Your copywriting business: getting referrals from your clients

by Angela on August 25, 2007

copywriter.jpg How’s your copywriting services business doing? I hope you have more clients than you can handle; currently there’s a huge demand for copywriters.

Marketing consistently (every day) is the secret to a thriving business. Here’s another secret: client referrals.

Your clients have connections: let them help you

One of the easiest ways to get new business is to allow your current clients to refer you to their colleagues. Yes, I said “allow”. The key to the referral process is simply to ask – I’ve never yet had a client refuse to refer me, and many have referred me without asking.

However, you should make getting referrals a part of your workflow; that way, you won’t forget.

Ask for referrals on your invoices and promotional materials

The simplest way to ask for referrals consistently is to add a request for referrals to your invoices and marketing materials.

Here’s a format you can use:

Thank you for trusting me with your business, I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. If you know anyone who else who could use my services, please take a moment to send them a link to my Web site at (insert your site link). I appreciate your help in building my business, and hope to serve you again soon. Thank you.

If you send out a regular newsletter or mailing (you should), include the above snippet.

Remember: your clients have connections. Ask for referrals, and you’ll get them.

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