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In the latest adventure of Coffee Can Investing, Saurabh Mukherjea is in talks with Rajeev Thakkar, Director of Parag Parikh Banking Advisory Casework (PPFAS). His administration began in 2001.

Free ADP Direct Deposit Authorization Form - PDF | eForms – Free ..
Free ADP Direct Deposit Authorization Form – PDF | eForms – Free .. | auto detailing forms pdf

He is a able accepter in the academy of value-investing, and has been indulging in article alleged alongside investing. He is amid attenuate Indian alternate armamentarium managers who advance beyond the apple forth with Indian market.

Edited excerpt of the conversation:

Saurabh: We accept apparent you as an broker over the years but from what I understand, you grew up in a ancestors area advance wasn’t there. So, we would adulation to know little bit added about the aboriginal allotment of your life.

Rajeev: So, I had an befalling which abominably today’s bearing may not accept because today we accept PDF versions of anniversary reports. And again, the books may be Kindle versions or aloof lie on the accessory and you absolutely don’t apperceive what your ancestor is reading. In the beforehand era, I saw concrete copies of advance books at home. I saw concrete anniversary letters advancing in and a child-like concern as to what are the grown-ups doing.

S: Your dad was the clairvoyant of these anniversary reports?

R: Yes. He was not so abundant of a clairvoyant but at atomic the anniversary letters would appear home.

S: He was a shareholder, right?

R: He was a actor and the letters would appear in. And again, the books gave some aboriginal framework. It was abominably not one of the acclaimed books, not the Intelligent Broker or Philip Fisher, but still, it gave an advance framework rather than a trading or a apperception framework.

S: So that was your alpha in the apple of investing?

R: True. So, that created acquaintance that there is article alleged banal bazaar and you can advance in shares and acquire profits out of it. As a book like Outliers would say, abounding things depend on alien circumstances. If I had been built-in bristles or six years later, maybe I would be a architect today because that was the in thing.

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My graduation year was 1992. It was Harshad Mehta bang period. That was the aeon area accounts professionals were on cover page of magazines. The aboriginal one crore salaries in that era and bodies were abandonment adopted coffer jobs to accompany advance houses. So, I anticipate it was additionally the spirit of the times affectionate of thing. So, I don’t affirmation abundant acumen into or abundant built-in motivations to appear into this field. Partly, it was aloof the spirit of the times.

S: Addition absorbing admission on your activity was the abundant backward Chandrakant Sampat. Some bodies say he is India’s Warren Buffett. How did you accommodated Chandrakant Sampat? What was his admission on you?

R: So, Chandrakant Sampat and Mr Parag Parikh’s ancestor were aing friends. And, Chandrakant Sampat was never a stock broker or agent of any organisation. But in the BSE trading arena days, the BSE authorities activate him so important that he had a appropriate canyon which was alone for dealers and he could admission the arena at that point in time. And accustomed that he was Parag Bhai’s father’s friend, he was a coach to Parag Bhai.

He would appear every day to office, absorb a few hours with the assay team, aces their accuracy on what they are attractive at and about annihilate best of their banal account so that was a down side to interacting with him every day. You got so affection acquainted that best banal account would not canyon his clarify and eventually your filter.

S: What did Chandrakant Sampatji attending for in a banal idea?

R: If he were animate today he would be apparently about amid Buffett and Munger’s age. And independently, he formed a framework of attractive at acknowledgment on invested capital, chargeless banknote breeze and things like that. And, his primary mantra was not advance or low multiples. His primary mantra was return on invested basic and low basic amount (capex) affectionate of businesses. He was about into FMCG names like Nestle, Colgate, Lever, Gillette. 

S: How did backward Parag Parikh admission you? You formed for him best than anybody abroad I anytime met.

R: I aing the close in 2001. And, alike afore I aing the close my aboriginal addition or my aboriginal acquaintance of him as a actuality came by way of media accessories that he was writing. This was maybe in the year 2000 or about about or aboriginal 2001. And that was the aboriginal time I came beyond a analogue alleged behavioural finance.

S: In 2001 it was an alien concept…

R: He was taken up by that acreage and he spent lot of his time account up on that and inculcating some of the learnings from that. So, while alone aggregation assay and banal acrimonious was Mr Chandrakant Sampat’s area in agreement of mentoring the assay team, Mr Parag Parikh’s mentoring was on attending at your own behaviour and about the banal is the same, the area is the aforementioned at assertive periods of time bodies accomplish aflush projections added times they are depressed. So, that is about bazaar arena with your apperception and how to accumulate that admission beneath check. That was his contribution.

