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In mid-August, Jezebel wrote about the black animal corruption allegations surrounding Noah Levine, an affecting Buddhist abecedary based in Los Angeles. In the time aback our adventure was published, the brainwork association that Levine founded has attenuated beneath the weight of those allegations and the association he was at the centermost of has scattered, bitterly divided. Alike so, the bearings remained opaque: Best bodies didn’t apperceive absolutely what Levine was accused of, except that the allegations were animal in nature. That was an intolerable and aching accompaniment of diplomacy for abounding people, who watched their religious association deliquesce afterwards compassionate absolutely why.

Class Evaluation Form - 11 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download - course evaluation form pdf
Class Evaluation Form – 11 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download – course evaluation form pdf | course evaluation form pdf
Feedback Form - 11 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download - course evaluation form pdf
Feedback Form – 11 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download – course evaluation form pdf | course evaluation form pdf
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Training Evaluation Form #training #evaluation #form | Sample .. | course evaluation form pdf

Last week, we were beatific bearding email. It absolute a detailed, 44-page centralized abode produced for Adjoin the Stream, the brainwork association Levine founded. The document, which we accept to be accurate afterwards accepting taken accomplish to verify it, shows that Levine has been accused of abduction by one woman and animal advance by two others, all of whom batten to an investigator.

Levine will not be adverse bent charges, however. In mid-August, LAPD Detective Kendra Browne told us there was an accessible analysis into Levine, writing, “This is still an advancing analysis involving assorted Victims. I am not at alternative to accommodate added advice or capacity at this time.” On October 24, she wrote to say that the District Advocate “has beneath to book bent accuse at this time.”

Levine and his advocate Joseph Leveroni didn’t acknowledge to two emails, a buzz alarm to Leveroni, a buzz alarm to Levine and a argument bulletin to Levine requesting comment.

Levine congenital a adherent afterward with his jailbait bedrock ethos, embodied by his slogan, “Meditate and Destroy.” He founded Adjoin the Stream Brainwork Buddhist Association (ATS), and contributed to the development of the Refuge Recovery program, an addiction advice affairs and chiral that incorporates Buddhist thought. Levine additionally created Refuge Recovery Analysis Centers, a for-profit addiction analysis facility in Los Angeles. He additionally helped advance a non-profit entity, additionally declared Refuge Recovery, which supports local, peer-led groups about the apple which use the Refuge book and model.

For months, dating to about March 2018, abounding in the ATS association knew Levine was actuality brash for some blazon of animal impropriety, admitting that hardly antiseptic anything: Animal delinquency can beset a lot of things in Buddhism, from abduction to affair to a abecedary sleeping with a student. Abounding additionally knew that the alignment had retained an absolute investigator to appraise those claims, and that Levine had taken a leave of absence from the ATS and the non-profit Refuge Recovery lath and wasn’t currently teaching at ATS. (Most people, alike some of Levine’s friends, didn’t apperceive there was additionally an alive badge investigation.)

As the centralized analysis connected on and no accommodation was accomplished and no announcements were made, article seemed to shift: Levine aboveboard referred to “false allegations” in at atomic one, now-deleted Instagram post. And he started teaching again, arch brainwork classes in a allowance at the for-profit Refuge Recovery adeptness in Los Angeles as able-bodied as at retreats aloft the country.

In backward August, ATS appear that they were closing their doors, adage that the investigator, advocate Roberta Yang, activate that Levine had acceptable burst Buddhist precepts adjoin “creating corruption through uality.” ATS wrote that Yang “concluded that, based on her appraisal of the affirmation she reviewed, the advantage of that affirmation showed such violations.” (Yang didn’t acknowledge to several requests for animadversion from Jezebel, for either our aboriginal adventure or this one.)

The ATS annual didn’t go into detail about the accusations themselves, but said the “controversy arising from these events” had a “devastating” budgetary appulse on the organization, absolutely acerbic its adeptness to function.

“During the advance of the investigation, the Lath of Directors, Agents Council and Executive Administration explored a cardinal of banking models and collaborative arrange that would acquiesce ATS to abide a viable, advantageous organization,” ATS administration wrote in an accessible letter to their community. “We were clumsy to acquisition a solution.”ATS assuredly attenuated on September 30, and its agents accept amorphous teaching at added Buddhist organizations or amorphous aggravating to actualize absolute businesses of their own.

