Copywriting “cute” – forget it

by Angela on September 24, 2007

I’m a regular reader of a marketing ezine in which a new copywriting service places its ads.

I wince each time I read those ads, because they’re cute – very clever.

I’m not a fan of cute copywriting. That’s not why I’m wincing however, I’m wincing because I know they’re wasting their money.

Someone else isn’t a fan of cute: John Carlton:

Cute is great for babies, boyfriends and girlfriends — but it’s death to the money-making power of an ad. Not news, perhaps. But what is shocking and may catch you by surprise is how easy it is to let cute phrases, words and ideas slip right by your watchful eyes and into your copy.  Oooops!  There goes a lot of money.  Where?  Do you hear that loud flushing sound?

When you write “cute” you’re displaying your own cleverness to the detriment of the client. Copywriters who do this are wasting their clients’ money, because they’re breaking the cardinal rule of copywriting – be clear.

You’re stealing the attention of the audience, which should be on whatever it is you’re selling.

Please don’t be cute when you’re writing copy.

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