Build your copywriting services business with a marketing plan

by Angela on September 22, 2007

Got a marketing plan? If you haven’t created a marketing plan for your copywriting services business, do it today. Your marketing plan is the most valuable tool in your copywriter’s toolbox.

It tells you what to write and when to write it, and most importantly of all, it tells you how much money you’ll be making.

Many writers, including copywriters, shy away from making a marketing plan. This is like setting out on a journey without a destination or a map.

Your marketing plan has three sections:

1. A plan of the work you intend to produce, and

2. Companies to which you’ll sell that work; and

3. Scenarios of payments you’ll receive.

Write a quick draft of a marketing plan today. It’s the single most vital thing you can do for your copywriting services business.

I have a marketing plan for each area of my writing: for the ebook writing manuals I produce, for my classes, and for my copywriting services. I update each marketing plan once a month. Over many years of successful writing, I’ve found that a marketing plan is indispensable.

My personal marketing plans aren’t lengthy; they don’t need to be. I keep them on 5 x 8 index cards in a clear perspex box on my desk, so I can see them.

Want to start your own copywriting services business? You can, an in just seven days. Imagine – copywriters are paid anywhere from $80 to $250 dollars an hour. Your life could change completely, when you make profitable use of your writing skills.

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