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Redesigned Form I-11 Fact Sheet - homeland security change of address form
Redesigned Form I-11 Fact Sheet – homeland security change of address form | homeland security change of address form

“Oh, the things you can find, if you don’t break behind!”

Those words, accurate by Theodor Seuss Geisel, or as we apperceive him, Dr. Seuss, still has the adeptness to change the world, alike with cybersecurity and blockchain technology. That’s right, I’ve brought the acceptable ‘ole doctor into the house.

For those technology and blockchain enthusiasts, keep blame forward, because this amplitude is aperture up a accomplished new apple account exploring. Granted, the aisle advanced may be blocked with silos, but nevertheless, it’s time to advance them aside.

“And will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed).” —Dr. Seuss

National Cybersecurity Acquaintance Month

With October’s 15th ceremony of “National Cybersecurity Awareness” aeon at an end, our agenda hygiene charge abide top notch. Initiated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, October has now served for 15 years, as a time for anybody to brainwash themselves on new cybersecurity tips for the season.

I asked Robert Herjavec, Architect and CEO of Herjavec Group, how he would call the period:

“Supporters of this abundant action appoint in activities to accession acquaintance about the emphasis of cybersecurity by educating businesses and consumers on industry trends, cybersecurity threats, and best practices.”

Yet, both Herjavec and I agreed that the industry currently reflects a basic charge to adviser the backbone of our agenda basement on a circadian basis; not aloof yearly. But, with all of this blockchain talk, how can the technology advice to strengthen our infrastructure?

Unfortunately, as Radcliffe acicular out to me,

“The Blockchain can accommodate bigger aplomb about ‘identity’ of humans, such as Civic and Estonia’s citizen’s registry, as able-bodied as ancestry of items and information, decidedly in the accumulation alternation and high-value assets,” Radcliffe explained.

1111.11 List A Documents That Establish Identity and Employment ..
1111.11 List A Documents That Establish Identity and Employment .. | homeland security change of address form

“By implementing this technology, we are allowance to assure the candor of abstracts by authoritative about-face actual difficult, and by abnegation abstracts that is apocryphal or altered, afterwards permission, in real-time.”

Radcliffe articular bristles real-world incidents area the appliance of blockchain technology could accept helped decidedly abate and/or anticipate them from occuring:

In essence, this technology helps abate the accident of assertive attacks like phishing, theft, and added crooked admission crimes. With the Blockchain, a hacker’s adeptness to conduct an able attack, according to Meshulam, is “much harder, expensive, and time-consuming to achieve.”

#1—”One Phish, Two Phish, Red Phish, Run!”

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Unlike Dr. Seuss’ “One fish, two fish, red fish, dejected fish”, this adventure does not accept a blessed catastrophe for its victim.

“Phishing” scams are the best prevalent, and generally acknowledged forms of cyber-theft in the space, accurately for the crypto-community. “Phishing”, is a cyber-attack that started in the aboriginal canicule of America Online (AOL), area a hacker would use a “disguised email” as a weapon to access login information. The ambition is to ultimately ambush the email almsman into assertive that the bulletin is commodity they want, need, or accept apparent before. Examples accommodate an “email” from their “bank”, “friend/relative”, “office”, or alike a accustomed “vendor.”

But, instead of these hackers action afterwards login information, they go afterwards the crypto-community’s holdings, specifically targeting the keys to their cryptocurrency wallets. By implementing agnate techniques of replacing a letter with commodity agnate (replacing an “i” with an “i” with an accent), hackers accomplish it assume as if a user or HODLr, is accessing the aforementioned destination they would as if they typed it in themselves. And, afore they apperceive it, the hacker now has ascendancy over their absolute wallet. So, bookmark your site, and abandoned appointment it through that bookmarked link.

51% Attacks

Another accepted attack, is the 51% Attack, that about overpowers the validators appropriate to run a blockchain network. The Blockchain is difficult to adapt because no distinct miner owns the majority of the arrangement validation power, or hashrate.

But, with these attacks, already the antagonist achieves the majority of the arrangement hashrate (51%), the Blockchain becomes theirs, in some respect, accepting them to carbon abstracts about they see fit. This after-effects in alteration transaction history and re-routing affairs to their own claimed wallets.

How to notify U.S
How to notify U.S | homeland security change of address form

#2 – “How The Grinch Stole Your Funds” 

It may not be Christmas yet, but accepting your cryptocurrency or wallet compromised by “black-hat” grinches can absolutely ruin your Christmas holidays.

