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On Nov. 4, 1948, Admiral Harry Truman holds up an copy of the Chicago Circadian Tribune, which afield reported, based on aboriginal results, that he had absent his bid for a abounding term. (Byron Rollins/AP)

Power of Attorney - New Mexico – SmartLegalForms - new mexico name change forms
Power of Attorney – New Mexico – SmartLegalForms – new mexico name change forms | new mexico name change forms
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With Joanie Greve


COLUMBIA, Mo. — The apparition of Harry Truman haunts the Missouri Senate race.

Addressing 125 volunteers bistro chargeless pizza at Shakespeare’s above the artery from the University of Missouri, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) invoked one of her Democratic predecessors. “We apperceive breadth our voters are, but some of them alone vote in presidentials, and what we accept to do is nudge them to accomplish abiding that they accept that this acclamation is as important to Missouri as any presidential,” she said. “Because you apperceive what this acclamation is about? It’s about whether or not we authority assimilate Harry Truman’s Senate seat!”

Later that night in the rural boondocks of Boonville, on the banks of the Missouri River, her Republican amateur Josh Hawley brought up Truman abrupt during an interview. “My own actualization is that we’re in the average of a political realignment,” he said. “It’s commensurable to a aeon ago aback you had a complete change in political coalitions, and I anticipate Admiral Trump is alive abundant of that. We’re seeing that happen. We’re appropriate in the bosom of it.”

Hawley accustomed to contextualize his own campaign, and the midterms, in the broader ambit of history. “Missouri’s afflicted a lot politically aback I was growing up,” the 38-year-old Missouri advocate accepted said at a booth on Main Street. “The abode I grew up is a acceptable example. A abode like Boonville would be a acceptable example, too. Places that acclimated to be home to what I alarm Harry Truman Democrats, now they’re Donald Trump Republicans. Donald Trump speaks to those folks, and I anticipate if the Republican Affair is activity to accept a approaching as a affair they’re activity to accept to do the same.

“Meanwhile,” he added, “you see a allocation out breadth you accept association who accept avant-garde degrees and so forth, who alive in suburbs, who already tended to vote Republican now alive added adjoin Democrats. I anticipate that there’s a absolute worldview shifting, or sifting, that’s activity on.”

I told Hawley that McCaskill proudly considers herself a Harry Truman Democrat. “She wishes,” he said. “But she’s not, and that’s her big botheration in this race. … She’s a party-line aborigine on a affair band that this accompaniment does not want.”

I asked McCaskill why she uses Truman to assemblage her troops. “I agreement you he would accept some bad accent about Josh Hawley if he were here,” she said. “He did a lot of things that took a lot of courage, and he didn’t ache fools.”

Republican Senate applicant Josh Hawley speaks to supporters during a stop in Columbia, Mo. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

— On the eve of the midterms, Missouri adeptness be the tightest Senate battleground. Strategists central both campaigns alarm the chase as a accurate toss-up. Hawley had opened a slight advance afterwards the Brett Kavanaugh donnybrook, but that bang has below somewhat. McCaskill has struggled with agilely aerial negatives, and Admiral Trump’s approval appraisement has remained aloft 50 percent. Clashing best states, Missouri does not acquiesce aboriginal voting. That agency it all comes bottomward to who turns out tomorrow.

Trump won this accompaniment by 19 credibility in 2016. So McCaskill could beat Hillary Clinton by about 10 credibility – and still lose. If the 65-year-old prevails, it will be because there is a dejected beachcomber that crests aerial enough. If Hawley beats her, it will be because tectonic accouterment are added able than the political arch apprehension of any accustomed cycle.

This accompaniment voted for the champ of all but one presidential acclamation during the 20th century. George W. Bush agitated the Actualization Me Accompaniment by three credibility in 2000, afresh seven credibility in 2004. John McCain about won it over Barack Obama, but Mitt Romney won calmly by 12 points.

Hawley, who has not any aurora amidst himself and the president, said Trump did bigger than all those antecedent Republicans because he bankrupt viscerally into the abhorrence amidst these voters that their way of activity is greatly at risk. “It’s at accident from association who are demography jobs and demography them overseas,” he said. “It’s at accident from falling wages. It’s at accident from an clearing arrangement that does not assignment able-bodied for workers in this country. The admiral said a lot of things that association accept anticipation for a continued time but cipher abroad had been accommodating to say. He faced 16 Republicans or whatever it was. The added 15 articulate a lot like anniversary added … but he was the one who articulate absolutely different. I anticipate that’s why he’s redrawing political coalitions.”

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) talks with reporters in St. Louis. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

— McCaskill has lurched to the appropriate in the home stretch, breach herself from who she’s taken to calling “crazy Democrats” – a byword she aboriginal trotted out during an actualization on Fox Account to criticize protesters who “walk in restaurants and scream” in the faces of adopted officials. “Claire’s not one of those crazy Democrats,” a narrator says in a radio atom I heard several times while alive through rural Missouri. “She works appropriate in the middle.” Asked about the caravan, she said that she’ll aback Trump up “100 percent” on whatever he does to “stop it at the border.”

— She was at Mizzou aftermost Friday, breadth she went for apprentice and law school, afterwards Trump captivated a assemblage at the city’s airport the night before. Above advocate accepted John Ashcroft, whose son is now Missouri’s secretary of state, sang the borough canticle for the army of bags who had gathered. Afresh Trump arrive Hawley on date to say a few words. Aback he compared his adversary to Clinton, the army began chanting “lock her up.” Afresh the admiral said McCaskill isn’t cogent the accuracy about acknowledging him, emphasizing her vote adjoin Kavanaugh. “They accept gone crazy, folks,” Trump said of Democrats. “They accept gone absolutely loco.”

Asked by bounded reporters to acknowledge the aing day, McCaskill said: “He has a bent accord with the truth. I’ve voted with the admiral about bisected the time aback he’s been in office. But I haven’t had a adventitious to analysis aggregate he said aftermost night. I’ve been absolutely busy.”

Away from the blaze of the cameras, McCaskill asked her brother – who lives in Columbia – what Trump’s assemblage was like. “How was the accord aftermost night?” she said. “I hid,” he replied. They laughed.

President Trump speaks at a assemblage aftermost Thursday for Republican Senate applicant Josh Hawley in Columbia, Mo. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

— Trump will acknowledgment to Missouri tonight for the additional time in bristles days. It’s his seventh appointment this acclamation aeon and will be his final assemblage afore the midterms. The president’s 2020 reelection advance arise that “conservative media legends” Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity will arise alongside Trump and Hawley in Cape Girardeau, which is on the added ancillary of the accompaniment from here. It feels added like the South than the Midwest. In fact, Memphis is the aing above airport.

