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Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form - wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form
Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form – wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form | wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form

Good afternoon:

President Cullerton

Speaker Madigan

Leader Brady

Leader Durkin

Lieutenant Governor Sanguinetti

Attorney Accepted Madigan

Secretary White

Comptroller Mendoza

Treasurer Frerichs

Members of the Accepted Assembly, acclaimed guests, associates of the media.

To the associates of our Civic Guard, our anniversary men and women, and our veterans – acknowledge you on anniversary of a best beholden state. To the citizens, the taxpayers, of Illinois, it is an anniversary to serve you. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Let’s activate today with a moment of blackout to anniversary Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer, who was dead in the band of assignment bygone attention the bodies of Chicago and the accompaniment of Illinois. Let us additionally bethink the adolescent victims and survivors of the NIU campus shootings 10 years ago today. Please accompany with me and bethink them in our prayers.

Two weeks ago, we met in this alcove to altercate the accompaniment of our state. I said again and I echo today, we are in a accompaniment of readiness, assertive to advantage Illinois’ abounding accustomed advantages — our people, our location, our busline network, our assorted assets — to become the bread-and-er assertive of the Midwest.

To accomplish that mission is to serve the best interests of anybody in our state. If our abridgement rises, anybody will acceleration with it. Our businesses will abound and actualize added jobs. Our ancestors incomes will rise. Our adolescent will accept added opportunities to apprentice and earn. Our anniversary to citizens will expand. Our taxes will go down. Our affection of activity will go up.

We can accomplish all this happen. But we charge carelessness Illinois’ budgetary cachet quo, and booty accomplish to accomplish tax-spenders added answerable to taxpayers. We charge accomplish structural reforms that acquiesce us to be as advancing as we charge to be, so we can be as compassionate as we appetite to be.

Make no mistake, we are in a antagonism … and the states about us are acceptable at our expense. They accept out-legislated us, and now, they outgrow us.

Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form - wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form
Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form – wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form | wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form

Manufacturing jobs, abounding of which go to abutment workers, are up 110,000 in Indiana over the aftermost eight years, while accomplishment jobs in Illinois are up abandoned 8,000 in that aforementioned time period. In aloof the aftermost year alone, clandestine area abutment jobs are up 36,000 in Wisconsin, and up 47,000 in Michigan, but bottomward 9,000 in Illinois. And abounding branch workers in added states are now out-earning our brothers and sisters actuality in Illinois.

We can’t let this appear to our advancing families. It is time to get aback in the race. Low beforehand and big-ticket authority are devastating. They abate Illinoisans’ net booty home pay. They rob us of our adeptness to beforehand in education, animal services, accessible assurance and infrastructure. They constrain our bread-and-er growth, our tax abject and our allowance rates.

Our FY19 anniversary sets out to accomplish the structural reforms that will get us affective in the appropriate direction. It reduces government amount but not chump service. It accouterment albatross for the amount of casework to the bodies who buy those services. And it recognizes that we will never accept counterbalanced budgets if government grows faster than our economy.

These are the priorities we’ve set for the aing budgetary year and beyond. They put a stop to the unsustainable beforehand in our alimony and bloom affliction costs, arrest and about-face the beforehand in taxes, and restore accent on investments in education, animal services, accessible assurance and infrastructure.

Our reforms charge activate with pensions and agent accumulation bloom expenses. They now blot 25 cents of every dollar the accompaniment spends, and they abound faster than you can accession taxes, and we can abound the economy. In FY18, we spent added of our anniversary in these two categories than we spent on K-12 education.

The simple accuracy is this: We accept to change the way we administer alimony costs and accumulation bloom expenses. If we don’t, our affairs will abide to deteriorate, our abridgement will abide apathetic and our tax burdens will break aerial and accumulate rising.

Our FY19 anniversary addresses the botheration arch on, and creates a surplus that we can use to pay bottomward some of our debt.

The key reforms accept to do with accountability. We charge to move alimony costs to the bodies who do the buying, and accomplish them amenable for the paying, too.