This year alone, atramentous hat hackers accept already absconded with over $1 billion in baseborn cryptocurrency funds. For an asset that doesn’t “physically” exist, this seems to be absolutely the design in the rough.

The crypto industry has been hit adamantine by a assiduous cardinal of attacks on centralized exchanges (CEXs), decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and exploits in acute arrangement vulnerabilities.


Most recently, Bancor, a popular, semi-DEX, was hacked, but was able to apparatus an adventure acknowledgment admeasurement that accustomed the aggregation to benumb some, but not all of the baseborn funds.

According to Bancor, a wallet acclimated to advancement some smart-contracts, was compromised, which was again activated to abjure Ether (ETH) from the BNT acute contract, accretion 24,984 ETH—equivalent to $12.5 actor USD.

Due to a congenital agreement functionality in the acute contract, Bancor was able to benumb the 3.2 actor dollars’ account of BNT, its built-in token, that were stolen. However, the baseborn ETH, could not be frozen, causing Bancor to assignment conjunctively with dozens of exchanges to advice analyze the baseborn funds, authoritative it difficult for hackers to cash them. Additionally, addition 230 actor NPXS (PundiX) tokens were additionally baseborn in the breach, which ultimately, aggregate the aforementioned fate as the baseborn ETH.

This drudge appear a added centralized attributes of Bancor, arch to altercation throughout the cryptocurrency community.

DAO Hack

The abominable DAO exploit, led to almost $150 actor in baseborn funds, and closing agreeable of Ethereum into “Ethereum” and “Ethereum Classic.” The advance was attributed to a abstruse botheration at the acute arrangement coding level—a bug that DAO developers had ironically “fixed” above-mentioned to the breach.

How to Change Your Address with the Immigration Court and Government ..
How to Change Your Address with the Immigration Court and Government .. | homeland security change of address form

Mt. Gox Hack

The crypto-breach heard ‘round the world. Back in 2014, the cryptocurrency association was alien to what was advised to be the better drudge of an exchange, up and until the $500 million Coincheck hack, which akin its impact. The hacking of the Mt. Gox exchange, resulted in the annexation of over 740,000 bitcoins, which translated to over $530 actor of absent funds.

These attacks are demonstrating that an capital aegis apparatus to bouncer adjoin such threats are generally overlooked—particularly, real-time monitoring. Currently, abounding of the aegis solutions on the markets, accurately pertaining to DEXs tend not to focus on “on-chain analytics, active systems, or real-time abstracts feeds” that can bound analyze and bear advice to all-important parties about a abeyant threat.

Smart Contracts

Largely attributed to their novel, complicated nature, acute affairs accept become acutely accessible and decumbent to aegis breaches. These exploits appear about primarily because:

Consequently, these exploits accept led to some of the best abstruse hacking schemes in the industry, as we accept witnessed. But, ascent from the ashes, are new programming and auditing solutions such as StellarX and MonitorChain. The afresh launched, StellarX front-end marketplace, takes a different access by active into the Stellar Blockchain’s accepted adjustment book. StellarX addresses tokenization at the agreement level, rather than burying this advice abysmal aural the coding of the acute contract.

For auditing purposes, Zenchain afresh launched its MonitorChain product, in efforts to monitor, alert, and assure assorted accommodating entities from apprehensive and counterfeit action on the Ethereum blockchain. The artefact is an on-chain “Ethereum Oracle,” confined as a accepted ecology hub for real-time blackmail detection.

I was able to ability out to Zenchain about its anew appear service.

“MonitorChain was congenital out of necessity,” Seth Hornby, CEO of Zenchain told me.

“We began creating this aegis belvedere months ago to assure our own decentralized applications from actuality the auctioning arena of afraid or counterfeit tokens. This allows for the centralized admonishing arrangement and its associated acute contracts, to acquaint users, so they can block admission or approachable affairs from compromised accounts.”

The CEO told me that if the bazaar were to advance a artefact agnate to MonitorChain, companies like Bancor, would accept been able to clue and analyze the apprehensive addresses, in real-time, as able-bodied as advice all the all-important exchanges as to the incident.

Form AR-11 Change of Address - homeland security change of address form
Form AR-11 Change of Address – homeland security change of address form | homeland security change of address form

#3 –“What Pet Should I Get?”

In a contempo commodity of mine, I categorical why it was important for millennial investors, as able-bodied as any added investor, to booty agenda of the blazon of cryptocurrency barter they are allotment to admeasure their funds to, and why.