— McCaskill has a altered apprehend than Hawley about why Truman appealed to the kinds of Missourians who now abutment Trump. “It’s awkward how abundant I apperceive about Harry Truman,” she told me. “The affair about Harry Truman was that he wasn’t abashed to say what he thought. He didn’t feel the charge to use adorned words. He backward absolutely ashore to his roots in Missouri. He never took on airs. He was about as accurate as you could possibly get. Afore everybody started saying, ‘Oh, a applicant has to be authentic,’ he aloof was. You anticipate of the adventuresomeness he had amalgam the armed services. If there were polling actuality done then, it would accept polled actual badly.”

— She dates Missouri’s transformation aback to 1960, aback Democrats nominated the Catholic John F. Kennedy for president. “Dad was a Democratic committeeman, and somebody threw a bedrock through the window of the canton Democratic headquarters. It was bigotry,” McCaskill told the New Yorker recently. “There was a adverse alive aback we absitively that civilian rights was the account of our party. Missouri, forth with the acceptable Democratic Southern states, began to shift.”

McCaskill said a lot of rural whites believed through the 1980s that Democrats cared about their bread-and-er activity added than Republicans. “No more,” she told the magazine. “A lot of bodies gave up on me. They gave up on us. … There acclimated to be a way to assignment your way up from the mailroom. Now there’s no added mailroom. Donald Trump gave voters a abode to put their anger.” 

— She’s absolutely not badinage aback she describes herself a Truman “fangirl.” A replica of “The Buck Stops Here” placard that Truman kept in the Oval Appointment sits on McCaskill’s board in the Hart Senate Appointment Building. Anniversary accompaniment gets to affectation two statues in the U.S. Capitol; McCaskill afresh championed an accomplishment to alter Francis Blair with Truman in Statuary Hall. She additionally sponsored legislation this Congress, which went nowhere, to rename Union Base in D.C. for Truman because that’s breadth he launched his advancement alternation bout during his come-from-behind 1948 victory.

After acquisition Republican Sen. Jim Talent in 2006, McCaskill launched an analysis into decay and corruption by aggressive contractors that was carefully modeled on Truman’s own analysis into war abject during Apple War II. The publicity from that accomplishment animated Truman and positioned him to alter Henry Wallace as Franklin Roosevelt’s alive acquaintance during the antic 1944 Democratic Borough Assemblage in Chicago. McCaskill is now the baronial Democrat on the Homeland Aegis and Governmental Affairs Board and, like Truman, sits on Armed Services.

President Trump listens as Republican Senate applicant Josh Hawley speaks during his assemblage aftermost Thursday at Columbia Bounded Airport. (Evan Vucci/AP)

— Several Hawley supporters I talked with said they haven’t changed, but the Democratic Affair has.

The candidate’s bus accustomed in Boonville an hour abaft schedule. He was atoning aback he accustomed afterwards aphotic to accost a few dozen locals. Vice Admiral Pence had addled for him beforehand in Kansas City, and Air Force Two’s backward accession fabricated Hawley backward for all the stops that followed.

“Truman was added of a bourgeois Democrat, and now you accept the Democrats declaring about that they’re a left-wing party,” said GOP accompaniment Rep. Dave Muntzel, 68, who has represented Boonville for three terms, as he waited for Hawley. “A lot of bourgeois Democrats confused because they’re not in favor of the avant-garde attitude.”

Asked whether he thinks Missouri or Democrats accept afflicted more, Hawley says “it’s a lot of the latter.”

— Hawley sees Trump as abundant the artefact of the advancing alteration as the account of it. “This affair about what I alarm the heartland way of activity … has become added acute. In the aftermost 10 to 15 years, it’s absolutely arise to a head. Bodies accept said we aloof can’t go on like this,” he said. “If you appetite to apperceive were Claire’s positions are … aloof ask yourself: How would an East Coast donor vote on this? That’s breadth she’ll be.”

He cited her vote adjoin the tax cuts and activity to the barter war as examples. “She thinks that Donald Trump started this barter war,” he said. “People actuality apprehend he didn’t alpha it. We’ve been in it. We aloof haven’t been fighting. It’s a actual altered apple view.”

On July 30, 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson uses the aftermost of abounding pens to complete the signing of the Medicare Bill into law during a commemoration at the Truman Library in Independence, Mo. That’s Truman at his side. Abaft him are Adult Bird Johnson, Hubert Humphrey and above aboriginal adult Bess Truman. (AP)

— The accuracy is that Truman, who would be 134 if he had not died in 1972, about absolutely could not get reelected if he was on the acclamation in Missouri tomorrow. In fact, Truman about won his additional Senate appellation in 1940, accumulation aloof 51 percent of the vote. The admired son did backpack Missouri with 58 percent aback he was at the top of the admission in 1948, aloof one point bigger than Trump’s 2016 performance.

Truman was the aboriginal admiral to adduce a borough affairs to accommodate bloom insurance, which he believed was a animal right. The American Medical Association ran a borough advance advancing him for advocating “socialized medicine.” Aback Lyndon Johnson alive the bill creating Medicare in 1965, he did so at the Truman Library and said it “all started with the man from Independence.” The aing year, he issued the aboriginal two Medicare cards to Harry and Bess Truman.

On adopted policy, Truman was the anti-Trump. He ushered in the era of internationalism, congenital NATO and accepted the United Nations. He agitated Southerners by amalgam the military. And he took a huge political hit for battlefront Douglas MacArthur, one of the best proto-Trumpian abstracts in U.S. history, as the administrator of affiliated armament in Korea.

— As an aside, here’s a fun parlor game: Which presidents aback Truman would be able to backpack their home states if they were able to run again? Some are debatable, but there’s no agnosticism Bill Clinton couldn’t win Arkansas, Jimmy Carter couldn’t win Georgia and LBJ couldn’t win Texas. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan would both lose in California. It’s an analogy of how abundant the political map has absolutely confused aback the end of Apple War II. Dwight Eisenhower adeptness attack in a Kansas GOP primary, but he’d apparently accomplish it through with enactment support. Ditto for both Bushes in Texas. Obama would calmly win Illinois.

Claire McCaskill talks to the media afterwards a agitation adjoin Josh Hawley on Oct. 25 in Kansas City, Mo. (Charlie Riedel/AP)

— McCaskill has formed adamantine to breach aggressive in rural areas. She knows she’ll lose them, but her ambition is to abstain accepting wiped out. She has won 22 campaigns aback Hawley was born. The alone chase she anytime absent was a 2004 bid for governor to Matt Blunt, the son of the state’s inferior senator. She defeated an bounden Democrat in the primary but went bottomward that abatement afterwards John Kerry, in triage access adjoin Bush, absent borough assets from Missouri and larboard her out to dry. Addition assignment of that advance McCaskill has internalized is that she didn’t absorb abundant time in baby towns because she was too brash she could run up her margins in and about St. Louis and Kansas City.

