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We’re told that has been in business for seven years now. One quick question, though: How exactly did it stay active for such a long stretch of time? You’ll definitely share my amazement shortly.

Same Day Essay has been the target of many reviewers that agreed to help students who were not pleased by the quality of the papers provided to them by this company. I’ll bring my fair share of perspective on it in the remainder of this SameDayEssay review.

The Services and Quality of SameDayEssay

Same Day Essay offers most types of academic papers, as it is “specialized” in this field. Evidently, all the writers on this website are “professional,” “Ph.D. and Masters.” Yes, sure, and I’m Yuri Gagarin, and the government faked the landing on the moon.

You realize that the writers are not native English speakers as quickly as you look at your paper. Words are used incorrectly and sentences could use some more polishing. However, the quality is considerably better than the one of the papers provided by other services.

These are not all that disastrous, but they’re not perfect either. Because of this, I can safely say that is not fraud or scam. It has got some quality issues but it’s not in it to rob you blind.

The Prices

Same Day Essay have prices that are just a tad over the normal rates perceived for the same services. But then again, you get certain discounts, like a 15% off with a promo code for newcomers. There are no coupon codes, though.

The site also provides a bonus: 10% of the price of an order is stored into a virtual account. You can use that money when you pay for your next order.

Customer Reviews

The rating of the testimonials for Same Day Essay is generally really low. Most of the complaints are about the unsupportive support team, the quality of the papers (even when the writers had almost a month to do it) and the deadlines that are missed on a regular basis.

I could not find any testimonials on the site. All of them were scattered across Google, on several hubs for students and website reviewers. It’s a pity, really, that this company is bad-mouthed because it certainly has some potential.

Anyway, until it exploits that potential, it will remain a company that no one is willing to work with.

My Verdict could be a really good service if it would care to do some maintenance and hire some writers that actually know what they’re doing. Again, it’s got tons of potential, and this is an opinion shared by many, many students.

With all these, I’m not here to rate companies according to what they could be, but according to what they are. At the moment, I have to give this company 2/6. It’s mediocre, and it’s got a lot of troubles.

Stay safe and, until it shows improvement, don’t order your papers from this service.

SameDayEssay review