Your Copywriting Blog: the Fast Route to Clients and Cash

October 19, 2008

Want a constant stream of copywriting clients? If you’re advertising to get clients, you’re wasting time and money. Discover the power of a blog for copywriters in this article.
Firstly, let’s think about what a “blog” actually is. A blog is a Web site which has attributes such as RSS feeds which make it appealing to [...]

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Copywriting Pro – How to Get All the Copywriting Clients You Need

October 4, 2008

Is the current economic downturn worrying you? Relax, you can get all the copywriting clients you need, once you master the telephone.
When my copywriting students have learned to use the phone, they get enough clients in a couple of hours to keep them writing for a month or more. They also make much more money [...]

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Copywriting – Get Excited and Sell

September 22, 2008

Want to become an effective copywriter? Develop excitement about your product and you’ll be able to sell it – enthusiasm is catching.
There’s an adage in copywriting that you should focus on the benefits, and so you should. However, just describing a product’s benefits isn’t enough. Your aim should always be to get to the heart [...]

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