Top 5 Services That Are Worth the Money

I don’t know about you, but as a student living on campus, I find it rather difficult to go from one month to another while managing to hold onto some cash. It would have been nice if I could get a job to get some extra cash, but with the way my classes are scheduled, I couldn’t go a long time without either pissing off my boss or my professors.

Still, college work is plenty, and sometimes I end up falling behind – which is why I need to do something to catch up. I found that writing services are a very convenient method to get a good grade, and so far, these are the services that I used.

1. TrustMyPaper

TrustMyPaper writing service

Considering that I was required $115 for an 8-page research paper, the TrustMypaper prices of this services fall in the league of awesome. Not to mention that I also got a discount that brought the entire price down to $98.47. I also found that the quality of the writing was very good; the writer I got was obviously native or at least mastered the English language flawlessly. I got the top grade on that paper.

2. EssayWriter

EssayWriter writing service

This website has been around for four years, and they seem to have a good idea of what a college paper is supposed to express. And indeed, the ideas presented were good; it was the grammar and spelling mistakes that concerned me. EssayWriter prices aren't very high and I did get the paper fairly cheap, but I had to go through a good deal of proofreading before turning it in. Once I was done with it, however, I got a decent grade on the paper.

3. SmartWritingService

SmartWritingService writing service

I could easily scan through the services offered by this website, and I had no problem placing my order. The SmartWritingService prices were, however, a bit higher than what my budget liked – with $14 for an undergraduate level paper – and other expenses that come with it. The writing, however, was good (save for some writing mistakes here and there) and I got a decent grade for it.

4. DarwinEssay

DarwinEssay writing service

These guys may have a smart name that sounds all intellectual and scientific, but I can’t say I was very impressed. Indeed, they have some prices to die for, but these DarwinEssay prices are only good if you are willing to spend a good part of the time proofreading the paper. The information in the essay was good, but I could have done without the time spent trying to make the essay readable. The customer service offered me a revision, but I knew it would have taken a longer time than it would take to proofread the whole thing myself.

5. IWriteEssays

IwriteEssays writing service This service is fairly new on the market, which is why IWriteEssays prices are also fairly decent – if you are good at negotiating. Unfortunately, the writers are a hit or miss; some were happy with what they got, some weren’t. My paper was average, with a good deal of spelling errors. I talked with the customer support, and they tried to answer my every question, so plus one for that.

All the mentioned websites will get you a passing grade, but if you want my advice, go for They’ll give you a good paper with a decent price and little to no trouble.