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“ARRL National Parks on the Air” Accident to Mark National Park Account Centennial

Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a - MODELS FORM IDEAS ..
Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a – MODELS FORM IDEAS .. | army oer support form 67 10 1a

In 2016, the National Park Account (NPS) will bless its 100th anniversary, and radio amateurs will be able to advice mark the break with the ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event. The accident bliss off at 0000 UTC on January 1, 2016.

“As ARRL aloof acclaimed our own Centennial, and Abecedarian Radio is generally enjoyed in the abundant outdoors, it seemed applicable to devise a affairs to advice NPS bless their own 100th birthday,” said ARRL Media and Accessible Relations Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X. NPOTA will run throughout 2016, with action answer and encouraged from ceremony of the added than 430 official NPS authoritative units and affiliated areas beyond the US. This includes all 59 National Parks as able-bodied as National Battlefields, Historic Sites, Memorials, Preserves, Reserves, Rivers, Seashores, National Scenic Trails, and added units.

The affairs will accept two accord advance — Chasers and Activators. Chasers will artlessly attack to accomplish acquaintance with operators in as abounding of the NPS units as possible. Activators will attack to actuate as abounding of the units as possible. NPOTA participants may serve in both roles. Chaser and Activator totals will be tracked via an online Leader Board based on LoTW data, aloof as was done during the Centennial QSO Party. Access the NPOTA Leader Board anon at

Modeled afterwards the Alloyed DXCC award, alone one acquaintance with any accustomed NPS assemblage will be required, and no account will be kept of NPS units based on bands or modes. NPOTA will be administered absolutely through Logbook of The Apple (LoTW). No cardboard logs or QSLs will be accustomed for NPOTA credit. Ceremony NPS assemblage will be added to LoTW as a “location.”

Chaser Accolade and Activator Accolade certificates will be accessible to any radio abecedarian who has at atomic one accepted acquaintance with an NPS assemblage or who activates at atomic one unit, respectively. A station’s absolute cardinal of accepted or activated units will be printed on the certificate. The National Parks Account Roll affidavit will be accessible to any base acknowledging acquaintance with at atomic 75 percent of the 59 National Parks activated in 2016.

While there is no academic affiliation amid NPS and ARRL for this event, the League has been in discussions with the NPS over the accomplished year, and the National Park Account is acquainted that added Abecedarian Radio action in their parks is acceptable during 2016.

The NPOTA will use the official account of NPS Authoritative Units and Affiliated Areas as authentic and maintained by NPS. Complete capacity on National Parks on the Air are accessible on the ARRL website. Read more.

ARRL On-Line Bargain to Mark 10th Anniversary; Behest Starts on October 22!

The ARRL On-Line Bargain will bless its 10th ceremony back it gets beneath way aing week. The bargain examination opens on Monday, October 19, at 1400 UTC, and behest begins on Thursday, October 22, at 1400 UTC. The bargain already has added than 260 items that will be up for bid, and new donations are still advancing in.

The 2015 bargain will board QST “Product Review” accessory (already ARRL Lab-tested!), best books, pre-owed gear, one-of-a-kind finds, and, in account of the event’s 10th anniversary, the ARRL Lab aggregation will accord bristles “mystery boxes.”

Some of the arch items up for bid from the QST “Product Review” account will board a FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6700 transceiver, an Apache Labs ANAN-100D SDR HF/6 beat transceiver, a M2 6M-1K2 6 beat amplifier, an ACOM 600S HF linear, and a Yaesu FT-991 transceiver.

Among the book offerings are three 1934 editions of R/9 Magazine, a adapted aegis archetype of The Radio Amateur’s Handbook from 1942, and Radio Tube Fundamentals.

Proceeds from the anniversary On-Line Bargain account ARRL apprenticeship programs. These board activities to allotment new hams, strengthen Abecedarian Radio Emergency Account training, action continuing abstruse and operating education, and actualize advisory materials.

All bidders allegation to register. If you accept alternate in a accomplished ARRL On-Line Auction, you will be able to retrieve your bargain user ID and password.

ARRL Asks FCC to Analyze that Hams May Acclimate Non-Amateur Accessory for Abecedarian Use

The ARRL has asked the FCC to accomplish bright that Abecedarian Radio licensees may acclimate non-amateur accessories for use on Abecedarian Radio frequencies. Some hams accept bidding apropos that afresh proposed rules would arrest post-sale modification of Wi-Fi equipment, now sometimes adapted for use on Abecedarian Radio frequencies. The ARRL fabricated its point in comments filed on October 8 on a Notice of Proposed Aphorism Authoritative (NPRM) in ET Docket 15-170 and RM-11673. The proceeding mostly addresses proposed amendments to FCC rules apropos allotment of RF equipment.

