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Mobile apps generally shoot for a constant user experience. Given the atrociously abbreviate absorption amount of best adaptable app users, bendability of user acquaintance is one way to accumulate the user affianced throughout a distinct affair in the app. An app user interface should accept a agnate attending all throughout and behave uniformly. Bendability in colors, placements, and animations can accomplish altered app sections feel like a allotment of one ancestors — arch to a bland and accustomed user experience.

Xamarin | xamarin forms themes
Xamarin | xamarin forms themes
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Android 110 | xamarin forms themes
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Materialdesign – Xamarin | Microsoft Docs – xamarin forms themes | xamarin forms themes
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One way to accomplish UI bendability is to use a appearance theme. All assets acclimated in administration app interfaces alive calm — styles are aggregate and changes crawl bottomward throughout the app’s UI. If you’re architecture cross-platform apps with Xamarin, Telerik UI for Xamarin can additionally aid in app-wide bendability with UI controls that are rich, performant, and bleed constant styling. This is accomplished application a congenital Telerik theme, accouterment developers constant app-wide XAML styles, as able-bodied as customization options.

There is a new kid on the Xamarin app administration block though, CSS. And while met with hesitancy, it is actuality to stay. Is it abuse to mix and bout CSS with XAML styles? Could CSS comedy a role in app-wide theming for UI consistency? This commodity explores the circuitous yet astute apple of application XAML styles with CSS to advance app-wide capacity for adorable user experiences.

What do best adaptable apps accept in common? There is usually a account of things. And a ListView is generally the developer’s best in UI to affectation the list. Sure, there is a absence ListView in Xamarin.Forms, but the ListView in Telerik UI for Xamarin raises the d substantially. There are appearance that developers should aloof not accept to re-invent from blemish — like sorting, grouping, filtering, layouts, bash actions, cull to refresh, and adjustable styling.

Let’s get started announcement a basal account of strings, afore we attending into its administration options. While there are several means of bringing in Telerik UI for Xamarin $.25 in your Xamarin.Forms project, arguably the easiest one is to aloof get the NuGet package. You can get the accomplished apartment or aces one of the customized NuGet bales based on the UI controls you are activity to be using.

Next up, let’s alpha with an new XAML folio and its code. First, we set up some sample data. No MVVM arrangement actuality — acrimonious up an MVVM framework should be need-based, not because of associate pressure.

Now that we accept a Source in our copy ViewModel captivation some data, let us set up our ListView in XAML markup:

Notice that Label in our ListViewItemTemplate is already apprenticed to the Name acreage of the bounden ambience object. Let’s augment the athirst ListView some data, like so:

That’s it. Back we run our app, we get the boilerplate ListView from Telerik UI for Xamarin and it behaves absolutely the aforementioned way in iOS, Android, and UWP.

Notice that there is not abundant administration to our ListView — it is affection rich, but looks simplistic for now.

Next up, let us accord our boilerplate ListView some administration flare. This can be done with XAML styles that are inline aural the ListView definition, but this makes it harder to maintain. Ideally, you’ll appetite all uses of ListView aural your app to accept agnate looks and behaviors. This additionally holds accurate for added UI apparatus aural your app as able-bodied — aggregate needs to feel coherent.

A affair helps actuality — you accept one abode to ascertain all your styles and advance consistency. Telerik UI for Xamarin ships with a absence Dejected affair that you could calmly tap into. It is allotment of the Telerik.XamarinForms.Common accumulation — all one has to do is actualize a mergedResource Concordance in the activity App.xaml file, like so:

Back in our XAML folio markup, we artlessly charge to set the StyleClass in our ListView to point to the Telerik theme:

The bare XAML styles that administer to the ListView accept now been pulled out of the DLL into an app-wide Ability Concordance — you can see that the ListView starts to attending a little added able and shows the dejected affair colors on row selections.

Now, there is a new way to appearance Xamarin.Forms beheld elements — it’s CSS. While met with some hesitation, CSS offers some different administration allowances and opens up cipher administration amid web and adaptable apps. About-face to a Beta Xamarin.Forms NuGet amalgamation and you can comedy about with CSS administration of Xamarin.Forms apps. For now, you can appearance best out-of-the-box UI beheld elements with CSS styles — and you get to address accurate CSS with all-encompassing Selector support.

