Copywriting – Clarity is King

by Angela on April 9, 2008

Copywriting is salesmanship in print, and if you can write a clear email message which gets the results you want, you can write copy which sells.

There’s only one thing you need to remember about writing copy, and it’s this: if people can’t understand your copy, they won’t respond.

In this article let’s look at five simple tips in which will help you to improve all your copy, by improving its clarity.

1. Have someone else read your copy

After you’ve finished creating the copy, have someone else read it. Often what’s on the page is not what you meant.

Just ask the reader: “do you understand this?”

Then ask him to tell you the copy’s message is in a simple sentence.

If he can do that, you know your copy is clear and easy to understand.

If you find that your audience hasn’t understood the copy, you can use a similar process to rewrite it. Just write, in a simple sentence, exactly what you want your customer to do. Keep that sentence in front of you as you rewrite the copy.

2. Eliminate jargon

“Jargon” is vocabulary which is particular to an industry, and is not in common usage. All industries have jargon, but you should avoid using jargon in your copy.

There is a simple reason for this. Jargon is sometimes used to deliberately mislead, and this makes many people inherently suspicious of advertising which contains jargon.

3. Eliminate $100 words

Use a simple words. Simple words are easy to understand. Don’t use “$100″ words. $100 words are those which very few people understand. Remove them and use simpler words.

The reason you should use words which are as short and simple as possible is that most people aren’t paying attention when they’re reading your advertising message. They’re just glancing at it. If they can understand your message when they’re thinking of other things as well, you have a greater chance that they will pause and will read the copy with more attention.

Using simple words is even more important if you’re writing audiovisual copy. When you’re writing for a DVD, a speech, or for a short video on YouTube, use short simple words.

4. Plan it before you write it

Plan your copy before you write it. If you plan, not only is your copy easier to write, but it also ensures that no essential parts of the copy go missing. You’d be amazed at how often phone numbers and addresses and other vital information are left out of copy.

5. Deliver offers which have punch

After the headline, the most important part of your copy is the offer.

Since you’ve taken so much time over the copy all your hard work is wasted if the offer isn’t good enough. Make your offer extraordinary. The best copy in the world can’t sell if the offer is not good enough.

So there you have five tips which will help you to improve your copy by making it clearer. Implement these tips and you will see your conversion rates go up.

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