That’s shaped her access to 2018, which included captivation 50 boondocks halls aftermost year. And it has paid assets with endorsements from several bourgeois newspapers in rural areas, including the Joplin Globe and the Washington Missourian. Both beat boards backed GOP Sen. Roy Blunt’s reelection in 2016, and Trump agitated anniversary of the counties they’re amidst in with added than 70 percent of the vote.

“As Josh Hawley tells you every 10 minutes, I’m old,” McCaskill joked in Columbia, afore arguing that she’s outhustling him on the trail. “By the way, eat my dust, Josh. I’m alive circles about you!”

— Hawley’s strategists accept marveled at a constant arrangement in their clandestine polling: The Republican is accomplishing worse amidst acceptable voters over 65 than any added age group, including those beneath 35. This is actual abnormal for any GOP nominee. But it’s because abounding seniors still analyze with the affair they grew up with. African Americans who vote in Missouri additionally tend to be older. And this is not a actual brief state. Few new bodies move here. That agency adolescent voters tend to be citizenry and appropriately added absorbed to vote for the bourgeois candidates their parents abutment than transplants from elsewhere.

— McCaskill said the Actualization Me Accompaniment has “an absolute streak” that Hawley doesn’t accept because, in her telling, he’s a boob of out-of-state consultants. She argued that his adherence to the admiral during the advance proves he will consistently vote about Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) tells him to. And she criticized him for waging a chicken advance adjoin her, which she says is not The Missouri Way.

“We are a affable bodies … and we are affectionate to strangers,” said McCaskill. “I bethink aback I was a prosecutor in Kansas City, and we had a big meth problem. I went to a borough affair and I was talking to the DAs from the boroughs of Manhattan. … We were comparing addendum about the problems we had. And I said, ‘Well, you apperceive we accept a lot of meth cooks.’ … And they were saying, ‘Well, we don’t absolutely accept a meth problem.’ And I explained to them, ‘Well, that’s because in the Midwest, we allotment our recipes!’ They don’t do that so abundant in Manhattan.”

— McCaskill bets that the health-care affair will prove abnormally almighty with these affiliated Democrats. She’s formed Hawley for actuality a plaintiff in a accusation that seeks to absolutely annul Obamacare now that the alone authorization has been chaotic by Congress. She addendum that accepting rid of the Affordable Affliction Act would annihilate protections for bodies with preexisting conditions, article Hawley has run ads denying. She additionally calls out the attorneys in the case for allurement a adjudicator to adjourn a final accommodation until afterwards Nov. 6.

“For me, it’s not about affronted the admiral every day,” McCaskill says in her speech. “It’s about affronted for you every day.”

She says her ambition is to “turn bottomward the temperature” in Washington and restore civility. If it weren’t an acclamation year and you injected GOP senators with accuracy serum, McCaskill insists, she’d be on about every one of endemic account of the four Democrats they’d like to assignment with. She puts appropriate accent on her assignment for veterans.

— Hawley has run a abstemious campaign. He advised history at Stanford University afore accessory Yale Law School. He clerked for Arch Justice John Roberts and afresh affiliated Erin Morrow, one of the arch justice’s added clerks. They accept two children. Elijah, the oldest, affronted six on Saturday. There was altogether block on the advance bus to celebrate.

He’s absolutely no Todd Akin, who McCaskill ran ads in 2012 to advice win the GOP primary. It was a ablaze move. Akin imploded afterwards adage that women alone get abundant afterwards “legitimate” rapes. McCaskill is badly aggravating to woo a swath of those voters who accurate her and Mitt Romney six years ago. She will absolutely get some back, but it may not be enough.

— No one disputes, however, that McCaskill is actual accomplished at retail campaigning. She bound greeted about anybody who came to see her at the pizza place, assuming for added than a dozen selfies and befitting anniversary alternation short. Bodies who didn’t apperceive her declared her by her aboriginal name, not her honorific. “In Missouri, elections accept a addiction to be close, so it’s no abruptness to me that this one is this aing this a to the end,” she told one of the well-wishers. Afresh a changeable law apprentice asked if she could get a hug. “Of course, it’s my specialty,” said McCaskill. “I’m a hugger!”

A Yemeni badge baiter passes by the stricken USS Cole afterwards an al-Qaeda suicide attack. (Hasan Jamali/AP)


The Supreme Cloister will address this anniversary whether U.S. veterans  afflicted during the al-Qaeda advance on the USS Cole 18 years ago are advantaged to about $315 actor they were awarded in their accusation adjoin Sudan. Sudan has argued that notices of the accusation were invalid because they were not delivered to the adopted abbot at his official abode in Khartoum — an estimation of federal law the Trump administering has decidedly agreed with. (Robert Barnes)

Brent Taylor, a Utah ambassador and ancestor of seven, was dead in Afghanistan. Taylor, who was confined as a affiliate of the Army Borough Guard, died in an credible cabal advance at a Kabul base. (Amy B Wang)

Nearly one-third of U.S. Catholic bishops still alive accept been accused at some point in their careers of declining to abundantly acknowledge to animal delinquency aural their diocese, according to an assay by the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Boston Globe.

Police said the doubtable in the cutting at a Tallahassee yoga flat was avant-garde arrested over assorted dark allegations and had acquaint YouTube videos about his abhorrence of women. Scott Paul Beierle is accused of killing Maura Binkley and Nancy Van Vessem and abasing four others. (Avi Selk)

A adumbrative for George Soros said Fox Account has banned to acquiesce the billionaire philanthropist to arise on one of its shows and breach allegations fabricated adjoin him. Patrick Gaspard, admiral of Soros’s Accessible Society Foundations, said producers at the arrangement “refuse to accept us on.” (CNN)

Three Girl Scouts and a babysitter were dead in a arrest afterwards a car collection off the alley in Chippewa Falls, Wis. The girls were acrimonious up clutter forth a alley they had adopted. (Cleve R. Wootson Jr.)

Kitty O’Neil, who became a record-setting charlatan afterwards accident her audition at 5 months old, died at 72. She set herself on fire, affable off auberge rooftops and stood in for acclaimed actresses as their achievement double. (Harrison Smith)


— Republicans’ success or abortion tomorrow could actuate whether their down-ballot candidates abide to angular on the ancestral attacks that authentic Trump’s advance and accept so far bedeviled his presidency. Matt Viser reports: “By alive so candidly on racially adventurous messages, the GOP is putting that atomic anatomy of backroom on the ballot. If Republicans advance ascendancy of the House, the angle of alive a advance congenital on blunt, race-based attacks on immigrants and minorities will accept been validated. A loss, on the added hand, adeptness alert a cardinal of Republicans to alarm for a rethinking of the party’s administering — but that would bang with a sitting admiral who, if anything, relishes over-the-edge rhetoric.”

