Your Copywriting Course: Three Tips for Success

by Angela on December 31, 2008

Are you taking a copywriting course? Copywriting is fun, and profitable too, when you discover how to get the responses you want as a result of the copy you write. Here are three tips for success in your course.

1. Practice Builds Your Skills: Find Opportunities to Write Copy

The more practice you get in writing copy the better. Copywriters are in high demand, even brand new copywriters, so you won’t lack opportunities to practice your skills.

Remember that you’re your first client. The copy you write to promote your new copywriting business is great practice for you, and you get to see the results right away.

Write copy every day. Read advertising, both online and offline. Dissect the copy. What emotional trigger was the copywriter using? What was the hook? Write down your analyses of pieces of copy. The more you think about what’s happening in a piece of copy, the more you’ll start to think like a copywriter.

2. Ask Questions

I teach copywriting, and love getting questions from my students. Firstly, because questions make me think about how to explain something, and secondly because they force me to either find, or create examples. So don’t be shy about asking questions; questions are good for you, and for your instructor too.

Questions can also stop you wasting time. If you ask your instructor where to get images for a brochure for example, your instructor will tell you that copywriters write copy (text) only; product designs are handled by graphic designers.

3. Find Great Models, Read and Think

Although I’m not a fan of “swipe files” (models on which to base your copy), I am a fan of analyzing copy that works. When you find a piece of copy you like, analyze it, and keep your analysis.

You’ll need models for copy you haven’t written before too. Ask your instructor to provide them. For example, if you’ve never written a radio spot or a video script, looking at the layout and construction of a model is useful because it shows you the format in which something is written.

A copywriting course is the start of your own copywriting career. It’s a wonderful opportunity: make the most of it. Now, welcome to the wonderful, exciting world of professional copywriting!

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