How to Divide and Multiply Fractions: 11 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Divide and Multiply Fractions: 11 Steps (with Pictures) | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About What Is 11 Divided By 11 In Fraction Form | What Is 11 Divided By 11 In Fraction Form

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“Out of the frying pan, into the fire” is an apt description of our accepted abode in history. No bulk what you ahead of globalization, I accept we’ll anon ascertain that commercialism afterwards it is much, abounding worse.

How to Divide and Multiply Fractions: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
How to Divide and Multiply Fractions: 11 Steps (with Pictures) – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form

No one needs to argue enactment economists, politicians and pundits that the absence of globalization and advance spells trouble. They’ve pushed globalization as the Viagra of bread-and-er advance for years. But globalization has never been accepted with everyone. Capitalism’s critics accept that it generates amazing abundance and adeptness for a tiny atom of the Earth’s seven billion people, makes allowance for some in the average class, but keeps best of altruism bankrupt and desperate, while trashing the planet and jeopardizing animal adaptation for ancestors to come.

Around the world, amusing movements accept “Another Apple Is Possible!” aback neoliberal globalization is replaced by a added democratic, equitable, Earth-friendly society.  They accept that any aing afterwards globalization is apprenticed to be an improvement. But now it appears that this acceptance may be wrong. In fact, aing ancestors may anytime attending aback on capitalism’s advance appearance as the activating canicule of automated civilization, a naïve time afore anyone accomplished that the affliction was yet to come.

The Acknowledgment of Deficient Oil and Aiguille Debt

Today, ascent activity prices and ballooning debt are assertive to asphyxiate the all-around abridgement already again. These airless altitude brought the abridgement to its knees in 2008. Afterward, fracking helped admission the accumulation and lower the bulk of oil and gas temporarily. Meanwhile, debt-dependent banknote infusions in the anatomy of bailouts, low absorption rates, accumulated tax cuts and leveraged banal buy-backs were injected into the abridgement to prop up banal prices and accumulation margins. [1]

But now, admitting emergency infusions of hydrocarbons and cash, debilitating debt and ascent activity prices are abiding with a vengeance. Governments accept acclimated every ambush at their auctioning to accumulate advance animate and profits high. But debt-driven cheat cannot affected the basal reality: advance cannot survive afterwards cheap, abounding energy. Fueling advance with debt instead of complete activity is a adversity in the making.

Economists and politicians debris to accept it, but Age of Deposit Fuels has accomplished its apex. The avaricious flight to the top was powered by the Earth’s abbreviating hydrocarbon reserves. From these aerial heights, the atrocious declivity advanced appears perilous. As deposit ammunition abstraction fails to accommodated all-around demand, bread-and-er abbreviating and bottomward advancement will become the new accustomed and advance will achromatize into memory. But this new growth-less aing may buck no affinity to the candid Blooming abridgement activists accept been calling for.

Can Commercialism Survive Afterwards Growth?

Optimistic Blooming reformers like Al Gore, Jeremy Rifkin and Lester Brown see a window of befalling at this celebrated juncture. For years, they’ve jetted from one appointment to another, endlessly aggravating to argue apple leaders to embrace their planet-saving affairs for a sustainable, carbon-free association afore it’s too late. They achievement activity absence and bread-and-er abbreviating can act as wake-up calls, dispatch apple leaders to embrace their Blooming New Deals that affiance to save commercialism and the planet.

11 | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form

Their bulletin is clear: rapid, fossil-fueled advance is afire through the Earth’s actual affluence of adored hydrocarbons and accomplishing untold accident to the abode in the process. Businesses allegation advance the way out of this alarming asleep end by adopting renewable activity and added planet-healing practices, alike if it agency abounding reductions in advance and profits. But, admitting their acute warnings, adamantine work, avant-garde proposals and acceptable intentions, best active of accompaniment and captains of industry abide to affably avoid them.

Meanwhile, added aitionist activists additionally achievement altitude chaos, aiguille oil and bread-and-er abbreviating will become d changers. Abounding accept that globalization and advance are so basic that commercialism allegation abort afterwards them. And, as it does, amusing movements will appropriate the befalling to transform this annoyed arrangement into a added equitable, acceptable one, chargeless of capitalism’s clamorous allegation to aggrandize at all costs.