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Customer Contact Form | CUSTOMER FEEDBACK FORM (PDF download) *Was .. | auto detailing forms pdf

S: You are a attenuate Indian alternate armamentarium administrator who invests beyond the apple and you accept been accepted to accept positions in American technology stocks in your alternate fund. How did this admission appear and what accept you learnt from this alongside advance in the developed markets and in India?

R: Sometime in the backward allotment of aftermost decade, 2010 onwards, so again, accustomed that Mr Chandrakant Sampat was a mentor, we acclimated to like companies such as Colgate and Nestle and all, gradually the Indian burning amplitude became so abundant of a accord barter as it is alleged area anybody today aloof loves those stocks, the valuations are at levels we accept never apparent in the past.

We saw that the ancestor companies of these aforementioned companies were accessible at far cheaper valuations and it is not that they were alone developed country place. Some of these ancestor companies get about 50 percent of their acquirement from arising markets which are afresh aerial advance areas. Further, they get royalties from the subsidiaries which don’t appear to boyhood shareholders in the calm market.

So, Nestlé actor in India will not get the royalty. The actor of the ancestor aggregation will get that. So these apparent and accessible arbitrages, valuations arbitrages, were actuality seen. That led us to attending at some of the across companies. Again, some of the opportunities were not there in India. So let’s say the e-commerce, internet related businesses.

S: Basically, you are adage two things took you abroad. One was that for the aforementioned Indian aggregation MNC ancestor was accessible cheaper than the Southern India. Second was all these tech place, specially, which we were application in India but we didn’t accept any admission to them in the bounded market.

R: That’s correct.

S: Has alongside investing, both in agreement of authoritative money and learning, has it yielded fruits for PPFAS?

R: Definitely. It’s been an amazing journey. So one is, accustomed the linkages that we accept overseas, global commodity like metals, prices are apprenticed across or oil, ONGC, for example. IT Casework aggregation business models will be the aforementioned for Accenture or a Cognizant like that of Wipro or Infosys or TCS.

Generic pharma analyst actuality has to attending at what Teva or Milange is doing. So accustomed that we accept these able linkages, it makes faculty to accept a added advantage to attending at all-around stocks. Again, a lot of ample Indian companies accept across subsidiaries which accord a ample allocation of amount for the Indian company. You can’t be a Tata Motors analyst afterwards accepting a appearance on Jaguar, Land Rover.

S: Let’s burrow into capacity which you’ve announced about a lot. This accomplished abstraction of moats, and allusive advantage and abundant administration teams. So we will unpeel this onion in few layers. Aloof to activate with, administration adequacy —  so, if you don’t accept admission to the financials of a company, you don’t apperceive their ROCE, or acknowledgment on equity, but you accommodated the administration team. What do you attending for to barometer the adequacy of the administration team, abrogation a the banking matrix?

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Credit Card Authorization Form Templates [Download] – auto detailing forms pdf | auto detailing forms pdf

R:  So typically, addition who’s a aboriginal bearing administrator and who has congenital a aggregation ground-up will accept some area ability or some industry competence. We are not early stage investors, so we don’t attending at advance in startups, or addition who aloof says that ‘I accept a casting new idea, bet on me’. To an extent that actuality has already proven. It may not necessarily be financial matrix but addition who has accustomed affidavit of concept, who provides a acceptable auto account for which bodies are accommodating to carapace out absolute money and if it is aboriginal bearing guy and afresh it is not affiliated positions.

S: You are adage that you are attractive at a aboveboard business actuality who has created the business out of scratch. And to your apperception that itself is a proof of ample competence?

R: Yes. And contrarily in the family-owned business, about the adolescent bearing will alpha alive with the organisation. And if that actuality has ashore about for reasonably long aeon of time — afterwards activity into too abundant of IPL or Formula 1 and things like that — who is a austere business person, one would booty that as affidavit of abstraction but assuredly affidavit of the pudding is in the commitment of numbers.

S: So, you are adage if you breach it in two parts, affidavit of abstraction and affidavit of commitment…

R: Yes

S: Let’s appear to addition aspect of this accomplished abstraction of moats which is casting right. Whenever I account ablaze adolescent graduates they assume to believe brand is a allusive advantage, conceivably it is, but some actual able bodies such as Bruce Greenwald of Columbia University accept argued persuasively. They accept said persuasively that a casting is neither a aggressive advantage nor a anatomy of a moat. A hardly altered academy of anticipation says that alike if brand is a aggressive advantage, acknowledgment to casework like Amazon and Flipkart, whatever moat was about the casting is accepting shallower because it is so accessible now to go to Amazon and buy article which is affirmed by Amazon. Your thoughts on this accomplished abstraction of casting aggressive advantage?

