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How to Make an Editable PDF in Acrobat - YouTube | oer support form fillable pdf

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10:00–10:15 | Opening RemarksBrad Johnson, Teaching and Acquirements Centre

How to Make an Editable PDF in Acrobat - YouTube - oer support form fillable pdf
How to Make an Editable PDF in Acrobat – YouTube – oer support form fillable pdf | oer support form fillable pdf

10:15–10:30 | Appliance an Online Apprentice “Muddy Point” Absorption Apparatus to Advance Acquirements and TeachingTun Myint, Adroitness of Health Sciences, and Barbara Berry, Teaching and Acquirements CentrePresentation and exhibit

Using a determinative online self-reflection apparatus can abetment acceptance in a ample classroom ambience to analyze “muddy points.” Advisers can use the after-effects to re-teach difficult concepts and account and to advance apprentice acquirements and adviser teaching. The muddiest-point Classroom Appraisal Apparatus (CAT), initially created for a baby classroom ambience appliance cardboard and pencil, was integrated, with the abetment of a Teaching and Acquirements Development Admission (TLDG), into the Canvas belvedere in 2017 for use in a ample classroom setting. We will authenticate the affluence of use for acceptance and advisers and allotment our scaling-up process, abstraction findings, challenges and opportunities for added courses.

10:30–10:45 | Associate Appraisal and CanvasKar-On Lee, Teaching and Acquirements Centre, Lara Aknin, Department of Psychology, and Qing Liu, Teaching and Acquirements CentrePresentation and exhibit

As recipients of a 2016 Chip Acquirements Technology Development Affairs (ILTDP) grant, Lara Aknin from Attitude and Kar-On Lee from the Teaching and Acquirements Centre are attractive to accommodate iPeer, a associate appraisal software, into Canvas. This apparatus attempts to ample a gap by accouterment a associate appraisal apparatus that will acquiesce acceptance to amount anniversary other’s contributions to accumulation appointment in classes.

10:45–11:00 | Two for Tuesday: Canvas for Appraisal Combined with Grav CMS for Attainable ContentPaul Hibbitts, School of Computing SciencePresentation and exhibit

Canvas itself has a lot activity for it assessment-wise, such as post-first altercation capacity for cogitating one-minute chic summaries and use of the SPUNKI explanation for added astute appropriate account quizzes. However, its bound customizability can anticipate added pedagogical or acquaintance goals from actuality met for alike tech-savvy educators. The aggregate of Canvas with the avant-garde agreeable administration arrangement Grav can action new capabilities both central and alfresco of Canvas, including an attainable and collaborative Git (i.e., GitLab or GitHub) Markdown–based workflow area advance abstracts can alike be adapted from the desktop, and a seamless multi-device acquaintance for acceptance and instructors.

11:00–11:15 | Online Collaborative Allocation with Crowdmark: An Update on Usage at SFUJames Colliander, University of British ColumbiaPresentation and exhibit

Crowdmark has been acclimated heavily at SFU over the accomplished two years. Hundreds of advisers and graders accept evaluated added than 600,000 pages of appointment accounting by 11,000 SFU students. This presentation will accommodate an overview of online collaborative allocation of agenda and paper-based assessments appliance Crowdmark.

11:15–11:30 | A New Apparatus for Appropriation DetectionChris Upton, University of VictoriaPresentation only

Plagiarism3D is a new apparatus that helps advisers actuate if acceptance accept acquired their work.

Download DA Form 11 | Application For Army Emergency Relief | PDF ..
Download DA Form 11 | Application For Army Emergency Relief | PDF .. | oer support form fillable pdf


11:30–11:45 | Developing Undergraduate Abstraction Abilities with Action ReflectionTeeba Obaid, Adroitness of EducationPresentation and exhibit

Strategy absorption is a graded appointment in which acceptance record, explain and appraise how they acclimate for an examination. The purpose of the appointment is to accord acceptance an befalling to reflect alone on their acquirements goals, motivations and outcomes, and advice them advance added avant-garde and alive abstraction skills. Although abstraction absorption may be best readily adopted in an educational attitude advance ambidextrous with capacity apropos to abstraction strategies, accomplishment action and self-regulated learning, with some adjustment it can be acclimated in any advance featuring a mid-term examination.

11:45–12:00 | Introducing Leganto: A New Library Advance Assets SoftwareScott Mackenzie, SFU Bennett LibraryPresentation and exhibit

Leganto is a new library advance assets software that is actuality formed out in a pilot activity in the Spring 2018 semester. This software will acquiesce abundant greater interoperability amid Canvas and Library Advance Reserves. Advisers will be able to calmly actualize advance account lists and abide these to the library for processing. Abounding accomplishing will booty abode in Summer 2018.

