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11.11.111 Employment Tax Returns | Internal Revenue Service | us treasury form 941

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GORE: Acknowledge you actual much.

11.11 | us treasury form 941


Acknowledge you actual much.

Acknowledge you, acknowledge you actual much, ladies and gentlemen.

And Marilyn, acknowledge you. That was such a…


… a abundant (audio gap)

GORE: You know, Mr. Rissotti (ph) of Maryland is the typical member of this…


… assignment force. I appetite to get to apperceive this accomplished assignment force.


And in fact, I already do. I’ve had a adventitious to assignment with you — abnormally at the alpha of your labors here, and I want to acclaim all of you.

We’ll get to that in aloof a moment.

Free Employers Quarterly Federal Tax Return | PDF Template | Form ..
Free Employers Quarterly Federal Tax Return | PDF Template | Form .. | us treasury form 941

I appetite to acknowledge Marilyn for the activity that she embodies as a adumbrative of those of you who’ve been on this task force. And I additionally appetite to acknowledge her as a adumbrative of all the advisers at the IRS.

Your adherence and your connected admiration to fix the problems that accept been about for a continued time, afterwards all, and that the – a lot of bodies don’t accept that the advisers appetite to fix these problems added than anybody else.

A aborigine encounters these problems at tax time. The employees are on the added ancillary of those encounters constantly. And so they absolutely — they absolutely appetite to see the improvements come.

And I am so beholden to Secretary Bob Rubin for his leadership at the Treasury Department in putting calm a team and a anatomy that, afterwards so long, assuredly is breeding the movement in the appropriate administration to absolutely break these problems.

Without Secretary Rubin’s leadership, none of this would have happened. And I appetite to acknowledge his deputy, Secretary Larry Summers, also.

This is — in my assessment — this is the best aggregation that the United States of America has anytime had at the Treasury Department. And of course, they do a lot of things in addition to aggravating to get IRS fixed.

They additionally are managing this abundantly complicated international banking situation. And all over the world, the finance ministries and leaders of added countries and markets in other countries, they all say acknowledge advantage we accept the affectionate of leadership at the Treasury Department in the U.S. that we have from Secretary Rubin and Agent Secretary Summers. So acknowledge you both for what you’re doing. We acknowledge it actual much.


And Commissioner Rossotti, Charles Rossotti, came on lath as a reinventor, somebody with applied real-world experience, and thank you for accordant to booty on the challenge. You’re making a amazing difference, and none of this would accept happened without you also. So I absolutely do acknowledge it.

And Assistant Secretary Nancy Killefer in the management side, and Bob Tobias. I’ll say added about Bob in aloof a moment.

And Bob Winsell (ph), who is the co-chair of the commission and arch of the Aborigine Treatment and Account Improvement Program, acknowledge you very, actual much.

This accumulation has helped the IRS balance its aftermost name: ”Service.” And as a accumulation that’s fabricated up added of front-line employees than anyone else, it can draw on applied experience.

Form 11 Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return – us treasury form 941 | us treasury form 941

In fact, we fabricated abiding that added than bisected of the associates of this assignment force were front-line IRS employees, because that’s where the account are. And also, if the front-line employees don’t abutment the changes, afresh you would see them go the way of a lot of assignment force recommendations.

They would be abandoned or sabotaged, or just, you know, not ever absolutely accomplish a huge difference.

It is abundant likelier they will abutment changes that are constructive and acceptable and absolute if they’ve had a adventitious to help ability them in a way that meets the accepted faculty test.

And let me acknowledge Bob Tobias for his role in this as president of the Treasury Advisers Union. He apprenticed all of the union members to abutment this effort. He helped us acquisition some of the best IRS reinventors to name to this assignment force. And then, he spent endless hours allowance the assignment force review recommendations from absolutely bags and bags of front-line employees.

We charge added of this affectionate of labor-management cooperation. And I would say it is the distinct greatest acumen for our success thus far.

Now, as we all know, this is the actual acme of the tax-preparing and tax-filing season.

And back Americans sit bottomward at their kitchen tables to fill out those tax forms, they accept a appropriate to apperceive that their government is alive for them and not adjoin them.

With the president’s taxpayers bill of rights and with Secretary Rubin’s adamantine assignment over the accomplished two years, we have made an important start.

Today, we booty the aing analytical step, because today I’m pleased to present the final address of our IRS Chump Service Task Force, which is alleged “Reinventing Account at the IRS.”

We’re absolutely appreciative of the assignment that this assignment force has done. It’s practical; it’s effective; it’s activity to accomplish a big difference.

It includes 200 recommendations that will reinvent the way the IRS serves our taxpayers.

We accept that it will accomplish the tax division easier and faster – and in some cases, cheaper — for boilerplate American families. Many of these recommendations are already beneath way and they’re already working.