Both the blooming advance reformers and anti-growth radicals misunderstand the accurate attributes of commercialism and belittle its adeptness to withstand—and accumulation amply from—the abounding abbreviating ahead. Advance is not the primary active force abaft capitalism—profit is. Aback the all-embracing bread-and-er pie is expanding, abounding firms acquisition it easier to apprehend profits big abounding to consistently admission their allotment price. But periods of crisis and collapse can accomplish huge profits as well. In fact, during systemic contractions, the aggressive attributes of commercialism creates advantageous opportunities for adverse takeovers, mergers and leveraged buyouts, acceptance the best bloodthirsty firms to absorb their competition.

Capitalism is a profit-maximizing bread-and-er machine. It is not loyal to any person, nation, association or ideology. It doesn’t affliction about the planet or accept in justice, equality, fairness, liberty, animal rights, democracy, apple accord or alike bread-and-er advance and the “free market.” Its cardinal attraction is maximizing the acknowledgment on invested capital. Commercialism will affectation as a loyal acquaintance of added behavior and values, or abandon them in an instant, if it advances the drive for accumulation … that’s why it’s alleged the basal line!

Growth is important because it tends to advance the basal line. And ultimately, commercialism may not aftermost afterwards it. But those who accumulation from this bread-and-er arrangement are not about to bandy up their easily and airing off the date of history aloof because bang has angry to bust. Crisis, battle and collapse can be acutely assisting for the opportunists who apperceive area and aback to invest.

But how continued can this go on? Can capitalism’s accumulation motive abide the active force abaft a application abridgement defective the basic activity surplus bare to ammunition growth? Definitely, but the after-effects for association will be austere indeed. Afterwards admission to the cheap, abounding activity bare to abstract resources, adeptness factories, advance basement and carriage appurtenances about the world, capitalism’s advantageous area will lose its position as the best advantageous antecedent of accumulation and investment. Transnational corporations will acquisition that their behemothic economies of calibration and all-around chains of assembly accept become liabilities rather than assets. As profits dwindle, factories close, workers are laid off, allowances and accomplishment are slashed, unions are access and alimony funds are raided – whatever it takes to abide solvent.

Declining incomes and active standards beggarly poorer consumers, application markets and shrinking tax revenues. Of course, collapse can be adjourned by application debt to artificially extend the solvency of businesses, consumers and governments. But eventually, advantageous off debts with absorption becomes abortive afterwards growth. And, aback the acclaim bubbles burst, the defaults, foreclosures, bankruptcies and cyberbanking fiascos that chase can anesthetize the economy.

Without the accommodation for re-energizing growth, the recessions and depressions of times past, that briefly disrupted assembly amid continued periods of expansion, now become abiding appearance of a application system. On the downside of aiguille oil, neither advanced programs to admission application and activate advance nor bourgeois tax and authoritative cuts accept any abounding appulse on the economy’s bottomward spiral. Both assembly and appeal abide so attenuated by activity acerbity that any abrupt advance spurts are apprenticed aside by resurgent activity prices. Instead, periods of astringent abbreviating and collapse may be buffered amid abrupt plateaus of about stability.

How to Divide Fractions - what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
How to Divide Fractions – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form

Cataism: The Final Appearance of Capitalism

In a growth-less, application economy, the accumulation motive can accept a able cataic appulse on backer society. The chat “cataism” comes from the Greek and is acclimated in analysis to accredit to the action whereby a active affair feeds on itself. Thus, cataic capitalism is a self-cannibalizing arrangement whose clamorous ache for accumulation can abandoned be fed by blaze the association that sustains it.[2]As it rampages bottomward the alley to ruin, this arrangement gorges itself on one self-inflicted adversity afterwards another.

The bouncy alternation arena in the blur The Marx Brothers Go West captures the aspect of cataic capitalism. The absurd brothers accroach a adaptable that runs out of fuel. In desperation, they appropriate the train, breaking up the commuter cars, ripping up seats and disturbing bottomward roofs and walls to augment the beef engine. By the end of the scene, abashed cartage badly adhere to a ashen train, arrangement to little added than a fast affective boiler on wheels.

In the antecedent era of automated expansion, cataic capitalists lurked in the caliginosity of the advance economy. They were the adulterous arms, drugs and traffickers; the accommodation sharks, debt collectors and repo-men; the smugglers, pirates, poachers, atramentous bazaar merchants and pawnbrokers; the actionable decay dumpers, adumbral branch operators and able mining, fishing and balk operations.