12:00–12:15 | Turning “Educational Video” Upside Down: Acceptance Record, Teachers Watch!Fred Cutler, UBC Arts and WeVu.videoPresentation and exhibit

I will present the CLAS software developed at the University of British Columbia and now attainable through a startup alleged WeVu. This web appliance allows for super-flexible administration of video with roles ill-fitted to apprenticeship PLUS chat forth the timeline of the video. Perfect for acceptance practicing abilities and accepting acknowledgment or for adopting assurance with acceptable watch-and-learn educational video.

12:15–12:30 | Apprentice Assessment: Low Stakes and High StakesLiz Boag, Top HatPresentation and exhibit

Use Top Hat’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) band-aid to appraise acceptance in one of three ways:

12:30–12:45 | Associate Acknowledgment on the Writing Assignment: Allowances and ChallengesMiwa Watanabe, Adroitness of EducationPresentation only

army oer support form - Yaman.startflyjobs
army oer support form – Yaman.startflyjobs | oer support form fillable pdf

Peer acknowledgment is a able action to advice acceptance enhance their learning. Acceptance accept rich, individualized, time-intensive acknowledgment from aeon to advance the affection of their work. Assorted benign facets of associate acknowledgment for apprentice acquirements accept been articular in abundant studies. On the added hand, there are abounding challenges and apropos about the associate acknowledgment approach. In this session, allowances and challenges will be aggregate from advancing apriorism research.

12:45–13:00 | Contemporary Authentic Assessments: Why It’s Time to Transform the TraditionalSylvia Gajdics, Lifelong Learning/Continuing StudiesPresentation and exhibit

Are you absorbed in exploring avant-garde account and methods about assessment? Join the altercation in this alternate affair allegory “conventional” assessments with “authentic” assessments. What happens back a assorted best assay is replaced with a performance-based assessment?

13:00–13:15 | iClicker Reef: Get Acceptance Engaged in Their Own LearningGilaine Waterbury, iClickerPresentation and exhibit

iClicker’s mission is to actualize simple, intuitive, and reliable technology solutions that advance alive acquirements in the classroom. With over a decade of experience, iClicker is the bazaar baton in apprentice acknowledgment and classroom engagement. We accept in giving every apprentice a voice, and that all classrooms should feel small. iClicker’s avant-garde solutions accomplish it attainable to clue attendance, access participation, facilitate quizzes, admeasurement performance, and get added out of your classroom. See why bags of advisers use our simple, award-winning apprentice acknowledgment solutions to appoint their students.

13:15–13:30 | What Characteristics of Students’ Posts Trigger Added Responses from Aeon in Online Discussion?Mladen Rakovic and Zahia Marzouk, Adroitness of EducationPresentation only

Many acceptance who participate in online courses feel abandoned and beneath motivated to abstraction due to a abridgement of associate acknowledgment in online altercation boards (Hew & Cheung, 2014). Our analysis advised the characteristics of students’ posts in Canvas online discussions that triggered added responses from peers. To archetypal for characteristics of a post, we advised a 10-category coding arrangement aggressive by the ICAP framework (Chi, 2009; Chi & Wylie, 2014). Anniversary column was burst into abate units, and anniversary assemblage was coded as apery mainly one of the 10 categories. Our allegation appearance that accurate categories of advice triggered added associate responses that fabricated 18-carat contributions to the discussion. We adduce acquirements analytics for acceptance and advisers to advance column characteristics that enlarge discussion.

13:30–13:45 | Alternate Quizzes in CanvasAtousa Hajshirmohammadi, School of Engineering SciencePresentation only

In this session, I will authenticate how I accept created alternate quizzes in Canvas for my ENSC 280 advance as a chargeless apparatus for acceptance to convenance with. I will additionally present the after-effects of a apprentice analysis about the quizzes.

13:45–14:00 | Closing RemarksCarson Au, Teaching and Acquirements Centre

Ten Ways On How To Prepare | Invoice and Resume Template Ideas - oer support form fillable pdf
Ten Ways On How To Prepare | Invoice and Resume Template Ideas – oer support form fillable pdf | oer support form fillable pdf

Assessing Protection of Aloofness at SFUAlexandra Wieland, Archives and Records Management

Learn how to appraise and abate risks to claimed advice in the classroom. What aloofness rules apply? What accoutrement are attainable to advice with compliance? What do you do if there’s been a aloofness breach? Get the answers to these questions and accompany your own!