Could CSS accept a comedy in administration Telerik UI for Xamarin components? Turns out, best of the beheld genitalia of our ListView is authentic through the ItemTemplate — and you’ll mostly use accepted Xamarin.Forms controls here. For any alembic control, the ItemTemplate is what dictates the close UI — and all of it is accessible to administration with CSS.

To try this out, let us cull in an alien CSS stylesheet as a ContentPage Ability and accord our Label central the ItemTemplate a style, like so:

In the CSS file, we can absolutely ascertain the called appearance class:

Run the app and you’ll see CSS accepting in the weeds — administration repeating UI apparatus in a Telerik UI for Xamarin ListView. Hallelujah!

Having an app-wide appearance affair is a abundant footfall appear accomplishing UI bendability throughout the app. However, developers or designers may charge to abuse a congenital appearance affair to clothing their app needs – little customizations to clothier the diminutive details. In the absence Telerik Dejected theme, there are compatible styles authentic for a lot of controls – you accept the advantage to override them of course. This is a abundant way to alpha with a able affair throughout the app, but accomplish little customizations to accomplish things your own.

Follow the affidavit and you’ll see that the ListView has several appearance guidelines in the absence theme. In your alloyed ResourceDictionary, you can calmly ascertain your own colors while befitting the blow of the affair unchanged, like so:

Hopefully, you’re accomplished the antecedent cursing shock of seeing CSS abutment in administration Xamarin.Forms beheld elements. Turns out, customized XAML styles in app-wide capacity can appropriately co-exist with page-level CSS styles, like so:

The aftereffect is accord – and authentic adaptability for developers to appearance their Xamarin.Forms pages and UI any way they desire.

There are some allowances to be fatigued back we appearance circuitous Telerik UI with CSS — for one, appearance definitions crawl bottomward easily. To try this out, let us stick in a StackLayout in our ListViewItemTemplate, like so:

Now in our CSS file, we accept a called appearance chic that applies to the Label central the ItemTemplate. But there is now additionally addition appearance that applies to absolute accouchement Label elements that are central a StackLayout.

Guess who wins? Last appearance in — you can anticipate the adaptability that bottomward CSS styles accompany to the table.

Another absorbing association is CSS styles actuality able to accredit to circuitous Telerik UI anon and tweaking how UI apparatus are rendered. Full admonition here: some amount styles of the ListView from Telerik UI for Xamarin cannot be adapted from CSS yet. This needs engineering assignment – we are attractive into achievability and chump interest.

Having said that, you can still accredit to the Telerik ListView by name in a CSS appearance chic and CSS backdrop that act on all-encompassing Beheld Elements will work, like visibility, direction, margin, padding, etc. While this is not accurate localization to abutment Right-to-Left languages, you can see how accessible it is to about-face about ListView agreeable with CSS styles, like so:

Simply grab translated right-to-left accent strings from a ability book and you are golden.

Most complicated XAML UI controls (like the ListView or the Grid) apply the ItemTemplate access to ascertain repeating UI apparatus and their behaviors. And for all such usages in Telerik UI for Xamarin controls, you can use CSS classes to appearance alone controls. With added complicated layouts, you can absolutely alpha seeing the ability of crawl bottomward furnishings with CSS styles.

Say our ListView now shows an Edit on in anniversary row to adapt argument – could be aloof a Button laid out angular in the ItemTemplate StackLayout, like so:

Here’s our CSS appearance and the agnate after-effects — fun stuff, isn’t it?

App-wide UI bendability goes a continued way appear a bland user experience. And capacity absolutely advice to accumulate styles organized in one abode and accomplish abiding changes are applicative throughout. And if you’re application Telerik UI for Xamarin controls in your Xamarin.Forms apps, you’ll accept a affluent congenital affair out of the box — use it as is or adapt it to fit your needs.

Once you advance a pre-conceived hesitations adjoin CSS administration of Xamarin.Forms apps, you’ll see that CSS styles assignment beautifully in affiliation with XAML styles and can augment appearance affair customizations with bottomward effects. So aces up whatever aggregate of accoutrement you appetite to appearance your Xamarin.Forms apps with and accommodate a adorable user experience.

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