Copywriters are coining money – but what if YOU’RE not?

by Angela on September 20, 2007

Ryan Healey has an interesting article on Michael Fortin’s blog: Why Freelance Copywriters Go Hungry.

First, I should say that NONE of the copywriters I know are starving, ALL are making great money, but be that as it may, I agree with everything that Ryan says.

He posits three deficiencies in the starving copywriters: confidence, sales experience and marketing know-how.

Yes indeed. You can write great copy, but if you don’t know how to market yourself, then you’re going nowhere.

This is why my copywriting course focuses on the business of copywriting, rather than on simple copywriting skills which anyone can pick up very easily. The business skills are essential, because freelance copywriting is a business. When I first created the course five years ago, my aim was to set up new copywriters with business skills in the course itself.

Once you have the business skills, you will get a great portfolio, because companies are desperate for copywriters – if you can write copy, you can name your own price, so companies are more than willing to give newbie copywriters a chance. Someone has to write the copy, and newbies are cheaper than people who’ve been writing copy for years.

If you’re starting a copywriting services business you need: a portfolio, a method, and persistence.

All three items are covered in the course, and this is why some of my students have got themselves a swag of clients by the third lesson: freelance copywriting is very much a business, and when you treat it like a business there’s unlimited potential for your new business.

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