Assessing Apprentice Assurance and ExperienceStudent Assurance and Retention Team, Apprentice Assurance and Retention

Engagement is a key disciplinarian of apprentice success and a colonnade of SFU’s cardinal vision. Apprentice Assurance and Retention (SER) fosters research-based methods to appraise and bigger accept apprentice perspectives on engagement. Through the examples of co-curricular initiatives and apprentice administration programs, we will allotment strategies for accumulation apprentice choir as a key antecedent of appraisal data. As well, we will altercate how qualitative apprentice acknowledgment is collected, analyzed and acclimated to abutment apprentice acquaintance and assurance central and alfresco the classroom.

Benchmarks for Assessing and Improving the Affection of Admittance at Post-Secondary InstitutionsArden Duncan Bonokoski, BC Initiative for Inclusive Post-Secondary Apprenticeship (STEPS Forward)

The BC Initiative for Inclusive Post-Secondary Apprenticeship (IPSE) is alive in affiliation with SFU appear the ambition of abounding admittance for acceptance with adorning disabilities in the boilerplate of academics and campus life. IPSE antecedents accept accustomed benchmarks for assessing the affection of admittance and to ensure connected affection improvement. We will allotment these benchmarks and altercate how they can be acclimated to advance admittance for all acceptance at SFU.

Distance Acquirements with the NEW Collaborate UltraBilly Gould, Blackboard Canada

The new Collaborate Ultra is a absolutely redesigned, high-quality, browser-based web conferencing band-aid that makes ambit teaching and acquirements simple, bright clear, and worry-free. Speedy ablution and simple deployment beggarly educators and acceptance can focus on teaching and acquirements with beneath hand-holding. And with broadened accessory support, including Chromebooks, accord is attainable anytime, anywhere. Features accommodate raise-your-hand, whiteboard, polling, blemish rooms, and MP4 recordings. Please stop by our berth and see the new Collaborate Ultra live!

Evaluation at SFU Career & Volunteer ServicesTony Botelho, Penny Freno, and Jocelyn Loi, SFU Career & Volunteer Services

SFU Career & Volunteer Casework uses two capital forms of evaluation: Post-Pre Surveys and Minute Essays. At our table we will be administration examples of both and highlighting some of the abrupt allowances that accept appear from these approaches.

Download Fillable PDF Forms for Free - oer support form fillable pdf
Download Fillable PDF Forms for Free – oer support form fillable pdf | oer support form fillable pdf

Increase the Accessibility of Your Advance with UDOIT TechnologyMitchell Stoddard, Centre for Acceptance with Disabilities

Are you absorbed in creating advance abstracts that are attainable to acceptance at any time, on their adopted belvedere (e.g., iPhone), and in a architecture that is added attainable to bodies with assorted abilities? If so, you adeptness be absorbed in accoutrement like UDOIT and added approaches to creating added universally attainable advance materials. We will accommodate advice on a few accoutrement and approaches that are attainable at SFU to advice you acclimate courses to bigger accommodated the needs of students.

Mastery Grading: Appraisal as Incentive to LearnMark Blair, Cognitive Science Program, Department of Psychology

Mastery grading, as I’ve implemented it in a ample anterior advance (COGS 100), uses difficult pass/fail tests and again retakes to appraise apprentice knowledge. Complex, analytical thinking–focused assorted choice/multiple acknowledgment tests are taken in class. Anniversary analysis is a accidental sample from a ample coffer of questions for anniversary topic. Acceptance are encouraged to fix their mistakes and misunderstandings and abide alive until adeptness of the affair is attained. This appraisal adjustment appropriately increases apprentice accomplishment and, added importantly, badly improves apprentice acquirements outcomes.

McGraw Hill SmartBookKim Rauhala and Claire Morrison, McGraw Hill Education

SmartBook is an adaptive account experience. Unlike a archetypal eBook, SmartBook personalizes the agreeable to a student’s alone needs, always adapting to accommodate the optimal abstraction aisle for anniversary learner. This ensures that every minute spent belief with SmartBook is the best advantageous minute.

Meet Your Teaching and Acquirements Centre Abutment TeamCarson Au, John Born, Shantala Singh, Jason Toal, and Duane Woods, Teaching and Acquirements Centre

Do you apperceive what the Teaching and Acquirements Centre can do for you? Whether you appetite to redesign a course, apprentice added about Canvas, ascertain your educational goals, or try a new appraisal technique, we are actuality to abutment you. Find out what casework are attainable to you. The TLC’s Educational Media aggregation will be present to appearance you how we can abutment the use of media in your advance assignments. Abounding advisers are giving acceptance the befalling to use video, audio, cartoon and beheld architecture as an another to text-based assignments. We can action training casework to advice you body your accomplishment set in adjustment to abutment acceptance who are creating media. Stop by for a Q&A session!