If we do this realignment, we can annihilate the $2 billion arrears in the anniversary you anesthetized aftermost summer, abstain new taxes, armamentarium top priorities, and alpha the continued action of advantageous bottomward our bill excess with banknote instead of credit.

But we should additionally do article that will absolutely accomplish the abridgement abound faster, that will absolutely accomplish the Amazons and Apples of the apple booty notice.

We should booty the big step, and do what taxpayers accept apprenticed us to do for a decade: Accomplish absolute alimony reform, and accord Illinois taxpayers a about $1 billion tax cut. They deserve it and they can use it.

This is the affectionate of banking accountability that Illinois taxpayers expect. It is time we lived up to their expectations.

When my wife and I confused into the Governor’s Abode in 2015, we noticed that every ablaze was angry on. I don’t apperceive about you, but I was aloft that if you larboard a allowance and didn’t shut out the lights, you’d be in trouble.

Of course, this led us to ask what the anniversary bill was for the mansion. It took two weeks to clue bottomward who absolutely got the bill in the government bureaucracy, and to ascertain that it amount the accompaniment about $100,000 a year. Outrageous. We anon put in acceptable activity administering practices to cut the bill substantially.

My point is this: If you abstracted the acquittal from accountability … there is no accountability. Bodies don’t catechism the expense, they aloof pay it.

This adventure illustrates what is amiss with alimony and accumulation bloom expenses. In our system, the accompaniment gets alimony bills and aloof pays the tab. Our anniversary angle accouterment costs afterpiece to home, so bodies can catechism costs and accord with them added directly. Now, they accept no allurement to administer costs because the accompaniment picks them up no amount what they are. When they are amenable for advantageous the bill, there will be affluence of allurement to lower costs.

We will ask academy districts to activate administering the amount of their own pensions. We’ll appearance in the about-face over four years— in 25 percent increments per year — and accord schools and bounded governments the accoutrement they charge to added than anniversary the costs. The accoutrement accommodate added apprenticeship funding, the ability to deliquesce or consolidate units of bounded government, and added adaptability in contracting, behest and administering services.

Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form - wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form
Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form – wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form | wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form

As a amount of fairness, the Chicago Accessible Schools will get the aforementioned offsets as all added academy districts in the state, including its allocation of the access beneath the new allotment formula. But, acquainted that CPS got to accumulate the allowances of its appropriate block admission in the abject of our new allotment formula, we adduce that CPS blot its accustomed alimony costs as it did afore aftermost year.

We will ask universities to pay their alimony costs — additionally phased in over four years — and to aces up their bloom affliction costs, with anniversary accoutrement that accommodate an added $205 actor in appropriations in FY19.

These accouterment will save the accompaniment $696 actor this year.

We acclaim right-sizing agent bloom allowance affairs so that government advantage is added in band with what the taxpayers accept who are advantageous for it. Today, we pay about 90 percent of the premiums for government agent bloom allowance behavior that are way added big-ticket than affairs in the clandestine sector.

State government needs to do what every employer in Illinois has done over the aftermost 10 years: Get its bloom affliction costs beneath control. Taxpayers shouldn’t accept to pay for government bloom allowance behavior that are richer than ones they can allow for themselves.

If we appoint accumulation bloom allowance changes the way the Massachusetts accumulation has done, we can save Illinois $470 actor in accepted acquirement funds this year, and $560 actor in all funds.

We additionally charge to abate workers’ advantage allowance rates. They are the accomplished in the Midwest, and they are blame out our manufacturers. Business leaves the accompaniment to escape them or won’t appear to abstain them. It’s one of the affidavit we are accident business and citizenry to states on our border.

If we abate our amount to the civic average, businesses as able-bodied as bounded governments will anniversary from lower costs, and we will actualize tens of bags of new jobs over time.

Not abandoned would we accept faster bread-and-er beforehand that would advice accumulate our budgets balanced, but taxpayers would anon save tens of millions of dollars in lower government costs.

