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With a name like this, you’d really be inclined to give in to that urge of hitting the order button and smiling relieved. But you should not judge a book by its covers; you should know that by now.

Smart Writing Service has been around for almost a decade. One would think that in this whole time, it’s done something to improve on its quality and maybe add some more experienced writers to the staff.

Nope, SmartWritingService.com has done nothing of the sort.

What You Get from Smart Writing Service

One aspect that accounts for the low quality of the products provided by this company is the catalog. There are simply too many services for a single company to manage. But to sum it all up quickly, the company offers all kinds of academic papers.

Even though the company claims it’s got more than 500 high-brow writers, that supposed quality doesn’t reflect in the papers. Most of them are written hastily and lack a lot of information they’d need.

Not all papers are academic disasters. Some of them can turn up really nice. The chances of getting a good writer to work on your paper are slim, however. They’re probably bidding on your paper.

The Prices

The prices on SmartWritingService.com are higher than average. Moreover, you don’t get to see the prices until you leave your personal information on the site. That, needless to say, is something I would advise against.

No company should be allowed to ask for personal information, and I don’t care what they’d need it for. This is BS. There are a couple of discounts on SmartWritingService.com, as well as coupon codes. There’s also a promo code.

In spite of these, it’s not worth it, because you must disclose a lot of info to even get to the price. Again, I honestly don’t understand this, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why I disagree with using this service.


As it appears in the customer SmartWritingService reviews that can be found outside of the site, the rating is generally low, as there are many complaints concerning quality and prices.

SmartWritingService.com is not fraud or scam, that’s for sure, and nobody ever said it was. It’s simply a bad-quality service that you should not collaborate with if you have any regards for your own wallet and the grade you’ll receive on your paper.

My Verdict

As usual, at the end of my review, I provide my own rating for whatever service it is I’ve put under the microscope. Smart Writing Service is, in my opinion, a mediocre company that sells equally mediocre academic products to students.

This adds up to a seemingly ever-growing number of online writing companies that bury the good ones into the last pages of searches, making them so much harder to find. Make sure you give yourself at least 15 minutes to research a company you might want to order a good paper from.

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