Getting paid for your copywriting services – payment in advance

by Angela on October 31, 2007

New copywriters always want to know “how much should I charge?”

I’ve answered that question many times on this site and on my other sites, but essentially your fees are set by YOU, not by the client.

You should also set your fees without regard to what other copywriters charge – there are no “standard” rates, and what you charge will depend on how much you bring to the table in expertise and experience.

Regarding “standard” fees, clients will try to negotiate your fees down; this is common business practice. However, I recommend that you set your fees and stick to them. You know what your time and energy are worth.

Payment on retainer, and in advance

I always charge a retainer. Time is money when you’re writing copy, and there are only so many hours in the day. This means that you can only afford to work with genuine clients – your retainer is vital – it’s a good faith payment.

However, this year I’ve been changing to a payment in advance system as have many online professionals. While most clients are great about paying on time, I’ve been burned by clients who needed too much chasing up.

In “Charging for SEO Services” Jill Whalen somments:

You’ll notice that we charge for everything in advance and this is for a very good reason — basically, we’ve been burned when we didn’t do this!  No matter how big a company is, nor how much you trust them, and even if you have an airtight contract — stuff happens and sometimes they simply don’t pay.

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