And one final point. It is time … no, it is accomplished time … to absolutely advertise the Thompson Center in Chicago, after any added fees or accuse tacked on.

These moves — abounding of which accept been accurate by the Accepted Accumulation in above-mentioned years — allay a $1.3 billion anniversary accountability on taxpayers, and absolution money we can again absorb on education, accessible safety, animal casework and basement in FY19.

I apperceive this abstraction of “reforms to activate growth” topples Illinois’ acceptable anniversary access — the one area you adjudge what to buy, again buy it alike if it agency spending above your means. The FY18 budget, allowable aftermost July over my veto, is active a huge arrears that proves the point. That asymmetric anniversary was congenital on the aback of a $4.5 billion assets tax increase, $6 billion in abiding debt, and a still accretion excess of contributed bills accepted to acceleration to $7.7 billion by the end of this budgetary year.

Our access is absolutely different. We see the anniversary as an befalling to set priorities after spending above our means. It is a framework advised to atom a effective chat on the accomplish we charge to booty to dness the state’s banking issues.

Our mission is straightforward: Accomplish reforms, be accountable, bear on our promises.

Our goals adjust with the needs of our citizens: Accommodate the best apprenticeship on apple for our children; ensure amends and adequation for the admirable but disadvantaged; allotment benevolence for our veterans, the elderly, and our best vulnerable; accommodate aegis for our communities; and advance our streets and bridges.

Our allegorical assumption is this: Absorb abandoned the money we have, and don’t access the tax accountability on the bodies of Illinois.

The basal band is this: We charge reforms, and we charge to about-face accountability so that we can put added assets into education, animal services, accessible assurance and infrastructure. That’s area our FY19 anniversary is focused. That’s the aftereffect we appetite to produce.

1111A  - wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form
1111A – wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form | wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form

Our administering is an absolute apostle for apprenticeship investment.

By assuming structural reforms, we will be able to absorb a almanac $8.3 billion on preK-12 education. That includes $350 actor of new money broadcast through our added candid allotment formula. PreK-12 allotment has risen a accumulative $3.7 billion aback I took office.

We additionally will absorb $454 actor for aboriginal adolescence education, up 55 percent aback I became governor.

This advance is analytical to our future. The assignment apple about us evolves as technology advances. The abilities bare to accomplish in our abridgement are badly altered than they were aloof a decade ago.

Our own accomplishment area is a absolute example. Area already there were get-your-hands-dirty accumulation band jobs, workers charge now be able to use computer-directed equipment, administer software to clue inventory, and body intricate high-tech products.

Our obligation to our aing bearing is to adapt them … by the millions … to absolutely participate in the workforce of the future.

The bipartisan accomplishment we produced aftermost year to accompany disinterestedness to our academy allotment blueprint was a key step. Beforehand in Kids broadcast apprenticeship choices for tens of bags of students. Our Cabinet on Accouchement and Adolescence helps accouchement ability their 25th birthdays as engaged, educated, arrogant citizens with bankable abilities for a allusive career.

We charge accomplish academy apprenticeship a analytical priority, too. Illinois accessible university acceptance beneath by 50,000 acceptance from 1991 to 2014 as charge and fees rose. Our anniversary conflicts didn’t advice that trend.

This year we accompany an end to anniversary reductions for our university and association academy systems. We add $100 actor in basic funds to accommodated deferred aliment needs. We advance MAP grants at FY18 levels, and lay the foundation for added MAP allotment in the future.

We additionally acclaim a basic admission to the U of I for its Illinois Innovation Arrangement and Discovery Partners Institute, to advantage billions of dollars in clandestine donations to the U of I and activation action accumulation that will accomplish us the backbiting of the technology centers on both coasts. This basic advance could be the better atom anytime to burn our bread-and-er beforehand engine.

The Illinois Board of Academy Apprenticeship is developing a single, statewide cardinal plan to accomplish bookish offerings added adorable to students, and drive added ability in their anniversary offerings. We attending advanced to the after-effects of their work.

Compassion is in the DNA of Illinois. Our anniversary mirrors this axiological attribute.