“The Commission should clarify…that the adeptness of accountant radio amateurs to acclimate and acclimate non-amateur accessories for use in the Abecedarian Account is beneficial, is permitted, and is not belted by any aphorism of accepted account adopted in this proceeding,” the League said in its comments. The ARRL said proposed rules acute manufacturers to board aegis appearance to anticipate arrangement accessories from actuality adapted were “problematic,” to the admeasurement that they would avert hams from adapting arrangement accessories for ham radio applications.

“The Abecedarian Radio Account has a actual continued attitude of modification and adjustment of bartering communications equipment,” the ARRL acicular out in its comments, asserting that abecedarian licensees should be acceptable to acclimate any advanced accustomed accessories for use beneath Abecedarian Account rules. The proceeding admiring abounding comments apropos this aspect of the proceeding, although the proposed rules alter alone hardly from the accepted rules.

The ARRL additionally apprenticed the FCC not to administer any limitations proposed for software authentic radios to SDRs advised for use alone in the Abecedarian Radio Service, “as has been the action for the accomplished 10 years.”

Equipment Authorization

The League has additionally alleged on the Commission not to amalgamate the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Verification accessories allotment procedures into a single, complacency program. The League said the angle could advance to corruption by arrant importers and manufacturers of accidental emitters. Beneath the

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Da form 1111 1111 11 a fillable example new fresh of suitable add .. | army oer support form 67 10 1a

An FCC Allotment 15B Declaration of Conformity label.

proposed rules, the FCC would do abroad with its DoC allotment affairs by accumulation it with accessories Verification to anatomy a alleged “Suppliers Declaration of Conformity” class of accessories authorization. Testing in an accepted class would not be required, nor would database allotment or third-party review. The ARRL bidding apropos that the new administration would animate and facilitate the addition into the US of “non-compliant accidental emitters” and action no oversight.

In its comments, the League said hams and AM broadcasters accept been victims of arrest from such accidental emitters as RF lighting ballasts “that commonly beat the Commission’s conducted discharge limits.” The ARRL said the band-aid is “not to alleviate but to bind the procedural controls over the testing and acknowledging confirmations of compliance” to ensure greater acquiescence in conducted banned and added abstruse ambit that actuate how abundant such accessories accord to ambient babble levels.

The League said some RF devices, such as RF “grow lights,” now accountable to the added breezy Verification process, should be accountable to Certification, attributable to their abundant arrest potential.

Improved Labeling for Allotment 15 and Allotment 18 Devices

The ARRL additionally said there is “an burning need” for bigger labeling requirements for assertive Allotment 15 and Allotment 18 devices. “Necessitating change, notably, is the actuality that there are abounding automated Allotment 18 accessories awash that are neither advised nor advised for use in residential environments, but because there is no alien labeling…the end user customer is larboard afterwards guidance,” the ARRL said, acquainted that, in best cases, accessories retailers are not accouterment any either.

A bartering lighting balance on auction and marketed to consumers at a “big box” store. There is no FCC admonishing to announce that this artefact may not be acclimated for residential applications.

In July, the ARRL complained to the FCC about the business practices of assorted “big box” retailers, breadth non-consumer-rated lighting ballasts accept been alloyed in with customer ballasts and added customer accessories on affectation with no allegorical signage. Ballasts advised for automated applications accept college acceptable conducted discharge banned in the Abecedarian Radio HF spectrum. The League alleged on the FCC to board a analogue in Allotment 18 for the appellation “consumer RF lighting device,” to board a way to differentiate customer accessories from those advised for automated or bartering environments.

The League additionally said the FCC should accede abbreviation its Allotment 15 banned for lighting accessories to accord with the Allotment 18 lighting accessory banned amid 3 and 30 MHz to abate the RFI abeyant of LED bulbs now actuality broadly marketed, “before they become an accumulated problem.” LED lamps accomplish beneath Allotment 15 rules.

The ARRL said the FCC should accept the League’s new equipment-labeling proposals with account to assertive Allotment 15 and Allotment 18 accessories “in adjustment to stop the flood of such accessories advised for bartering or automated areas alone into residential areas.” Read more.

AMSAT’s Fox-1A CubeSat is Now AO-85!

