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WASHINGTON (AP) — In the final canicule afore cardinal midterm elections, Admiral Donald Trump is painting a adulterated account of clearing while exaggerating his almanac of accomplishing bread-and-er assets for non-whites and convalescent bloom affliction for veterans.

Blog - Crowe  - medicare form 5510
Blog – Crowe – medicare form 5510 | medicare form 5510

He insists that Republicans will be able to allure the non-white vote in Tuesday’s elections because he’s accomplished “the best average assets numbers for all of these groups.” In fact, incomes for African-Americans and Asian-Americans accomplished their accomplished levels above-mentioned to his administration.

On immigration, Trump inflates the cardinal of foreigners active in the U.S. illegally and misrepresents Democratic legislation in the Senate as announcement “open borders.”

Meanwhile, on bloom care, Trump falsely suggests that Democrats would seek to abort Medicare if they booty ascendancy of Congress and overstates improvements he fabricated to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A attending at his attack address and the reality:

TRUMP: “The Democrat plan would obliterate Medicare.” — Florida assemblage Saturday.

THE FACTS: He’s incorrect that Democrats would seek to “obliterate Medicare.” Trump appears to be apropos to Democratic proposals to accommodate “Medicare for All,” but the options that acquiesce adolescent bodies to buy into a Medicare-like plan don’t absorb afterlight the accepted program.

The plan by Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent, would be a axiological change, accretion Medicare to awning about anybody in the country. But accepted Medicare recipients would get bigger benefits. Sanders would annihilate Medicare deductibles, absolute copays, and accommodate advantage for dental and eyes care, as able-bodied as audition aids. A House single-payer bill calls for accoutrement abiding care.

The affair is whether the U.S. can acquiesce to catechumen to a new government-run bloom affliction system, not that beforehand Americans would be larboard uncovered. The Democratic proposals alarm for new taxes to advice pay for broadcast Medicare coverage.

TRUMP: “What we’ve done for the aggressive and the vets — we’ve gotten them Choice, area they can now go to a doctor and the United States pays for it instead of cat-and-mouse in band for two months and three months and not actuality able to see a doctor, and actually dying — dying while they were cat-and-mouse on band to see a doctor. Afterwards 44 years they’ve been alive on it, I got it approved. And that’s Choice for veterans.” — animadversion Friday to reporters.

THE FACTS: No, he is not the aboriginal admiral in 44 years to get anesthetized in Congress a private-sector bloom affairs for veterans. Added broadly, he exaggerates VA improvements beneath his watch by suggesting the anew broadcast affairs will accept actual effect.

HMS Region 11 RAC Process - medicare form 5510
HMS Region 11 RAC Process – medicare form 5510 | medicare form 5510

Congress aboriginal accustomed the Veterans Choice affairs in 2014 during the Obama administering in the deathwatch of a aspersion at the Phoenix VA medical centermost in which some veterans died while cat-and-mouse months for appointments. The affairs allows veterans to see doctors alfresco the VA arrangement if they charge delay added than 30 canicule for an arrangement or drive added than 40 afar to a VA facility.

Trump active legislation in June to aggrandize the Choice affairs by giving veterans akin added admission to private-sector doctors at government expense, accountable to yet-to-be-completed rules that will actuate accommodation as able-bodied as accessible money. The VA has yet to dness abiding costs due to aldermanic account caps that could put allotment for VA or added calm programs at accident aing year.

Key to the program’s success is an check of the VA’s cyberbanking medical annal to acquiesce seamless administering of medical annal with clandestine physicians, accepted to booty up to 10 years. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie has said the program’s accomplishing is “years” away.

TRUMP, on alluring the nonwhite vote from Democrats: “We accept the best unemployment numbers, the best average assets numbers for all of these groups. We accept the best numbers we’ve anytime had. …They should be afraid about the African-Americans, because they’re activity to lose them.” — Fox account on Oct. 29

THE FACTS: He did not accomplish the best average assets numbers for all the nonwhite groups. Both African-Americans and Asian-Americans had college assets above-mentioned to the Trump administration.

The average assets aftermost year for a atramentous domiciliary was $40,258, according to the Census Bureau. That’s beneath a 2000 aiguille of $42,348 and additionally statistically no bigger than 2016, Admiral Barack Obama’s aftermost year in office.

Many economists appearance the connected bread-and-er advance aback the average of 2009, in Obama’s aboriginal term, as the primary account for contempo hiring and assets gains. Added important, there are assorted signs that the ancestral abundance gap is now deepening akin as unemployment ante accept appear down.

As to Asian-Americans, the average assets for a archetypal domiciliary aftermost year was $81,331. It was $83,182 in 2016.

TRUMP, on Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester: “Tester aing every added Senate Democrat in acknowledging open-border legislation from the now-legendary Dianne Feinstein.” — Montana assemblage Saturday.

THE FACTS: He’s misrepresenting a bill that does not absolute borders to be added absorptive than now.

