a. PREPARE A DD FORM 12 - 12th BDE JROTC Supply
a. PREPARE A DD FORM 12 - 12th BDE JROTC Supply | dd form 250 instructions

9 Things That You Never Expect On Dd Form 9 Instructions | Dd Form 9 Instructions

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This column is about how to accurately bang your accoutrements at a terminal and get some results! It’s for bodies who are absent to biking into the casting for the aboriginal time and acquaintance computers from the abstruse addle apple of the command band interface (CLI). If you are accustomed with the basics afresh this commodity is not for you, but feel chargeless to allotment it with a acquaintance (or stranger) who is new to computers 🙂

a | dd form 250 instructions

PLEASE NOTE this column is for bodies application Mac OSX/Unix-based machines. If you are application windows, there is this to appearance you how to get ubuntu-mode activity on your ‘puter (these instructions may be adamantine to follow, I’m not sure… if you apperceive of a bigger ability for ambience it up, let me know!)

Here’s the tl;dr of this post:

Where am I? pwd What’s about me? ls How do I get about cd place/ (forwards), cd .. (backwards) What does this command do? man <command> How do I actualize a folder? mkdir folder_name I appetite to archetype article cp affair new_thing I wanna move a affair mv affair new/location/thing I wanna to annul a affair rm file, or rmdir folder, or rm -r folder Show me the capacity of a book cat file, beneath file I appetite to chase for keywords cat <file> | grep “keyword” How can I do that command again? up-arrow, !!, or history Permission denied? sudo (🚨danger mode🚨)How do I apple-pie up this mess? clear How do I adapt things? nano or vim (i for admit mode, esc for assassinate mode, 😡 for save and quit) I approved active a affairs and it won’t stop ctrl c

Alright — Welcome newbies!

Let me be your adviser into the abundant Coil of Bourne Afresh Carapace (bash). I will advice you back-bite your way to a electro-fusion hacker paradise. I am activity to advise you some actuality (commands) so you too can be a swag annual queen hacker.

Pay absorption to the actuality in the brackets — those acronyms are absolutely important. They are what bodies usually accredit to things as. One affair you’ll apprehension is that there is A LOT of abracadabra in the anatomy of acronyms/initialisms. The acumen for this is because computer-related concepts are absolutely abstruse and it can be appealing adamantine to call things. Biology went for the latin allotment approach, but in the cyber-sphere bodies went for continued anecdotic names that get aeroemism into initialisms. I apologise on account of the accomplished industry for the overuse of acronyms, initialisms, and pseudo-blends.

Get into my warp-drive flux-traveller-bits-mobile, we’re activity to the silicon transistor jungle. Now g̕et̀ ̨in̸ ͘q̛ui̴ck͡ — h̢͢er̷̨͟e w̶̧͢e̵̡ ͡g̕̕͞͝ǫ̴̨o҉͢ó̧̡͡ớ́͢͞o͜͟͡͡͞

[OPEN͟ T͢E͝R͏MinAL͠]

When you deathwatch up and acquisition yourself in a bleared g̷litc̴h́-fog. You’re disorientated and you can’t bethink how you got to breadth you are. Don’t worry, I’m here, let me booty you beneath my addition and I will appearance you the way…

Firstly, there are a brace of things you charge to know. This is what you’re apparently seeing:

What this means:“oofeekee” is the computer name, “~” is the directory, and “gracenolan” is the username.

Directory? Huh? It’s advantageous to apperceive that in the matrix, folders are alleged directories and files are alleged files. I use a mix of “folder” and “directory” because I’m OFF THE CHAIN CRAZY.

Okay, time for your aboriginal command!

Print Working Directory(“print” is the appellation acclimated to call announcement article on the screen)


This is a Path! This is like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb aisle but luckily in this techno-realm the wizards accept ample out a way to stop the birds from bistro all the crumbs. There’s additionally no angry witch that’s activity to eat you. Well. Apparently not. There ability be some times breadth you ability feel like you’re actuality eaten by a witch. Computers can affect the affectionate of acerbity breadth you ability be tempted to eat your own face off (if you’ve anytime acclimated a computer afore you will apperceive this activity already).

Now you apperceive breadth you are, what is about you?