In what may accept been almanac speed, AMSAT’s new Fox-1A accessory accustomed its OSCAR appellation on the day of its launch. Although its FM transponder is not yet commonly alive while the CubeSat undergoes commissioning, it has been operational on abounding passes. Right on calendar at 1249 UTC on October 8, the Atlas rocket accustomed Fox-1A and 12 others aerial off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. AMSAT OSCAR Cardinal Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO, appear afterwards that day that action advanced Fox-1A would be accepted as AO-85. Fox-1A has been committed to the alone who had been at the captain of AMSAT’s CubeSat projects until his afterlife aftermost year.

An Atlas rocket blasts off from California at 1249 UTC on October 8 accustomed Fox-1A and 12 added CubeSats into space.

“I accept been a of the acknowledged barrage today, October 8, 2015, of the AMSAT-NA-built Fox-1A CubeSat. I am additionally a that the accessory has been heard by several amateurs in assorted countries,” Tynan said in a account release. “This acknowledged barrage comes afterwards years of alive and committed assignment on the allotment of AMSAT-NA volunteers including Tony Monteiro, AA2TX, who became a Silent Key in March 2014. It was Tony who spearheaded and guided the assignment on all AMSAT-NA CubeSats until his abortive passing. Thus, it is alone applicable that this aircraft be committed to his memory.” As Tynan noted, Jerry Buxton, N0JY, took over Monteiro’s column of AMSAT-NA Vice President for Engineering, and auspiciously completed the action through its alertness for launch.

“All of those who had a allotment in designing, constructing, and testing Fox-1A and its assorted subsystems are to be congratulated for jobs able-bodied done,” Tynan said.

The Fox-1A Mode B (U/V) FM transponder has an uplink abundance of 435.180 MHz (67 Hz tone), and a downlink abundance of 145.980 MHz. AMSAT’s Online Accessory Pass Predictions account can actuate AO-85 passes over a accustomed location.

“A Abundant Day”

Telemetry and a characteristic articulation ID from the new CubeSat accept been heard about the world, and abundant contacts accept been completed during times the transponder has been open. Fox-1A/AO-85 telemetry belletrist — raw and decoded — are now accessible on the AMSAT website. Fox-1A employs Abstracts Beneath Articulation (DUV) to accelerate 200 bps FSK telemetry abstracts at the aforementioned time as FM audio by authoritative use of sub-audible frequencies beneath 200 Hz. Accelerated 9600 bps FSK additionally can be transmitted back the transponder is not operating for data-intensive abstracts and is alone alive back allowable from the ground. Chargeless FoxTelem telemetry decoder software is accessible to break both DUV and accelerated telemetry. AMSAT has additionally acquaint a Fox Operating Guide.

“This was a abundant day for AMSAT, and for accessory operators about the world,” Patrick Stoddard, WD9EWK/VA7EWK, acquaint to the AMSAT-BB anon afterwards launch. “Almost 6 years to the day the AMSAT Fox action was apparent at the 2009 AMSAT Amplitude Symposium in Baltimore, we now accept the aboriginal of a alternation of Fox-1 satellites in orbit. Congratulations to all who accept had a duke in architecture and ablution Fox-1A today, and acceptance to anybody who has accurate the Fox action over the accomplished 6 years!”

AMSAT has produced a chargeless commemorative affair of the AMSAT Account that highlights the Fox-1A barrage success.

Support ARRL through the Combined Federal Campaign

Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a - MODELS FORM IDEAS ..
Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a – MODELS FORM IDEAS .. | army oer support form 67 10 1a

ARRL associates who are federal advisers can abutment the ARRL by accommodating in the Combined Federal Attack (CFC). Pledges during the 2014 CFC topped $45,000. CFC contributions abutment programs that are not adjourned by affiliate dues. The CFC has generated about $250,000 for ARRL programs back the League became a affairs participant.

For the accomplished 14 years, the US Office of Personnel Administration has appointed the ARRL to participate in the CFC, the anniversary giving attack for federal employees. Federal noncombatant employees, US Postal Account workers, and associates of the aggressive are acceptable to booty part. Agnate to the United Way, the CFC encourages individuals active in all branches of the federal government to acceding by amount answer to non-profit organizations of their choice. The ARRL encourages acceptable radio amateurs to accede the League back anecdotic attack recipients.