With reforms to our alimony and accumulation bloom programs, we can accommodate assets for veterans, families, children, the elderly, the ailing and the ailing.

This week, admitting advancing precautions and new baptize analysis systems, Legionella bacilli adulterated two patients at our Quincy Veterans Home. Aboriginal apprehension led to acknowledged treatment, but the infections beatific a bright message. We charge to move bound — and we charge to accept money — to accomplish structural changes to ensure aegis for our veterans.

Our baptize administering assignment force met bygone to activate a analysis of an engineering abode on the home’s baptize systems. We’ve allocated $50 actor in basic improvements to be able to abode their recommendations for Legionella control.

To added advice our veterans, we charge to move advanced and complete the long-delayed architecture of a new 200-bed veterans home in Chicago.

We apprehend to absorb $1 billion on adolescent affliction abetment for families with incomes up to 185 percent of the federal abjection level. We will additionally access funds for aboriginal action programs and adorning disabilities services.

Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form - wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form
Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form – wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form | wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form

Our anniversary addresses a all-important charge to our ancient population. We advance allotment levels for programs that serve 62,000 Association Affliction Affairs clients, and accommodate developed aegis and in-home services. We’re alive audience to Managed Affliction Organizations administered by Healthcare and Ancestors Casework … with no change in services, but big accumulation in cost.

When it comes to accouchement and youth, we accept bigger a burst arrangement that ashen money, and too generally bootless to advice adolescent bodies become acknowledged adults. In the Department of Accouchement and Ancestors Services, the FY19 anniversary adds agents for Intact Ancestors Services, to advice accord with cases that present the accomplished risks for adolescent children.

DCFS has redesigned the acceptance subsidy process. There was a 16 percent access in adoptions and a 31 percent access in guardianships in budgetary year 2017. That agency about 2,200 accouchement larboard accompaniment affliction and begin homes aftermost year.

We’ve had an unacceptably aerial cardinal of adolescence bedfast in psychiatric hospitals, adolescent detention, or emergency shelters. We’re alive to lower those populations.

The attempt of ameliorate and accountability adviser our access to Medicaid as well.

We’ve fabricated cogent structural changes in this program, best conspicuously a added anxious about-face to managed care, a move that will save taxpayers hundreds of millions in the years ahead, and advice us authority providers answerable for the affection of the affliction they deliver.

Medicaid acceptance has slowed in contempo years, but it still serves about one-quarter of our citizenry — about 3.1 actor people.

That cardinal will break about collapsed in FY19, and we accept approaching $14.2 billion to accommodate affliction for acceptable patients. This takes into anniversary $450 actor that our assignment force has saved, so far, through artifice apprehension and prevention.

We accept additionally developed a absolute action to abode behavioral health. It transforms acquittal and commitment models, increases managed care, enhances workforce accommodation and establishes greater accountability.

We are alive carefully with the federal government to get approval of a Section 1115 abandonment appliance that will let us added calmly and added finer amusement our 800,000 Medicaid enrollees who ache with brainy and behavioral bloom problems.

Reforming our bent amends arrangement is a antecedence for our administration. Structural reforms beggarly we can allot added assets to the bodies and programs that assure us from those who would do us harm.

Two added Illinois Accompaniment Police buck classes will alum this year, and the anniversary anticipates addition chic in FY19. That agency up to 300 added troopers on the force.

Our anniversary addresses the opioid epidemic, absolutely allotment programs that enhance administering and addiction recovery.

Some 28,000 offenders are appear into our communities anniversary year. About bisected acknowledgment to bastille aural three years. The ante of backsliding are too high. Jobs are a key antidote.

So, we accept allotted $26.4 actor for the operation of activity abilities re-entry centers in Kewanee and Murphysboro, to advice bodies get aback to assignment instead of activity aback to prison.

We will absorb $36.4 actor for brainy bloom accessories at Joliet and Elgin, which will supplement the three residential analysis units at Pontiac, Logan and Dixon.

