Keys to your successful copywriting services business

by Angela on August 17, 2007

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There are two vital keys to running your copywriting  services business successfully: getting clients and completing client projects.

Getting clients is marketing – the oxygen of any business. You must market, preferably daily. Your marketing efforts can consist of anything which is fun for you (it needs to be fun, so that you’ll do it), and which works in getting you clients.

Completing client projects – doing your copywriting work – is the other vital key to running a successful copywriting services business.

Marketing your copywriting services business – all the marketing you do is cumulative

Marketing your business – promoting it – takes time. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that clients take time to know your name. The second is that even after they know your name, they need to have a need for your services. I’ve had clients who approached me, and then didn’t need my services for three years.

So you need to nurture your relationships. Build a mailing list – send out a newsletter so that once a potential client has heard of you, he continues to hear from you. You’ll find that once people are on your mailing list, they will refer their contacts even before they’ve used your services themselves.

You’ll find that all the marketing you do is cumulative. Once you’re known, you won’t need to market as extensively – you’ll create a marketing push only when you want to target a new type of client.

Completing client projects – conquering your own procrastination, and that of your clients

Writers procrastinate. Read my ebook on writing more so that you know how to write (enjoyably) on demand. Conquering your own procrastination is easy, as long as you make writing fun for yourself.

Your clients also procrastinate. They take time to send you all the material you need to complete the brief. They drag their heels when it comes to reviewing your drafts. They’re on vacation, out of the office…

Clients’ procrastination bothers new copywriters. There’s not much you can do about it; just follow up with them, and focus on work you’re doing with other clients until the clients gets his act together. In the meantime, relax. Your client has paid you a retainer; gently remind him that you need whatever it is he hasn’t sent you to complete the project.

Copywriting is a fun way to make money writing. If you love to write, it can be the perfect career for you. If you remember the two keys, your copywriting services business will be highly profitable.

Interested in starting your own copywriting services business? Read my ebook Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success, new 2007 edition, and get stated making a lucrative income as a copywriter. Copywriting is a valuable writing skill. You’ll never run out of clients, and you can use your skills in all the other writing that you do.

I’ll hold your hand as you begin your business – coaching is included in the course, so get started today.

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