Eligible federal advisers who appetite the ARRL to accept all or allotment of their amount deductions should baptize alignment #10099 back commutual their CFC donor forms. To ensure able acceptance of the CFC contribution, they should complete a archetype of the donor anatomy to admonish the CFC to absolution donor advice to ARRL. Donors may accomplish an complete addition or baptize their contributions for any ARRL fund, including the ARRL Spectrum Aegis Fund, the ARRL Legislative Issues Advocacy Fund, the ARRL Apprenticeship & Technology Program, and the Historic Preservation Fund. Read more.

ARISS Window to Abide ISS Ham Radio Acquaintance Proposals Closes on November 1

The borderline is looming for schools, educational organizations, and groups accommodating and able to host an Abecedarian Radio acquaintance with an All-embracing Amplitude Base aggregation affiliate to abide proposals to Abecedarian Radio on the All-embracing Amplitude Base (ARISS). The window for academic and breezy proposals closes on November 1.

ARISS anticipates that contacts will be appointed amid July 1 and December 31, 2016. Aggregation schedules and ISS orbits actuate exact acquaintance dates.

ARISS is gluttonous organizations to sponsor challenge that will a draw ample cardinal of participants and board the acquaintance into a well-developed apprenticeship plan. Organizations allegation authenticate adaptability to board changes in acquaintance dates and times.

Full advice on hosting an ARISS acquaintance is accessible on the ARRL website. Visit the ARISS website for added information. Acquaintance ARISS with any questions.

IARU Authoritative Council Stresses Accent of Antenna Systems for Abecedarian Radio

The All-embracing Abecedarian Radio Union (IARU) Authoritative Council (AC) has adopted a resolution calling on IARU affiliate societies to animate governments to admit the accent of the Abecedarian Radio Account and of Abecedarian radio antennas. The AC captivated its 38th affair on October 9 and 10 in Bali, Indonesia, in affiliation with the IARU Region 3 Conference there.

The antenna resolution additionally alleged on affiliate societies “to apostle for planning and development regulations that appropriately admit the accent of an Abecedarian Radio antenna and do not abode disproportionate restrictions on the adjustment of antennas.” It additionally apprenticed affiliate societies to abash the artifice of any fees accompanying to ham antennas, “particularly in appearance of the non-pecuniary attributes of Abecedarian Radio and its acceptance in the apprentice and chief communities.”

The AC completed its affairs to represent Abecedarian Radio at Apple Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), which will booty abode during November in Geneva. The AC advised IARU positions and strategies for ceremony WRC-15 calendar account that may affect ham radio. These included proposals for a accessory abecedarian allocation a 5.3 MHz. The Council additionally looked advanced to calendar items for the aing WRC, which is advancing for 2019. These would board an abecedarian allocation at 50 MHz in Region 1 (Europe and Africa) and “global harmonization” of the 1800-2000 kHz allocation.

“It is advancing that a cogent accomplishment by IARU will be bare in alertness for WRC-19 to avert the abecedarian allocations amid 137 and 960 MHz, in ablaze of the burden for spectrum for small, non-amateur satellites,” the AC said in a statement. “Close allocation of bounded efforts will be required.”

In a abandonment from its convenance of contempo years, the Council adopted a continuing affair for Apple Abecedarian Radio Day ceremony April — “Celebrating Abecedarian Radio’s Addition to Society.” The Council could accept a adapted affair in any accustomed year, if appropriate. Read more.

ARRL Invites Nominations For 2015 All-embracing Humanitarian Award

Nominations are accessible for the 2015 ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Award. The accolade is conferred aloft an abecedarian or accumulation of amateurs who authenticate adherence to animal welfare, peace, and all-embracing compassionate through Abecedarian Radio. The League accustomed the anniversary award-winning to admit Abecedarian Radio operators who accept acclimated ham radio to board amazing account to others in times of crisis or disaster.

A board appointed by the League’s President recommends the accolade recipient(s) to the ARRL Board, which makes the final decision. The board is now accepting nominations from Abecedarian Radio, governmental, or added organizations that accept benefited from amazing account rendered by an Abecedarian Radio abettor or group.

Amateur Radio is one of the few telecommunication casework that acquiesce bodies throughout the apple from all walks of action to accommodated and allocution with ceremony other, thereby overextension amicableness beyond political boundaries. The ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Accolade recognizes Abecedarian Radio’s different role in all-embracing advice and the abetment amateurs consistently board to bodies in need.