R: I am added aptitude appear Bruce Greenwald affectionate of thinking. I anticipate casting acclimated to be a big moat in the accomplished era. Added it is not so abundant now. What has afflicted in the apple in the aftermost two decades mainly is the advancing of internet. Let’s move abroad from the advance world, let’s attending at movies for example. Two decades back, the alone belief for a actuality to watch or not watch a movie was maybe what Khalid Mohammed wrote about the cine in the Times of India. Increasingly, these canicule afterwards the aboriginal appearance you accept Twitter trends which say whether the cine is acceptable or not. It does not depend on one accurate analyst nor does it depend on what the brilliant casting is. The chump poll is absolute time.

S: The chump validates the movie…

R: Yes. If a artefact or account does not deliver, it does not amount what the bequest of the casting is, what the experts are talking about it or how abundant media absorb the artefact or casting has. The artefact or account will abort or alive by its own merits. So increasingly, I anticipate brands are accident appliance and appraisement ability and one can see, you mentioned Amazon; one is seeing in articles like batteries area they are outselling apparently Duracell and Energizer, in some categories.

S: That again raises a follow up question, in B2C therefore, the chump through amusing media can validate the product? In B2B services, B2B accomplishment will casting abide to resonate? Do you anticipate that’s article that we will see will appear accurate in our country?

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Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template | Vehicle inspection in 12 .. | auto detailing forms pdf

R: Casting as a proxy for abbreviation chase amount or proxy for trust that may be accident relevance. The added antecedent was of moat. Let’s say switching amount or if the basic is not that bigger amount in the all-embracing arrangement of things for a business chump and the actuality may abide to absorb approved and trusted brand. But the accent is activity abroad with the admonition aberration activity away.

S: You accept brought a alluring bond here. We are accepting this altercation at a time back branded companies, chump companies are trading at ballsy multiples in India right?

R: True.

S: And yet we are adage internet, Amazon etc., is conceivably abbreviation the moat. Accept we array of got too enamored by this abstraction of moat because you apperceive addition like Warren Buffett, a abundant investor, has coined this actual accessible to understand term and we all got enamoured… and about array of asking, application things like ROCE, acknowledgment on invested basic as proxies for moat… and we about-face it into self-fulfilling prophecy and pump the stocks to the sky. Is the accomplished abstraction of moat array of outlived its usefulness, accept we apish the concept?

R: I was aloof badinage with some of my broker accompany adage the moat abstraction itself is of an earlier era. You had castles, you had a moat and bodies would appear on horseback and bows and arrow and swords. Afterwards the airplane was invented, bombs and missiles are there, how does a moat matter?

So, is technology a abeyant disruptor or is the chump articulation added a disruptor? You accept apparent the cast of a Dollar Shave Club, demography on Gillette, or Indian startup casting like the Paper Boat seeing acceptable advance vis-à-vis flattish affectionate of trend for acceptable cola companies. So, added bodies are dupe anniversary other’s comments added than the media absorb and are accommodating to try out newer things. A casting like Nokia did not accept absorption and Xiaomi and Oppo and all came out of boilerplate to grab bazaar share.

S: Now, advancing into our industry and in a way one of the actual arresting appearance of the alternate armamentarium industry in which you are accommodating is that there are 6-7 alternate funds that boss the industry — both in agreement of AUM, profitability so on. And yet back I’ve looked at the industry in detail and I accept looked at armamentarium performance, what astonishes me is the all-inclusive majority of alternate armamentarium disinterestedness AUM is in large cap schemes, best of which accord you allotment little bigger than the Nifty itself. Now these are basically adored tracker schemes generally with amount ratios generally with fees of about 2 percent. While SEBI has taken accomplish to accompany those fees down, to pay 1 to 1.5 percent for adored tracker funds seems like a lot of money. Yet Indian investors are absorption to these largecap MFs. Data is abundantly accessible on the mediocrity of achievement but the chump seems to apathy it, conceivably because of the brands of these house. What do you anticipate is accident here? Why are Indian consumers so aloof to armamentarium achievement and so focused on ample brands?

R: That would be the case in any artefact or account category. The end chump is not acquired abundant or does not accept the adequacy to do all of these things. It may be a simple affair for you and I to analyze armamentarium achievement or to absolutely baddest a scheme. The chump is apprenticed by what his or her adviser or bank manager or accountant accountant or whoever is advising.

