Copywriting – Five Tips to Get Organized for Top Results

by Angela on April 1, 2008

If you’re a new copywriting, one of your primary copywriting challenges will be getting organized, so you can complete your commissioned projects and exceed your clients’ expectations. Let’s look at how you can do this.

One of the benefits of organizing and streamlining your copywriting workflow is that you’ll gain confidence once you know exactly what you’re doing, and have created a workflow. You’ll know that you’ve covered all the bases. And you’ll eliminate procrastination too.

1. Understand the brief

All copywriting projects start with a brief: your client describes his needs. Very few clients know how to do this, so you have to help them with a questionnaire.

Create a template for your questionnaire, or present it as a form on your Web site. This means that you simply direct clients to fill in the form.

2. Research – the audience and benefits

Once you have the brief, your next step is research. The more you know about the product you’re writing copy for, the better. Ideally you’ll have personal experience with the product. I’ve gone on field trips to housing development companies’ estates, to factories, and to laboratories in the name of research, and you should too.

3. Use the product if you can

Can you use the product? If you’re writing a sales page or Web site for piece of software, you can. If you’re writing a direct response package for a realtor, you can visit the houses he’s selling.

Sometimes you can’t “kick” or test-drive the product, so you’ll need to talk to customers or users.

4. Talk to users

It’s vital you talk to users if you can. If you’re writing as a sub-contractor for an agency, they may be protective of the client and try to fob you off. Insist.

If the agency still baulks, decline the project – you can’t write copy when you don’t know the product. Usually the threat that you’ll leave the project is enough, and the agency will come to its senses.

5. Write in drafts

Finally, write in drafts. It’s possible to sit in your chair, and type your way through a project from go to whoa, but it’s not recommended. If you have no choice because the deadline is tight, ship the first draft to the client pronto, then work on the second draft while the client gets around to looking at your preliminary draft.

So there you have a copywriting workflow – you’ll be much more relaxed when you’re organized, and will be able to focus on the writing with confidence.

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