Nominations should board a arbitrary of the nominee’s accomplishments that authorize the alone (or individuals) for this award, additional acceptance statements from at atomic two bodies accepting contiguous ability of the challenge warranting the nomination. These statements may be from an official of a accumulation (for example, the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, a bounded or accompaniment emergency administration official) that benefited from the nominee’s accurate Abecedarian Radio contribution. Nominations should board the names and addresses of all references.

All nominations and acknowledging abstracts for the 2015 ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Accolade allegation be submitted in autograph in English to ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Award, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111 USA. Nominations are due by December 31, 2015. In the accident that no nominations are received, the board itself may actuate a almsman or adjudge to accomplish no award.

The champ of the ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Accolade receives an engraved plaque, and a contour in QST as able-bodied as in added ARRL venues.

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Da form 1111 1111 11 11 11 11 competent add sample s 11 oer support .. | army oer support form 67 10 1a

IOTA Foundation to Administer RSGB’s Islands on the Air Program

A new article — the IOTA Foundation — will accept administration of the Radio Society of Abundant Britain’s (RSGB) Islands on the Air (IOTA) Program. Aftermost year the RSGB Board articular a cardinal of challenges adverse the program, including the allegation to board an online arrangement to clue and administer the acquiescence of island credits — agnate to the ARRL’s Logbook of The Apple (LoTW). Back then, a baby accumulation of IOTA enthusiasts has been alive with the RSGB to ensure that the IOTA affairs continues to abound in its role of adopting Abecedarian Radio DXing and challenge activity. The IOTA Foundation is the accomplishment of that work.

“It will be run by IOTA enthusiasts and will administer the IOTA affairs in affiliation with the [RSGB],” the RSGB said in a account release. “One above assignment for the new alignment will be to advance a new online acclaim arrangement that is due to be completed in 2017.”

The aggregation of RSGB IOTA Manager Roger Balister, G3KMA; Bob Barden, MD0CCE; Cezar Trifu, VE3LYC, and Johan Willemsen, PA3EXX, will apparatus the IT changes and anatomy the IOTA Foundation with representation from radio amateurs in the UK and about the world.

“I am captivated with the account appear by the RSGB about the approaching of IOTA — that…terms of acceding accept been fleshed out for the affairs to be run by a new anatomy in affiliation with the RSGB,” Balister said on October 12. “I accept to acknowledge the RSGB Board for acknowledging that the approaching sustainability of IOTA is of ascendant accent to bags of amateurs common and that this allegation be the cardinal consideration.” Read more.

Parachute Adaptable Accumulation to Hold Jump in Affiliation with Pacificon

As it has done in accomplished years, the Parachute Adaptable accumulation — “in the air, on the air” — has appointed all-overs for October 17 in affiliation with Pacificon, the ARRL Pacific Division Convention, in San Ramon, California.

“We do this every year, giving visiting hams a adventitious for a different parachute adaptable QSO,” said Mark Meltzer, AF6IM, who will be Jumper 1. This will be Mission 22.

As Jumper 1, Meltzer will be operating on 10 meters (28.425 MHz USB) and 2 meters (146.43 MHz FM simplex), acquisitive for a DX contact. Jumper 2, Michael Gregg, KF6WRW, will be on 146.43 MHz FM canker as able-bodied as 5 GHz ATV, which will be streamed live. Jumper 3, Rob Fenn, KC6TYD, will be on 146.43 MHz FM simplex. Jumper 4, Capt Jim Wilson, RCAF, will be cutting in-flight video and photos. He is belief for his Canadian ham allotment and will be authoritative radio all-overs soon.

Jumpers will additionally backpack APRS accessory that will advertisement GPS data, affection rate, and claret oxygen level. The October 17 all-overs over Byron, California, will booty abode from a Beech King Air 90 accompanying turboprop jumpship, with jumpers departure at about 14,000 feet. Meltzer, who is 66, is adequate his 47th year of skydiving. — Acceptance to Mark Meltzer, AF6IM








The K7RA Solar Update

Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: Sunspot numbers over the accomplished 7 canicule were about the aforementioned as during the antecedent 7 days. Boilerplate circadian sunspot numbers went from 37 to 36.9, and boilerplate circadian solar alteration alone from 93.8 to 87.5

Just as in antecedent solar cycles, geomagnetic indicators are high, as the aeon trends downward. From aftermost ceremony to this, the boilerplate circadian all-embracing A basis went from 24.3 to 25.1, and the boilerplate mid-latitude A basis confused from 15.7 to 17.6.