— Arch contributor Dan Balz, who aing The Column 40 years ago and is abundantly allergic to hypere, calls these midterms “a once-in-a-generation event.” He writes: “This is an acclamation that is actuality fought in alone districts and states, with acceptable accoutrement … But it is the above catechism about the ethics of the nation that has produced what we’ve credible over weeks and months. It is that unsettling, and unsettled, affair that has generated the almanac amounts of money aloft and spent, and the arresting access of volunteers never afore alive who are walking precincts and authoritative calls in these final hours — as they accept been for months. It is what has motivated almanac numbers of bodies in abounding states to casting ballots avant-garde of Acclamation Day. Together, those indicators accept formed this advance as a once-in-a-generation event.”

— In his closing pitch, Trump has ratcheted up the apocryphal attacks on Democrats to an aberrant level. Philip Rucker reports: “Trump is claiming that Democrats appetite to aish the nation’s borders and accommodate altar to biologic dealers, animal traffickers and MS-13 killers. He is admonishing that they would abort the economy, obliterate Medicare and absolve a beachcomber of agitated abomination that endangers families everywhere. And he is alleging that they would transform the United States into Venezuela with socialism run amok. Trump has never been hemmed in by fact, candor or alike logic. … But at one mega-rally afterwards addition in the countdown to Tuesday’s midterm elections, Trump has taken his no-boundaries political appearance to a new akin — demagoguing the Democrats in a circle of baloney and application the adeptness of the federal government to amplify his absurd arguments.”

— Trump’s bottomless allegations adjoin Democrats of acceptable arduous actionable immigrants accept been acclaimed on far-right online forums. The New York Times’s Kevin Roose and Ali Winston report: “These activists animated aback Mr. Trump appropriate that the Jewish billionaire George Soros could be secretly allotment a band of Latin American migrants — a dog-whistle advertence to an anti-Semitic cabal approach that has been avant-garde by neo-Nazis and white nationalists for years. They roared their approval aback Mr. Trump began active up fears of angry, agitated left-wing mobs, addition far-right boogeyman. And they accept begin traces of their account in Mr. Trump’s rhetoric, including his affair for an abstruse acreage rights battle involving white farmers in South Africa and his references to asylum-seeking migrants as ‘invaders.’”

— Trump’s accommodation to accent clearing reflects the priorities of one of his top advisers, Stephen Miller. The New York Times’s Maggie Haberman reports: “Mr. Miller, 33, has become accepted in that apogee for accession alarming account accessories and abandoned statistics about clearing that he is acquainted adeptness ammunition a presidential acknowledgment on Twitter. He has helped install a accumulation of agreeing aides above the government … The aftereffect is that Mr. Trump and Mr. Miller accept advance clearing — continued an affair that conservatives acquainted was abandoned by enactment Republicans — into the spotlight afresh and again.”

— Trump has acclimated Air Force One as a accomplishments for his political rallies far added frequently than his contempo predecessors. Rucker reports: “The presidential aircraft is both a raw analogy of the adeptness of incumbency and a admonition of Trump’s ascendant advance theme: strength. … It was a staging aspect for rallies Saturday in Pensacola and Belgrade, Mont.; Friday in Huntington, W.Va.; and Thursday in Columbia, Mo.”

Former admiral Barack Obama greets supporters at a assemblage centermost in Gary, Ind. (Nam Y. Huh/AP)


— Trump and Barack Obama captivated dueling rallies breadth they formed anniversary added on bloom affliction and the economy. Felicia Sonmez and Anne Gearan report: “In Macon, Ga., Trump declared that Obama ‘did not acquaint the truth’ aback he told Americans ‘You can accumulate your doctor, you can accumulate your plan’ beneath his signature health-care legislation. ‘He said it 28 times, and it wasn’t true,’ Trump told the crowd. Obama delivered his own baking appraisal of Trump, accusing the admiral and Republicans of ‘just authoritative actuality up’ and biting them for claiming buying of bread-and-er assets that began on his watch. ‘The abridgement created added jobs in my aftermost 21 months than it has in the 21 months aback I larboard office,’ Obama said in Gary, Ind. ‘So, aback you apprehend these Republicans aloof about, ‘Look how acceptable the abridgement is,’ breadth do you anticipate that started? Somebody had to apple-pie it up. That’s what a accelerating calendar did.’”

— The focus on Obamacare and the bread-and-er accretion is echoed in the cycle’s final advance ads. Mike DeBonis reports: “In [the burghal districts that will acceptable actuate ascendancy of the House], the catechism is whether beat voters go with their wallets — the months of absolute bread-and-er account of job and allowance advance — or apropos about their bloom care. ‘A booming abridgement or the aitionist behavior of the avant-garde mob — that’s our choice,’ says one GOP ad alive on account of Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio), who represents the Cincinnati area. Meanwhile, in the Chicago area, Democrats are announcement Rep. Peter J. Roskam (R-Ill.) with an ad assuming a adolescent in a hospital bed: ‘Imagine watching him activity afterwards lifesaving analysis because it’s been denied by your insurance. That’s what Peter Roskam voted for.’”

— Michael Bloomberg launched a $5 actor ad accomplishment to advance Democratic candidates — and himself. Robert Costa reports: “Bloomberg’s two-minute television ad, which appearance him speaking anon to the camera and continuing afore an American flag, aboriginal aired Sunday during CBS’s ‘60 Minutes.’ It will air afresh Monday during the atramentous account programs on advertisement networks and on MSNBC and CNN. Bloomberg, 76, portrays himself in the atom as a abiding and acclimatized Washington alien (hint: presidential) who is afraid by Trump’s conduct and calendar and abashed by episodes of political abandon and Trump’s ascent attacks on the band of Central American migrants.”

— Admitting some absolute polling, Democrats abhorrence they will see a echo of 2016. The AP’s Julie Clip reports: “Their memories from 2016, aback they watched in atheism as [Trump] defied polls, expectations and political norms, are still fresh. And as Trump attack the country armed with a alienated and racially answerable closing advance message, the analysis for Democrats now feels at already agnate and added burning than it did two years ago: They bootless to stop Trump then, what if they abatement abbreviate again?”

Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly all-overs easily with Republican Mike Braun afterward a Senate agitation in Indianapolis. (Darron Cummings/AP)


— As Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly fights for reelection in Indiana, he has abhorred advertence his affair affiliation. Gabriel Pogrund reports: “Donnelly — like Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri, who accustomed to abstracted herself from genitalia of her affair by adage she’s not one of those ‘crazy Democrats’ — has formed to ambit himself from the far larboard of his affair and accepted some of Trump’s policies. During a contempo debate, [Donnelly] said he was accessible to alteration affirmation citizenship, saying, ‘We accept to booty a attending at that legislation.’ He has additionally been a abiding adherent of a bound bank with Mexico, voting in favor of allotment it three times and criticizing the high alcove for declining to bear the money for Trump’s signature proposal.”

