Copywriting clients no one wants

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Copywriting clients no one wants

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007    Subscribe To Our Feed

You want copywriting clients, right?

Sometimes you don’t.

In “Seven reasons to say no to new business” Debbie Bermont gives you seven reasons you should turn away copywriting clients.

My favorite is: #3, The customer expects you to invest time and resources into pursuing their business without any financial commitment on their end.

Anyone who is just shopping around and is looking for free advice is not going to be a good customer. You should determine how much time and energy you are willing to spend for free before you ask the prospect to make a commitment.

Requests for free advice can come in many ways. Of course, the prospect always has good reasons for asking.

The prickliest one is when he just wants some “advice”. Yeah, right. He wants to pick your brain. In this instance, the answer is a consulting fee (you do have one, don’t you?)- never give out free advice, or write specs.

As Debbie says: “Giving away products or services for free before the prospect makes any financial commitment diminishes the value of your company. It also raises the level of what they expect you to deliver beyond what you would normally offer for a specific price because they have already received something from you for free.”

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