Ten Reasons Why People Like Army Oer | Form Information - army oer support form 67 10 1a
Ten Reasons Why People Like Army Oer | Form Information – army oer support form 67 10 1a | army oer support form 67 10 1a

Predicted solar alteration is 90 on October 15; 100 on October 16; 110 on October 17-18; 115 on October 19; 110 on October 20-21; 120 on October 22-24; 125 on October 25-26; again 130, 120, and 110 on October 27-29; 100, 90, and 85 on October 30-November 1; 80 on November 2-6; 85 on November 7-8, and 90 on November 9-11. Solar alteration again rises to 130 on November 23 and drops beneath 100 afterwards November 26.

Predicted all-embracing A basis is 18 on October 15-16; again 15 and 12 on October 17-18; 8 on October 19-20; 5 on October 21-27; again 8, 12, and 10 on October 28-30; 8 on October 31-November 2; 20 on November 3; 15 on November 4-5; again 12, 8, 20, 15, and 18 on November 6-10; 20 on November 11-12; 15 on November 13, and 8 on November 14-18.

Sunspot numbers for October 8 through 14 were 24, 11, 22, 36, 51, 58, and 56, with a beggarly of 36.9. The 10.7 cm alteration was 79.7, 81.2, 81.4, 84.6, 89.1, 95.6, and 100.7, with a beggarly of 87.5. Estimated all-embracing A indices were 56, 26, 12, 12, 22, 25, and 23, with a beggarly of 25.1. Estimated mid-latitude A indices were 41, 15, 9, 8, 16, 18, and 16, with a beggarly of 17.6.

Send me your belletrist and observations.

Just Advanced in Radiosport

October 16-18 — Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)

October 17 — Iowa QSO Party

October 17 — Feld Hell Sprint

October 17-18 — JARTS WW RTTY Contest

October 17-18 — 10-10 All-embracing Fall Challenge (CW)

October 17-18 — New York QSO Party

October 17-18 — Stew Perry Topband Challenge (CW)

October 17-18 — Worked All Germany Challenge (CW, SSB)

October 17-18 — South Dakota QSO Party

October 17-19 — Telephone Pioneers QSO Party (CW, phone, digital)

October 18 — Asia-Pacific Fall Sprint (CW)

October 18 — UBA ON Challenge (2 meters, CW)

October 18-19 — Illinois QSO Party

October 19 — Run for the Bacon QRP Challenge (CW)

October 19-23 — ARRL School Club Roundup

See the ARRL Challenge Calendar for added information.

New OER means fewer boxes, more accountability for raters | Article ..
New OER means fewer boxes, more accountability for raters | Article .. | army oer support form 67 10 1a

Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions and Events

October 16-18 — Pacific Division Convention (Pacificon), San Ramon, California

October 16-18 — Microwave Update Convention, San Diego, California

October 17 — Wisconsin ARES/RACES Conference, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

October 18 — Connecticut Accompaniment Convention, Meriden, Connecticut

October 23-24 — Arizona Accompaniment Convention, Kingman, Arizona

October 23-24 — Oklahoma Accompaniment Convention, Ardmore, Oklahoma

November 7 — Fall TechFest, Lakewood, Colorado

November 7-8 — Georgia Section Convention, Lawrenceville, Georgia

November 14 — HamJam Convention, Alpharetta, Georgia

November 14-15 — Indiana Accompaniment Convention, Fort Wayne, Indiana

December 11-12 — West Central Florida Section Convention, Plant City, Florida

Find conventions and hamfests in your area.

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1111 Ways Army Oer Support Form 1111 1111 1111a Can Improve Your Business | Army Oer Support Form 1111 1111 11a – army oer support form 67 10 1a
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Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a - MODELS FORM IDEAS ..
Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a – MODELS FORM IDEAS .. | army oer support form 67 10 1a
Ten Reasons Why People Like Army Oer | Form Information - army oer support form 67 10 1a
Ten Reasons Why People Like Army Oer | Form Information – army oer support form 67 10 1a | army oer support form 67 10 1a
Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a - MODELS FORM IDEAS ..
Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a – MODELS FORM IDEAS .. | army oer support form 67 10 1a
Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a - MODELS FORM IDEAS ..
Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a – MODELS FORM IDEAS .. | army oer support form 67 10 1a
Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a - MODELS FORM IDEAS ..
Beautiful Army Oer Support form 1111 1111 11a – MODELS FORM IDEAS .. | army oer support form 67 10 1a

Gallery for 1111 Ways Army Oer Support Form 1111 1111 1111a Can Improve Your Business | Army Oer Support Form 1111 1111 11a