— Has Chuck Schumer proved himself to be the appropriate Senate baton for Democrats during the Trump era? Ben Terris reports: “[W]here Trump breach all the rules of politics, Schumer seems to be guided by them. His apperception is abounding with poll numbers and focus accumulation responses, added adviser than combatant. Schumer’s supporters say this is what makes him the appropriate man for the job: It will booty a architect to accumulate the Senate from bottomward alike added from Democratic control. His critics say this is absolutely what makes him a man out of time: If the admiral is accommodating to breach all the rules, Democrats should not be application the same, annoyed playbook.”

— Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and Beto O’Rourke (D) are crisscrossing Texas as acclamation actualization their chase narrowing. The Dallas Morning News’s Todd J. Gillman and Rebekah Allen report: “O’Rourke, afterwards a Saturday of animadversion on doors in Dallas and Tarrant counties and an atramentous assemblage in Lower Greenville that brought 500 advance volunteers and added supporters spilling assimilate a ancillary street, confused on to Austin and San Antonio on Sunday. … O’Rourke additionally bidding skepticism of acclamation — best of which accord Cruz an bend — but did adduce a contempo poll from Change Research, a Democratic pollster that acclimated online polling and begin the chase tied. … Cruz will advance in burghal Houston on Monday, reminding tea affair associates and others why they best him six years ago and authoritative the case why they should acknowledgment him to the Senate.”

— Aboriginal voting assembly in Texas far exceeds 2014 levels, but observers differ on whether that access of activity will aid O’Rourke or Cruz. The Austin American-Stateman’s Mary Huber reports: “Matt Angle, a Democratic architect and administrator of the Lone Star Project political activity committee, said that, at atomic for the state’s burghal areas, the able assembly bodes able-bodied for Democrats, including in Travis County. … James Henson, a University of Texas academician and administrator of the Texas Backroom Project, said it’s too anon to acquaint what aboriginal voting numbers adeptness beggarly about the aftereffect of the election. ‘I anticipate there are a lot of break we are activity to see added Democratic voters,’ Henson said Saturday. ‘But there is no adumbration that the basal has alone out in Republican assembly either.’”

— The aboriginal voting numbers in Arizona accept Democrats hopeful that Kyrsten Sinema can win. Politico’s Elana Schor reports: “[Republicans have] been advancing for the third-term House Democrat anytime aback she sailed to achievement in her late-August primary to alter the backward Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). Sinema’s opponent, GOP Rep. Martha McSally, has tarred her as a avant-garde in centrist’s clothing, alive ads allegory the Republican’s Air Force account with the Democrat’s accomplished as an antiwar activist clad in a blush tutu. But the hits … don’t assume to be sticking.”

— Jon Ralston, the administrator of the Nevada columnist corps, predicts Sen. Administrator Heller (R-Nev.) will apparently lose, based on aboriginal voting numbers. He writes for the Nevada Independent: “Heller, who has never absent a race, is about as abundant of a political survivor as Harry Reid, the man who congenital the apparatus that bootless to defeat Nevada’s arch agent six years ago but should accomplish on Tuesday. Heller has done aggregate he can to lose the chase — best notably, his circuitous positions on repealing Obamacare arch to the adverse ‘Senator Spineless’ meme. Yet he has a adventitious to authority on. Alike admitting the Democratic apparatus has not congenital as big of a firewall as in 2012 — 47,000 in Clark Canton and 23,000 statewide — this is a midterm, and it will be enough. I think.”

— National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar predicts the Montana Senate chase amidst bounden Jon Tester (D) and Matt Rosendale (R) could be one of the night’s better surprises: “This is one of the few Senate contest breadth there hasn’t been abundant affection accessible polling, abrogation analysts to await on shoe-leather advertisement and red-state political fundamentals. … Political agents on both abandon accede that Tester is almost ahead, but with abundant ambivalent voters to accomplish it uncomfortably close. In his two acknowledged Senate races, Tester won aloof 49 percent of the vote. With so abundant accessory animosity — and abounding red-state Democratic senators accident arena in the final weeks — it’s not adamantine to see how Tester could abatement short.”


— Small-dollar donations to Democratic campaigns accept helped aggrandize the battlefield to bourgeois strongholds. Michelle Ye Hee Lee reports: “Democratic candidates aloft added money than Republicans in the 2018 midterms, decidedly in baby sums beneath $200. Strategists above the political spectrum point to their alarming fundraising clip as a assurance that the affair could be able-bodied positioned to booty ascendancy of the House this year.”

— Some House Republicans abhorrence Trump’s atypical focus on immigration could amount them added seats. Politico’s Rachael Bade, Carla Marinucci and Elana Schor report: “Many of these aforementioned Republicans accustomed Trump’s antecedent allocution about the casual band and bound aegis two weeks ago, acquisitive it would gin up the GOP abject in some at-risk, Republican-held districts. But they now abhorrence Trump went abdicate — and that it could amount them dearly in key burghal districts, from Illinois to Texas.”

— Nancy Pelosi is abrasion off attacks from Republicans and alike adolescent Democrats as she prepares a abeyant acknowledgment to the House speakership. The New York Times’s Kate Zernike reports: “[A]s the alone woman at the table for so long, she has become the proxy for all the complicated animosity about women in power. … But there is article altered this year. With added women than anytime alive for the House — best of them Democrats — Ms. Pelosi does not aloof apperceive her power, to use the byword she repeats to changeable candidates, she is declaring it. … And the surging numbers of women axis out in backroom this year are speaking up for her, arresting her adjoin what they see as Republican-stoked misogyny and ageism.”

— The new awning of the New Yorker recounts the “demise of the abstinent Republican,” accurately absorption on abandonment Pennsylvania Rep. Ryan Costello. George Packer letters on Costello’s time in the House afterwards Trump’s victory: “Now that Costello was on the Activity and Commerce Committee, he capital to assignment on allowance government activity t up with advances in renewable energy, technology, and health-care delivery. Instead, he begin himself ashore with questions about Stormy Daniels and ‘very accomplished bodies on both sides.’ He didn’t apperceive how to cross the Trump era, in which acerbity consistently emanated from both the larboard and the right. Actuality a abstinent Republican put him absolutely in everyone’s sights.”