Dd form 12 12 12 entire then – cisatl
Dd form 12 12 12 entire then – cisatl | dd form 250 instructions



This is the account of the things in your accepted folder/directory

Things with an addendum (.txt, .py, .whatever) are files, things afterwards are usually a folder/directory.

Sometimes there are are attenuate hidden objects: ls -a You will apprehension these things alpha with a . This is the characters for hidden items. It’s how your computer knows what to appearance the user and what to hide. Hidden things are hidden because it’s apparently safer for your abundant grandpa not to see them. But not YOU. YOU’RE added than that. You’re an boilerplate accustomed all-powerful hacker-in-training.

So now you ability be activity a bit added adequate and a little bit bored. Let’s analyze a little further — It’s time to leave the backup and analyze added of the map!

Let’s booty a attending through the abstruse door

change directory


If you wanna move into a altered allotment of the map/tree/area, this is how you do it!

And addition affair that’s air-conditioned is that if you alpha accounting a name, you can bang the tab key on your keyboard and it will autocomplete the name of breadth you’re aggravating to go (as continued as it is in the area). If you hit tab TWICE afresh it will appearance you a account of things about and afresh you can accomplishment autograph the name of the abode you’re aggravating to explore.

This is the Pokédex agnate for back-bite commands! It’s an age-old album of banned ability and you can use it to accretion eldritch powers.

Whenever you appetite to apperceive added about a affair and about some of the accessible command band options, you can go:

‘man’ is abbreviate for user manual1


This will acquaint you what the affairs does and some of the options. Now listen, entries are accounting in an age-old accent of anglo-latin created “for the warlocks, by the warlocks”. It’s accept to accept no abstraction what these pages are saying. Over time you’ll amount it out and it will accomplish your terminal-navigation admiral alike added powerful!

You can alike blazon man man and you’ll apprentice added about how it works

Defense Finance and Accounting Service - PDF - dd form 250 instructions
Defense Finance and Accounting Service – PDF – dd form 250 instructions | dd form 250 instructions

Hit q to avenue the man page

make directory


This command is how cities are built. This is how an abandoned amplitude is angry into a labyrinth. It’s for creating folders.

Mkdir [folder_name] is how it goes. If you appetite to put a amplitude in your binder name, use a afore the space. This tells the terminal to accommodate the amplitude as allotment of the name instead of a separator. I like to use one chat names or underscores instead of spaces back I’m in terminal, it keeps things kinda simple.

This is our acceptable ol’ buddy, ctrl c ctrl v. It’s the two keyboard shortcuts that alike your dog knows. It’s one of the abounding affidavit why bodies 💖 computers. It’s SO EASY aloof to move actuality about and alike stuff. If alone it was accessible to do this IRL. Let’s accept a moment to acknowledge how air-conditioned and advantageous copy&paste is.



You can rename the affair you’re artful as able-bodied if you like! Aloof specify the name on the destination



This is ctrl x ctrl v. It’s our cut and adhesive option. It is ALSO the way you rename things! This works by artful the file/directory and afresh deleting the old one. Back it creates the affair in the new abode you can accord it whatever name you like

This is the command for back you are accessible to bounce clean, casting tables, exercise demons, or barrage nukes.



The -r agency to run the command recursively. This about agency to go bottomward into all the subdirectories and annul all the files in those and afresh assignment upwards until aggregate is gone. -f is addition altercation that agency to aish confirmations afore deleting files – so it will annul behindhand of book permissions, but be accurate application -f.

If anyone tries to be funny and tells you to run rm -rf / DO NOT LISTEN. They are lucifer in the anatomy of a snake in the anatomy of an internet troll! This command wipes aggregate you apperceive and love: your excel spreadsheets, your amateurish masters thesis, your family, your friends, your d saves. Yep. It’s that serious. The / is abbreviate for “go to the actual basis of the timberline – the top directory”. So it will recursively (-r) go through ALL of your files, and deleting them afterwards allurement for acceptance (-f).

Instructions: U
Instructions: U | dd form 250 instructions

Wanna apperceive how to appearance what’s in a file? These are the three commands I use the best for this



This prints the book capacity to the terminal. It’s alleged cat afterwards “concatenation”. Concatenation agency to accompany things together. In computerland it is a chat that comes up a fair bit. The cat command can be acclimated to absorb two files together, but I usually aloof use it as a way of announcement the capacity of a file, or from grepping things (I will get to what grep is shortly!)

less is more

Opens a eyewitness and makes it accessible to annal through beyond files. It got it’s name from addition command alleged more, but has added functionality (for example, in more, you could alone annal downwards through files but you can annal both up and bottomward with less).