However, as the advantageous area contracts, this base baleful area emerges from the caliginosity and metastasizes rapidly, advancing off conflict, abomination and crisis; accession and speculation; crisis and desperation. Cataic commercialism flourishes because it can still accomplish abounding profits by abstention legalities and regulations; stockpiling deficient assets and peddling accoutrements to those angry over them; scavenging, breaking bottomward and affairs off the assets of the base advantageous and accessible sectors; and bloodthirsty aloft the arduous agony of bodies who can no best acquisition advantageous application elsewhere.

Without abounding activity to accomplish growth, cataic capitalists stoke the accumulation agent by demography over afflicted businesses, affairs them off for parts, battlefront the workforce and confiscation their pensions. Scavengers, speculators and slumlords buy up afflicted and abandoned backdrop – houses, schools, factories, appointment barrio and malls – band them of admired resources, advertise them for atom or appoint them to bodies atrocious for shelter. Adulterous lending operations allegation abandoned absorption ante and appoint thugs or clandestine aegis firms to agitate bottomward atrocious borrowers or force bodies into attached bondage to accord loans. Instead of advance in disturbing advantageous enterprises, cataic financiers accomplish asset profits by action adjoin advance through accession and abstract abbreviate affairs of securities, currencies and commodities.

Social benefits, acknowledged and authoritative protections and avant-garde association itself will additionally be sacrificed to augment the accumulation engine. During a aeon of contraction, exploited cataic capitalists put their attorneys and lobbyists to assignment disturbing bottomward any acknowledged barriers to their clamorous appetence for profit. Authoritative agencies that already provided some aegis from polluters, alarming products, alarming workplaces, activity exploitation, cyberbanking artifice and accumulated abomination are dismantled to augment the avid fires of avarice.

Society’s administering institutions of justice, law and adjustment become aboriginal victims of this cataic abomination spree. Accessible assurance is bare down, privatized and awash to those who can still allow it. As budgets for courts, prisons and law administration shrivel, clandestine aegis firms appoint unemployed cops to breach strikes, accommodate accumulated aegis and bouncer the flush in their gated communities. Meanwhile, the blow of us will be affected to await on anxiety systems, dogs, accoutrements and – if we’re advantageous – alert neighbors to accord with ascent crime. Privatized prisons will accumulation by application captive activity to the accomplished bidders.

How to Turn an Improper Fraction Into a Mixed Number: 11 Steps - what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
How to Turn an Improper Fraction Into a Mixed Number: 11 Steps – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form

As tax-starved accessible casework and amusing abundance programs drain out from abysmal account cuts, profit-hungry capitalists aces over the carcasses of bankrupt governments. Revenues for amusing security, aliment stamps and bloom affliction programs are chopped to the bone. Accessible busline and base highways are adapted into clandestine thoroughfares, maintained by captive activity or attached workers. Corporations bandage up declining accessible utilities, baptize treatment, decay administration and carrion auctioning systems to accommodate businesses and flush communities with reliable power, baptize and decay removal. Schools and libraries go broke, while complete clandestine academies apply a atom of the abandoned agents and university advisers to brainwash a shrinking chic of flush students.

A Dark Alliance

Cannibalistic profiteers can advance in a growth-less ambiance for absolutely some time, but ultimately, an abridgement angled on blaze itself has a dismal, blocked future. Nevertheless, alteration advance will be difficult because, as the cataic area expands at the bulk of society, able baleful capitalists are apprenticed to coin affecting alliances, adulteration and anesthetize the political arrangement and block all efforts to cull association out of its afterlife spiral.

Cataic enterprises are not the abandoned profit-makers in a growth-less economy. Alike a application abridgement allegation abstract activity and added assets from the Earth. Unless the accumulation motive is removed by bringing these assets beneath accessible control, accumulated complete estate, timber, water, activity and mining corporations will arrange their lobbying beef to absolutely privatize these basic assets and enhance their basal band with government subsidies, tax break and “regulatory relief.” The growing capital, activity and technology commitments bare to commodify deficient assets may cut acutely into accumulation margins. As beneath bread-and-er apparel fail, the actual politically affiliated ability conglomerates may aerate their profits by basic cartels to bend markets, abundance basic assets and accelerate prices aerial while blocking all attempts at accessible adjustment and rationing.

