Copywriting – Five Master Secrets You Need Now

by Angela on July 14, 2008

Want to become a copywriting master? You can – with these five secrets to success. Put them into practice today.

Copywriting is a major skill which you need to be successful in any business, whether online or offline. I’ve always said that if you can write a letter which gets someone to do something, you can learn how to write copy, and much more quickly than you imagine.

Here are five copywriting master secrets you need right now.

1. Know Your Customer – His Perceptions Are Always Right

The more you can get on your customer’s wave length, the more you will sell.

Your first task is to discover how your customer perceives your product.

If a product is new, you’ll need to educate as well as persuade. Yes, education is part of the copywriter’s job.

For example, let’s say that you’ve won a copywriting project to promote a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

The software’s sold to businesses, so first your step is to write some educational material, such as a white paper, and a case study. You’ll use these to educate your customers, while creating copy which persuades.

2. Write and Review – Let the Market Decide

There’s only one way to test the effectiveness of copy, and that’s in the marketplace. Before you write a word, establish how your copy will be tested. A difference in phrasing can lead to increased sales. So be prepared to test, early and often.

3. Fail Fast

Your copywriting process is simple: research, write, test. As a copywriter, you can’t afford to get hung up on failure because there is no failure, unless you stop testing.

One point: this assumes that you’re selling a great product. If you discover the product’s a dud, nothing you do will help. Drop it and move on.


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4. Your Copy’s Support System

In any copywriting project, there are many elements. For example, let’s say you’re writing a Web sales page for a product. You need to know how the product will be promoted because all the marketing for a product needs to be coordinated. Therefore, discover how your copy will be supported.

If you’re writing copy for your own product, create a complete campaign, so that every piece of copy supports and reinforces every other piece of copy. Politicians call it “staying on message.” This is vital, so you don’t confuse your customers – confused customers don’t buy.

5. Have Fun when You Write

Don’t try to write copy when you’re in a bad mood – it will come across in your tone. Relax. Play some music, or go to the gym and sweat. Change your mood, and then come back and write.

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The explosion of the influence of the Web means that copywriters are flooded with offers of work. Even new copywriters find it easy to get copywriting gigs and to build their copywriting services business.

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