In a abstracted accessible letter, Levine himself denied that he’d anytime been ually inappropriate. But he added that he believed he hadn’t booty into annual “my power/privilege and cachet as a dharma abecedary in my claimed dating life.” He additionally apologized to anyone who acquainted afflicted by his behavior:

To the women who accept appear advanced and bidding a faculty of adversity because of interpersonal adventures with me, I am apologetic I acquired you corruption and I ask your forgiveness. I capital to affix and to analyze a relationship. This has been a acutely aching acquirements experience. I appetite to booty abounding albatross for any corruption I acquired to anyone and anybody with whom I accept had a dating relationship. I appetite to accomplish apology for my behavior if it didn’t feel acceptable to them. I don’t appetite to avert or minimize. It is important to me that any woman who acquainted harmed, now feels heard. I appetite to understand. It matters. I was abashed to apprehend (months later) that addition was black in any way with our interactions. I was not acquainted at the time that annihilation was awry with how we connected. Whenever a aals was declared – physical, emotional, or contrarily – I consistently accustomed it.

An bearding being acutely affiliated with ATS activate emailing us in August, anon afore our aboriginal adventure was released. (The emails came from an untraceable Proton Mail address.) Aftermost week, that email abode beatific a PDF of the report, with the names of the bodies interviewed redacted.

The being who beatific me the abode has consistently beneath to analyze themselves. Afterwards sending the report, they told me they were motivated to allotment it because, in their words, “I activate it advancing that he was able to ascendancy accessible discourse, application identical blowing approach (threats of litigation) to aish the accuracy and bottle his accessible persona.” The alone bodies who would accept admission to the abode were those who sat on Adjoin the Stream’s lath or were allotment of the society’s Grievance Council, about ten bodies in all.

As I apprehend the report, I accustomed several abundant anecdotes in it, which akin things that had been told to me by bodies anon involved. Some of those capacity wouldn’t accept been accepted to anyone else, and not all of them fabricated it into my piece. I contacted two of my sources, who accepted that they were quoted in the abode and that quotes I apprehend to them akin what they had told Yang. I additionally accomplished out to several bodies at ATS who would accept credible the report; none replied.

The abode shows that Levine is accused of abduction in at atomic one case, rather than harassment, inappropriateness in dating relationships, misusing his “power as a dharma teacher,” or some other, murkier offense. The abode quotes a “Witness 1,” who was interviewed by Yang at a badge base in the attendance of Detective Kendra Browne of the LAPD. According to Yang, Witness 1 beneath to allotment some capacity of her interactions with Levine in adjustment not to accommodation the badge investigation, but did accompaniment that the two had been in a dating accord and had had consensual alert above-mentioned to October 30, 2017. On that day, Witness 1 said, Levine raped her, which she acutely authentic as accepting animal action with her afterwards her consent.

“She fabricated it bright that she did not appetite to accept with Levine at that time,” Yang wrote in her report. “She was bright that in her view, Levine raped her.” Yang activate Witness 1 “credible,” she wrote.

Yang aing appear an accusation that she wasn’t able to substantiate. She wrote that ATS accustomed an bearding email from a Proton Mail account, which declared that the emailer had been ually assaulted by Levine and had filed a badge report, alone to apprentice that he was already beneath investigation. The emailer absorbed a photo of Levine and what appeared to be a redacted LAPD badge report. However, Yang wrote, “The sender of the emails could not be identified. Levine denied alive anyone by this name. No interviews could be conducted of either the sender or Levine. I was clumsy to accomplish any believability assessments beneath these circumstances.”

A third woman, “Witness 3,” told Yang that she met Levine on Bumble and that they went on a banquet date. The additional time they met was at her house; she appear to Yang that as she was giving Levine a bout of the house, he sat bottomward on her bed, area the two briefly “snuggled and flirted” on her bed afore she acquainted afflictive and sat up. She led him to a couch in her active allowance and asked him to sit on the added side, she told Yang, alone for him to attack to booty his shirt off, ask her to booty her shirt off, and ask her a alternation of questions about “how she masturbates,” which she told him she was afflictive answering.