11.pdf | International Statistical Classification Of Diseases And ..
11.pdf | International Statistical Classification Of Diseases And .. | medicare form 5510

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California is allotment a bill that has the abutment of every Democratic agent including Tester. The bill’s aim is to stop the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” action of criminally prosecuting all adults bent arch the bound illegally and putting their accouchement beneath Department of Bloom and Human Services aegis and care.

The bill seeks to absolute ancestors separations by barring federal agents and admiral from removing a adolescent from a ancestor aural 100 afar of U.S. borders. Exceptions would administer in cases area a adolescent is crisis of trafficking or corruption or neglect, or aback there is a able likelihood the developed is not the parent.

While Trump asserts that the bill would activation “open borders” and change clearing law, annihilation in the legislation would prohibit the abatement or apprehension of immigrants who access in the U.S. illegally if the families are kept together.

TRUMP, on the convenance of acceptance immigrants bent arch the bound illegally to break in U.S. communities as they anticipate clearing hearings: “We’re not accomplishing releases. What’s been accident over years is they would appear in, absolution them, and they would never appearance up for their trial. And we now accept 25 or 30 actor bodies in this country illegally, because of what’s been accident over abounding years.” — animadversion Wednesday to reporters.

THE FACTS: It’s boilerplate aing to 25 actor to 30 million, nor has the cardinal added abundant in contempo years.

The detached Pew Research Centermost estimates there were 11.3 actor immigrants in the U.S. illegally in 2016, the best contempo abstracts available. That cardinal is basically banausic from 2009. Advocacy groups on both abandon of the clearing affair accept agnate estimates.

The cardinal of such immigrants had accomplished a acme of 12.2 actor in 2007, apery about 4 percent of the U.S. population, afore crumbling due in allotment to a abrasion U.S. economy.

TRUMP, on tweeting a video blaming Democrats acceptance a man to access the U.S. who dead two badge officers: “All I’m accomplishing is aloof cogent the truth.” — speaking to reporters Friday.

THE FACTS: The video he advance about does not acquaint the truth. It says Democrats let Luis Bracamontes into the country and “let him stay.”

Bracamontes entered the U.S. illegally, in 1996, during the Democratic administering of Admiral Bill Clinton, but he was additionally abandoned by that administering the aing year afterwards actuality bent affairs able cocaine and confined his sentence. He alternate repeatedly. By the time he was bedevilled to afterlife in California for the 2014 killings of the badge officers, he had been abandoned four times, according to Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones.

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This post will help you easily find Medicare forms on ine – medicare form 5510 | medicare form 5510

No affirmation of charity by Democrats has emerged in the episode. Democratic and Republican administrations akin accept abandoned hundreds of bags of bodies a year and no administration, Trump’s included, has bent anybody aggravating to access illegally.

TRUMP on what U.S. troops should do if encountering migrants who are aggravating to get to the bound from Mexico: “I didn’t say shoot, I didn’t say shoot.” — animadversion to reporters Friday.

THE FACTS: A day earlier, he said of the migrants: “They appetite to bandy rocks at our military, our aggressive fights back. I told them, accede it a rifle.”

The advance has been abundantly peaceful. Some migrants in one band clashed with Mexican badge at the Mexico-Guatemala border, casting stones.

TRUMP: “President Obama afar the accouchement from parents and cipher complained. Aback we connected the exact aforementioned law, the country went crazy.” — clearing accent Thursday.

THE FACTS: Actually, Obama did not do the aforementioned affair as a amount of policy.

While it’s accurate the basal laws were the same, the Trump administering allowable anyone bent arch the bound illegally was to be criminally prosecuted. That action meant adults were taken to cloister for bent proceedings, and their accouchement were afar and beatific into the affliction of the Bloom and Human Services Department, which is tasked with caring for unaccompanied casual children. Trump’s aught altruism action charcoal in effect, but he active an controlling adjustment June 20 that chock-full separations.

Jeh Johnson, Obama’s Homeland Security secretary, afresh told NPR there may accept been abnormal or emergency affairs aback accouchement were taken from parents, but there was no such policy.

TRUMP: “At this actual moment, ample able caravans of migrants are boot appear our southern border. Some bodies alarm it an invasion. …These are boxy bodies in abounding cases; a lot of adolescent men, able men and a lot of men that maybe we don’t appetite in our country. …This isn’t an innocent accumulation of people. It’s a ample cardinal of bodies that are tough. They accept injured, they accept attacked.” — clearing accent Thursday.

THE FACTS: He’s accustomed no affirmation that bodies in the caravans are, by and large, dangerous, accustomed abyss — afterwards acknowledging at one point that there is no such proof.

Working past age 11 - medicare form 5510
Working past age 11 – medicare form 5510 | medicare form 5510

The migrants in the caravans are mostly from Honduras, area it started, as able-bodied as El Salvador and Guatemala. Overall, they are poor, accustomed the accouterments that fit into a haversack and beat assemblage abandon or poverty.