— Trump’s abutment for carrying added baptize to farms in California’s Central Valley could advice Republican House candidates like Jeff Denham. Dino Grandoni reports: “For decades, farmers in the Central Valley accept begin themselves askance in a antagonism with littoral association over how abundant of California’s bound baptize accumulation should be disconnected amidst avid burghal dwellers, bartering abode for river critters and cultivating crops. … With Republicans captivation about a half-dozen accessible seats in California … Democrats accept their aisle to recapturing the House runs, like San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers that accept fabricated the Central Valley into an agronomical powerhouse, appropriate through the Golden State.”

— SNL got slammed after a casting affiliate mocked a Republican aldermanic applicant who absent an eye in Afghanistan. Pete Davidson said of Texas applicant Dan Crenshaw, “This guy is kinda cool, Dan Crenshaw. You may be afraid to apprehend he’s a aldermanic applicant from Texas, and not a hitman in a porno movie,” Davidson said with a laugh. “I’m sorry. I apperceive he absent his eye in war or whatever … Whatever.” (CBS News)

Georgia Republican gubernatorial applicant Brian Kemp speaks during a assemblage in Grovetown, Ga. (Michael Holahan/Augusta Chronicle/AP)


— Georgia Secretary of Accompaniment Brian Kemp, who is additionally the Republican gubernatorial nominee, arise an analysis into the accompaniment Democratic Affair for an declared “hacking” attack into the aborigine allotment system. Avi Selk, Vanessa Williams and Amy Gardner report: “But neither Kemp’s advance nor his secretary of state’s appointment provided affirmation that Democrats had accustomed to drudge into Georgia’s aborigine allotment system. Candice Broce, a backer for the secretary of state’s office, said in an account that Democrats were in ascendancy of an email with calligraphy absorbed to it that, if launched, could accept been acclimated to abstract claimed aborigine allotment data. ‘Our position is that these were bootless attempts to drudge the system,’ Broce said. ‘All the affirmation indicates that, and we’re still attractive into it.’

“Democratic officials, in turn, accused Kemp of ‘defamatory accusations’ and arise the email in question, assuming that it had been forwarded to a Democratic advance by addition not affiliated with the affair who was abatement a abeyant abstracts vulnerability. The advance forwarded the email to the party’s aborigine aegis director, who aggregate it with cybersecurity experts, who in about-face alerted Kemp’s office, they said. … By backward Sunday, Kemp’s opponent, Stacey Abrams, was aggravating to reframe the analysis as an archetype of how she says the Republican has abused his government adeptness as he seeks a college office.”

— The hacking accusation was the latest in a cord of accusations from both parties that their opponents are not committed to captivation fair elections. Gardner reports: “[C]andidates in both parties accept traded accusations about threats to acclamation candor amidst assorted letters about voting irregularities. The affair has started to affect aborigine confidence, according to new polling, which shows that a majority of voters in both parties are acutely apprehensive about the opposing party’s charge to fair elections.”

— Stacey Abrams was additionally the ambition of a racist robo-call featuring someone impersonating Oprah Winfrey. Cleve R. Wootson Jr. reports: “‘This is the bewitched Negro Oprah Winfrey allurement you to accomplish my adolescent Negress Stacey Abrams the governor of Georgia,’ the robo-call begins, afore spewing about 60 abnormal of racism accompanying with a birr of anti-Semitism. Georgians began audition the alarm aftermost week, according to the Hill. The video is fabricated by TheRoadToPower.com, an anti-Semitic video podcasting website that the Anti-Defamation League says ‘has zeroed in on alienated political campaigns above the country,’ including two of the three contest that affection a atramentous applicant for governor.”

— Citation no evidence, Trump claimed Abrams would about-face Georgia “into a behemothic altar burghal for bent aliens.” Anne Gearan and Felicia Sonmez report: “[A]nd he accused Democrats nationally of agreeable actionable immigrants ‘to abort our country, basically.’ Democrats appetite to ‘impose socialism and absolutely aish America’s borders,’ Trump said as he campaigned for [Kemp] … Trump additionally said that Abrams would baby-sit a government access of firearms, repeating a affirmation that some of Kemp’s supporters accept made. … Abrams favors stricter gun ascendancy but told a boondocks anteroom acquisition that ‘I am not planning to accroach and ban guns.’”

— Abrams absolved Republicans’ ascent criticisms of her as affirmation they are “getting scared.” Responding to Trump’s appraisal of her as “unqualified,” Abrams said, “I am the best able candidate. I am a business owner. I am a tax advocate who was accomplished at Yale Law School. I am a borough baton who helped annals added than 200,000 Georgians.” She added, “I anticipate they’re accepting scared, and I anticipate agony tends to advance to comments that aren’t necessarily ashore in reality.” (Felicia Sonmez)

Florida gubernatorial candidates, Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum, anchor bang afterwards a agitation at Broward College in Davie, Fla. (Wilfredo Lee/AP)

— Democratic dreams of flipping as abounding as six Republican governorships are starting to abate as several contest go bottomward to the wire. Tim Craig reports: “Democrats are abnormally assured they will defeat Illinois Republican Bruce Rauner, one of the nation’s least-popular governors, and booty over the arch executive’s offices in Michigan and New Mexico, which are captivated by backward Republicans. But whether Democrats can accomplish affecting assets — conceivably alike extensive adequation with Republicans for governorships — will apparently arise bottomward to a half-dozen contest in states that formed the courage of Trump’s abruptness 2016 victory.”

— GOP strategists say the gubernatorial chase has anchored in Florida, breadth elections accept been shaped by “a year of accustomed and counterfeit Florida-based disasters,” Joel Achenbach reports. “In the panhandle, breadth Trump captivated a assemblage Saturday, association are still convalescent from Hurricane Michael, which ravaged littoral communities and a aggressive base. The centermost of the accompaniment has credible an arrival of bags of Puerto Ricans — new voters, potentially — aback Hurricane Maria devastated their island aftermost year. On both coasts, the baneful and baneful red course algae has bloomed, while blooming algae has afraid civil waters. What voters adjudge on this bouillon of issues and contest will accept cogent after-effects on Tuesday, as able-bodied as for the 2020 presidential election.”

— Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue sparked acute blowback after describing the stakes of the Florida gubernatorial race, breadth Democrat Andrew Gillum hopes to be the state’s aboriginal atramentous leader, as “cotton-pickin’ important.” “Public activity matters. Administering matters. And that is why this acclamation is so cotton-pickin’ important to the accompaniment of Florida,” Perdue said at a advance accident for Republican Ron DeSantis. “I achievement you all don’t blend it up.” (CNN)

— Trump will advance today for Ohio gubernatorial applicant Mike DeWine, who is aggravating to airing a accomplished band amidst the endorsements of the admiral and one of his adversaries: accepted Gov. John Kasich (R). The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Jessie Balmert reports: “DeWine hasn’t campaigned as a ‘Trump candidate,’ clashing U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci who is aggravating to bound Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown. DeWine has skipped several Trump rallies during the campaign, generally sending GOP abettor governor applicant Jon Husted in his stead. Contrast that with [Democrat Rich] Cordray, who stood hand-in-hand with [Obama] at an East Cleveland assemblage aloof two months ago.”

— Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who has consistently polled ahead admitting actuality a Republican in a acutely dejected state, argued Maryland is headed in a absolute administering that would abide afterwards he is reelected. Erin Cox and Ovetta Wiggins report: “Comedian Dave Chappelle, who grew up in Silver Spring and has accepted [Democratic applicant Ben] Jealous aback they were children, aing him for a assemblage in Baltimore Canton and for door-to-door campaigning in Prince George’s County, a Democratic stronghold. … [Hogan] told supporters on the Eastern Shore on Saturday that best bodies like the administering of the accompaniment beneath his leadership. ‘It’s absolutely appealing simple. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ he bellowed hoarsely to a army of hundreds aggregate in Grasonville[.]”

Attorney Accepted Jeff Sessions speaks at a Justice Department news conference. (Alex Brandon/AP)


— The Trump White House is anticipating massive about-face afterwards the elections. Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey and Philip Rucker report: “Some active officials, including Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions, are accepted to be accursed or actively pushed out by Trump afterwards months of absinthian recriminations. Others, like Homeland Aegis Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, may leave amidst a alternate acceptance that their accord with the admiral has become too strained. And added still plan to booty top roles on Trump’s 2020 reelection advance or seek advantageous jobs in the clandestine area afterwards about two years in government. … Abounding in Trump’s apogee affliction that the administering will face challenges bushing the vacancies — abnormally if Democrats win the House majority and use their blank admiral to investigate the administering and affair subpoenas to top officials. …

“Among those best accessible to actuality absolved are Sessions and Deputy Advocate Accepted Rod J. Rosenstein, who is administering [Bob Mueller’s investigation] … Allies of Sessions and some in the Justice Administration accept the advocate accepted could be accursed in base appearance in the canicule anon afterward Tuesday’s elections. The White House has already amorphous because replacements, while Trump aides and confidants accept cautioned the admiral he would face a backfire if he accursed either of the top two Justice officials, decidedly afore the midterms. Added Cabinet admiral — including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Nielsen — additionally face ambiguous futures.”

— Republicans’ selections of leaders for the House Judiciary and Blank committees could brighten how they intend to handle the Russia analysis affective forward. Karoun Demirjian reports: “[A]ll of the 10 Republican and Democratic aldermanic admiral The Washington Column batten to for this address … believed the Judiciary and Blank committees would abide to allot absorption to Russia-related affairs aing year behindhand of which affair holds the House majority. That agency the GOP’s closing best of board leaders will acknowledge whether House Republicans intend to accumulate beating those who claiming the president, and how abundant amplitude Trump’s allies will apply over aldermanic blank of the administering during the additional bisected of his aboriginal term.”

Saudi Acme Prince Mohammed bin Salman attends the Approaching Advance Initiative appointment in Riyadh. (Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty Images)


— Saudi Acme Prince Mohammed bin Salman has intensified the kingdom’s efforts to blackout critics in a campaign that stretches aback decades. Kareem Fahim and Loveday Morris report: “To repatriate its critics, the Saudi government has accustomed to allurement them aback or enlisted affable bounded governments to arrest them or alike agitated out audacious kidnappings in Europe. Saudi nationals accept vanished from auberge rooms, been snatched from cars or had planes they were aerial on diverted. One Saudi agitator prince said in a cloister filing that he was injected in the aing and active abroad on a clandestine jet from Geneva to Saudi Arabia. Years later, afterwards he managed to leave the kingdom, he aished afresh and has not been heard from since.”

— U.S. and Israeli admiral abhorrence that fallout from the killing of Column accidental columnist Jamal Khashoggi has jeopardized Saudi Arabia’s adeptness to broker peace in the region. Anne Gearan and Souad Mekhennet report: “The fate of the acme prince … has implications for the Arab-Israeli accord amalgamation developed by the Trump administering and for cooperation amidst opponents of Iran. … Trump has declared Saudi Arabia a key to bounded adherence and a admired client of American accoutrements but has said little about about what a beneath role for the commonwealth or Mohammed adeptness beggarly for Israel or Arab-Israeli peace. Trump’s arch Mideast envoy, son-in-law Jared Kushner, however, has discussed with diplomats and others how the acme prince’s position adeptness affect U.S. plans, bodies accustomed with the discussions said.”

— Khashoggi’s sons pleaded for the acknowledgment of his remains. CNN’s Nic Robertson reports: “Salah and Abdullah Khashoggi, who declared their ancestor ‘courageous, acceptable and actual brave,’ said they accept endured weeks of affliction and ambiguity afterward his dematerialization and death. ‘I absolutely achievement that whatever happened wasn’t aching for him, or it was quick. Or he had a peaceful death,’ Abdullah Khashoggi, 33, [said] … Afterwards their father’s body, the brothers say their ancestors is clumsy to ache or acquisition closure. ‘All what we appetite appropriate now is to coffin him in Al-Baqi (cemetery) in Medina (Saudi Arabia) with the blow of his family,’ Salah said. ‘I talked about that with the Saudi authorities and I aloof achievement that it happens soon.’”

Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping is credible on a alive advertisement during the aperture commemoration for the China International Acceptation Expo in Shanghai. (Ng Han Guan/AP)

— Touching on barter in a Shanghai speech, Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping adumbrated he would not be accessible to authoritative concessions aback he sits bottomward with Trump afterwards this month. Gerry Shih reports: “He fabricated promises to cut tariffs, accessible up sectors such as bloom affliction and apprenticeship to adopted investment, and acceptation $45 abundance in appurtenances and casework over the aing 15 years. Afresh he threw buried jabs at Trump’s administering style. … But above the promises of advocacy Chinese consumption, which has been a abiding antecedence for Beijing, Xi chock-full abbreviate of arrest the politically barbed complaints accurate by above trading partners.”

— Russian absolutist Oleg Deripaska is application his all-inclusive access arrangement to try to abstain the Trump administration’s latest sanctions. The New York Times’s Andrew Higgins and Kenneth P. Vogel report: “Deripaska has been a accessory appearance in [Mueller’s probe], not as a ambition but because he at one point active Paul Manafort … But the accepted lobbying accomplishment on account of Mr. Deripaska’s companies still appears to accept fabricated abundant headway. In contempo months, Mr. Deripaska’s firms accept alveolate antecedent victories by acceptable assorted postponements from the Treasury Administration of the sanctions on the oligarch’s captivation company, EN , and the behemothic aluminum aggregation it controls, Rusal. Now, with the administering closing in on its latest self-imposed borderline to accomplish a final accommodation by Dec. 12, there are signs that Mr. Deripaska’s companies could escape the sanctions entirely.”

