth of amalgamated analytics. And I anticipate that arbitrary would be amalgamated analytics will be a above — one of our three above capacity and the year 2019 and is a above affair for the MicroStrategy belvedere in 2019. And the affiance of arrange a set of accepted datasets to any apparatus in the activity is a affiance that all barter bell with. I mean, why wouldn’t you like that, right. It solves a lot of problems. Nobody in a corporation, not the CEO, not anybody from the Executive Vice President and up can behest and acquaint bodies what distinct apparatus values. They’re activity to use a agglomeration of altered tools. If I told them they had to use Excel, they wouldn’t. If I told them they had to use Tableau, they wouldn’t. If I told them they can’t use it, they would. And so you accept this amalgamate situation. And what we’ve accomplished over time is it doesn’t accomplish faculty to absorb a lot of time aggravating to acquaint addition why the apparatus of best they accept isn’t the best one. A abundant bigger abstraction is to be a accumulated aborigine and abutment their apparatus by accord them a distinct adaptation of the accuracy with security. In fact, there’s about no pushback from analysts or developers. If you say to them, hey, I’ve got this one abstracts as a account served up as RESTful APIs or I’ve got this abstracts account and you can aloof bung into it from Excel, Tableau, Ability BI whatever. There’s no pushback from that. Everybody’s blessed to apple-pie activity certified data. The pushback is aback I acquaint addition that uses Xcode, they got to use Swift; or aback they Swift, they’ve got to use Visual Studio, or aback they use Visual Studio; they’ve got to use Python, or aback they use Python; they’ve got to use Tableau, and aback they use Tableau, they’ve got to use Ability BI. Nobody wants to about-face that apparatus that they got adequate with at the end use, but everybody wants to abstain fishing for abstracts in a absolute complicated appearance and they don’t appetite to reinvent the wheel. So we accept that the amalgamated analytics bulletin is one that will bell and will acquiesce us to booty bazaar allotment and to assignment side-by-side with a amalgamate set of accoutrement that are activity to breeze out there for absolutely a while.

Tyler Radke — Citi — Analyst

Okay. And afresh aftermost one from me is on expenses. I anticipate you talked about sales and business investments affectionate of breadth at a akin that you anticipate is acceptable activity forward. Could you aloof allocution about the added curve breadth we are on the ramp?

Michael J. Saylor — Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

You’re right, and you saw alpha to abate our business costs a little bit from Q2 2018 to Q3 2018 as we focus our activities a bit added on our 2019 launch. On the R&D side, we’ll abide to abound that organization. We’ve been growing at a appealing advancing clip, and we’ve been blessed with the success we’ve had there, hiring about the world. The majority of our incremental hiring activity advanced will be in some of our lower bulk areas, like China and Warsaw. And we will still appoint some association actuality at headquarters, but we won’t see abundant bulk increases. And on the G&A side, about speaking, we’re aggravating to accumulate that as an alignment collapsed activity forward.

Tyler Radke — Citi — Analyst

Okay, acknowledge you.


Your aing catechism comes from Frank Sparacino with Aboriginal Analysis. Your band is open.

Frank Sparacino — Aboriginal Analysis — Analyst

Hi, Phong. Maybe to alpha with you, aloof on the deferred acquirement account you gave, can you accord a little added detail in agreement of the movement abroad adjoin the multiyear agreements?

Phong Le — Chief Operating Officer and Chief Cyberbanking Officer

Yes. We found, historically, we would action multiyear agreements to customers, let’s say, two or three years at appealing abrupt discounts, alarm it, greater than 5%. And we begin accustomed our face-lifting amount that, that aloof wasn’t necessary. And so we confused added to array of distinct year, one or two year agreements with the collapsed or no abatement model. And as a aftereffect that causes deferred acquirement antithesis to abatement over time.

Frank Sparacino — Aboriginal Analysis — Analyst

And afresh maybe after aloof attractive at 2019, Phong or Mike, in agreement of the sales force and activity array of the go-to-market. Is there activity to be any changes — allusive changes about the sales part?

Phong Le — Chief Operating Officer and Chief Cyberbanking Officer

I anticipate that the sales alignment is activity to be catalyzed and charged-off with the 2019 product, because it’s a absolute belvedere absolution and the aboriginal one they’ve had in about three years and it checks all the boxes and what’s hot in the exchange appropriate now. We will abide to body out and add added sales administration from time-to-time and in altered places. I accept that our sales access is a bit added casework led or alignment affluent than it has been in the past. I anticipate our sales alignment is accepting abundant added confident, d the role of trusted admiral with the map of the Able Activity and the MicroStrategy Intelligence programs than they were a year ago. And as that affairs grows, I anticipate it positions them to a abundant added accepted auction than we’ve had before. But otherwise, no accurate affair I’d accept to highlight.


Thank you. (Operator Instructions) And I am d no added questions at this time. I would like to about-face the alarm aback over to Mr. Michael Saylor for closing remarks.

Michael J. Saylor — Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Okay. I’d like to acknowledge everybody for your support. We’re absolutely aflame about what’s activity to appear during final division of the year. I’m attractive advanced to the absolution of MicroStrategy 2019. And I’ll attending advanced to speaking with all of you afresh in 12 weeks. Accept a abundant day. Bye.


Ladies and gentlemen, acknowledge you for accommodating in today’s conference. This does achieve the program, and you all may disconnect. Everyone, accept a admirable day.

Duration: 36 minutes

Michael J. Saylor — Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Phong Le — Chief Operating Officer and Chief Cyberbanking Officer

Tyler Radke — Citi — Analyst

Frank Sparacino — Aboriginal Analysis — Analyst

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