At that point, Witness 3 told Yang that she got up and adumbrated to Levine that he could leave. At the door, with her not absent him to “leave angry,” they kissed again, at which point, she told Yang, Levine ashore his easily bottomward her leggings, affected her ocks, and spanked her. The woman told Yang that Levine again pushed her bottomward on the couch and put her easily bottomward her leggings again:

She pushed abroad and managed to physically cycle off the: couch out from beneath him. Witness 3 anon stood up. She told him to leave now and confused appear the advanced door. Witness 3 looked for her neighbors in case she bare help. As Levine confused appear the door, Witness 3 said it didn’t accept to be like this and they kissed one aftermost time. Levine left.

Witness 3 told Yang that she emailed Levine’s ex-wife about the incident, as they knew anniversary added through Instagram, again eventually contacted Valerie (also accepted as Vimalasara) Mason-John, the admiral of the Buddhist Recovery Network.

Levine didn’t allocution to Yang in person, but instead submitted a accounting annual through his attorney, Joseph Leveroni, to acknowledge to all of the allegations in the report. His adaptation of that night with Witness 3, according to the annual he provided Yang, was that at her home, the two talked for an hour and again he absitively to leave.

“As I was abrogation she asked me to kiss her,” Levine wrote. “I was not acquainted at the time of Witness 3’s abysmal cerebral abashing and history of besetting behavior. At no time during our alternation did Witness 3 accurate ache or affair about our interaction.”

Another woman, articular in the abode as Witness 4, is acutely addition that Jezebel additionally interviewed. She declared to both us and Yang the aforementioned alternation of events: Afterwards affair on Bumble and activity on two dates, she said, she and Levine were sitting his car aback he abruptly climbed aloft the bench and got on top of her.

Yang wrote, “Witness 4 declared this appointment with Levine as the best ually advancing adventure she had anytime experienced. She was not activity to let Levine’s accomplishments go any added and fabricated abiding to advance aback hard. Witness 4 acquainted that it was a actual close, alarming incident, alarming, inappropriate, disappointing, and disturbing.”

Levine, meanwhile, alone recalled activity on one date with Witness 4, and told Yang, “I beneath the date because I had abstruse that she was a convalescent alcoholic in the bosom of relapse.” (Witness 4 told Yang that she’d told Levine she’d afresh fabricated a claimed best to cut aback on bubbler but occasionally drank socially, and that in actuality she acquainted he’d pressured her to alcohol added on their aboriginal date. She accompanying the aforementioned allegations to us.)

Yang wrote that she activate both Witness 3 and 4 to be “essentially credible,” abacus that she activate Levine’s adaptation of contest “minimally credible” in both instances.

Taylor Minas is one of the bodies quoted in the abode who I accept additionally interviewed. Minas was a allotment of the Adjoin the Stream association for about a year, and told both me and Yang that she became anxious afterwards audition multiple, abstracted allegations of animal corruption apropos Levine.

“I accustomed an email from Yang in April 2018,” Minas told me aftermost week. “She told me that she was investigating allegations adjoin Levine. By this time, I had heard from six altered bodies in the Adjoin the Stream association about abstracted incidents in which women had appear adventures with him alignment in amount from ually inappropriate behavior to abduction and concrete assault.”

Minas agreed to be interviewed by Yang, she said, “as I acquainted that it was important to accommodate any ambience and advice that could abetment the analysis in award the truth.” She concluded up abrogation the ATS community, in allotment because of her apropos over the allegations she’d heard about Levine.

Minas additionally believes that the abode may accept originally included added bodies authoritative allegations adjoin Levine. A few months afterwards accommodating in an account with Yang, she says, the investigator followed up to acquaint her “that Noah had absitively to participate in the investigation. She explained that this would absorb sending him a archetype of the abode including abounding names and statements. She said that as a consequence, assorted people, including some of the declared victims, had redacted their statements, and asked if it was still accept to use mine.”

The abode additionally makes bright that Levine interpreted some of the allegations adjoin him as a ancillary aftereffect of the MeToo movement. One of the alone bodies quoted by name in the adaptation of the abode we saw is Vincent “Vinny” Ferarro, a longtime ATS abecedary and acquaintance of Levine’s. Ferraro is quoted as cogent Yang that in both clandestine conversations and in communications with the ATS Agents Council, Levine adumbrated that the women accusing him of advance were overreacting to interactions they’d had because of MeToo.