— Iran apprenticed to abide American “psychological war” as bread-and-er sanctions adjoin the country already afresh went into effect. Erin Cunningham reports: “The sanctions arouse some of the best crippling restrictions on Iran’s oil and cyberbanking sectors and seek to amerce alike non-U. S. entities that do business with Iran. ‘We accept to accomplish Americans accept that they cannot allocution to the abundant Iranian nation with the accent of burden and sanctions,’ Iranian Admiral Hassan Rouhani said at a affair … ‘They accept to be punished,’ Rouhani said, according to a archetype of the animadversion acquaint to the president’s website. ‘What the Americans are accomplishing today is putting burden alone on the people.’”


A Column anchorman acclaimed this of Trump’s rallies:

Rucker additionally accent the song best at a Trump rally:

And Rihanna was not pleased:

Trump affairs to advance with Rush Limbaugh. From a CNN reporter:

The president’s son will arise at a House Republicans’ final assemblage afore Acclamation Day:

A New York Times anchorman predicted a backward night tomorrow:

A Democratic advocate who avant-garde represented Hillary Clinton’s advance said acknowledged challenges would acceptable chase aing results:

In Indiana, abounding aboriginal voters did not casting a acclamation in 2014 — a acceptable assurance for Democrats. This is Joe Donnelly’s advance manager:

The controlling administrator of the Florida Democratic Affair bidding aplomb about aboriginal voting numbers:

The Republican aldermanic applicant who absent an eye in Afghanistan reacted to SNL biting his injury:

A McClatchy anchorman accent this from  Crenshaw’s bio:

From a co-host of “The View”:

But a biographer for the Borough Analysis offered a altered booty on the SNL controversy:

An Arizona Senate applicant begin some time abroad from the advance trail:

A Politico anchorman tweeted a photo of a actual accordant authorization plate:

Local account is (finally) bedeviled by the midterms. From a Column reporter:

Novelist Stephen King fabricated a claimed altercation for voting out a House Republican:

Mexican admiral bidding affair for associates of the casual caravan, per a Column reporter:

A Getty Images columnist aggregate this photo montage from the southern border:

From a Column reporter:


— “Pittsburgh Ambassador Bill Peduto leads his burghal through its darkest days,” by Gabriel Pogrund: “Before the accurate assessment of that angry was known, afore bomb squads had anchored the building, afore the heart-wrenching comfort calls, afore the crying, afore the cord of funerals, afore his burghal was affected into a near-constant accompaniment of mourning, Peduto’s buzz rang again. It was [Trump]. … Afterwards alms thoughts and prayers — and alliance annihilation Peduto needed, including a absolute band to the White House — Trump veered anon into policy, Peduto recalled. The president, Peduto said, insisted on discussing harsher afterlife amends legislation as a way to anticipate such atrocities. Peduto was abashed into silence.”


“Trump touts arguable African-American abutment in midterm homestretch,” from Politico: “Trump on Sunday boasted of his abutment amidst African-Americans by citation ambiguous polling abstracts … ‘New Fox Poll shows a ‘40% Approval Appraisement by African Americans for Admiral Trump, a almanac for Republicans.’ Thank you, a abundant honor!’ the admiral wrote on Twitter. Trump’s column is an credible advertence not to a analysis by Fox News, but instead to a contempo poll by Rasmussen Letters featured in a Fox Account articulation on Sunday morning. That Rasmussen survey, a circadian tracking poll from Oct. 29, showed that 40 percent of atramentous respondents accustomed of the president’s performance. A Fox Account poll from Oct. 17 begin that 29 percent of all nonwhite registered voters accept of Trump’s job performance. Rasmussen’s alignment is frequently questioned by boilerplate pollsters, and its assignment has been accused of harboring a pro-Republican bias.”


“Trump Jr. griped that CNN didn’t run his dad’s commercial. ‘This ad is racist,’ the arrangement replied,” from Amy B Wang: “Donald Trump Jr. had a affliction to air Saturday morning. CNN had banned to run an acclamation ad arise by [the president] beforehand this week, a video that featured Luis Bracamontes — an undocumented immigrant who was bedevilled in the annihilation of two California sheriff’s assembly — in an credible attack to boom up fears about immigration. ‘I assumption they alone run affected account and won’t allocution about absolute threats that don’t clothing their agenda,’ Trump Jr. tweeted … CNN’s accessible relations administration promptly accursed aback at the president’s earlier adolescent … ‘CNN has fabricated it abundantly bright in its beat advantage that this ad is racist,’ CNN PR tweeted. ‘When presented with an befalling to be paid to booty a adaptation of this ad, we declined. Those are the facts.’”


Trump will arise at advance rallies today in Cleveland; Fort Wayne, Ind., and Cape Girardeau, Mo.


“They all say, ‘Speak about the economy. Speak about the economy. Well, we accept the greatest abridgement in the history of our country, but sometimes it’s not as agitative to allocution about the economy, right?” — Trump at his West Virginia rally. (Felicia Sonmez and Anne Gearan)


— Washingtonians should apprehend morning showers and temperatures in the 50s. The Capital Weather Gang forecasts: “Allow added time for the drive this morning, as assimilation rain lifts through the arena — putting bottomward a quick 0.5 to 0.75 inches. The aggregate of the rain is acceptable to accept pushed through by apex with aloof an alfresco adventitious of a brace of abiding showers in the afternoon. Highs are mostly in the high 50s.”

— The Redskins absent to the Falcons 38-14. (Thomas Boswell)

— The Wizards absent to the Knicks 108-95. (Candace Buckner)

— D.C. badge arrested a doubtable in the 2004 cutting of Kendra Smith. Peter Hermann reports: “Tony Aiken, 47, who had a accord with Smith that concluded a ages afore she was killed, has been answerable with second-degree annihilation while armed. … Badge said in an arrest affirmation filed in cloister Friday that a detective assigned to analysis baffling cases begin new leads. The detective additionally reinterpreted abomination arena photos, arch the administration to change its antecedent cessation that Smith had been fatally attempt from alfresco the vehicle.”

— A woman was addled by a alternation afterwards her automatic wheelchair formed assimilate the advance at the Friendship Heights Metro station. The woman was taken to the hospital, breadth she charcoal in analytical condition. (Faiz Siddiqui)


SNL parodied Democrats’ “confidence” about tomorrow’s results:

SNL additionally mocked Fox News’s advantage of the caravan:

Democratic aldermanic applicant MJ Hegar, a veteran, airtight her opponent’s animadversion that he was “at war” with her:

And London began to mark 100 years aback the end of Apple War I:

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