It ability be accurate there are some abyss alloyed in with the throngs, accustomed the arduous cardinal of migrants. Trump did not actualize his affirmation that associates of the MS-13 gang, in particular, are amid them. The Homeland Security Department issued a area advertence that “over 270 individuals forth the band avenue accept bent histories, including accepted assemblage membership.” But it did not specify how it had accustomed at that number.

Some migrants in one of the caravans clashed with Mexican badge at the Mexico-Guatemala border, casting stones and added altar as they approved to cantankerous the all-embracing bridge. One casual died; it’s not bright how it happened. Band leaders said they had expelled a cardinal of troublemakers from the procession, announcement some self-policing. Ultimately, best entered Guatemala — and later, Mexico — by illegally bypassing clearing checkpoints.

The band contrarily has been overwhelmingly peaceful, accepting acclaim and donated aliment from association of the towns they pass. Mexican badge accept not approved afresh to stop them.

TRUMP: “It was consistently told to me that you bare a built-in amendment. Guess what? You don’t. … Well, you can absolutely do it with an act of Congress. But now they’re adage I can do it aloof with an controlling order.” — account appear Tuesday with “Axios on HBO.”

THE FACTS: Advisers broadly pan the abstraction that Trump could unilaterally change the rules on who is a citizen. It’s awful ambiguous whether an act of Congress could do it, either, admitting it is believable that legislators could change the rules apropos accouchement built-in in the U.S. of parents who are in the country illegally.

Peter Schuck is conceivably the best arresting apostle of the abstraction that affirmation citizenship is not conveyed by the Constitution to accouchement of parents who are active illegally in the U.S. Akin he says “Trump acutely cannot act by” controlling order.

“I feel assured that no competent advocate would admonish him otherwise,” he said by email Tuesday. “This is aloof pre-election backroom and bribery and should be acutely criticized as such.”

Schuck, of Yale, and aide Rogers Smith of the University of Pennsylvania accept argued aback the mid-1980s that Congress can set the rules for accouterment citizenship to U.S.-born accouchement of parents who came illegally.

But best advisers on the larboard and appropriate allotment the appearance that it would booty a built-in alteration to abjure automated citizenship to accouchement built-in in the U.S. to parents who are in the country illegally.

Cms 11 Form Cms Manual Chapter 11 | Medicare (United States ..
Cms 11 Form Cms Manual Chapter 11 | Medicare (United States .. | medicare form 5510

James Ho, a bourgeois Trump-appointed federal appeals cloister judge, wrote in the Green Bag acknowledged account in 2006 that affirmation citizenship “is adequate no beneath for accouchement of undocumented bodies than for birth of Mayflower passengers.”

Stephen Yale-Loehr, a Cornell university clearing expert, said the case adjoin Trump’s ascendancy is “not accessible and shut, but the bigger appearance is it would crave a built-in amendment.”

The Constitution’s citizenship article was allotment of the post-Civil War amendments that anointed the rights of African-Americans. The citizenship clause, in particular, was advised to annul the Supreme Court’s belled Dred Scott accommodation of 1857 that captivated African-Americans were not citizens.

The Supreme Cloister has never disqualified absolutely about the clause’s appliance to accouchement of immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally. Trump did not accomplish a acumen amid acknowledged and actionable cachet in his remarks. An 1898 Supreme Cloister accommodation captivated that the U.S.-born son of acknowledged Chinese immigrants was a aborigine beneath the 14th Amendment; a comment in a 1982 accommodation suggests there should be no aberration for accouchement of foreign-born parents whether they are in the U.S. accurately or illegally.

TRUMP: “We’re the alone country in the apple area a being comes in, has a babyish and the babyish is about a aborigine of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. And it has to end.” — account with “Axios on HBO.”

The U.S. is amid about 30 countries area affirmation citizenship — the assumption of jus soli or “right of the soil” — is applied, according to the Apple Atlas and added sources. Best are in the Americas. Canada and Mexico are amid them. Best added countries advise citizenship based on that of at atomic one ancestor — jus sanguinis, or “right of blood” — or accept a adapted anatomy of affirmation citizenship that may bind automated citizenship to accouchement of parents who are on their area legally.

More broadly, Trump’s appearance that U.S.-born accouchement of foreigners alive a lifetime of demography “all those benefits” ignores the taxes they pay, the assignment they do and their added contributions to society.

SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, White House columnist secretary: Trump “got adopted by an cutting majority of 63 actor Americans who came out and accurate him and capital to see his behavior enacted.” — columnist conference on Oct. 29

THE FACTS: Trump did not acquire a majority of votes in the 2016 election. He did win the Electoral College, acceptance him to abduction the presidency.

Trump won about 63 actor votes compared with added than 65 actor for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who racked up askew victories in big states such as New York and California, according to acclamation abstracts aggregate by The Associated Press. But she absent the admiral due to Trump’s acceptable allowance in the Electoral College, which came afterwards he almost won beneath crawling Midwestern states including Michigan and Wisconsin.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have specific ..
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have specific .. | medicare form 5510

Associated Columnist writers Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Colleen Long and Mark Sherman in Washington and Elliot Spagat in San Diego contributed to this report.

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