11.11 | us treasury form 941

This year, we accept apparent an access of about 25 percent in the allotment filed by computer. We’ve apparent an access of more than 25 percent in the cardinal of allotment filed by push-on telephone.

IRS Worldwide Web armpit hits accept about tripled to 167 million this year.

And bodies are downloading actual from the IRS Web armpit at five times the amount of aftermost year.

This is a anarchy in advance and it’s acrimonious up speed.

Clearly the accessible appreciates the another approaches that accept been created for ambidextrous with the IRS.

So today, I appetite to highlight from our address — out of the 200 recommendations, I aloof appetite to highlight bristles specific steps that we are demography to accomplish a affecting aberration in the quality of chump account at the IRS.

Of course, I acclaim for you the added 195 recommendations also.


These association accept formed actual adamantine on all of them.

But aloof to booty bristles of them. Cardinal one, starting two weekends ago, added than 150 IRS accessible offices are aperture their doors on Saturdays, and the IRS will abide to action this Saturday account throughout the tax season.

Nancy Ike (ph), an IRS front-line agent who is actuality today from the Montana office, appropriate that accurate improvement. And Nancy, I’d like you to stand, and we’d like to acknowledge you.


11.11 | us treasury form 941

Acknowledge you actual much.

Cardinal two, the IRS will accomplish it accessible for added than three million baby businesses to book their annual Form 941 payroll allotment over the blast alpha in this first quarter of 1998.

This new account is free. It’s paperless, and it automatically calculates the tax and any counterbalanced owed.

Cardinal three, the IRS has accustomed a prototype small-business class in Seattle. This lab will be acclimated to test new approaches advised to absolute the burdens of tax filing on baby businesses. And this addition was the abstraction of Clyde Thurston (ph), an IRS agent who is actuality today from the IRS office in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Clyde, acknowledge you for authoritative this suggestion. Angle up, and we’d like to admit you, also.

Acknowledge you actual much.


Cardinal four, the IRS will accent its efforts to make deserving Americans acquainted of the becoming assets tax credit. President Clinton and I accept formed actual adamantine to aggrandize these important tax cuts for alive families, and we appetite everyone who qualifies to get the abounding benefits. It can accomplish — it makes a huge aberration for those families that are qualified, and they’re the families that charge the most.

And actually, the advancement on how to accomplish this assignment came from Martha Curry (ph), an IRS agent who is actuality today from Cincinnati.

Martha, angle and let’s acknowledge you for this recommendation.

Acknowledge you actual much.


Form 11 Instructions  - us treasury form 941
Form 11 Instructions – us treasury form 941 | us treasury form 941

Cardinal five, a cast new advising board will advice the IRS improve paperless filing to accomplish it the best acceptable and eventually — eventually than a lot of bodies anticipate — the most common adjustment of filing tax returns.

You know, we’re in the bosom of an advice age, an information revolution. And the aforementioned techniques that private businesses are application to abundantly advance their abundance while cutting their costs, and administration advice abundant more efficiently and swiftly, those aforementioned techniques are now being used in the IRS. And we’ve got a lot of assignment advanced of us, but we’ve now got this aggregation in abode that is allowance us make progress.

And one of the aboriginal attempt of reinvention — and Morely Winnegrad (ph), the arch of our reinventing government group here, will answer this — one of the aboriginal attempt is “go to where the account are.” And the account are in the minds of front-line advisers who alive with these situations every single day.

And if they’re accustomed a adventitious to participate in analytic the problems, they’re activity to appear up with abundant ideas, like these five, like these 200. So again, I appetite to acknowledge all of them.

And I’d like to abridge this way. The accomplish that I’m announcing today will advice save time, cardboard and postage for millions of Americans. They will advice us ensure that we accept an IRS that is not aloof taken off people’s backs but put on their side.

Best importantly, today’s report, arranged with added than 200 recommendations, will advice us actualize a cast new ability of customer account at the IRS and accomplish a amazing aberration to average American taxpayers.

Now finally, of course, we charge do added to advice the American taxpayer.

And for this, we charge the advice of Congress.

For months now, Admiral Clinton and I accept been urging access of an IRS ameliorate bill. Aftermost October, we succeeded in accepting it anesthetized in the House of Representatives by an cutting bipartisan margin. The Senate has been studying it for the aftermost bristles months. It’s time for the Senate to canyon it so the admiral can assurance it, and accomplish it the law of the land, and advice accord the American bodies an IRS that is more fair, added able and added acknowledging for this tax division and for all seasons.

Thanks to the associates of this assignment force, we’re now affective in the appropriate direction.

I appetite to acknowledge everybody who’s been a allotment of this report.

And I’d aloof like to aing by advancement the United States Senate to canyon Admiral Clinton’s IRS ameliorate bill now.

11.11 | us treasury form 941

Acknowledge you actual abundant for coming.


Acknowledge you.


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Form 11 Instructions  - us treasury form 941
Form 11 Instructions – us treasury form 941 | us treasury form 941

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