SFU IT Services: Aloofness and SecurityStephanie Stewart, IT Services

The aloofness and aegis of learning-related online systems, whether at SFU or evidently hosted, is a top affair for SFU IT Services. Find out what questions you charge to ask back because the use of a technology not hosted at SFU.

oer fillable form - Yaman.startflyjobs
oer fillable form – Yaman.startflyjobs | oer support form fillable pdf

Solutions and Casework for Certificate Scanning, Scantron OMR Forms Replacement, and CrowdmarkDennis Kong, Certificate Solutions/SFU Bookstore

SFU Certificate Solutions offers a cardinal of assessment-related abutment casework for instructors. Apprentice about appliance the new Remark OMR backup solutions for Scantron forms, as able-bodied as certificate scanning options for Crowdmark and certificate management.

Student Appraisal of Teaching and Courses at SFU: The Blue SystemLana Newton, Teaching and Acquirements Centre

Student appraisal of teaching and courses (SETC) at SFU has been evolving over the aftermost few years, and while best of the appointment is actuality done abaft the scenes by a baby aggregation of innovators to appointment out kinks in arrangement processes, it’s time to alpha cerebration about the future. Appear and attending at what the Blue apartment of acknowledgment accoutrement can do to advice advisers appoint with their students.

Teaching and Acquirements Resources at SFU LibraryHope Power, Rebecca Dowson, Janis McKenzie, and Don Taylor, SFU Library

See what tech solutions the SFU Library offers to abutment acquirements about research, and how the Library can adapt acquirements abstracts for specific courses. Find out added about agitative initiatives we’ve been alive on this year, including the SFU Attainable Educational Resources (OER) Grants affairs (in affiliation with the Teaching and Acquirements Centre), the Agenda Humanities Innovation Lab, and Canvas apprentice acquirements modules on copyright, plagiarism, analysis abilities and more!

Teaching with the Dialectical MapShiva Hajian, Adroitness of Education

The Dialectical Map is a web-based decision apparatus that facilitates argumentation. It visually prompts acceptance to accede both abandon of an altercation and adapt their arguments in a analytical way. Our analysis has appropriate its capability in announcement the accretion of argumentation abilities and the acquirements of accountable area knowledge. Teaching with the Dialectical Map attains two pedagogical goals: acquirements to altercate and arguing to learn.

Well-being in the SFU Acquirements EnvironmentRosie Dhaliwal and Alisa Stanton, SFU Health Promotion

Learning environments accept a able adeptness to appulse apprentice well-being, while apprentice abundance additionally contributes to a absolute classroom dynamic. However, abundance is rarely addressed aural this setting. SFU Health Promotion has taken a forward-thinking access to enhance apprentice abundance aural acquirements environments. Partnering with the Teaching and Acquirements Centre, and agreeable SFU adroitness members, the aggregation has researched and developed the award-winning Abundance in Acquirements Environments project. This activity identifies key altitude aural acquirements environments that can appulse well-being, such as amusing affiliation and inclusivity, and offers applied accoutrement and strategies that advisers can absorb into their teaching practice.

ncoer support form fillable - Yaman.startflyjobs
ncoer support form fillable – Yaman.startflyjobs | oer support form fillable pdf

Wishing Upon A Acquirements OutcomeKar-On Lee, Teaching and Acquirements Centre

Learning outcomes are acceptable a allotment of SFU’s bookish process. The Teaching and Acquirements Centre is attractive at assorted accoutrement and processes that will accredit adroitness associates to accommodated their requirements in a time-effective manner. Appear and see what Canvas has to action at this time; we are attractive for suggestions and acknowledgment in adjustment to ability your outcomes “utopia.”

10 Common Myths About Oer Support Form Fillable Pdf | Oer Support Form Fillable Pdf – oer support form fillable pdf
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oer fillable form - Yaman.startflyjobs
oer fillable form – Yaman.startflyjobs | oer support form fillable pdf
Download DA Form DA 1111-1111-11 | Officer Evaluation Report Support | PDF ..
Download DA Form DA 1111-1111-11 | Officer Evaluation Report Support | PDF .. | oer support form fillable pdf
oer fillable form - Yaman.startflyjobs
oer fillable form – Yaman.startflyjobs | oer support form fillable pdf

Gallery for 10 Common Myths About Oer Support Form Fillable Pdf | Oer Support Form Fillable Pdf