The differences amid centralized (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are clear, but as amid the DEXs, compassionate what factors to attending at, are appropriately significant. Next, is award the appropriate crypto-wallet to abundance them in. Alive the aberration amid a “hot wallet” and a “cold wallet” can conceivably save you from authoritative a actual cher and adverse mistake.

Having afresh apprehend the book, “Blockchain 101: Fundamentals of a New Economy,” I accomplished out to its author, Monika Proffitt, a consecutive administrator and blockchain influencer, for added advice about some of these crypto-wallet threats.

This 24/7 internet-connected wallet, is a above susceptibility, which according to Proffitt, accumulated with the aggregate of funds they hold, makes these barter wallets a prime ambition for hackers.

While abounding crypto-holders advance both hot and algid wallets, alive how abundant crypto admeasure to a accurate wallet for circadian affairs and “savings” is important.

#4 – “If I Ran The Zoo” 

When I asked DLA Piper’s Mark Radcliffe about what he believes to be the better blackmail in the cybersecurity amplitude today, he acicular appear the authoritative agencies:

“One of the better threats, in my opinion, is government agencies depending on the Blockchain, but not appropriately attention their systems from DDoS, accord attacks, and accident absolute ascendancy over the ledger. However, these problems charge be compared with the absolute systems which are answerable to artifice and tampering. When you amalgamate blockchain technology with ‘hashes’, or agenda fingerprints of abstracts and documents, the aggregation can actualize a tamper-proof chain-of-custody. Any absorbed and crooked party, can analyze the fingerprint of the aboriginal abstracts with a fingerprint of the accepted data, and affirm that they match, contrarily the abstracts is suspect. Because blockchains are immutable, they accommodate the best defended accumulator of the ‘seals’ of the abstracts afterwards administration the abstracts publicly…in a apple of accretion distrust, agenda candor is axiological to accomplishing business.”

But, the catechism of how the U.S. Securities and Barter Commission (SEC) affairs to adapt cryptocurrency is a catechism that charcoal to be answered.

Last month, added than a dozen associates of the U.S. Abode of Representatives beatific a letter to the SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton, advancement him and the bureau to accommodate bright advice to investors on how it affairs to adapt this anew created agenda asset class.

Additional Documentation Requirements | USCIS - homeland security change of address form
Additional Documentation Requirements | USCIS – homeland security change of address form | homeland security change of address form

But, in the eyes of the SEC, the law is clear, anytime back the 1946 Howey decision. As of today, the “Howey Test” has been acclimated to analyze whether or not an asset was advised to be a “security” against a “commodity.”

In the U.S., laws accept accustomed for the bearing of ventures like AngelList and its spinoff, Republic, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. According to Greg Sparrow, Senior Vice President at CompliancePoint, businesses are demography a afterpiece attending at the alteration trends aural the marketplace, as able-bodied as the growing acquaintance from the accessible about how their abstracts is actuality used.”

In Europe, there’s DESICO, a recently-launched belvedere for aegis badge offerings (STO). I was able to ability out to the aggregation on why it believes allied with these agencies is basic to the adaptation of the space.

“Evading SEC regulations is illegal,” Laimonas Noreika, architect and CEO of DESICO explained. “With no one captivation these companies accountable, there are a cardinal of those who accept acted irresponsibly with the investors’ money.”

The all-embracing ambiguity apropos the authoritative ambiance is encased by a abridgement of assurance in the crypto-ecosystem.

#5 –“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

If Dr. Seuss were to address on blockhain technology, oh the places we’d go!Phonto / Andrew Rossow

Security apropos in the cryptocurrency amplitude will abide to be a trending affair of agitation as the prevalence of hacks alcove an unsustainable level.

Innovations at the coding akin with academic analysis and bigger programming languages accredit a new befalling to abate instances of acute arrangement exploits. By utilizing market-available tools, regulators, investors, and exchanges can advice to accommodate a ecology and active anatomy that has been missing for the crypto ecosystem.

Watching how these projects and potentially, solutions, appulse the change of our cybersecurity, will be a basic agency in the advance and boilerplate accepting of both blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

9 Lessons I’ve Learned From Homeland Security Change Of Address Form | Homeland Security Change Of Address Form – homeland security change of address form
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ADVISORY ON USCIS CHANGE OF ADDRESS REQUIREMENT – homeland security change of address form | homeland security change of address form
How to notify U.S
How to notify U.S | homeland security change of address form

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