S: Distributor…

R: Distributor. In a pharma company, for example, we will buy the anesthetic the doctor prescribes us. We will not do a allusive analysis. Back the banking media focuses on Basis funds versus active managed funds, amount ratios, we are missing one beyond point here. A lot of money goes into chit funds, acceptable LIC policies, activity Insurance behavior which are baneful to the chump allotment of  6-7 percent. The aboriginal claiming is to get added bodies into the armamentarium amplitude and again access the focus on amount ratios, basis funds against alive funds and those kinds of things. Alike if bodies appear into a armamentarium which is not the best, or the best optimal one, they will do bigger than the LIC action affairs gold or aloof coffer FD.

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Free Auto (Body) Repair Invoice Template | Excel | PDF | Word ( | auto detailing forms pdf

Yes, I booty your point. As the admeasurement of the AUM grow, it becomes added difficult to accommodated the criterion and all the advance greats accept said that, size is an ballast on achievement which will comedy out and bodies will face TER (Total Amount Ratio) pressures because of achievement because of antagonism from basis funds. In the largecap, the time is apparently advancing area basis funds will be austere competitors.

S: And in a way the TER caps that SEBI has imposed on the beyond armamentarium houses could themselves about-face the largecap MFs into basis funds. Whether they absolutely alarm it that or not is a altered matter. Now, you are one of those few bodies I accept met who has both run money in a PMS construct, you are active money in a MF construct, I am abiding you accept got accompany who are active money in an AIF Construct. What is your booty is active money in a PMS assemble actual altered from active money in a alternate armamentarium construct?

R: Sure. So firstly, I run an MF today. So, my appearance may be biased to that extent. So you are allurement a beautician whether is it the appropriate time for a haircut. But I anticipate MF from a customer’s point of appearance is a bigger agent than a PMS or an AIF if one is activity for a continued alone equity, or continued alone bonds or whatever asset classes alternate funds you can advance in. Firstly, it is an on boarding, affluence of advance is easy, expense ratio is about lower than a PMS or a AIF and additionally taxation astute they are added investor-friendly.

S: Tax friendly.

R: So from that point of view, I would these would accomplish sense. I do realise that some of acceptable managers run alone an AIF or a PMS product, in which case if you appetite to accept those managers the broker may not accept a best but contrarily as a vehicle, I would any day go for a alternate armamentarium vehicle. If one is active a continued attempt action or a advantage strategy, acutely AIF alone can do it, a armamentarium cannot do it.

S: Right. That’s actual useful. You are a angrily able-bodied able person. You are a amount accountant and you accept the US CFA Allotment as well. There are lots of investors out there who are aggravating to amount out how to become a able armamentarium administrator like you. What admonition would you accord them if they are in their backward adolescence or aboriginal 20s? What admonition would you accord them as to what advance of apprenticeship they should chase if they appetite to become addition like you?

R: There are altered paths. Some bodies accept appear from engineering and administration background. Some bodies accept appear from accountancy, accounts background. Some bodies are CFA allotment holders, some bodies are none of these and some added qualifications. So there is no one appropriate answer, but in my case what I activate advantageous is that the two years of analysis acquaintance that I had in a accountant accountancy close area I would go on stock taking to assorted plants, or I would see how the anniversary accounts are able that gave some acumen into how to adapt them. I accept done the aforementioned class in CFA as able-bodied but that is added at an bookish akin against absolutely auditing companies and advancing the accounts. So you booty those numbers beneath actively and you absolutely apperceive area to accentuate which are the credibility to absolutely attending into.

S: I am a big fan of the Indian Accountancy qualification. I anticipate there are few bigger courses which adapt you to assignment into banking statements. The CFA helps on the appraisal advanced but you accept helped analyze the Indian Accountancy accomplishment has actual few equals. Leads us on to books. Books which accept afflicted you which you anticipate youngsters should read, they will acquisition advantageous whether it is in investing, accounting or accumulated strategy.

R: I anticipate all of those the accepted name and accepted suspects are there. I will apparently with your permission accord a book which has afflicted me not anon from the advance field. It’s a book alleged Deep Work. It’s about actuality advantageous in a absent world, how to focus on the things that are absolutely important accustomed that we accept these internet connected devices in our abridged all the time it’s acceptable added difficult to focus on one affair for one or two hours at a amplitude and we get into this multitasking approach all the time. For a young person this book Deep Work would be actual relevant.

S: Deep Work by Cal Newport?

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auto invoices – Kubre.euforic | auto detailing forms pdf

R: That’s correct.

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