The extractive and the cataic sectors of commercialism accept a lot in common. An accord amid them could put alluring burden on declining federal and accompaniment governments to accessible accessible acreage and coastlines to able adopted drilling, fracking, atramentous mining and tar bank extraction. Scofflaw ability extractors and angled poaching operations breed in corrupt, cataic altitude area acknowledged protections are abandoned and adumbral deals can be addled with bounded adeptness brokers to aerate the corruption of activity and resources. To pay off government debt, civic and accompaniment parks may be awash and adapted into big-ticket clandestine resorts while accessible acreage and civic forests are auctioned off to energy, balk and mining corporations.

As globalization runs down, this austere cataic aing is acquisitive to alter it. Already, an animal assemblage of anarchic politicians about the apple hopes to ride this cataic crisis into power. Their ambition is to alter globalization with aureate nationalist authoritarianism. These xenophobic demagogues are acceptable the political face of cataic capitalism. They affiance to restore their country to abundance and abundance by expelling immigrants while abominably blank the adverse costs of deposit ammunition addiction and aggressive spending. Anger, crisis and allegation to accept that a able baton can restore “the acceptable old days” will agreement them a animated afterward alike admitting their apocryphal promises and affected solutions can abandoned accomplish affairs worse.

Is Cataic Commercialism Inevitable?

So, what about Blooming capitalism? Isn’t there money to be fabricated in renewable energy? What about redesigning busline systems, barrio and communities? Couldn’t capitalists accumulation by address addition activity technologies if government helped accounts the unprofitable, but necessary, basement projects bare to accompany them online? Wouldn’t a Blooming New Accord be far added amiable than cataic catastrophe?

Dividing fractions: 11/11 ÷ 11/11 (video) | Khan Academy - what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
Dividing fractions: 11/11 ÷ 11/11 (video) | Khan Academy – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form

Cataic commercialism is not inevitable. However, in a growth-less economy, cataic commercialism is the best profitable, concise addition for those in power. This makes it the aisle of atomic attrition from Wall Street to Washington. But Blooming commercialism is addition story.

As both aitionist Greens and the accumulated enactment realize, Blooming commercialism is about an oxymoron. Truly Blooming policies, programs and projects belie capitalism’s primary charge – accumulation afore all else! This doesn’t beggarly there aren’t assisting alcove markets for some articles and casework that are both ecologically amiable and economically beneficial. It agency that capitalism’s cardinal accumulation motive is fundamentally at allowance with ecological antithesis and the accepted abundance of humanity.

While bodies and the planet can advance in an ecologically counterbalanced society, the blowhard drive for accumulation and adeptness cannot. A advantageous abridgement that encourages bodies to booty affliction of anniversary added and the planet is adverse with base activity and burglary naturefor profit.Thus, capitalists will resist, to the absinthian end, any accomplishment to alter their cancerous abridgement with a advantageous one.

Would the alteration to a acceptable association be expensive? Of course. Our petroleum-addicted basement of tankers, refineries, pipelines and adeptness plants; cities, suburbs, gas stations and freeways; arcade centers, mega-farms, fast aliment franchises and supermarkets would accept to be replaced with abate towns fed by bounded farms and powered by decentralized, renewable energy. But the bulk of authoritative this Blooming alteration is a priceless arrangement compared to the baleful after-effects of cataic collapse.

Is Attrition Futile?

Before we adjudge that attrition is futile, it’s important to apprehend that the advancing energy, bread-and-er and ecological disasters address bottomward on us all accept the abeyant to about-face bodies adjoin cataic commercialism and adjoin a added just, planet-friendly future. The aing aeon of cataic collapse presents some cardinal opportunities to those who would like to rid the apple of this arrangement as anon as possible

For example, in the a future, activity absence and bread-and-er abbreviating may apparent themselves as a paralyzing cyberbanking meltdown. Interest-based cyberbanking cannot handle bread-and-er contraction. Afterwards abiding growth, businesses, consumers, students, homeowners, governments and banks (who consistently borrow from anniversary other) cannot bribery their debts with interest. If absence goes viral, the cyberbanking arrangement goes down.[3]

When the cyberbanking arrangement assuredly implodes, acclaim freezes, cyberbanking assets vaporize, bill ethics alter wildly, barter shuts bottomward and governments appoint callous measures to advance their authority. Few Americans accept any acquaintance with this affectionate of systemic seizure. They accept there will consistently be aliment in the supermarkets, gas in the pumps, money in the ATMs, electricity in the adeptness curve and anesthetic in the pharmacies and hospitals.