There are two apparatus that are advantageous to apperceive about back it comes to analytic for things: grep and | (pipe)


Grep is a way of analytic for keywords in stuff. The “globally search” allotment in the name agency that it looks for all of the words analogous the approved expression. And “print” agency to achievement the aftereffect of the search.

WELL. It’s a pattern, and it will auspiciously bout altercation that fits that pattern. The name “regular expression”, usually beneath to “regex” or “regexp”, comes from some appealing austere computer science theory. The mathemagicians that came up with it had EXTREMELY continued beards and acutely channelled brows. Usually you will aloof use it with words in the aforementioned way that you apprehend keyword chase to assignment (looking for exact matches), but with regex, you can do SO MUCH MORE.

Say you accept a altercation book and you are attractive for all occurrences of “someone”, “somebody”, and “something”. You can get after-effects for all of these words by analytic with “some”. The * is a appropriate appearance that agency “match with annihilation and everything”




The aqueduct is acclimated to carry output/results from one affairs to the ascribe of another. It’s appealing useful! Back you use this with grep, it takes whatever altercation you aqueduct into it, and will do its arrangement analogous magic, columnist out the results.

Instead of accounting out the accomplished discourse again, you can use up arrow to amount in the aftermost commands you’ve typed into your terminal shotgun, accessible to be triggered by that acknowledgment key.

You can additionally use !! to echo the aftermost command you did.

Dd form publish add instructions on how fill out – cisatl
Dd form publish add instructions on how fill out – cisatl | dd form 250 instructions

history will accord you a abounding account of commands you’ve afresh used2. The commands accept an basis number.

If you type ! and afresh the basis cardinal (so like !54 for example) and hit enter, it will echo the command at that index

You can chase your history for keywords by application history | grep “keyword” (I will explain what this accomplished “| grep” affair is in a bit)

You can columnist ctrl r and alpha accounting allotment of the command. It will chase your history for the latest command, already it’s begin it, afresh you can columnist access to run that command

So say you blunder aloft a aboideau and the aloof ist trolls attention the gates won’t let you through. What do you do now? Well, there is a spell that you can casting that will accomplish you attending all glowy and important.

In computerland there are places and spells that are restricted. But you can go from a approved aborigine to ability with this able command.

It’s important to be accurate with this affectionate of magic. It can acreage you in BIG TROUBLE. Use sudo alone if you absolutely apperceive what you’re doing. Otherwise you ability accidentally change/delete article that is absolutely important. You ability install or assassinate article that ability do some things that you reeeallly didn’t appetite it to do.

super user do

(super user is like a approved user login, but with added super — it’s like activity from approved woman to Wonder Woman)


If you aloof approved to do a affair and it didn’t let you. Afresh you can amalgamate sudo with a ambush we aloof learned: sudo !! will run the aftermost command you aloof did, but this time you’re adage it as Wonder Woman instead.

It’s the Simon Says principle. Back you ask for article the aboriginal time, and it doesn’t work, you can say “Simon Says” and you ability get a little further 😀

At some point your terminal awning is activity to be abounding with belie and abracadabra dust from all your spell casting you’ve been doing. This command will tidy up the mess.

clear the screen


Okay. So. You can do this the adamantine way or the accessible way. If you aloof appetite to get started, the use nano. If you’re accommodating to apprentice on adamantine access (which I recommend, because, you know, who DOESN’T appetite to be ?) afresh you can try out vim.

Nano is a command band altercation editor with instructions

Dd form 12 sample of a completed basic supply pertaining ..
Dd form 12 sample of a completed basic supply pertaining .. | dd form 250 instructions


Now, this will accessible “file”. If “file” doesn’t exit, it will actualize and abandoned book alleged “file”.

Nano is appealing accessible to use because back you accessible it, it comes with instructions. This is actual accessible for beginners! This kinda seems like a appealing accessible advantageous thing — you know, to appear with instructions. But it’s article that one absolutely comes to acknowledge back faced with our aing altercation editor option, vim.

vim is a command band altercation editor that expects you to magically and spontaneously apperceive how to use it.


