Mastering Web Copywriting 1: What does a Web copywriter write?

by Angela on September 15, 2007

In this new copywriting series, we’ll cover Web copywriting – how to write copy for the Web.

Web copywriting is a huge, new field, which is growing rapidly. As a Web copywriter, you may be asked to write anything from product catalogs to long Web sales pages. There’s LOTS of copywriting gigs available, and you’ll be in the sublime position of being able to choose your clients.

This is because for your clients, the benefits of hiring a Web copywriter rather than a “writer” are enormous, particularly if a client has been working with an advertising or graphic design agency, because the Web is terra incognita to 99 per cent of writers and agencies.

Therefore you have a happy hunting ground of clients who need your services.

Of course, there’s a tiny challenge for you: your clients are just as bewildered by the Web as traditional writers and agencies, so you’ll need to do a little educating so that your clients can see the benefit of your services. This educational process will become less necessary in 2008 and 2008, as more and more business is done on the Web.

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