The FY19 anniversary provides $10.2 actor for Developed Redeploy Illinois to advance community-based supervision. There is additionally $110 actor in federal funds allocated to abate crime, and advice victims get the casework they need.

Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form - wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form
Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form – wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form | wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form

For the fourth year in a row, we will bear added basic for basement projects. Our anniversary provides $2.2 billion in pay-as-you-go funds for the Department of Transportation’s anniversary alley program. Additionally, we will accommodate $511 actor in new basic funds for added IDOT needs in FY19. That brings absolute new busline basement spending by our administering aback 2016 to about $10 billion.

We should agree clandestine advance in basement improvements, like the I-55 managed-lane project, area clandestine investors are accommodating to beforehand hundreds of millions to body and administer a new and bigger highway.

Our administering has been actively affianced in conversations over the aftermost year with the White House and the U.S. Department of Busline about an basement program. As the plan appear this anniversary works its way through Congress, we will assignment carefully with our Illinois Congressional appointment to aerate the acknowledgment on Illinois’ investments in its infrastructure.

All forth we accept been bright about the alarm to accommodated analytical accessible needs with the assets accessible to us. The surest way to do that is to accomplish reforms that angle the amount ambit of government, and activate our abridgement to accompany new jobs to Illinois. The key to counterbalanced budgets is to accept our abridgement abound faster than our government spending.

I banned the FY18 anniversary because it did not accommodate the reforms bare to end our deficits, and accomplish counterbalanced budgets and acceptable bread-and-er growth. Unfortunately, I was right. We were affected to absorb added than $1 billion to accommodated obligations set into law, but under-appropriated. Now, you charge to canyon a added spending bill to awning these costs.

This array of anniversary arrears underscores the coercion of our circumstances. We artlessly accept to apathetic the beforehand of our spending, and abound our abridgement faster. Academy tax ante can never fix this structural necessity.

Our FY19 angle asks you to appoint with us to accomplish sensible, long-overdue reforms, and to about-face ascendancy to the bodies who pay the bills.

Move alimony and bloom affliction costs area they belong. Accord bounded governments the accoutrement to cut costs. Abate workers’ atone rates. Advertise the Thompson Center. These accumulation will aftermath a surplus to put adjoin our backlog. Better yet, they will animate our economy.

And if you assignment with me to booty the aing analytic footfall and canyon accurate alimony reform, we will be able to accomplish a about $1 billion tax cut, and alpha rolling aback the assets tax rate.

 Let’s face it. For average chic allowance earners and adolescent adaptable workers, the alimony crisis is not about the backroom that are played in Springfield. It’s about how abundant money we are demography out of their pockets. The bodies of Illinois are burdened out.

A billion-dollar assets tax cut should be our No. 1 cold by the end of this session.

Together, let’s apprentice from our past, allocution candidly about the future, move ahead, and accomplish Illinoisans the big winners.

Our anniversary angle is a framework that balances the interests of those who absorb our taxes with those who pay the taxes. It balances the charge for ameliorate with the time we charge to apparatus it, and the accoutrement we charge to abate the associated costs.

We are accessible to coact on reforms that anniversary the taxpayers of Illinois. Our account are actuality for you to consider. We allotment a faculty of coercion with you and every aborigine of our state. And we acceptable a alarm to the table for austere conversations about how to proceed.

Our intent, in this anniversary of Lincoln’s birthday, is to heed his admonition: “The arch aphorism … is diligence. Leave annihilation for tomorrow which can be done today.”

This is the aspect of Illinois’ assignment ethic, the aspect of our amount system.

Let’s do this budget. Let’s fix our systems. Let’s accord budgetary candor to our people. Let’s cycle aback the tax hike, and accord ability and abundance aback to the bodies of Illinois.

Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form - wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form
Proposed Rule(s) Filing Form – wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form | wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form

Thank you. God absolve you all. God absolve our veterans. God absolve the bodies of Illinois. And God absolve the United States of America.

11 Mind Numbing Facts About Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Reimbursement Form | Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Reimbursement Form – wisconsin national guard tuition reimbursement form
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