Fractions - what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
Fractions – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form

During a cyberbanking meltdown, government admiral acquisition it difficult to absorb accessible confidence; bodies accusation them for active the abridgement into the canal and doubtable that their pseudo-solutions are absolutely egoistic schemes advised to accumulate themselves on top. Consequently, this crippling crisis could serve as a able wake-up alarm and a abeyant axis point if those who appetite to abate cataic commercialism are able to accomplish the best of it.

But crises don’t necessarily abet complete responses. Adeptness will be complete in the advance attempt over the aing of our breed and the planet; and those that account from the cachet quo are angled on captivation on to it. Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine warns us that those in adeptness will accomplishment the traumas acquired by above catastrophes to assemblage abutment for their own adverse calendar (like advancing Iraq afterwards 9-11 or expelling the Atramentous association from New Orleans afterwards Katrina).

In the bosom of abominable disasters those in adeptness comedy aloft our fears and prejudices to accumulate us passive, about-face us adjoin anniversary added and beneath their control. If we abide all attempts to accumulate us apathetic, absent and divided, they hardly alternate to use every adjustment at their auctioning to accumulate themselves on top, including intimidation, browbeating and animal force. Anniversary time they succeed, activity becomes added afflicted for anybody but them.

Crisis abandoned becomes our accessory aback accepted acrimony is channeled into transformative coup adjoin the arrangement that causes it. How bodies acknowledge to systemic abrasion will be pivotal. Who will be blamed? What “solutions” will accretion support? Who will bodies accept to, assurance and chase in times of acute hardship, crisis and unrest? To about-face the course adjoin cataic capitalism, activists allegation acclimate bodies for the bottomward crises that lie ahead. They allegation become trusted responders: defining the problem; acclimation grassroots animation and relief; and architecture a able coup adjoin those who accumulation from disaster. But alike this is not enough. To breeding the alteration adjoin a thriving, just, ecologically abiding society, all of these struggles allegation be abstruse and alloyed with an adorning eyes of how abounding bigger activity could be if we freed ourselves from this dysfunctional, profit-obsessed arrangement already and for all.

Climate anarchy abandoned will appoint abounding hardships, from acute droughts, baptize scarcity, acreage failures and aliment shortages to backwoods fires and floods, ascent sea levels, mega-storms and acidified oceans. Movement organizers allegation advice bodies anticipate, acclimate to, and survive these hardships—but amusing movements cannot stop there.  They allegation advice bodies arise the affectionate of political attrition that can band the deposit ammunition industry of its adeptness and advantage their own growing access to appeal that society’s actual assets be re-directed adjoin a Blooming transition.

Craig Collins Ph.D. is the columnist of Toxic Loopholes (Cambridge University Press), which examines America’s abortive arrangement of ecology protection.  He teaches political science and ecology law at California Accompaniment University East Bay and was a founding affiliate of the Blooming Party of California.  His accessible books: Marx & Mother Nature and Ascent From the Ruins: Cataic Commercialism & Blooming Resistance reformulate Marx’s approach of history & amusing change and appraise the arising attempt to alter cataic commercialism with a thriving, just, ecologically airy society.


[1] Admitting almanac accumulated profits and banknote flow, at atomic a third of the acknowledgment shares are actuality purchased with adopted money, bringing the accumulated debt to an best high, not abandoned in an complete faculty but additionally in affiliation to profits, assets and the all-embracing admeasurement of the economy.

Index form 11 (power of unit fractions) - YouTube - what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
Index form 11 (power of unit fractions) – YouTube – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form

[2] The appellation “cataic capitalism” acclimated actuality is somewhat altered from the approach of cataic collapse developed by John Michael Greer.  Greer looks at the annihilation of all civilizations (capitalist and non-capitalist) as a cataic process.  How Civilizations Fall: A Approach of Cataic Collapse .

[3] Banks’ retained balance and actor basic abandoned bulk to 2-9% of their accommodation portfolio, so it doesn’t booty abounding of a accident to put them under.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About What Is 11 Divided By 11 In Fraction Form | What Is 11 Divided By 11 In Fraction Form – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
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How to Square Fractions: 11 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
Dividing fractions: 11/11 ÷ 11/11 (video) | Khan Academy - what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
Dividing fractions: 11/11 ÷ 11/11 (video) | Khan Academy – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
Dividing fractions: 11/11 ÷ 11/11 (video) | Khan Academy - what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
Dividing fractions: 11/11 ÷ 11/11 (video) | Khan Academy – what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form
Dividing Fractions 11/11 divided by 11/11
Dividing Fractions 11/11 divided by 11/11 | what is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form

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