“Ferraro declared that Levine larboard the consequence that it was nothing, that annihilation was wrong,” Yang wrote of one conversation, “and that Levine had been targeted because of the Me Too movement.” Another bearding person, articular as Witness C, told Yang that aback Levine was aboriginal abeyant by ATS afterwards the allegations surfaced, he told them “that it was a abhorrent accommodation for the sangha [Buddhist community] and an overreaction to the Me Too movement.”

According to abundant bodies Jezebel batten to during the advertisement of our aboriginal story, the ATS abode was never appear about due to fears that Levine would sue the organization.

“There is a absolute affair about action from Noah’s side,” one being affiliated with ATS told us, requesting anonymity to altercate a acute acknowledged issue. “We were brash not to say annihilation at all. Of course, that wasn’t an advantage accustomed the attributes of our community.”

Many aloft ATS agents additionally haven’t commented about on the situation, aloft cogent anguish over ATS’ cease and absolution their aloft acceptance apperceive area to acquisition them. (Many, as acclaimed above, may not accept credible the ATS abode at all.)

As a result, Levine has been able to present his adaptation of contest with little pushback. In a dharma allocution at Refuge Recovery Analysis Center, the for-profit facility, on August 27, Levine talked about the accusations and the abeyance of Adjoin the Stream in a accepted way, abstinent that he had affianced in animal delinquency or assault. He told the allowance his advocate had instructed him “not to allotment annihilation about this process” with the community, but added, “If somebody brought to me the specifics of the bearings that I’m in, I would not see it as animal misconduct. I would not see it as a aperture of the Third Precept,” the Buddhist aphorism adjoin committing animal misconduct. “I would say sounds like some unskillfullness, some being to attending at for sure.”

As the blow of the ATS agents regroup elsewhere, Levine has connected to advise and advance retreats and action a $4,000 “facilitator training” affairs for bodies adulatory to apprentice how to become dharma facilitators (people who are a footfall beneath agents but can still advance classes). Abounding of the retreats are with the Rebel Saints Brainwork Society, a Seattle-based group, area Levine is assisted by Rachael Savage, a co-founder of Rebel Saints. Savage ahead told us that she would “continue to abutment Noah, or any added teacher, in teaching until there is evidence, from the professionals in our amends system, in the anatomy of a allegation or a civilian trial.”

Throughout the advertisement action for our aboriginal story, bodies added affectionate to Levine said he was never accused of barbarism as a teacher. The abode alleges otherwise. Although he is not accused of assaulting any students, two women told Yang that they met Levine while he was their teacher, that they doubtable he’d acclimated his position as a abecedary to access their acquaintance information, and that both were fabricated “uncomfortable” afterwards he contacted them with an credible absorbed to collaborate socially. (The subtext is that he contacted them with a adventurous or animal intent, but that’s not fabricated absolute in the report. Levine told Yang that he had “no anamnesis of anytime contacting anyone from his email account for amusing purposes.”)

The animal advance allegations additionally came at a time aback Levine had already accepted to inappropriate animal acquaintance with a student. Levine accepted to the ATS Agents Council in a January 2018 buzz affair that he slept with a affiliated apprentice afterwards affair her at Esalen, the acclaimed Northern California retreat center. (That advice came from an account that Mary Stancavage, an ATS teacher, gave Yang, who writes: “Levine told the Council that he had slept with a apprentice beforehand in the year afterwards affair her at Esalen.”)

In that instance, Levine put the accusation on the woman, according to what Stancavage told Yang.

“He additionally told the Council that the apprentice had pursued him and afterwards absorbed Levine at his home afterwards he attempted to abide her,” Yang writes. At the aforementioned meeting, according to Stancavage’s recollections, Levine additionally told the Agents Council that he’d been accused of animal assault, “that it was not true, that he did not appetite to say annihilation added about, and that he already had an attorney.” At first, Stancavage told Yang, “most of the participants on the alarm were abashed by what they heard.” At the time, though, they believed Levine.

This adventure has been adapted to added acutely abut amid the Refuge Recovery Analysis Centermost and the non-profit, peer-led Refuge Recovery organization.

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