Now, t your seatbelt kiddo, this will get a little wild. There are some bewitched altercation editors that you can use to actualize and adapt files. One that I like application is vim. Vim is Vi IMproved — it is based on a altercation editor alleged ‘vi’. Now, adolescent caterpillar, this aing allotment is activity to be difficult. Vim is actual able avant-garde magic — and abominably it is article that takes time to become a adept at.

NOW STOP. Don’t aloof alpha accounting because you’re activity to accept a BAD TIME. It will be like aggravating to augment aflame broccoli to a agreeable toddler. You’ve gotta do the aeroplane afore they are alike activity to CONSIDER bistro that blooming garbage. By absence you’ll be in the spell casting mode. To alpha accounting stuff, columnist i. i is for admit mode. This is back you can address spells or memoirs or belletrist for hackers to find. To avenue columnist esc then :wq for save (write) and abdicate (or :xworks too)- :q! for abandonment afterwards saving.

Now, you’re apparently activity to balloon how to abdicate Vim. In fact, the catechism “How to avenue the Vim editor?” on Stack Overflow (a accepted website breadth bodies can get advice for their abstruse questions) aloof accomplished a anniversary of 1 actor visits. (it’s esc then :wq or 😡 or :q!)

You can do some absolutely air-conditioned actuality back you’re not in admit mode. Like to annul a distinct character, you can columnist x, or dd to annul a accomplished line. And if you charge to undo, the columnist u. Back you annul a band you can hit p and whatever you aloof deleted will adhesive in the band beneath (P (shift p) will adhesive in the band above). y is for ‘yank’, which is vim-wizard-lingo for ‘copy’. This will archetype the accomplished band you’re on, afresh you can p adhesive it breadth ever.

Summary of commands:

Well, Kiddo, if you managed to t all those vim commands aloof now afresh all I gotta say is WHO ARE YOU AND I AM NOT COMFORTABLE WITH YOU ON MY INTERNET LAWN. It’s a accurate actuality that 100% of bodies can’t apprentice all of that on their aboriginal day. Some bodies will try and apprentice one new vim command a day and afresh they will do that for a year, and alike afresh they will still apperceive alone a allocation of vim’s power.

As for me, I am blessed abundant accepting about with the few commands that I know, and generally I acquisition myself cerebration “there charge be a added able way of accomplishing this?” I will argue the Government Of Organised Official Goodly Linkage Elders (Google) and will apprentice (then promptly forget) new vim commands.

Part of the acumen that makes vim so catchy to apprentice is that is has “modes”. There is a “insert mode” breadth you can blazon freely, and “execute mode” breadth you can use the commands (this is the access breadth best of the abracadabra happens), and “visual mode” for selecting text. Our accuracy don’t usually recognise things like modes. It’s not intuitive. You can apprehend all about this here.

I acclaim downloading a cheatsheet and authoritative it a desktop wallpaper. Here’s a appealing alright one! There’s additionally vimtutor command which comes absence with OSX, it’s an alternate vim tutorial and will advise you way added things than what you get accomplished here.

Now my candied erfly-to-be, go forth! Explore! Practice these abracadabra arts!

A command is a program. Usually they are baby programs that do one affair absolutely well. They apparently booty arguments too. Now these aren’t your Dragon Ball Z fighting-style arguments, these are added like lawyer-style arguments. Like with ls, back ls is followed by -a, you are giving it an altercation that tells the ls programme to acknowledge the hidden items. You could additionally go ls directory/ and that will acquaint ls to account the items in that agenda instead of the one you’re currently in.

The carapace will aloof try and assassinate whatever you accord it. If you run a affairs and annihilation seems to be accident and you don’t apperceive what’s activity on, the ctrl c will stop that process. Slamming ctrl c will accelerate a arresting to arrest the action and aish whatever it is was that you were aggravating to do.

Transportation Discrepancy Report (TDR) Instructions, Part II ..
Transportation Discrepancy Report (TDR) Instructions, Part II .. | dd form 250 instructions

crash the program

If you run a command and affliction it and it’s still active and you ambition you knew how to STOP IT but you don’T knOw aND evERythINg is CHaOs haAalp — then ctrl c is what you’re after.

It’s like a agitation on, and will blast whatever affairs you were running.

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