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by Angela on July 27, 2007

Copywriting is an essential skill for every writer: what you learn as a copywriter will help you in all forms of writing.

I’ve been writing copy for businesses for 25 years. I got into it by accident, when small business people asked me to write press releases and other advertising for them – I was writing ads for a business that I was running at the time, and started moonlighting writing copy for others.

If you’re an experienced writer – writing articles for print, for example, copywriting is an excellent adjunct to writing for print, and you can easily develop your copywriting into a lucrative career.

Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success builds your copywriting career

I wrote the first issue of “Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success” in 2002, in response to requests from new copywriters who were getting the occasional client, but didn’t know how to develop a real copywriting career.

The ebook writing manual works step by step: each “day” you have a lesson, and exercises to complete. At the end of the week, you’ll find that you have a career – you know how the process of promoting yourself and getting clients works, and you grow your business from there. Of course you don’t have to complete a lesson a day – you can complete a lesson a week, or whatever schedule suits you. I provide free coaching with the manual, because it’s essential that you know that you have on-going support and advice available to you.

There’s nothing mysterious about writing copy. There’s a huge demand for copywriters, which has increased due to the amount of copy required online. You don’t have to work particularly hard to develop a great career which can fund your other writing. In fact that’s how I used copywriting initially: I used it to fund the novels I was writing.

Can YOU write copy?

I’m fond of saying that if you can write an email message and get a response, you can write copy – especially with my ebook manual and coaching. Copywriting is a lot of fun, and well paid too. What’s not to like? As your copywriting business grows, you will have a stable of clients who look on you as their copywriter, and who stay with you for years.

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